oh my giddy aunt!

this blog has just reached over 5,000 followers! I’m so grateful, I never once thought it would get that many when I first made it. I love you all so much and I want you all to know just how amazing and wonderful you are. thank you for everything, you have given me so many reasons to smile and just talking to you all have made my days brighter! :)

thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love you xx

nsfw- this one is bottom!daddy I mean how hot is that!

yeah I imagined this was daddy!louis being a massive cockslut.

Happy birthday!

To louis-rimming-harry happy birthday, beautiful! :) I hope you have a wonderful day, spent doing whatever makes you the happiest you’ve ever been. you deserve the absolute best so I hope that’s what you’re given! you’re lovely and should always have a smile on your face :) take care, sugarplum. enjoy your special day! xx

Here are your chosen presents:

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Anonymous asked: "I absolutely hate my body and want to lose weight but I have actually no energy to exercise cause I can't sleep and I want to lose weight but I can't and I really don't know what to do"

if you’re serious about this then find the time to exercise only when it’s best for you, beautiful. don’t push yourself and only do what you feel comfortable with xx

Anonymous asked: "what do u think about you and i music video?!! ohmygodddd im crying"

I think it’s really good :) though I don’t understand the concept of it but it looks all serious and clever xx

Anonymous asked: "Hi I have this like 9 day long thing where I have to do canoeing in the water and like fall out and so in June. But I'm due my period???!!! I've heard about the holiday pill? Do you know what it is or where to get and if you need to pay? I don't want to go on the pill though like regulary:/ and I'm not sure my mum would approve should I tell her? I'll be 17 next week btw. Thanks love you x"

Hello :) I have heard of this pill but I don’t really know anything about it. sorry, beautiful! if that’s suitable for you then give it a go :) don’t let your worries stop you from having fun! xx

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Anonymous asked: "Have you heard anything about that Paige girl Harry's supposedly getting friendly with?"

nope :) that’s a lovely name, though! xx

Anonymous asked: "Someone posted a video of Jake Bass on here and I am all of a sudden in love with him and his videos. Also, do you happen to know which sites his videos are on because I can only find a few on pornhub. :* thanks a lot ily Jax xxx"

I think he’d be on most websites, love :) I searched for him on and he has videos on there so have a look around and I’m sure you’ll find his work xx

Anonymous asked: "if any of your followers want suggestions of fics or to find certain fics (like if you only know the summary), the blog harryandlouissmut is really helpful :-) sorry if im being a bother. xx"

[harryandlouissmut] this is very helpful of you, sugarplum! :) you’re not being a bother at all! thank you for sending this in :) xx

Anonymous asked: "I've met this girl on twitter and she was really nice so we exchanged iMessage and we've been talking in there. The only reason we began talking is bc were going to the same WWA tour. She seems rlly nice but kinda like she's gonna ditch me and my sister as soon as her friends come so idk. I'm not sure if I want to camp with her but I said I'd meet her, what should I do? Xx"

maybe you could see how it goes and how you feel when you meet up with her? if it’s comfortable between you all and you enjoy her company then agree to camp with her (please be safe and careful omg!) I’m sure it’ll be better than you imagine, sugarplum :) it’s wonderful that you’ve formed a close friendship with her! xx