Anonymous asked: "Rule 34 is basically all porn :)"

I love porn! I’ll have a look at it once I get on my laptop :) xx

Anonymous asked: "i feel so huge lately, i'm sick of having to put on weight for my stupid dietician and therapist, i need to lose weight!! why can't they see?!๐Ÿ˜ฉ"

if you’ve been told my a dietician that you need to put it on then that’s only what’s best for you, beautiful. they only want to help and make you feel healthy and good about yourself xx

larryinflowers asked: "I'm scared to call her (โŒ’-โŒ’; )"

don’t be scared, beautiful! what’s the worst that could happen? :) just have a chat with her to see how she is xx

posted 2 weeks ago

harry-rimming-louis asked: "HEY JAX! Umm, am I the only one who's kind of not caring about Harry being himself, and worrying about Louis more?? We dont really get to see the 'real' Louis, but we know what Harry is truly like... IDK how to explain it without sounding rude..."

Hello love :) you don’t sound rude at all, we all have out own opinions and thoughts on things :) I’m a bit out of the loop of everything so I’m not sure what’s happening but I can see your point. I think the boys are sometimes misunderstood and it’s a shame really xx

posted 2 weeks ago

Anonymous asked: "SEarch for One Direction on 'Rule 34' You're welcome ;)"

it won’t let me look at it on my phone :( is it naughty? xx

Anonymous asked: "jax I'm so scared I'm having another panic attack and I can't breathe I feel like I'm drowning and my head is spinning and I can't find the engery to get up or I feel dizzy and km so scared I'm so scared and no one knows about my panic attacks cause they always happen at night when I'm in my room and everyone is asleep and I want to scream but then my family will wake up and then they'll know and what if they send me to therapy or something or don't believe me what do I do I'm so afraid help me"

try to calm down, sweetheart. breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth. I know you can do this, beautiful, just breathe for me. empty your mind and only think about positive things, forget about everything else. if you don’t want to talk to your family about this then maybe you could talk to a friend or someone at school or someone else who you trust? I think it would only help you to talk to someone about this, flower. I’m always here if you need me xx

Anonymous asked: "so i wrote a fanfiction in 2012 that i'm editing but i'm changing all the names and i just thought you should know that louis' name is now Jax"

ahhhh are you serious? :D can I please read it once you’ve finished editing it? I’m so excited I love you I feel famous xx

cuddly-lou asked: "Jax omg that anon is going to the same concert as me :)))"

ooh you two should meet and become friends and talk about your faves wearing no clothes and enjoy the concert together wooooop! :) xx

posted 2 weeks ago

Anonymous asked: "Hey, Queen Jaxie :) I truly hope, that you're doing okay. I see you haven't been in Tumblr for a few days. I guess because of whatever is going wrong for you? I haven't been here either. But I think I'm doing a lot better these days. At the moment (probably not when you see it), I'm a month and five days clean :) So I'm doing fine, I guess :) Though I don't know yet, what exactly happened with you, I hope it'll soon be better for you too :) - Zoey"

Hello my beautiful flower :) I’m trying to be online as much as I can but it’s tricky at the minute. I do miss talking to you all though! I’m well though, thank you :) I hope you are too! oh my god that’s amazing! I’m so proud of you :) that’s such a big achievement and I hope you know just how much this means :) good for you! take care, darling xx

posted 2 weeks ago

Anonymous asked: "How do you make yourself squirt? Can you just give me some tips or just like info? Cheers boo x"

I don’t know if this will be any help to you but it looks useful :) good luck and remember even if you can’t quite do it first time it’ll be fun trying ;) xx