louisfondsharry asked: "hi jax! i know you're super busy with your life and all of your asks, but my friends arent great listeners.. so i met this guy on holiday and he lives about 3-4 hours away from me, we talked all night but then he went home. we've talked on facebook but not a lot. is it even possible to like someone after such a short time? xx"

Hello beautiful :) aw that’s so sweet! I do think it’s possible to like someone after a short amount of time, sometimes a connection can happen almost instantly and you feel as though you’ve known them forever and you just want to talk to them all the time and you feel so strongly towards them despite not truly knowing who they are. you should send him a message :) start a conversation with him xx

Anonymous asked: "omg i never understood why people would sweat during sex but omfg i just came for the first time using my g spot and omfg..i literally wanted to scream out loud,and i was actually sweating a bit to be honest, im actually shaking right now it was sooo good, i need to tell someone lol"

you know it’s so damn good when you’re a sweaty mess haha! well done to you, beautiful :) that’s amazing! one of the best feelings in the entire world haha xx

Anonymous asked: "Jaxy it's my birthday! I'm 16 now, so that pretty cool :) I hope you're well and everything babygirl, love you lots xx -@leahlovesniall"

I hope you had the most amazing birthday, sugarplum :) you deserved the very best! I hope you’re well and everything is good for you xx

posted 1 day ago

larryinflowers asked: "I have good news! Two good things happened today! I passed my learners permit test and my crush/best friend texted me! We might be hanging out next Thursday!"

oh that’s amazing news! I’m very proud and happy, beautiful :) how did the meet up go? xx

posted 1 day ago

Anonymous asked: "Lately I've been having fantasies about a guy forcing me to get a boobjob then pay him back for it by sucking his dick... It's making me really horny tbh"

well that’s something I haven’t heard before :) good for you for thinking of something that you enjoy! if you like it then continue doing that, beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with that xx

posted 1 day ago

Anonymous asked: "JAX OMG!! I just got this really cute bracelet and it's an anchor with a rope wrapped around it omfg it looks exactly like the tattoo I'm dying I wish I could send u a picture:((((("

aw that sounds so cute! very ironic, too :) xx

posted 1 day ago

Anonymous asked: "I've done something I might regret in the long run ... I sent nudes to a girl she sent them back and I guess I'm falling for her she texts me constantly but I don't know what to say... Help me please?๐Ÿ’˜"

you shouldn’t regret that if it’s what you wanted to do, beautiful :) keep talking to her and stay in contact. it would be wonderful for something to happen between you both! keep me posted on what happens :) xx

posted 1 day ago

Anonymous asked: "Will you answer my question soon lovely Jax? <3"

I have quite a lot of messages in my inbox but I will answer each of them as soon as I can, sugarplum :) xx

posted 1 day ago

Anonymous asked: "How long since you've seen the guy then? ;)"

quite a while actually :/ xx

posted 1 day ago

Anonymous asked: "jax help!! I've been texting this guy that I like for like 1 1/2 weeks and then he just like stopped responding like 2 days ago and I know I shouldn't be sad but I am :("

literally the same thing happened to me! I had been talking to this guy who lives close to me and we met a few times and did the do and everything and then he stopped texting me and left me feeling confused but he clearly wasn’t interested so I’m not giving him anymore of my time. if your fella still hasn’t been in touch and you don’t think he’s worth the effort then move on, beautiful, you can do so much better than him xx