Like You Wanna Be Loved - Completed

title: like you wanna be loved
rating: nc-17
summary: When Louis is walking home one evening he finds a big metal cage at the side of the street. Curiosity becomes too much for him and he moves closer to see a frightened kitten inside. All he wants is to be loved, just like Louis.
warnings: kitty!fic, slight talk of past abuse, sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: could you do a prompt where harry is a hybrid kitty and louis finds him on the streets and takes him home and smut ensues (preferably barebacking, rimming, and fingering?) :)

A/N: I sort of became addicted to this prompt and found that once I’d started writing I couldn’t stop. So that’s why it is being made into a chaptered fic :) I just want to say the feedback I’ve already had on this is just incredible, thank you so very much! I love you all, I truly do x

chapter one
chapter two
chapter three 
chapter four 
chapter five