title: Touch Me And I Come Alive
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis is a teacher and Harry is a cheeky student.
warnings: underage, sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff

“Alright kids, settle down” Louis announced, shutting the door behind him as he walked over to his desk with a dark expression painted on his usually cheery face. He sat his black shoulder bag down on the old carpet right beside his desk that was placed in the corner of the room.

Spinning the brown leather chair to face him, Louis moved to sit down in his seat. The noise of the room had decreased with only slight murmur of conversation left to float around along the four walls, but to Louis it was the loudest sound in the world. His fingers found themselves pressed against his temple in attempt to sooth his pounding head. His eyes drifted to a close trying to block out everything.

“Good night was it, sir?”

Louis kept his eyes closed, not needing to see to be able to know who had spoken. The quick remark had been backed up with smirks of laughter from one side of the room, easy enough to know their identity too.

Louis’s eyes slowly opened and his hands dropped back on his desk. He shifted his gaze to look straight ahead of him, a quick eyebrow raise for his reply then he stood again, grabbing a whiteboard marker before moving to stand in front of the big board with his back to his students.

Ignoring the want to reply with a smart comment he pulls the cap off the pen and writes on the board as he speaks, “Today we’re learning about the different types of facial expressions and body language used in plays and films”

He underlines what he has written then leans his arm further up the board to write out the date.

“You sound grumpy, sir”

Louis feels the corner of his lip curl up into a smile at the second remark from the same person. He brought his arm down from the board and placed the cap back on the marker pen then turned around. His eyes locked with Harry’s who slouched back in his seat with a cheeky smirk on his face.

Harry turned to a short haired guy, his tie wonky and his chair back as he swings on it, that was sat next to him and his smirk grew bigger, “bet he didn’t get any” his gaze goes back to Louis and he grins at him, enjoying the bursts of laughter he received from around the room.

Louis only smiles, he moves back to his desk and sits on the edge of the front of the table. His arms lift up to fold against his chest not moving his eyes away from Harry.

“I wasn’t aware that my personal life bothered you that much, Mr Styles” Again, Louis raised an eyebrow and his smile hadn’t changed.

Harry shrugs his shoulders in his seat, noting how many eyes from around the room were now on him but his own still focused on Louis.

“Just taking an interest, Sir”

“How about we start to take an interest in the lesson instead?” Louis leaves his eyes on Harry a little longer than he should, then he stands from the desk with a satisfied smirk etched on his face.

As he turns away again, hearing more laughs around the room, he feels a pounding in his head, a harsh reminder of the night before and the blue coloured shots he drunk one after the other. It seems silly now drinking the night before school but at the time it was the best idea Louis had ever had. It wasn’t a bad night either, the many alcoholic drinks he had consumed helped relax his mind free of school work that needed marking and the constant pressure of the exam he had to prepare his students for. That, and he needed something to make him forget about his recent break up. So the drinking helped him quite a lot, but what wasn’t helping right now was the pounding in his head giving him a soaring headache.

His thoughts of the previous night faded from his mind and the writing on the board in front of him becoming more focusing. His lesson plan appeared in his mind, most of it rushed and not to his best but that didn’t matter. He lifted up the pen again and wrote out a different heading to the left side of the board. Once he had finished he turned his body slightly to face the students who stared back at him.

“Okay. So, why is body language important?” Louis asked, his eyes scanning the group only to fall back on to Harry as his raised hand caught his attention. Louis raised his eyebrow cautious of what Harry’s answer was going to be. He wasn’t always one to give sensible answers, and going by the cheek he had already been giving this answer wouldn’t be any different.

“Harry, care to share your thoughts?” Louis asked with a smirk, putting the pen back down so he was able to fold his arms against his chest.

Harry dropped his arm then sat up more in his seat before clearing his throat, “It’s important because it allows us to see how people are feeling without them needing to vocally communicate”. He finished with a smile, looking directly at Louis.

It wasn’t the kind of answer Louis was expecting from Harry, his smirk had dropped to just a smile and he slowly nods his head.

“Very good, that’s exactly right”

Louis turns back to face the board about to speak again when he’s interrupted by Harry, obviously he wasn’t finished yet.

“It’s also a good way of finding out what people have been up to. Using you as an example, Sir, judging by the dark look on your face and your hoarse tone of voice it tells me that you went out last night and got a bit worse for wear. I mean, let’s face it I know a hangover when I see one” Harry finished and again slouched back in his seat, now his turn to smirk at Louis.

“Well, in some ways it can be good for that, yes” Louis replied, deliberately ignoring the accusation made, “Maybe myself coming into school in this state is something you can all learn not to do”

Louis’ blunt remark was rewarded with a few laughs as he turned around again about to pick up the pen.

“Naughty naughty! I wonder what the Head would think about this” Harry said, his smirk still present as Louis faced him again.

“Is that threatening talk, Mr Styles?” Louis asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked back over at Harry.

“Not at all, Sir. I’m just saying you obviously don’t mind the consequences”

Louis smirked again and looked down nodding his head only to lift his head back up, flicking his hair away from his eyes.

“And with the amount of cheek you’re giving me you obviously don’t mind having a detention. Stay behind at break please”

Again, Louis turned to face the board. The sound of laughter and a few ‘oooh’s’ purely to rip Harry made Louis smirk again.


The classroom quickly became less full as soon as the bell rang signalling it was break time and Louis couldn’t be more grateful. The pounding sensation in his head had died down a little but he still felt like crap, every part of his body felt tired and all he wanted to do was go home and sleep.

Louis picked up the board rubber and began to wipe away the pen markings from the lesson. Once he was done he put the rubber back down then turned around to collect in the text books that were on each of the tables around the room.

“Are you not gonna give me something to do?” Harry asked, his eyes following Louis as he watched him walk around each of the tables picking up the books to stack them in his hands.

Louis thought about giving him a sheet of paper to write lines for him but even he thought that was pointless and boring, so instead he shook his head, “Nope. Just sit there nice and quiet for me”

Harry watched him a while longer then looked away, his back was slumped against the backrest of the chair and his long legs stretched out underneath his table. He looked around the room becoming bored very quickly, his foot tapping against the leg of the table as his eyes fell onto the clock that hung on the wall. Break lasted 20 minutes and he had already wasted more of it than he wanted to.

Harry looked away from the clock and dropped his gaze to Louis as he moved around the table he was sat at. He leant forward and reached out to grab the text book that was in front of Harry, but he was too slow and Harry took it before he was given the chance. He held it up in the air away from Louis’ grasp, a cheeky smile spread across his face as Louis leant forward again in attempt to get the book. Harry moved it away again causing Louis to sigh then straighten himself up.

“As you may have noticed, Harry, I’m not in the mood for games”

“That’s why you’re a drama teacher and not a PE teacher” Harry fired back, his smile not moving from his lips.

Louis stared down at Harry trying to stay calm. On a usual day he could handle his cheekiness, he would give it back just as good, but today it was starting to irritate him and he was quickly becoming sick of it.

“Give me the book” Louis urged, holding out his hand ready.

Harry looked up at Louis then down to the book in his hand then he shook his head, flicking it open to a couple of pages in and he scanned through the paragraphs showing a fake interest.

“Actually I’m not done reading it just yet”

Louis sighed then dropped his hand getting that little bit more annoyed with Harry. “Fine, bring it to me once you’re done”

He moved away from Harry’s table and picked up a few more books before heading over to the store cupboard at the back of the room. He tightly held his arm around the stack of books and held them against his chest, reaching out his spare hand to open the door to the cupboard. As soon as the door was open the smell of books hit Louis, wafting up to his nostrils making him sniff from the slight dust that was on some of them. He walked forwards over towards a shelf in the far corner of the smallish room and placed the stack of books down safely.

Once his hands were free, Louis turned around ready to head out of the cupboard. As he turned he wasn’t expecting to see Harry stood leaning against one of the shelves holding out the book to him. He lifted his hand up to his heart as he felt it double up from the slight shock.

“It turns out it wasn’t such a good read after all” Harry announced, waiting for Louis to take the book from him.

Louis drops his hand then walks closer to Harry, reaching out for book expecting him to pull it away again but instead he leaves it where it was. Louis takes it from Harry then gratefully smiles before turning back around to walk over to the same shelf as before.

“It’s good to see you actually interested in my lessons. I know I sometimes bore you with what I teach, so this is very flattering, to say the least”

As Louis finishes speaking and the book is on the pile with the others he goes to turn around but a hand on his arm stops him. He’s slightly confused as he turns his head sideways seeing Harry now stood only a few centimetres behind him. His body breaks out in goosebumps and a shiver runs down his back when Harry moves his mouth close to Louis’ ear, his hot breath crackling through him.

“You don’t bore me, I just prefer to stare at your arse than listen to your lesson” Harry spoke quietly, right into Louis’ ear. He releases Louis’ arm, his body now pressing against him to stop him from moving, and his hand glides over to Louis’ bum. Without saying anything else he squeezes Louis’ right cheek, causing him to let out a quiet gasp.

Louis turns his head again so his eyes lock with Harry’s. His heart is hammering against his chest and he shamefully feels his trousers become tight. He swallows quickly to help his dry throat, “Stop this. Whatever you’re doing, stop it”

Harry’s eyes drop to Louis’ lips and he licks his own, the countless times he’s thought about what they would be like to kiss, what he would taste of. His eyes move back to Louis’, his hand still on his bum. He daringly squeezed it again, watching in awe as Louis briefly closes his eyes before blinking them open again, biting down on his lip to stop himself from making any kind of moan.

Harry studied Louis’ face for a little while longer then he moved his lips back to his ear, “A reason why facial expressions are important is so that students are able to see when their teacher is turned on because of them”

Louis closed his eyes again, hating the amount of control Harry now has over him and he’s powerless to stop him. His eyes open again just as Harry gently bites on the lobe of Louis’ ear, his tongue slides around the sensitive skin.

Harry moved his hand away from Louis’ bum only to glide it around his body, passing his hip to reach his crotch that was pressed against the shelf in front of both of them. Harry spread his hand out against the forming bulge in Louis’ trousers and a grin spread across his face, knowing he did this to him.

Louis looked down to see Harry grip his hand on his now throbbing cock and before he could stop himself he let out a deep moan. He felt his head spin from the feeling of pleasure and how crazy it was to have one of his pupils touch him like this. And how it was turning him on so much, to the point he thought he was hard enough to burst right there.

Without warning, Harry spun Louis around to face him, backing him against the shelf behind him. Harry lifted up both of his hands to work at unfastening the button and the zip on Louis’ trousers before letting them fall to his ankles. His fingers slowly outlined the length of Louis’ hardening cock through the material of his boxers, making another moan leave Louis’ lips.

Harry bit down on his lip then knelt down on the floor, moving closer so that his head was directly in front of Louis’ crotch. He teasingly kissed the bulge in three places, gliding his tongue all around leaving a wet trail on the black cotton. Louis feels his body becoming hot all over and the pleasure deepens within him, suddenly needing more.

“Please, Harry”

Harry looked up and his heart skipped a beat from seeing the impatient look on Louis’ face. He knew what he was doing to him, he was teasing him and he definitely seemed to like it. Harry had never thought this would be so hot having his teacher, having Louis so desperately turned on that he needs to plead for more.

“Beg me, Mr Tomlinson. Beg me to suck your cock” Harry spoke in a demanding tone, his eyes fixed to Louis’ with every word.

Louis knew he couldn’t take it for much longer, the pleasure surged through him and he was more turned on than he had been in such a long time. As he looked down at Harry he saw him differently, his eyes were welcoming and sparkled whenever he moved, his curls fell loosely and his cheek bone stood out in such a masculine way. And his lips. Those plump, red lips. Louis couldn’t help but groan as he pictured those lips around his cock.

“Please, Harry, I want this so bad! Please suck my cock” Louis begged, feeling himself flush with embarrassment but it quickly passed by as soon as he watched Harry lick his lips then lift up to pull down his boxers letting them join his trousers down at his ankles.

Harry didn’t waste any more time, his hand gripped at the base of Louis’ cock to guide it to his lips before opening them taking him into his mouth. The warmth of Harry’s mouth around Louis’ cock was like heaven. He sucked all the way down before moving back up, repeating this action a few times getting used to the feel and size of Louis inside his mouth. He picked up his pace after feeling a hand move to the back of his head as a slight push to speed things up.

Louis tangled his fingers in Harry’s curls pushing his mouth further down on his cock. His heart raced in his chest and breathless moans left his mouth uncontrollably. The view was almost hotter than the pleasure, seeing Harry on his knees with his mouth wrapped around Louis’ cock was a vision Louis knew he wouldn’t be forgetting in a while.

Closing his eyes, Louis tipped his head back again not wanting this to end. All of his morals had vanished completely and had been replaced with how good this felt. His eyes dropped back down to Harry as he sucked faster now, taking in most of him.

Harry pulled his head back and removed his mouth to take in the air around him. His hand started to stroke where his mouth was only seconds before and his eyes travelling up to lock with Louis’ again. As his hand worked to stroke Louis’ cock fast, Harry dipped his head to lick all around his balls, taking them into his mouth and sucking them gently.

“Oh, fuck! That’s, oh god” Louis moaned, not even caring that he wasn’t making sense or that he had just swore in front of a student. Not that it mattered right now.

Louis felt his body tense up and his stomach tightened. He was close to spilling but he wasn’t sure how Harry would take this or what he would do.

“Harry, I’m so close”

Harry let Louis’ balls drop from his mouth then he looked back up at Louis licking his lips, moving his lips closer to the head of his cock. He tightened his grip around his cock as he continued to stroke him, taking in all the moans Louis was making. He felt the fingers in his hair tighten around his curls, he knew Louis was about to cum.

Harry opened his mouth just as Louis let out a final moan before he released his load right into Harry’s mouth. He closed his eyes again breathless and more tired than before. As he felt Harry move his hand away from his now limp cock he sunk back into the shelf feeling his head spin and the guilt and regret creeping into his mind. His eyes opened to see Harry now stood in front of him with his hands stuffed into his trouser pockets. Louis studied him again, this time seeing him so young and vulnerable, nothing like the cocky Harry he usually teaches.

Louis wasn’t sure why but in that moment he wanted to reach out and pull Harry into a hug. His heart was heavy in his chest full of new kinds of emotion. A cough took him out of his thoughts and he looked down quickly picking up his boxers and his trousers to fasten them back in place.

Harry awkwardly scratched his head then smiled at Louis, watching him straighten himself up then clear his throat. The sound of the bell sounded around the building, meaning it was end of break.

“I um, I should get going to my next lesson” Harry said, nodding his head over to the door of the store cupboard.

Louis nodded, trying to get himself back to reality where he was the teacher and Harry was the student. “Right, yeah. Just remember to be less cheeky next time I see you. I don’t want to have you in every break” He meant it as his sort of telling off but after what had just happened it could have easily passed as a joke.

Either way, Harry still grinned beginning to go back to his old self. “Oh, I don’t know, your detentions aren’t all bad, Sir”

Then with a cheeky wink Harry left the room, leaving Louis with a smile on his face and a satisfied feeling in his stomach.

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