title: we’re so close to the edge of desire
rating: nc-17
warnings: underage, sexual content, very little swearing
summary: Harry and Louis are in the same class. Harry decides to give Louis a handjob under the table while class is in session.
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff

Harry sat back in his seat and looked around the classroom not paying any attention to the lesson that was being taught around him. No disrespect to his teacher but he hated English with a burning passion. None of the poems made sense to Harry and he found himself becoming bored of them very quickly. There was only two things about this lesson that Harry really liked; one being the arse on Mr Malik, and the other how he got to sit next to Louis. Although to be fair neither of the two helped with his concentration on the lesson.

He and Louis both sat on their own table at the back of the classroom, away from most of the other students in the room. Harry dropped his gaze from the big poster of Romeo and Juliet that was stuck to the wall and his head turned to the side. He watched how hooked on the lesson Louis appeared to be, his eyes were focused straight ahead onto the white board at the front of he room reading the paragraph Mr Malik was writing and listening intently at what he was saying to the class. Harry sighed inwardly, realising any hope he had of getting Louis’ attention had disappeared quickly. He really had no idea how he could get into the lesson and actually enjoy any of the works of Shakespeare.

Harry glanced back over at the front just as Mr Malik stopped writing and now stood facing his students, still talking about something Harry had no intentions of listening to. He continued to watch as his teacher moved over to his desk then he picked up the book they were currently reading as a class, and, of course, it was Shakespeare.

"I want you all to start reading from page 23 whilst I hand out the work sheets" Mr Malik announced, holding up the book that was in his hand. He gave a quick nod to the class then he sat down at his desk, arranging different sheets of paper into small piles.

Harry sighed out loud then looked down at the book he had in front of him. He really couldn’t be bothered to read any of it, but still he reached forward and opened up the book not caring that he wasn’t on the correct page. His head turned to the side again to see Louis sat with the book open and his eyes scanning the page as he read through each of the paragraphs. Harry rolled his eyes then moved closer to Louis in his seat, leaning his arm against Louis’ and nudging him gently to get him to look up.

"Lou, I’m bored" Harry whispered, looking directly at Louis but his gaze didn’t move from the book in his hands. Louis’ reply was a short "Hmm" as he continued to read, not giving Harry the attention he was after.

"Louis, I’m really bored!" Harry tried again, his voice a little louder this time but only loud enough for Louis to hear.

"It’s English class, of course you’re bored" Louis replied, again not moving his head up from his book. He flicked over the page once he’d done then carried on with the start of the next paragraph.

"So entertain me" Harry said, nudging Louis’ arm with his own again. Louis still didn’t lift his head, obviously too engrossed in the book.

"You know if you actually payed attention I’m sure you’d begin to like Shakespeare, you just haven’t given it a chance" Louis replied, ignoring Harry’s request. He smirked down at the book at the sound of Harry sighing again as his eyes moved onto the opposite page.

Harry glanced back down at his book then turned his nose up at it and pushed it away slightly. He sat back in his seat again then dropped his hands onto his legs, looking around the room again. His eyes landed on the clock on the wall and he felt himself become annoyed at the fact that there was still 40 minutes of the lesson left before he could escape for lunch. He looked down from the clock and into his lap, then moved his eyes slowly over to Louis’ legs. He noticed that a small thread was loose on the top half of Louis’ black trousers and before he could stop them his fingers reached out to wrap themselves up in the hanging piece of cotton. His hand rested against Louis’ hip as he played with the thread, slowly twirling it around two of his fingers.

Dropping the thread, Harry let his hand rest there a few seconds more before he slowly moved it down Louis’ leg. He gently squeezed at his knee then moved it back up, letting his fingers dance along the black fabric. He left it to rest on Louis’ hip again and his eyes darted across to his crotch, a small smile forming on his lips as he noticed Louis was getting hard just from his touch. Harry’s smile grew wider as he slowly walked two of his fingers across Louis’ trousers, stopping as his hand reached his crotch.

Louis coughed low in his throat then shifted in his seat. His eyes re-read the sentence he was on three times as he felt Harry’s hand spread out across the growing erection in his trousers, quickly losing his concentration. He blinked twice as Harry’s hand gently rubbed at his crotch, his fingers shaping out Louis’ cock through his trousers. Louis quickly looked up from the book and glanced around the room, feeling his heart slow down when he noticed nobody was looking over at them. His eyes moved to look at Harry and his hand dropped to rest on top of his, attempting to move it away.

"Stop it. Not here, babes" Louis whispered, hoping more than anything that his use of pet name would cover up the panic in his voice.

Harry looked back up into Louis’ eyes with a small smirk on his face. He moved his hand back to where it was before, once again rubbing at Louis’ bulge through the material of his trousers.

"Nobody’s watching us" Harry whispered back, not letting his smirk fade away as he began to rub more harder than before.

Louis swallowed harshly in his throat then quickly looked around the room again. Most of the other students in the room were reading from the books in their hands while the rest of the class sneakily shared conversations across the tables.

Louis moved his eyes away when he felt the button on his trousers being popped open and he looked down in time to see Harry’s fingers slowly pulling down his zip. His eyes widened and his breath caught up in his throat, not quite believing this was happening right now in the middle of the lesson.

Harry slid his hand through the opening of the top of Louis’ trousers then he took hold of his erection, pressing down roughly on the material of his boxers. His eyes lock with Louis’ wide ones and he smirks again at the worry and panic on his face.

"Harry stop, we can’t, not here!" Louis whispered, needing his voice to sound serious and threatening, but instead it came out as a rushed squeak as he felt his heart hammer against his chest.

Harry grinned at this then continued to palm at Louis through his boxers, skilfully groping at the bulge with his hand and spreading out his fingers over his length.

"Just relax, nobody can see what I’m doing" Harry reassured, watching as Louis looked around the room for the third time, just in case someone had heard their whispers and looked around in wonder.

Louis looked over to the front of the room seeing Mr Malik stand from his desk with a big pile of sheets in his hands. He walked around the first row of tables and handed the pieces of paper out, stopping a couple of times to talk to students that had asked him a question.

The panic feeling inside of Louis increased when Harry didn’t move his hand away, but instead lifted his fingers up to tug at the base of his boxers before letting his hand slip inside. Louis looked down at his lap again and felt his heart beat faster now. All too suddenly it felt like the heating of the room had been turned up massively, his uniform clung to his flushed body as the heat spread over him. He swallowed again then bit down on his bottom lip as Harry took his now fully erect cock into his hand, wrapping his fingers around the thickness of it and wasting no time to start stroking him.

Louis moved in his seat again and looked back up to see Mr Malik stood that bit closer to their table. He was hunched over a table near them going through one of the paragraphs in the book with a student who didn’t understand something. Louis swallowed again then turned to look back at Harry with fear in his eyes, hating the smirk that was still etched onto his lips.

"He’s right there!" Louis warned, his eyes moving back to their teacher in an attempt to make Harry stop and pull his hand away.

Harry looked over at where their teacher was still stood explaining the paragraph and he nodded his head before turning back to Louis.

"So he is"

Another grin took over his mouth as Louis gave him a look of disbelief. Harry looked back down at Louis’ crotch noticing a small bead of pre-cum leaking out of the tip of his cock. His fingers moved up and his thumb scooped up the white liquid and spread it all around the head making it glisten under the light of the classroom. His hand moved back down to continue stroking him, working a little faster this time.

Louis let out a tiny gasp as Harry’s hand movements sped up. He pursed his lips shut tightly, breathing in through his nose, stifling his moans to stop them from escaping his lips. He felt as though his whole body was on fire. His clothes stuck to him even more now as beads of sweat formed on his skin and trickled down his neck. His heart continued to thump hard against his chest and his head spun fast making him feel dizzy. He felt Harry’s body press against his own again then his hot breath tickled at the hairs on his ear as Harry moved his lips close.

"When we leave this room we’re going straight to the toilets and I’m gonna fuck you hard into the wall" Harry spoke low into Louis’ ear, being sure to breathe heavily as his words left his mouth knowing it would send tingles all over Louis’ body.

Another gasp left Louis’ mouth and he swallowed back a moan as Harry’s hand stroked his cock even faster, his thumb circling at his tip then around the head before moving back to gripping at his hard length.

Louis could feel the pit of his stomach tighten and the all too familiar feeling of pleasure swept throughout his body, leaving his breath short and heavy. He bit down on his lip a little too hard to stop him from moaning loud, wanting nothing more than to scream out Harry’s name.

Louis reached out his hand to grip onto Harry’s leg as he felt himself shake a little. The heat of his body became too much and his eyes tightly closed shut, the pleasure hitting just the right spot inside of him as he felt Harry’s hand stroke him harder and faster. His stomach clenched and with a few more strokes he was cumming hard, spurts of white liquid covering his trousers and Harry’s hand.

Louis’ eyes flew open, expecting the entire room to be staring at them both in shock, but not a single person had caught on to what they had done. He looked down at the mess in his lap as his breathing gradually calmed down and his body returned to its usual temperature.

"Here are your worksheets, lads. Louis, are you okay?"

Louis looked up quickly to see Mr Malik stood in front of their table with a concerned look on his face as he placed the sheets of paper onto the table. He blinked, then swallowed, trying to find something to say though it seemed words had escaped him.

"He’s fine, Sir. Probably tired out from football or something" Harry said, smiling back confidently as their teacher glanced between them both then nodded and walked away to another table.

Louis let out a deep breath as Harry pulled his hand away. He scrambled to quickly fasten his zip and his button then he looked back at the grin on Harry’s face. He shook his head at him but couldn’t help smiling wide then breaking out into a small laugh as the panic he felt before was replaced with a pleasant feeling of satisfaction.

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