title: all fired up, I feel alive
rating: nc-17
warnings: underage, sexual content, swearing
summary: Harry stays true to his word and fucks Louis in the toilets.
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

sequel to: we’re so close to the edge of desire

The bell for lunch sounded out around the room meaning that the lesson was finally over. Harry stood up from his seat then picked up his book to chuck into his bag, not really caring if he damaged it. He swung his bag onto his shoulder then waited for Louis to tidy up his work.

Harry glanced up towards the front of the room as Mr Malik spoke about some sort of trip to watch a Shakespeare play, the name of it he didn’t really bother to listen to, and he was holding up letters that had all the information on. Harry rolled his eyes then sighed as he watched a group of students take one of the letters, why people would actually be interested in going to it was beyond him.

"We should go to that" Louis announced, now stood at the side of their table with his own bag on his shoulder.

"No we shouldn’t" Harry replied, looking back at Louis as if he’d suggested they jump into a pool filled with hungry sharks.

Louis shrugged then pushed in his chair before walking around the table. “I just thought it would help you out, you know, to understand Shakespeare more”

Harry stared blankly at Louis then shook his head, moving forward to stand closer to him at the other side of the table. He missed the way Louis looked back at Harry’s chair that was left out, expecting him to turn back to push it in but instead he just left it as it was.

"I don’t want to understand it, it’s all rubbish to me" Harry replied, walking around the other tables in the room as they both made their way out of the now half empty classroom. They walked beside each other down the long corridor that was quickly filling with other students walking down to the cafeteria for their dinner.

"It’s only rubbish to you because you don’t appreciate his work. He’s a classic, a legend" Louis replied with a small smile on his lips at the bored look he was receiving from Harry.

"Yeah, but you also think the guy that plays Ian Beale is a legend" Harry said, raising his eyebrow at Louis before shifting his eyes as he spotted the toilets not too far from them. His mind thought back to what he had said to Louis before then a small smirk reached his mouth.

"He’s an amazing actor! You can’t say he isn’t" Louis replied, suddenly walking on his own before realising Harry had stopped. He turned around to see Harry leant against the frame of the door to the toilets with his arms folded against his chest.

"I thought we were going to dinner?" Louis asked, obviously forgetting what Harry had said to him back in the classroom. Either that or he didn’t think Harry had actually meant what he said, his words just used to help Louis out at the time.

"We are, we just need to use the toilet first" Harry said, his smirk now formed into a grin as realisation washed over Louis’ features.

Without speaking, Harry stood from the frame then reached out his hand to pull at the handle of the door before pushing it open. He walked into the small room knowing Louis would follow and his grin grew wider when he saw nobody else was in there.

"I didn’t think you were being serious about this" Louis spoke with his voice wavering a little.

Harry turned around to see Louis stood with him in the room and the door now closed behind him. Again, he didn’t speak. Instead he moved forward a little then took Louis’ hand in his own, pressing a soft kiss to his nose then flashed a big smile as he pulled back. He gently guided Louis into the nearest cubicle then locked the door behind them both.

Louis swallowed as Harry turned back around to face him. He suddenly felt nervous but he didn’t know why. This wasn’t their first time, that happened about a month ago in Harry’s bedroom while his mum was at work and his sister was out with a new boyfriend. They’ve had a secret relationship for months now (7 months, to Louis’ count) one they both decided would be best kept to themselves. To everyone else they were friends, best friends for how much time they actually spent together, but between them it was much more than that.

"We’re actually gonna- I mean, here?" Louis asked, stumbling over his words slightly as he felt his heart begin to beat much faster than it did 5 minutes ago.

Harry nodded his head as he stepped closer to Louis, his hand rested on his hip and he pressed his body against Louis’. His hand dropped from Louis’ hip to find his hand, moving his lips forward to press soft kisses along Louis’ neck before pulling his head back to flash another bright smile.

"This is one of your fantasies, right? For me to fuck you in the school toilets?" Harry asked, already knowing the answer as Louis nodded his head not daring to speak, afraid his voice would be nothing but a squeak.

Harry lifted his free hand to Louis’ shoulder to pull down his bag, before chucking it down to corner of the cubicle. He did the same with his own bag then turned back to face Louis with his eyes sparkling and his smile beaming. He moved his head in closer to fill the gap between them both and he gently pressed his lips against Louis’, his hand lifting up to rest on his cheek.

As he pulled away, Harry dropped his hand from Louis’ cheek to slowly glide it down his front, his fingers spreading out a little on the white fabric of Louis’ school shirt. His hand continued to move down but stopped at the base of Louis’ trousers, his fingers playing with the silver buckle on his belt as his eyes moved up to meet with Louis’.

"Do we have, um" Louis started to ask but stopped when the words wouldn’t come out. Fortunately for him, Harry understood what he was getting at, and his hand dropped again to escape into his trouser pocket pulling out his wallet. His other hand left Louis’ as he opened his wallet and pulled out a condom and a small sachet of lube. He put his wallet back then smiled up at Louis.

"Always good to be prepared, right?"

Louis let out a small laugh then nodded his head, starting to feel himself relax now. Harry moved forward again to grip his fingers to Louis’ belt before he unbuckled it then opened the button. His eyes moved back up to Louis’ as his fingers slowly pulled at the zip, making sure to let them latch onto his crotch as they moved down. His hand moved up to pull down the trousers leaving them to hunch at Louis’ ankles. His eyes took in the forming bulge before his fingers gripped around the top of Louis’ boxers, slowly slipping them down his legs to join his trousers.

"Turn around for me. Stand facing the wall" Harry ordered, his voice low and deep as he spoke. Louis swallowed again then did as he was told, moving to stand facing the wall of the cubicle feeling Harry’s eyes burning his skin.

Harry bit down on his bottom lip as his eyes took in the view in front of him. His hand moved down to his crotch, feeling his trousers tighten from the bulge in his boxers. He slowly palmed himself through the material as Louis stood, waiting patiently for Harry’s next move.

Louis let out a shaky breath as he felt a hand rest on the right cheek of his bum while long fingers slowly massaged the skin. He turned his head to look behind him as Harry moved further forward to press his body against him. Their lips found each other again with Harry’s hand lifting to rest at the back of Louis’ head to bring him in closer.

As the kiss broke, Harry moved back a little then placed both of his hands onto the cheeks of Louis’ bum, spreading them slightly. Louis kept his head turned, ignoring the aching pain in his neck and he watched as two thumbs circled the skin of his cheeks then a hand was struck backwards to lightly hit the sensitive skin, causing Louis to gasp out loud at the slight sting.

"Such a nice arse, Lou" Harry complimented, his voice quiet but still as low as before. He felt his trousers tighten even more and he bit his lip again, thrusting his hips forward suddenly to grind his erection against Louis’ bum.

Another gasp left Louis’ mouth as he felt how hard Harry was. His breathing had increased quickly and his head spun, just like before when Harry’s hand was wrapped around his cock in the middle of a lesson. He felt his own erection grow hard against the cool of the wall in front of him, trapping him from any contact of his hand to give him the release he needed. He hated how slow things were going, he needed more and he needed it so desperately that he felt tears sting the corners of his eyes.

"Please Harry, please I need- I really need, please"

Harry moved his hips away then placed a gentle apologetic kiss to Louis’ lips, smiling before looking down at the foil packets still in his hand. His fingers worked to open the sachet of lube before spreading a good amount of the contents onto two of his fingers. He stepped forward again then with his spare hand he gently grabbed the left cheek to spread it open. The tip of his lube covered finger teased at Louis’ hole, easing itself in without wanting to hurt him.

Louis gasped in his throat at the feel of Harry’s finger pushing inside of him. His eyes closed briefly as he tried to calm his breathing, feeling Harry begin to pull his finger out to then push it all the way back in, picking up the pace after only a few seconds. Taking in the gasps falling from Louis’ mouth, Harry added the second slicked up finger to join the first.

A low moan caught up in Louis’ throat and he swallowed it away, blinking his eyes open again as Harry thrusted his fingers into him faster. He curved them slightly as he pushed them in and out, his knuckles sticking out at the formed hook shape of his fingers. He dipped his head to leave soft kisses to Louis’ neck before catching his eyes then lifting his mouth to capture his lips. Louis moaned through the kiss then pulled away quickly.

"Harry please, I want-"

"You want another finger?" Harry asked, slowing down his movements as Louis shook his head.

"No, I-I’m ready. Please, I need you inside me" Louis begged, his eyes dark and full of lust.

Harry growled in his throat then quickly kissed Louis’ lips as he carefully pulled his fingers away, receiving another moan as he did. His hand moved to the top of his trousers to quickly unfasten them then he pushed them down along with his boxers, taking his hard cock into his hand letting out a breathless moan as he stroked himself a couple of times, his eyes not moving from Louis’ bum. He stopped his hand movements before he got too into it then teared open the condom.

Once the condom was on he slicked himself up with the rest of the lube then moved forward to take hold of Louis’ hip, dropping the empty foil packets to the floor. His other hand took hold of his cock once again and teasingly pressed the head to Louis’ hole but then moved it away to rest in the crack of his bum.

Harry felt his body flush with heat as the pleasure built up inside of him. Louis’ breathless pleads was enough for Harry to line his cock back up to his hole with his hand gripped at the base. His other hand was still holding onto Louis’ hip with his thumb spreading his cheek a little to give him better access. He swallowed quickly then bit his lip as Louis gasped for him to hurry up.

"Gonna fuck you so hard, Lou" Harry panted, his fingers digging into the skin of Louis’ hip.

Once his cock was lined up, Harry took hold of Louis’ hips with both of his hands now then slowly and carefully pushed himself inside. He held his breath without realising as he watched his cock slowly disappear. His hand gently stroked the skin of Louis’ hip in comfort as he continued to push inside of him, releasing his breath to steady his heartbeat. He heard the sounds of Louis gasping and breathing heavily in front of him as the last inch of his cock was pushed into him, the thickness of it stretching Louis.

Harry stopped his movements for a few seconds and pressed his lips back onto Louis’ neck, gliding his tongue along the heated skin until he reached his ear. He gently took the lobe between his teeth then let his tongue lick along the sensitive skin before releasing it again.

"You alright, babe?" Harry asked, his voice barely a whisper as his words escaped into Louis’ ear.

Louis nodded his head then turned to look back at Harry again, biting down on his lip. Harry kissed his neck again to give Louis a few more seconds of getting used to the size of him.

"Want me to carry on?" Harry asked, his voice a little louder this time.

Louis didn’t speak, instead he moved his bum back a little as if trying to fuck himself on Harry’s cock. He let out an impatient moan then looked back up into Harry’s eyes with his own pleading and desperate. Harry laughed through a grin then stole another kiss from Louis before he moved back, holding onto Louis’ hips with a firmer grip.

Harry gently pulled his hips back until only the head of his cock was left inside then without any warning he slammed his hips back against Louis’ bum, pushing his cock all the way inside again. A loud moan left Louis’ mouth before he could stop it, his head spinning as Harry continued to thrust his hips forward. His hand reached out to rest on the wall in front of him with his forehead pressed against his arm. Breathless moans left his lips with every thrust of Harry’s hips, hitting against his bum.

Harry slowed his hips then pulled out halfway, widening his legs a little and lifting one hand to Louis’ hair. His fingers tangled up in his brown locks and he gripped onto a handful as he thrust his cock all the way back in.

More moans leave Louis’ mouth and his heart hammers against his chest, desperately needing to touch his own cock. He drops his arm from the wall and goes to move it between his legs when Harry’s hand stops him.

"Don’t touch yourself, I want you to cum just from me fucking you" Harry warned, hearing Louis moan in protest. His hand didn’t move away from Louis’, instead he entangled their fingers together then squeezed it gently.

"Faster, Harry, please!" Louis groaned out, his head spinning and his body aching, needing to release so bad.

His other hand tightened its grip on Louis’ hip as his thrusts became faster and more erratic. His body was pressed against Louis’ back even more now, pushing him further into the wall as he slammed his hips harder into him.

"Wanna hear you moan louder for me, Lou. I want everyone in this school to know what I’m doing to you. Gonna make you scream"

Louis moaned out louder than before, feeling Harry’s thrusts faster now. His whole body flushed with heat and his heart thumped against his chest. His head felt heavy and all he could think about was how good it felt having Harry’s cock thrusting deep inside of him, hearing Harry say dirty things to him, just being right there with Harry.

Harry gripped onto Louis’ hip then changed the angle slightly, thrusting in harder. It was a loud, choked out moan from Louis’ lips that made it clear to Harry that he’d hit his prostate, that place where Louis lost all control. He could feel his body shaking beneath him telling Harry that he was so, so close.

"Harry, please, I-"

"Cum for me, babe. Cum from just having my cock inside you. Oh fuck, Louis!" Harry moaned out, his head dropping to Louis’ shoulder as he felt his stomach tighten and his own orgasm getting closer.

Louis moaned loud a second time and with another thrust he was cumming hard against the wall. His breath caught up in his throat as his moans spilled from his mouth, feeling his heartbeat calm down. He turned his head just as Harry gasped out his name again, thrusting out his orgasm.

Harry dropped his head back down to Louis’ shoulder trying to control his breathing. His hand left Louis’ hip to rest on his stomach instead, holding his body close to him. His other hand was still in Louis’ and he smiled when he felt him squeeze his fingers. He lifted his head back up then smiled again before pressing his lips to Louis’, bringing his hand down to slowly pull himself out.

As he looked down he carefully took off the condom then tied it before chucking it into the toilet, moving closer to flush it away. When he moved back he gently spun Louis around to face him and his smile grew bigger at the sheepish look on his face.

"You look all fucked out, sweetheart"

Louis laughed then lifted his hand to Harry’s hip to bring him closer to him, not caring about how sweaty they had both become. Harry’s hand rested on Louis’ cheek before he leant forward to bring their lips together, pushing his tongue inside feeling his stomach flutter as he received a slow moan from Louis.

As he pulled away, Harry smiled then dropped his hand to meet with Louis’ once again. He moved forward and rest his forehead against Louis’, feeling his arms wrap around his body to hold him close.

A silence grew in the air around them as they stood close together, neither of them wanting to move. The sound of a stomach growling suddenly broke the silence, causing Harry to pull back and laugh at the sorry look on Louis’ face.

"Sounds like someone needs feeding" Harry said, grinning then moved back a little to pull up his boxers and his trousers, fastening them before looking back up to see a pout on Louis’ lips.

"Your fault for dragging me in here!" Louis whined, feeling his stomach growl again as he bent slightly to fix himself up, fastening his trousers and his belt.

"Well it was either that or bend you over one of the tables in the cafeteria"

Louis thought about it for a few seconds then a playful grin took over his mouth.

"That’s actually another of my fantasies"

Harry laughed then gently hit Louis’ arm before stepping in close to him again, lifting his arms to wrap around his shoulders to bring his lips back onto his own. Louis’ hands found themselves back onto Harry’s hips and he moved them around to rest on his bum, squeezing his cheeks playfully. As the kiss broke, a thought entered Louis’ mind.

"So, about this trip-"

Before he could carry on Harry groaned loud then sighed as the pout on Louis’ lips returned. 

"Okay fine, we’ll go. But on the condition that I get to give you another hand job on the way there"

Louis raised his eyebrow at the cheeky grin on Harry’s face then, after thinking for all of 3 seconds, he nodded his head.


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