title: Give Me Love (like never before)
pairing: harry/girl!louis
rating: nc-17
warnings: underage, incest, sexual content, gender swap
summary: Harry and Lou are twins. Lou’s boyfriend breaks up with her and she’s really distraught and distant with her brother. They’re normally inseparable and it’s confusing Harry. One particular night he hears her crying and goes into her room to comfort her. What starts out innocent soon turns into something way more than they bargained for, but neither are willing to see the wrong in it.
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff

No matter what was going on around them, or where in the world they were, Harry and Lou were always together. It was probably the twin connection they had, a special bond that most brother and sister don’t have. They did just about everything together, shared each of their deepest thoughts and secrets with each other and most of all looked out for one another.

For the early years of their life they shared a bedroom. A bigish room with two single beds in the centre with matching bed sheets covering them. They each had bean bags at the side of them, one pink and one blue. It was comforting for them both having each other’s company and in the middle of the night they would stay up talking about what had happened throughout the day and what they had planned for the next day. Sometimes when Lou had scary dreams or just felt down, Harry would climb into her bed and they’d lie together all snug in the small bed, an arm safely wrapped around Lou’s body as they both drifted off to sleep.

As they got older their mum had told them they would have to get separate rooms, she had said it wasn’t right for a brother and sister to still be sharing and they’d probably want to do their own thing now.

"I just think now you’re both at that age you’d both need your space. It will be good for you both" She had said, smiling warmly as she placed the mug of milk onto the breakfast table then walked back into the kitchen.

It was when Harry turned to look at Lou that he knew, just from the scared look on her face and the tears in her eyes that neither of them wanted to have their own rooms. And as his hand reached out to take Lou’s and give it a gentle squeeze he gave her a look that he hoped said ‘It’s alright, we’re still going to be together’.

They took to their own rooms slowly as to be expected. The first few nights were the hardest, neither of them getting much sleep as they tossed and turned in their beds, or stared up at the ceiling feeling lost and lonely. They made up for the time lost the day after as they spent as much of their day together as they could before bed time came round again.

In time they got used to it and even created ‘Saturday Sleepovers’ where one of them would camp out in the other’s room and they would eat and talk and laugh and it was just like old times.

When Harry got his first serious girlfriend, Lou tried her best to hide the jealous feeling she had aching away at her. It wasn’t because she wanted to be with Harry in that way, it was just it meant that all of his attention wouldn’t be on her like it usually was. It felt as though she wasn’t number one in his eyes anymore and she hated it. So much that she would go quiet around him then go to her room to bury her head in her pillow to cry herself to sleep.

It was on a Saturday night in Lou’s room that Harry noticed something was wrong. He glanced over at her every 5 minutes knowing that there was something on her mind.

"Lou, is something wrong?"

Lou looked away from the TV screen and turned her head to the side, quickly shaking her head as her eyes briefly landed on Harry before returning back to focus on the film. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears as she felt a hand rest on top of hers, long fingers stretching out to entangle with her own.

"You know you can tell me if something’s bothering you" Harry said, not moving his eyes away from Lou as he heard a sniff followed by a tiny sob. He quickly etched closer to Lou on the bed, lifting his hand to tilt her head so he could see her face just as two tears fell from her eyes.

Harry felt his heart drop, reaching out his arms to wrap around Lou, bringing her closer to him, letting out a choked “Oh, Lou”.

And he held her close to him with her head rested on his chest as they talked and she explained how she felt, letting more tears stroll down each of her cheeks. The film forgotten about but still played out in the background as they sat close together on the bed, Harry’s arm around Lou’s body and his hand in hers.

His head dipped to kiss the top of Lou’s head, rubbing her back soothingly as he told her he would never leave her, forget her or replace her. And that was all she needed to hear.

Things didn’t work out for Harry and his girlfriend and they broke up a month later, both of them deciding it was for the best. Lou couldn’t deny that she was a little pleased but she was there for her brother at those times when he looked upset, she comforted him just like he had done to her so many times before. She hugged him and told him it would be okay, he would find someone else and she would always be there for him.

And she was. Until one day she came home with a beaming smile and a happy glow on her face. That’s when things started to change.

It was a late Thursday night when Lou quietly crept across the landing to reach Harry’s room. She reached out her hand to slowly pull down the handle and push open his door, being careful not to be heard as she turned to close it again. She tip-toed over to the bed in the middle of the room and smiled down at the sleeping form of her brother.

Her hand reached out to pull back the duvet then she gently climbed in next to Harry, bringing the duvet back around them both. She smiled again then lightly shook Harry’s arm, “Harry. Harry, wake up”.

Lou watched as Harry shifted in the bed and his eyes slowly opened, a couple of groans leaving his throat from being woken up. He blinked his focus onto Lou then gave her a small smile before moving to lie on his back, wrapping his arms around her body to bring her closer.

"What’s up?" Harry asked, his eyes beginning to close again as he felt himself being sucked into the comfort of the mattress.

"I need to tell you something" Lou said, her eyes wide open and looking up at Harry from where her chin rested on his chest. He sounded out a sleepy "hm?", keeping his eyes closed.

"I have a boyfriend"

There was seconds of silence before Harry opened his eyes, suddenly more alert and he turned his head to look down at Lou.

"Really?" Harry asked, not sure why his voice sounded disappointed, or why his heart was thumping against his chest as hard as it was.

Lou nodded her head then couldn’t help the smile that took over her mouth.

"Yeah. I wanted you to be the first to know about it"

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat then looked away as if letting this settle into his head. His heart continued to hit hard inside of him and his head spun, only half listening to Lou talk.

"He’s a little older than me but that’s alright, I mean he’s so lovely and really sweet. He said when he was with me he felt the happiest he’s ever been" Lou stopped and laughed lightly, shaking her head with a big grin on her face. She dropped her head down onto Harry’s chest and sighed blissfully.

"I really like him, Harry"

Harry looked down at Lou sprawled against him and he cleared his throat, realising he hadn’t said anything. His hand lifted up to rest in Lou’s hair and he gently let his fingers tangle through brown strands.

"I’m happy for you" Harry said, his voice quiet and choked out.

As Lou settled down to get comfier, still with a pleasant smile on her face, Harry stared up at the ceiling with no intentions of falling asleep. His head felt heavy with so much spinning around on his mind. He didn’t understand why he felt like this, but he knew he had to be happy for Lou, and most importantly be there for her just like she was for him. He was sure whatever it was he was feeling inside it would pass.

"Now, are you sure you’re okay with this? There’s still time for me to call someone over"

Harry looked up from the TV and over to where Anne was stood beside the sofa, her fingers fastening silver earrings into each ear.

"Mum, we’re old enough to be home alone for a few hours, we don’t need babysitting"

Anne sighed then nodded her head, muttering a quiet “You’re right” before turning to pick up her black handbag that was sat on the chair next to the sofa. She quickly checked that she had her phone, purse and keys in the bag before closing it up, smoothing out her dress and looking back over at Harry.

"Look after your sister!"

"I will" Harry agreed, his focus back on the TV screen when he felt a hand gently caress the back of his head. He turned to smile up at his mum before she stood back and made her way over to the front door, shouting back a time she would be home and a quick "Bye" before closing the front door behind her.

Harry looked back at the TV as a re-run of a programme he’d already seen before played out. Not really bothered about watching it anymore, he picked up the remote and turned it off before standing from the sofa and leaving the room. He walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to take out a carton of juice. He had a quick drink from the carton then put it back into the fridge.

Walking over to the stairs, he suddenly thought about Lou and how quiet she’d been recently. Usually nothing would bring her down, and if something did it wouldn’t be nothing a hug from Harry couldn’t fix. He knew something was bothering her but she hadn’t spoke about it at all. In fact she had become distant from Harry, as if she didn’t want to be around him.

Harry sighed as he reached the top step and he looked over at the closed door of Lou’s room. He considered going in to sit with her and talk about what was wrong, he knew he could help her but he also knew she wouldn’t want that. If she needed him she would go to him. Harry turned away from the door and was about to walk over to his own room when the sound of a small cry stopped him.

It took about three seconds to realise it was Lou that was crying. His heart suddenly sped up in his chest and he took a deep breath before opening the door. His eyes fell onto the bed and the body of his sister that was curled up on top of it, her eyes closed and her head pressed onto her pillow.

Harry slowly walked towards the bed not wanting to startle Lou in case she hadn’t heard him come into the room. He felt his stomach tighten at the sounds of his sister’s sobs, wanting nothing more than to hold her until the tears stopped falling.

"Lou" Harry whispered, stood beside the bed now, reaching out to gently place his hand on Lou’s arm.

Lou blinked her eyes open and stared up at Harry, her tears continuing to spill from her tired eyes. Her gaze didn’t move from Harry as he moved his hand up to her cheek, carefully sitting down on the bed next to her. His thumb was quick to wipe away another tear that fell then he continued to gently stroke her cheek.

"Lou, has something happened?"

Her eyes slowly closed, feeling her heart sink down lower to the pit of her stomach. She opened her eyes again to see Harry looking down at her with worry, his hand lifting up from her cheek to move away parts of her fringe that dropped down into her eyes.

"I’m here for you, Lou" Harry whispered, his eyes connecting with Lou’s as he looked down at her, "You can trust me."

Lou nodded her head then let out a shaky breath, swallowing the lump in her throat to make it easier for her to talk. Her eyes dropped down away from Harry’s gaze and she felt a comforting hand squeeze her own.

"H-he broke up..with me" Lou stopped as she felt her eyes fill up with more tears. She attempted to blink them away but failed as two more fell and strolled down her cheeks. "He said…he said I wasn’t good enough."

Harry stared down at Lou in disbelief, his eyes widened slightly with his mouth open just a little. “He said that?”

Lou closed her eyes again and nodded her head slowly just as more tears fell.

"It’s true, though. I’m not good enough"

Slowly shaking his head, Harry sat closer to Lou on the bed and lifted his hand back to her cheek. “Lou, look at me” He waited for her eyes to open and look up at him before he carried on, “Don’t say that, alright? Because it’s not true! You’re beautiful, and amazing and the loveliest girl I know. You deserve better than him. You deserve to be loved and respected and the right to feel special around someone, because that’s what you are”

Lou sniffed then gave Harry a small smile but then it faded as quick as it had appeared. She turned her head slightly to the side, gently pushing into the touch of Harry’s hand as his fingers softly brushed against her skin.

"You really are beautiful, Lou"

Her eyes looked back up towards Harry and she felt her heart race but she shook her head, “You’re meant to say things like that, you’re my brother”

Harry smiled down at her then lifted his hand up to her hair, letting his fingers get tangled up between the strands. “I’m saying it because it’s the truth.”

Slowly leaning forward, Harry pressed a soft kiss to Lou’s forehead, letting his lips linger on her skin for a few more seconds than he planned before he moved them away. He kept his head close to hers, his cheek pressed to the side of her forehead. He moved his hand down to find her own and he wrapped their fingers together.

"Make me feel better, Harry" Lou whispered, as a single tear slowly spilled down her cheek.

Harry gently squeezed her hand then began to leave a line of smaller kisses on the side of her face, pressing his lips to her temple, then to the top of her cheekbone, then to the middle of her cheek and finishing at the corner of her mouth.

"I can do that"

Harry flickered his eyes up to look into Lou’s before slowly moving his lips closer to hers, closing the small gap between them by joining their lips together.

The kiss was soft and gentle, their lips moving against each other’s slowly and full of passion. It was over within seconds and as they pulled apart and their eyes fluttered open, their stares matched one another’s with neither of them looking away.

Lou lifted up the hand Harry still had hold of and she placed it beside her head, her other hand was resting on his chest. As he carefully moved his body on top of hers, his eyes moved to look at their entwined fingers then with a smile he looked back into her eyes, feeling his heart burst with love and adoration as he saw a small smile being returned.

"You’re perfect" Harry whispered, moving his lips up to kiss Lou’s forehead once again then moving them back down to kiss her nose. His lips hovered above her own lips and he looked back up into her eyes just before moving closer to kiss her again.

Their eyes opened again once the kiss had broken. Harry looked down at Lou with his breath caught up in his throat and his heart beating wild against his chest. Their eyes locked together as the hand Lou had placed on Harry’s chest was slowly brought up to his cheek.

Harry lowered his head to gently press his forehead against Lou’s, her hand falling from his cheek to travel across his broad shoulders, letting her fingers lightly slide down his arm.

"Touch me, Harry" Lou whispered, her heart racing faster now.

Lifting up his head, Harry let his eyes connect with Lou’s again while his hand moved down along her side. His fingers escaped underneath her t-shirt to gently slide up the right side of her stomach, feeling small goosebumps forming from his touch. He continued to slide his fingers upwards until he reached her bra.

Stopping his fingers from going further, Harry looked back up at Lou with his eyes sparkling. The tips of his fingers began to trace small circles onto her skin just below the laced material.

Lou let her eyes close again while Harry’s fingers repeatedly circled her skin. His touch was delicate and loving, and it was something Lou couldn’t help but want more of.

"Please" Lou breathed out, her voice barely a whisper. "Please, I -Please"

Harry’s eyes followed the next tear that slowly rolled down Lou’s cheek, leaving behind a wet line on her skin. His eyes then moved back up to where her own were, seeing them closed as she whispered her pleas over and over.

"Ssh, it’s okay" Harry spoke quietly, "I’ll take care of you, I promise"

His lips dropped down slightly to leave more kisses on the side of her face. From the corner of his eye he saw her looking at him, her blue eyes staring back at him with need and desperation. His own eyes caught hers again and without looking away his lips fell back to hers, this time making the kiss a little harder.

As Harry pulled away he dropped the hand that was still entangled with Lou’s and he carefully lifted up her t-shirt, chucking it to the floor once it was over her head. His eyes fell to her stomach then up to her chest, taking in every last bit of exposed skin.

His hand rested on the side of her stomach, just above her hip, while his lips pressed more of his gentle kisses onto her skin. Kissing her lips, her chin, her neck, her shoulder then darting his lips across to softly brush them against the centre of her chest. His hand made its way up her stomach, letting his fingers glide along her skin until they reached her shoulders.

Harry looked back up at Lou as his fingers hooked underneath each of the straps of her bra, letting them fall down her arms tickling her skin. His head dipped lower to recapture her lips with his own while both of his hands moved beneath her to slide up her back. He deepened the kiss as his fingers worked to unfasten the clasp of her bra, bringing them back to rest on her stomach.

Moving his lips away, Harry let his head hover just above Lou’s, his eyes taking in the view below him. He felt his heart beating hard as he saw how her brown hair naturally flicked to the side, his head spun looking at her kissed-out red lips and his breath caught up in his throat as his eyes melted into hers.

Lifting his hand, Harry gently stroked his thumb along Lou’s cheek then in one slow movement he dropped it back to her stomach, letting his fingers carefully pull down her bra until it was fully off. He dropped it onto the floor then stared down at her bare chest with his bottom lip between his teeth, his hand longing to caress her body.

"Put your hand on me, Harry"

Harry slowly let his eyes move upwards, catching the way Lou’s chest was rising and falling from the pounding of her heart beneath her chest. He noticed a light flush marking her body with tiny goose bumps covering her skin. His eyes finally reached hers and he lifted his hand, not looking away from her as he carefully placed it onto her left breast.

A quiet gasp left Lou’s mouth at the feeling of Harry’s stretched out hand, gripping gently. The heat from his palm sent tingles all over her body, his fingers brushed against her skin as he began to move his hand in circles.

Lowering his head, Harry moved closer to bring their lips together again with his hand still gently massaging her breast. As the kiss began to deepen, Harry lifted up his hand slightly to let his fingers circle the sensitive skin around her nipple.

Another gasp escaped Lou’s mouth as she broke the kiss, her eyes falling to where Harry’s hand was. She watched as he took her nipple between his finger and thumb and rubbed at it, a little firm but still being gentle. Her eyes slipped shut and her head fell back onto her pillow, feeling her entire body begin to tingle even more from the touch of Harry’s fingers and the soft kiss of his lips all along the side of her neck.

Lou lifted her hand to rest on the back of Harry’s head as if holding him close to her. Her eyes opened again and she turned to look at Harry as he lifted his head, his hand moved from her breast to rest beside her shoulder as he looked down at her. Her hand dropped from his head and she brought it down to his front, sliding her fingers over the cotton of his t-shirt.

Harry gave her a quick smile before leaning up above her with his legs straddling hers. His hands latched to the bottom of his t-shirt and in one swift movement it was up over his head then thrown down onto the floor. He watched as Lou’s eyes travelled all over his body with a light blush on her cheeks, noticing the forming bulge at the front of Harry’s jeans.

Lou quickly swallowed the lump in her throat then lifted up from the bed. She extended her arm out towards his jeans before being stopped by Harry taking her hand in his and carefully pushing her back down onto the mattress. She couldn’t help the confused look in her eyes as Harry moved to lay on top of her again, his head dipped and pressed to the side of her face.

"I’m taking care of you" Harry whispered, his lips next to Lou’s ear as he spoke.

Another trail of gentle kisses along Lou’s neck lead Harry back up to her lips, starting with a soft brush as they joined and ending into a harder and deeper embrace with his hand back to her cheek and his bare chest pressed against hers. His free hand moved up the bed a little to find her own and he entangled their fingers to join as one.

Lifting up from the kiss, Harry looked down at Lou before leaning closer to softly nuzzle at her ear, his nose bumping against the lobe as more small kisses were pressed to her neck.

Lou couldn’t help but let a small, trusting smile etch onto her lips. She felt her heart begin to race again as the hand on her cheek was dropped after a gentle stroke of the thumb against her skin and the hand in hers squeezed her fingers reassuringly.

As Harry lifted his head back up, his hand untangled from Lou’s and swept down the bed to rest on her hip. He leant up onto his arms and smiled down at the smile still on her lips.

"You have a really pretty smile" Harry said, not resisting the urge to lean down again and kiss her lips with both of them still smiling.

Another blush tinted Lou’s cheeks as Harry lifted himself up and gently moved down the bed until he was straddling her legs again. He reached out both of his hands to the top of Lou’s jeans, hooking his fingers underneath the denim before stopping to look back up. His heart began to hit heavily against his chest again as he saw the worried look on his sister’s face. His hand moved from her jeans and dropped to the bed, picking up her hand and squeezing it gently to get her to look at him.

Her eyes blinked up towards him, letting him see they were filling with tears just like before. She swallowed quickly then bit down on her quivering lip, “Wh-what if I’m not good enough..for you?”

Harry felt his heart drop in his stomach as he looked back up at his sister, aching to make everything better for her. He carefully moved back to lay above her, lifting his hand to rest on her cheek, his thumb wiped away a tear that fell from her eyes just like he did before.

Hearing Lou let out a choked sob made Harry feel like his heart was breaking. His forehead rested against hers as he lightly ran his thumb across her cheek, his lips softly kissing every bit of her skin. He lifted his head and looking down at her, gently rubbing at her temple as her eyes moved back to his. He shook his head, his eyes showing nothing but love.

"Lou, you’re perfect." Harry whispered. "I just- I really wish you could see that."

His head lowered and his lips caught hers, kissing her slowly and passionately until her tears stopped falling. His hand moved up to her forehead where his fingers brushed away pieces of her hair to tuck behind her ear.

Pulling his lips gently from Lou’s, Harry looked down at her again, watching as she let out a deep breath while his hand found itself back into hers. She blinked slowly then settled her eyes back to his.

"I promise I’ll make everything better." Harry spoke quietly again, allowing himself to smile as his heart raced looking down into Lou’s eyes. "I’ll make you feel good, okay?"

Lou stared back up into Harry’s eyes as she nodded her head, her small smile returning to her lips. Her hand lifted up and rested to the back of his head again to bring him closer to her, letting her lips find his own before sliding her hand down from his head to his arm, feeling his muscles clenched under her fingers.

Smiling down at her, Harry slowly moved down the bed again. This time he left a line of soft kisses starting from her neck all the way down her stomach before reaching the top of her jeans. His hand lifted up from the bed to linger on the denim, waiting for him to finish kissing around her belly button, and steal another quick glance up at Lou, before his fingers worked to pop open the button and pull down the zip.

Lou watched as Harry slowly pulled down her jeans then moved back to chuck them onto the floor. Her eyes were glued to his hands while they moved back up her legs, his fingers brushing against her skin in a light and gentle way. Once he had reached her hips he let his hands rest there while his eyes travelled back up towards her face.

Her eyes lifted from his hands to look up at him, biting her lip through a smile. He lightly brushed his thumb against her hip as his own smile returned to his lips and his heart continued to beat faster inside of him.

Carefully moving up the bed again, Harry shifted to lay down next to Lou, resting his arm on the pillow beside her head. His hand moved to rest at the side of her head, letting her brown hair wrap around his fingers. His other hand moved from her hip to the bottom of her stomach, just above her underwear. His fingers spread out against her skin with two of them escaping underneath the cotton material.

Lou lifted her head slightly and turned to look up at Harry. Her eyes sparkled as she looked from his own then down to his lips, moving them back up again. Harry gave her a small and understanding smile as he moved in closer to her, bringing their lips together. The hand that was resting in her hair began to move in small circles, brushing his fingers gently against her scalp to massage it.

The kiss seemed to deepen as his other hand moved further down and his fingers spread out even more. He moved them up and down her lips before stopping to gently open them, lifting his fingers up to find her clit.

As the kiss broke, Harry looked down at Lou as a gasp left her mouth and her eyes locked with his. She fought to keep her eyes open as she felt a tingling sense of arousal shoot throughout her body.

"Does that feel good?" Harry whispered, starting to move two of his fingers in circles against her clit. He swallowed nervously, looking down at her and waiting for her reply.

Lou nodded her head and bit down on her lip, as if she was trying to hold back her moans. She dropped her gaze down towards where Harry had his hand under her underwear and her eyes locked at the way his fingers were moving. Her heart raced in her chest and more tingles spread all along her body, not taking her eyes away from his moving fingers. Her head spun as she took it all in, as if not believing that it was her brother that was making her feel like this.

Harry studied her face as his fingers suddenly stopped moving in circles and instead moved up and down, feeling her clit begin to throb against the tips of his fingers. He alternated between the change in movements, swapping between the two, and pressing his fingers down a little harder each time he changed.

Lou let out another gasp, feeling more arousal build up in the pit of her stomach. Her breathing had increased and changed to heavy and rushed gasps and her chest was rising and falling more rapidly than before. A small moan suddenly left her mouth and her eyes quickly moved back up to look at Harry with an apologetic and worried look on her face, her lip back between her teeth.

Harry smiled down at her again then moved his lips closer to leave a gentle kiss to her forehead.

"You can moan if you want" Harry whispered, "As much as you need to"

Lou let her eyes briefly close, “Please”. She opened her eyes again to see concerned ones looking down at her, “I-“

"What is it, sweetie?" Harry asked, not stopping the movements of his fingers.

Lou felt her cheeks blush as she opened her mouth to speak but then stopped herself, almost like she was too embarrassed to say.

"Tell me what you need" Harry whispered, pressing another kiss to her forehead before looking back into her eyes.

"I..Can you- faster?" Lou asked with a quiet voice. Her entire body flushed with heat and she felt her heart relax in relief when she saw another smile on Harry’s lips.

"Of course I can" Harry whispered, before moving his fingers faster and that little bit harder against her clit.

A breathless moan left Lou’s lips as she looked back down. Another rush of heat spread throughout her body and her heart raced much faster than before. Her chest heaved up and down with each thump of her heart.

Her eyes closed as she sounded out tiny moans. She took in the feeling of having her brother’s fingers rubbing against her clit, giving her more pleasure than she had ever felt. Her head spun as it fell to the side to rest against Harry’s chest. She moaned again as he slowed his fingers but then rubbed fast again, pushing against her clit with a slight force.

Opening her eyes again, Lou slowly looked up towards Harry’s face. His head was faced downwards, showing signs of concentration as he worked his fingers. Lou’s eyes looked at the way his adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, then travelled up to see a very light blush on his cheeks and a thin line of sweat sticking to his forehead.

As her eyes fell back down they were met with his own staring back at her. His eyes sparkled and said everything his lips didn’t. <i>I’ve got you, I’ll look after you.</i>

Lou bit the corner of her lip through another gasped out moan. Her body felt like it was on fire from the heat of her arousal, spreading out completely. The pit of her stomach fluttered and the tingling sensation returned. She suddenly felt her body tense, a pool of arousal at the bottom of her stomach felt as though it was ready to burst.

Her head moved back and her eyes closed again, her hips lifted up from the mattress in an impatient attempt to get more of Harry’s touch. Her mouth opened slightly and her head tipped back against the arm he had spread against her pillow.

"Please" Lou desperately whispered. "Please, I-I need, please"

Harry’s fingers began to circle faster now, pressing hard against her throbbing clit. His eyes remained on her and he watched how her facial expressions changed from relaxed and calm to pleading and desperate.

His other hand began to play with her hair, his fingers lightly massaging her scalp. He moved his head closer to kiss her cheek gently, moving towards her ear.

"I’ll get you there, baby, I promise" Harry whispered close to her ear, not stopping the quick movement of his two fingers.

Lou blinked her eyes open to look to the side where her brother’s gaze was still on her. She felt her heart skip a beat and her stomach fluttered again. Her entire body shivered, her skin now covered in goosebumps and her chest continued to rise and fall rapidly.

Her hand suddenly reached out to grip at the bed sheet as the tightening feeling in her stomach deepened. She lifted her hips up once again then dropped them back down onto the mattress as she felt the muscles in her legs clench up.

"I..I think-I’m gonna" Lou breathed out, with her head tipped back and her eyes tightly shut.

Harry swallowed again then lifted his head back up a little to look down at Lou. “Yeah, cum for me, Lou”

A louder and final moan left her mouth as she felt the arousal burst in the pit of her stomach. Her whole body shook and tingled, her heartbeat catching around her disordered breaths. Moans of Harry’s name left her lips as she began to reach the end of her orgasm. Her head spun more now and her whole body suddenly felt relaxed and exhausted.

Harry smiled down at her then carefully moved his fingers away. His hand slowly travelled back up her stomach then down her arm to find her hand, where he gently grabbed and squeezed. His lips dipped down to kiss at her forehead softly, slowly lifting them away again to look down at her as her eyes blinked open.

A pleasant smile took over Lou’s lips as she looked back up at Harry. Their eyes locked with each others and their smiles matched. Harry squeezed her hand again then lowered to softly kiss her nose.

"Thank you" Lou whispered with a soft voice and her eyes sparkling back at him.

Shaking his head in reply, Harry smiled again then let his eyes drop down towards Lou’s lips before he moved in closer to kiss her slowly and with as much love as he could.

He pulled his lips away then lightly chuckled as Lou’s eyes fought to stay open.

"I love you" Harry spoke quietly, feeling his heart flip in his chest.

Lou smiled again as she gave in and let her eyes stay shut, slowly drifting off to sleep.

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