title: kiss me thru the phone (see you when I get home)
rating: nc-17
summary: Harry and Louis are apart one night when they’re both horny. Phone sex happens.
warnings: sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff

Louis shifted on his bed to get comfier. His pillow rested up against the headboard and his back pressed into it sitting in an upright position. He let out a pleasant sigh as he slid his right hand all the way down his bare stomach, stopping once he reached the top of his boxers. His fingers continued to travel further downwards to lightly touch the bulge that had formed beneath the material.

His eyes closed and his head tipped back a little, feeling the tingling sense of arousal spread through his body. A small moan left his lips as he pressed his fingers harder into his bulge. His hand spread out against his erection and he slowly began to stroke himself through his boxers, allowing more moans to spill from his mouth.

Images of having Harry on his knees for him with his mouth on his cock filled his mind. His body flushed at the thought and another moan sounded out into the room. His fingers continued to stroke against the fabric of his boxers when he felt his cock twitch under his touch.

Slowly opening his eyes, he moved his hand away to hook his fingers underneath the top of his boxers rushing to get them off and out of the way. He chucked them to the floor then moved his hand back to fall on his chest, catching his right nipple between his finger and thumb. He let out a quiet gasp as he rubbed at his nipple, biting his lip between his teeth.

His eyes travelled down his body and landed at his crotch that was partly covered by his duvet. He groaned as he moved his hand down his stomach once again, teasing himself by going slow.

Just as his hand reached the bottom of his stomach the sound of his phone vibrating on his bedside table stopped him from moving it further. He glanced over at his phone and couldn’t help the smile that reached his mouth when he saw ‘Harry’ flash up on the screen. His hand leaned over to pick up his phone before he opened up the new message.

'Are you up? Xx'

Louis smirked at the text as he glanced from his phone to his covered cock. He closed the message then clicked onto his camera before reaching forward to push back the duvet. His eyes quickly took in how hard he was as his cock stood between his legs, desperately needing attention. He bit down on his lip again as he lined his phone to get the best view. 

Once the picture had been taken he grinned before searching the options and choosing to add in reply to the message Harry had sent, adding with the picture ‘yeah I’m definitely up! ;) xx’.

His smirk returned as he watched the message send then he placed his phone onto his stomach and slowly moved his hands down his thighs then up to rest on his pubic bone. His fingers slowly circled his skin while he resisted the urge to grab his cock and jerk himself to satisfaction. He knew he wouldn’t be waiting long for Harry to reply and hopefully help him out.

And he was right. As if right on cue his phone lit up and vibrated again, only this time it was a phone call.

"Hello, babe" Louis answered once his phone was pressed to his ear. His smirk grew as he bit down onto his lip again.

"You know that wasn’t what I meant" Harry said, ignoring the usual cheery tone to Louis’ voice.

Louis chuckled then looked back down at his cock, thinking of Harry’s lips slowly moving down his shaft. Another groan left his mouth before he could stop it.

"But aren’t you glad I sent that picture? Now you know how hard I am for you right now"

The sound of a door closing came across the line causing Louis to furrow his eyebrows in confusion.

"Where are you?"

"I just got back to my hotel. Keep talking"

A grin formed on Louis mouth as he relaxed again, starting to slide his fingers against the skin of his thigh. His thumb lifted up to slowly stroke a line at the base of his cock while his fingers dropped to rest on his balls.

"I can’t stop thinking about you sucking me off" Louis groaned out, his voice low in his throat. He hears the sound of a mattress dipping which he guesses is Harry sitting on his bed, and then the sound of a belt buckle opening and a zip being pushed down.

"Having your lips around my cock, slowly taking it into your mouth" Louis moaned, bringing his fingers up to loosely grip around the base of his cock.

Louis pressed his phone closer to his ear hearing the sound of heavy breathing on the other side. He smirked as he tightened his hold, still teasing himself by stroking ever so slowly.

"Tell me what you’re doing, Harry" Louis lightly ordered, his voice low and slightly husky.

"m’stroking myself for you..fuck, Lou, your voice"

Louis grinned as he looked down at where his hand was gripped around his cock. He continued to slowly move it up and down his length, his thumb swiping around the head then over the tip.

"Stroking what? I wanna hear you say it"

He hears the way Harry’s breath catches in his throat followed by the sound of his deep voice, rugged and desperate now.

"My cock. I’m stroking my cock. Fuck, I’m so hard!"

Louis hums in reply. His fingers wrap around the top of his cock while his thumb continues to roll around the tip, forming a bead of pre-cum. He scoops up the white liquid then slides it down his length before gripping his hand at the base again.

"I really wanna fuck you, Lou" Harry gasped out, feeling his body flush with heat while his hand pumped up and down quickly on his cock.

"Yeah? You want me bent over your bed with my hole ready for your cock?" Louis breathlessly spoke, biting his lip through a groan as he let his eyes slip to a close. His fingers moved up and down his throbbing shaft in long strokes, gripping his hand tightly around his cock.

"Fuck, yeah I want that so bad! Need to feel your hot, tight hole around my cock" Harry moaned out, swallowing hard as he continued with his quick and desperate strokes, jerking his hard cock with a sweat line forming on his forehead. "Beg for it, Lou. Beg for my cock"

"Please" Louis gasped, knowing how much Harry liked it when he begged. "Please give me your cock. I need you to fuck me, Harry. Please, I need it so bad"

Louis opened his eyes again to look at his hand working faster now, stroking his hard cock while letting out deep moans. His body tingled at the sound of Harry’s gasps followed by chants of LouisLouisLouis! and more heavy breathing.

"Fuck, Harry" Louis moaned, pumping his cock faster now. He suddenly felt the familiar tightening feeling in the pit of his stomach telling him he was close.

"m’gonna cum!" Harry groaned, letting out a final moan mixed up with Louis’ name.

The sound of his name being moaned so filthily was enough to make Louis’ orgasm hit. He let out a string of moans as his hand slowed down and streaks of his cum landed all up his stomach.

A satisfied feeling washed over both of them as they let their heartbeats slow down and return to normal speed, heavy breathing mixed together through their phones.

"Wow." Louis said, feeling content and a little bit tired. "That was amazing"

"It was" Harry agreed, his smile showing through his voice.

"Now hurry up and get your sexy arse home so I can destroy it!" Louis said, grinning at the sound of Harry’s laughter and his promise that he’ll be home soon.

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