title: sign your name
rating: nc-17
summary: Reference to this picture. Harry comes home to their shared flat to find Louis dressed only in those small white briefs with his signature on the back. He, of course, shows his appreciation to them.
warnings: sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

Harry hummed softly to himself as he walked through the front door. His hands lifted to unbutton his jacket before he let it fall from his shoulders. He turned around and kicked the door shut then walked towards the coat rack that was nailed to the wall in the far corner of the hallway.

Once his jacket was safely hung on one of the hooks, Harry quickly kicked off his shoes and walked towards the living room, expecting to see the dim light of the tv shining through the doorway. A frown took over his face when he was met with a silent darkness making him stop outside of the room.

"Lou?" Harry called, turning his head up towards the big staircase hoping for a reply.

"In here, babe"

Harry’s head fell and looked over towards the closed door of the kitchen where the sound of Louis’ voice had come from. He let out a quiet “Oh” then smiled to himself as he walked over to the kitchen door. His hand reached out and pulled at the handle before pushing the door open.

"Here you are! I thought you-" Harry stopped as he pushed the door open fully and his eyes caught sight of Louis stood in the corner of the room, drinking from his favourite mug dressed in nothing but a small pair of white briefs.

"Here I am" Louis said, his voice as calm as usual. A smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth when he noticed how dark Harry’s eyes had suddenly become.

Harry felt his throat go dry as his eyes slowly travelled down Louis’ body, his tanned skin contrasted with the brightness of the briefs in a way that made him look like he was almost glowing.

"Do you want one? The water’s only just boiled" Louis asked, turning his body to face the counter with his back now to Harry. The smirk on his mouth grew as he heard the quiet gasp coming from the doorway.

Louis hand moved to rest on his hip as he dropped the left side of his body. He lifted his mug back to his lips and took another sip through his smirk. He swallowed what was in his mouth then placed his mug down onto the worktop of the counter, almost empty of its contents.

He lifted his head to look over at Harry who’s eyes seemed to be stuck to the back of his briefs. He continued to watch as Harry swallowed then blinked twice before lifting his back up to meet Louis’ gaze.

Louis couldn’t help but let his smirk return as Harry raised an eyebrow at him.

"Where did you get them?" Harry asked, nodding his head down towards the small briefs. His eyes forgot themselves for a few seconds as they stared again, before he blinked them away to look back up at Louis.

Louis shrugged, “Where I get all my clothes from. Didn’t think that would be of interest to you, Hazza”

Harry raised his eyebrow again then slowly stepped forward until he was stood beside Louis. His hand lifted up towards his back where his fingers softly grazed down his skin until it reached the white material.

"But this" Harry started, moving his fingers along the cotton at Louis’ hip and letting them move around to the back. "Where did you get this?" Harry asked, looking back down as his fingers slowly traced over his own signature.

Louis smiled with his head turned to the side, looking back at Harry’s face intently. “I found it in one of the boxes upstairs. It was a gift from a fan at a signing once”

Harry lifted his head to look back up at Louis, flicking his hair from his eyes as he spread his hand out against the left cheek of Louis’ bum. His fingers slowly massaged his skin through the material of the briefs, his thumb swiped across the bit of Louis’ cheek that was showing.

"Well, it is a nice little gift" Harry spoke quietly with his eyes staring back into Louis’. His hand stopped moving and he slowly lifted it away, pressing his palm to the curve of Louis’ back.

"I thought I’d see what they look like on" Louis continued to explain, feeling tingles against his skin from the soft touch of Harry’s fingers spread out on his back.

Harry gave a small nod then moved so he was stood behind Louis with both of his hands pressed to his hips. He looked down to see how Louis’ bum looked from this angle, so inviting and so delicious. He bit down on his lip as he lifted up his head to see Louis was now facing forward.

"They look.." Harry trailed off, dropping his eyes as though he was inspecting the view that was right in front of him. His thumbs hooked underneath the material from where they rested on Louis’ hips, his fingers gently digging into each of his thighs. His eyes moved towards the front of his jeans to see a bulge tightly pressing against the denim.

Stepping closer, Harry looked back up to see Louis’ head turned to the side again, waiting for him to carry on. Harry smirked then gripped his hands tighter on Louis’ hips as he closed the gap between them, pressing his crotch against the top of Louis’ bum and the lower part of his back.

Louis let out a small moan at the sudden close contact. He dropped his head to look back in front of him as his front was pushed against the cupboard. Another moan fell from his lips as he felt Harry start to rub his bulge against him in slow, circular motions. His bare back suddenly became covered in warmth from Harry pressing his whole body against him, bringing his mouth close to Louis’ ear.

"The hottest thing I’ve ever seen" Harry whispered, breathing hotly into Louis’ ear to make him shiver beneath him. His fingers pressed against Louis’ hips much harder now as he continued to roll his hips and press his crotch into the curve of Louis’ bum.

Harry moved back again to look down at his bulge rubbing against each of the cheeks of Louis’ bum. He takes his lip back between his teeth as his head tilts to the side, his eyes not moving from the black writing of his signature.

"I thought you’d like them" Louis says, showing a smirk as his head turned to the side again. His neck craned to try and look at the slow grinding of Harry’s bulge that was rutting against the fabric of the briefs.

"I do" Harry says quietly, stopping his hips completely and leans forward again until his front is in contact with Louis’ back. His head dipped to press a soft kiss to Louis’ shoulder then he licked them before bringing them back up to his ear. "I kinda wanna fuck you in them right against this counter"

Louis lets out a sudden moan that’s mixed up with a desperate please. He quickly swallows then bites his lip as Harry moves away again, this time letting go of his hips too.

Louis looks up to see Harry taking off his shirt to then throw on the floor, then his hand moves to the back pocket of his jeans where he pulls out his wallet. He continues to watch as Harry’s fingers open it up and retrieves a condom from the top part then puts his wallet back into his pocket. His eyes are suddenly met with Harry’s as he looks back up with his eyes squinted, almost like he’s just realised something.

Harry is about to speak when Louis moves over to the corner of the worktops and leans over near the microwave. He pulls back and turns towards Harry holding out the bottle of lube that was now in his hand. A grin reaches Harry’s lips as he steps closer and takes the bottle of lube, giving Louis another raise of his eyebrow.

"Looks like someone had this all planned out" Harry teased, turning to place the lube and the condom down onto the worktop. His hands moved to his belt which he unbuckled quickly, then worked to push down his jeans and boxers at the same time. He kicked them away then moved back to stand behind Louis.

Harry pressed a second kiss to Louis’ shoulder then he reached out to grab the lube. His hands moved back to Louis’ hips to grip at each side of the briefs before he slowly pulled them down and left them at his thighs. His right hand pressed against a cheek where his thumb slowly massaged at his skin. He kicked against Louis’ ankle to get him to part his legs then he opened up the cap of the bottle in his hand.

Once two of his fingers were generously coated in the warm liquid of the lube, Harry placed the bottle back down then moved his spare hand back to Louis’ bum, pulling his cheeks open a little. A lubed finger teased against his hole before slowly easing inside, feeling the tight heat closing in around the digit. He moved it in and out gently for a few seconds before adding a second finger and doing the same with that.

Louis let out a shaky gasp and bent forward against the counter so that his arms stretched out against the worktop and his back dipped towards the bottom. He found himself rocking back on Harry’s fingers without realising, desperately moaning for more.

Harry moved closer so that his cock pressed against the top of Louis’ leg. As his fingers continued to pound in and out, going deeper each time, he grazed his lips against Louis’ cheekbone trailing soft kisses along his skin until he reached his ear. Harry gently bit on his lobe then let go to breathe heavily into Louis’ ear.

"I think you’re ready for my cock, Lou"

"Yeah, fuck I’m ready! Please, I need it" Louis breathed out, feeling his body flush with heat.

Harry moaned at his words then pulled back again. He carefully pulled his fingers out then wrapped them around his, now fully hard, cock. He slowly stroked it a couple of times as he reached for the condom. His fingers left his cock to tear open the foil square, then carelessly dropping it to the floor as he rolled the condom down his thick shaft. He grabbed the bottle of lube again and slicked himself up before moving back to Louis.

Letting his hands run up and down Louis’ back slowly, Harry rested them back onto his hips. One hand pulled at a cheek to open him up while his other hand guided his cock to press against his tight hole. He moaned quietly when he heard Louis suck in a deep breath as he waited to be filled with Harry’s cock.

Harry slowly and gently pushed himself inside, his eyes staring at the way Louis’ hole stretched around the head of his cock. Both of his hands gripped to Louis’ hips as he eased in all the way.

He halted his movements for a couple of seconds, listening to the sounds of Louis’ heavy breathing as he relaxed beneath him. When he was sure Louis was ready for him to move, Harry slowly moved his cock mostly all the way out before thrusting back in again.

"Fuck, that feels so good" Louis moaned, tilting his head to look behind as much as he could. He could see where Harry’s left hand was gripped to his hip and his body slammed against his own with every deep thrust.

"Yeah, you like that? You’re so tight, Lou"

Louis moaned in response then dropped his head down onto the worktop. His eyes closed and his head spun, feeling his body shiver from the intense pleasure. He let out a string of moans with every deep pound of Harry’s cock.

"I bet you planned this all along, didn’t you? You knew I’d fuck you in here as soon as I saw you in these" Harry said with his voice low, his hand lifting down to pull at one side of the white briefs causing Louis to moan louder. "You’d do anything to have my cock inside you"

Again, Louis moaned loud. He lifted his head back up and bit down on his lip. His hand dropped from the worktop to grasp at his cock, stroking himself to match Harry’s quick thrusts.

Harry slowed his movements and wrapped his thumb and finger around the base of his cock, pulling himself out all the way and earning a disappointed groan from Louis. He grinned as he lined himself back up to his hole then lifted his hand to grip at Louis’ shoulder before slamming his cock forward to push all the way inside.

"Fuck! Give it to me, yeah? Fuck me, Harry" Louis moaned, hearing the filthy commands leave his mouth without caring to stop them.

Harry groaned low in his throat as he picked up the pace of his trusts, making sure to go deeper each time. His hand dropped from Louis’ shoulder to grasp at his bum again, kneading his fingers into the soft skin. His hips roughly slammed against his cheeks and his fingers dug into Louis’ hips, not caring if it left a mark.

Louis suddenly hunched his shoulders and let out a loud moan. His hand was still stroking his cock with quick motions, nearing himself closer and closer to his orgasm.

"I’m so close" Louis groaned out, feeling his stomach tighten and his muscles clench.

"Yeah, cum for me, Lou. I wanna see you cum"

Louis moaned over and over as he stroked his cock a few more times before he reached his climax. His hand ached and he had probably got cum on the cupboard door but he felt too good to care about either.

Harry bit down on his lip as he quickly, but carefully, pulled out of Louis. He ripped off the condom and stroked at his achingly hard cock, breathing heavily as he felt his orgasm approaching.

"You want me on my knees, babe?" Louis asked from where he was still slouched over the counter.

"No, stay there" Harry said, his hand gripping onto Louis’ hip again as if to keep him in place. His other hand quickly stroked up and down, feeling his body tingle and flush with heat.

Harry moaned loud and aimed his cock towards Louis’ bum, spurting his cum out in three white streaks against Louis’ tanned skin. His hand fell from his cock to gently hold Louis’ hips while his heart worked to return to normal speed.

He pressed a soft kiss to the centre of Louis’ back then gently lifted him back up to stand straight. Louis turned around to face Harry and gave him a satisfied smile, his own hands lifting to Harry’s sides to bring him closer to him.

Harry smiled before bringing their lips together for a long and passionate kiss. His hand lifted to rest on Louis’ cheek as he pulled away with another smile on his face.

"You can clean that up" Harry said, pressing a soft kiss to Louis’ lips before dropping his hand and nodding over to the cupboard door.

Louis turned to look down and saw two lines of white liquid running down the cream coloured door. He frowned then looked back up at Harry, “It goes with the paint”

Harry laughed then lifted his hand to playfully smack Louis’ arm before moving back to chuck a cloth at him.

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