title: I will keep you safe
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis and Harry are watching a scary movie and Harry is all scared and cuddling into Louis and Louis is comforting him and it turns into one big smut fest.
warnings: sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

Harry lifted up both of his knees to hug tight against his stomach. His arms wrapped around them while his right hand covered his mouth, his teeth nervously nibbled the skin of his thumb.

His eyes widened slowly as the film played out on the tv screen. He watched the shaking hand slowly push open the door of a deserted and rundown building, followed by a figure of a scared looking girl peer into the darkness of the room.

The edgy background music began to get a little louder as the girl cautiously took little steps further into the room, her head turning in all directions to make herself wary of her surroundings. A small rat running across the dusty floorboards caused the girl to jump out of her skin and turn back out of the room. The sound of the background music mixed up with the heavy breathing of the girl as she hurriedly ran back the way she came.

"She obviously hates rats"

"Jesus Christ!" Harry lifted his hand to his chest to feel his heart beating wildly from the sudden voice in the room. His head turned to the side to look back at Louis who was beside him on the sofa.

"What?" Louis cluelessly asked, turning his own head. He took in Harry’s hunched position and the scared look in his wide eyes. "Are you alright, babe?"

Harry nodded then let out a long breath. He dropped his hand once he felt his heart slow down again and focused his eyes back onto the tv. The screen was now showing the girl running from the house only to trip and fall to the ground. Her head slowly lifted up when she saw a dark shadow looming over her.

Louis kept his gaze locked on Harry, now noticing how pale his face had turned. His lip was between his teeth and his fists clenched against his knees. The sound of the girl screaming filled the room, causing Harry to jump and let out a small gasp with his eyes wider than before.

Carefully reaching out his hand, Louis took hold of Harry’s wrist then lifted it slightly. He unclenched Harry’s fist to hold his hand in his, squeezing it gently as Harry slowly turned to look at him.

"We can turn it off if you want?" Louis offered, being sure to speak softly.

Harry quickly shook his head, “No, no it’s fine.” He bit his lip again as he turned back to the tv, keeping hold of Louis’ hand.

Unconvinced, Louis turned his head back to the tv. His thumb slowly grazed over the skin of Harry’s hand moving back and forth in what he hoped was a comforting way.

The film carried on with the girl helplessly trying to run away from whatever the dark shadow was, but failing as she was grabbed from behind. She let out another scream and tears fell from her eyes, losing control as she was lifted up and carried away.

Harry shifted on the sofa so that he was pressed further against Louis’ side. He swallowed nervously feeling his heartbeat increasing beneath his chest.

Louis turned his head to look back at Harry then lifted up his arm to drape around his shoulder. He smiled as he felt Harry move slightly so that he was snuggled up close to Louis with his head resting on his chest.

Bringing up his hand, Louis let his fingers brush through soft curls. His fingers lightly scratched against Harry’s scalp in small circles while his other hand still clung around Harry’s. His eyes travelled back up to the tv to carry on watching the film where he saw the girl being taken back to the empty building. Her screams continued as she was chucked to the dusty concrete floor then the black shadow figure stared back at her.

A sudden movement of the shadow caused the girl to scream again, closely followed by a choked out gasp spilling from Harry’s mouth. He quickly turned away from the tv to bury his head into the crook of Louis’ neck.

Louis looked down at where Harry was practically hiding into his side. His hand was still wrapped up in curls as he continued to massage his scalp. “I’ll turn it off, babe”

Harry lifted his head and grabbed at Louis’ chest to stop him from getting up from the sofa, “No, don’t. You said you wanted to watch it”

"Yeah, but I can watch it another day. We can do something else instead" Louis assured, smiling down at Harry’s wide eyes. He carefully dipped his head to press a soft kiss to Harry’s forehead before untangling himself enough to stand up.

Harry watched as Louis turned off the film then switched the tv screen off. He bit his lip, feeling his stomach churn with a mix of relief and guilt.

Walking back to the sofa, Louis smiled again before sitting back in his seat. He pulled Harry back into their previous embrace and kissed the top of his head.

"Are you mad at me?" Harry asked in a tiny voice.

"Of course I’m not mad at you, don’t think that!" Louis frowned, letting his hand find Harry’s again. "I could never be mad at you."

Harry sighed then sat up, his head turned away from Louis to look down into his lap. “I just got really scared and I know I’m being a wuss but I just-“

"Hey, look at me" Louis interrupted, gently turning Harry’s chin so that their eyes met. "You’re not being a wuss and it’s okay that you got scared."

Harry sighed again then looked down at his hands, feeling his cheeks blushing from embarrassment.

"Wanna know a secret?" Louis asked, causing Harry to lift his head back up to look at him again, giving Louis a nod to carry on. "I can only watch horrors when I’m with you, because that’s when I feel most safe."

A sudden smile beamed across Harry’s face, turning into a grin as Louis pulled him in close again. His arm wrapped around Louis’ stomach while his head nuzzled into his neck. He smiled again as he felt Louis’ hand return to play with his curls.

"So, now we need to find something else to do" Louis said, his smirk clear in his voice.

Harry gave a short ‘hm’ in reply then gently kissed at Louis’ neck. His hand dropped to sit in Louis’ crotch, keeping it still while his lips continued to mark the skin of his neck. His tongue left his mouth to swipe along Louis’ neck moving up towards his ear before taking his lobe between his teeth.

Harry grinned at the sound of a small gasp leaving Louis’ mouth. He let go of Louis’ earlobe then kissed his lips all around Louis’ jaw to get to his mouth. As their lips joined together Harry let out a small moan as he felt Louis’ dick twitch against his fingers.

Breaking the kiss, Harry looked down at the forming bulge now pressing against Louis’ jeans. His fingers worked to pop open the button then pull down the zip. He looked back up at Louis before taking hold of his jeans to quickly push down his legs.

Harry moved back to kissing Louis’ neck while his hand covered the bulge that was tightly showing against his boxers. His fingers spread out around the shape of Louis’ cock while he moved his hand back and forth, feeling Louis get harder under his touch.

Moans spilled from Louis’ mouth as he watched the movement of Harry’s hand on his bulge. He turned his head just as Harry leant forward to bring their lips back together, his hand pressed to the back of Harry’s head.

Harry pulled away again then stared back at Louis with his eyes full of lust. His hand slipped inside of Louis’ boxers and his fingers wrapped around his hard cock, beginning to stroke him to full hardness.

"Does that feel good?" Harry asked, his voice low and raspy.

"Feels so good" Louis moaned out, looking from Harry’s dark stare to where his hand was stroking his cock. He looked back up to see Harry slowly licking his lips still staring at him. "Want your mouth."

Harry slowed down his hand movements to pull down Louis’ boxers. He swapped hands as he leant forward, his body now on his side. He used his hand to guide the head of Louis’ cock closer to his mouth. He swiped it along his wet lips, being sure to look up at Louis through his eyelashes.

More moans fell from Louis’ lips as he looked down at Harry. He watched as Harry closed his mouth around the head of his cock and began to slowly suck, his shiny red lips moving up and down the pink head of his cock. He took them away with a loud pop then licked his lips again, his hand stroking at the base as he lifted his body up to kiss Louis as slow and passionate as he could.

Louis moaned into Harry’s mouth then lifted his hand to rest at the back of his head, gently caressing his scalp with his fingers. Harry broke the kiss then carefully moved back down. Once again his hand guided Louis’ cock to his mouth. His lips parted to take in as much as he could, his hand unwrapping from the base to allow his mouth to push further down.

Louis threw his head back against the sofa and moaned loud. The sounds of Harry’s lips sucking at his cock filled the room as he picked up a quick rhythm. Louis dropped his head to look down again and he bit his bottom lip, his moans caught up in his throat from the sight of Harry’s lips firmly around his shaft with his eyes still staring up at him.

"Fuck, that feels amazing!" Louis gasped, his fingers now gripped to Harry’s hair.

Harry moaned in response, knowing it would vibrate around Louis’ cock. His hand moved back to the base as he lifted his mouth away. He looked down at Louis’ cock stood hard in his hand and glistening from his saliva. His hand stroked up and down then he swiped his thumb around the head, scooping up the pre-cum that oozed from the tip. He lifted his hand away to bring his thumb to his lips.

Louis watched in amazement as Harry stared back at him, his tongue sticking out a little to give kitten-like licks to his thumb tasting the clear liquid.

"Tastes good, Lou." Harry complimented, smacking his lips together for effect.

Harry dipped his head to return his attention back to Louis’ cock. His tongue licked a wet stripe along his full length before he took it back into his mouth, quickly building up a fast pace of his mouth moving up and down.

Louis groaned then swerved his eyes away from his crotch to look down at Harry’s. He bit his lip then dropped his hand from Harry’s hair, moving it down towards the hard bulge showing in his jeans. His fingers quickly opened the button and the zip to get his hand inside, unsurprisingly finding out that Harry wasn’t wearing any boxers. He gripped onto his cock and pulled it out of his jeans to start stroking as his eyes moved back to watch Harry’s mouth on his own cock.

Harry lifted his mouth off again and dropped his forehead to Louis’ thigh, breathing heavily as his hand took over from his mouth and stroked Louis’ cock. He slowly lifted his head and caught Louis’ eye making him moan low in his throat.

Moving his mouth forward again, Harry moaned before letting his lips wrap around Louis’ cock just as before. His mind became fuzzy from the pleasure of having Louis’ hand working on his cock, the arousal building up in his stomach.

Harry moaned again then pushed his mouth further down until his nose hit against Louis’ groin, causing Louis to buck his hips up and gasp out.

"Fuck, gonna cum!" Louis warned, his hand moved faster on Harry’s cock as he felt his stomach clench and his head tipped back again.

Harry lifted his lips up a little just as Louis’ cum filled his mouth, leaving him to quickly swallow around his cock. He lifted his mouth off fully then bit his lip, looking at Louis’ hand moving fast on his cock.

Their eyes met as Louis looked forwards again. His hand stroked Harry’s cock as he leant forward to bring their lips together. Harry moaned into the kiss then pulled away, dropping his head to Louis’ shoulder and his hand gripped a handful of his t-shirt. His moans grew louder and his hips thrusted upwards, Louis’ name leaving his mouth in a choked out cry. He felt his muscles clench and his eyes shut tightly as spurts of his cum left his hard cock.

Louis pulled his hand away then turned his head to look down at Harry’s hunched and breathless form sprawled out on his stomach. His hand covered Harry’s as he pulled it away from where it was clenched at his t-shirt then he entangled their fingers together.

A couple of minutes passed before Harry lifted his head, too content from satisfaction and the relaxing feeling of Louis’ fingers on his scalp. His lips brushed against Louis’ as he tried to sit up but failed as his body fell back down.

Chuckling softly, Louis wrapped his arms around Harry then kissed the top of his head. “You stay there, babe. I’ve got you.”

Harry smiled happily then rested his head back down on Louis’ shoulder. He decided against fighting to keep his eyes open and instead let them shut while his mind played Louis’ words over and over, drifting him off into a calming sleep.

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