title: baby, what if?
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis becomes curious after watching a Larry fanvid, which leaves him wanting to know what the real thing is like.
warnings: sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: can you please do a smut where louis is watching larry videos then he thinks hmm, what if? so he goes through to harry and asks him to kiss him to see if it feels right, and harry is confused and unsure but then basically it ends in sex.

Louis reached over to his bedside table to pick up his mug of tea. He carefully lifted it to his lips and took a sip, while his other hand clicked onto the internet icon on the screen of his laptop that was resting in his lap.

He took another sip of his tea then placed the mug back down. He shuffled around on his bed to get a little comfier, resting his back against the headboard. His fingers quickly typed in ‘twitter’ on the search bar and he watched as the screen loaded and the webpage was shown.

His eyes scanned the screen as new tweets and mentions popped up, mostly from the fans he followed but also the tweets of celebrities too. He let out a tired yawn as he began to read through each tweet, hoping to find something to entertain him.

He stopped scrolling as he saw a tweet that was posted from Niall, something about watching Jeremy Kyle. Louis chuckled quietly then looked over at his phone that was next to his mug. He looked back at his screen, making a mental note to ring Niall when he could be bothered.

His fingers began to scroll on the mouse pad again as more tweets filled the screen. He sighed then refreshed the page, failing to find anything remotely interesting or entertaining.

Once the page had loaded again, Louis moved the cursor closer to the red cross in the corner but then stopped when something else caught his eye. He frowned as he read the top tweet, posted by a fan.

This has to be the best Louis/Harry video ever made! RT if you agree :)

A youtube video link was posted with the tweet, along with the number of retweets underneath that was just over 100. Louis laughed then shook his head, obviously familiar with the fans believing he and Harry were dating. His eyebrow raised a little when he read underneath that his mum had retweeted the tweet, making his curiosity build up inside of him.

His fingers hovered on the mouse pad then quickly moved to open up the video link. He bit his lip as the video opened up in a separate tab, showing the youtube website with the video in the middle and comments below. The title of the video was called 'Larry Stylinson: What If?' and the uploader was, of course, a fan of theirs.

Louis turned his head while the video buffered, his hand reaching over to pick his mug back up. His eyes moved back to his laptop while his fingers clicked on the play button to start up the video. He took a quick sip of his tea as the sound of Jason Derulo’s 'What If?' began to play out of the speakers.

Pictures of Harry and Louis together were used as a slideshow with the song playing in the background. Pictures of them from bootcamp, backstage at the X Factor, from tours and different shows. Picture Louis didn’t even know had been taken, and also pictures that had been photoshopped and edited to look different.

Louis’ eyes widen a little as he paused the video, stopping it on an edited picture of him and Harry kissing. He stared at the picture with a thousand thoughts in his head. His heart began to hammer against his chest and he felt his cheeks flush.

His eyes moved from his laptop to look over at his bedroom door, slightly open just in case Harry needed him. He bit his lip again then slowly put his mug back down, an idea forming in his head as he pushed his laptop away and stood up from his bed. He walked out of his bedroom then turned towards the staircase, thinking over his idea in his head as he walked down each one.

Louis slowly walked over to the door of the living room then gently pushed it open, hearing the sound of the tv play out into the room. His eyes fell on Harry’s sprawled out form on the sofa, his head resting on the back cushion of the seat.

Harry looked up from the tv and smiled at Louis, changing his position on the sofa to let Louis sit next to him. He looked over at Louis with a worrying look on his face, knowing that something was on his mind.

"What’s up, Lou?"

Louis looked back at Harry then goes to speak but stops, shifting himself on the sofa while he cleared his throat and tried again. “I need a favour.”

"Okay?" Harry replied, confused but willing to help.

Louis shifted again so that he was now sat facing Harry with his legs crossed. “Well.” He began, letting a small smile reach his lips. “I need you to kiss me”

"What?" Harry asked, not sure if he had heard right. His heart skipped a beat as he looked back at Louis to see a serious look on his face. "I mean, are you sure?"

Louis rolled his eyes, “I just wanna know what it feels like. And don’t look like that! I know you’ve kissed guys before”

"But you’re.." Harry frowned. "And you don’t.."

"Just shut up and kiss me!" Louis interrupted, grabbing both of Harry’s hands to square his body around so that he now faced him.

Harry sighed then shrugged his shoulders, leaning forward to press a soft kiss to Louis’ lips. He pulled back then stared at Louis, waiting for a response.

Louis blinked then looked confused, “Is that it? You call that a kiss? I’m surprised you even get layed!”

Harry rolled his eyes and sighed again then moved closer, lifting his hand to rest on Louis’ chest while their lips joined together. This time it was much longer and more passionate. Slowly, Harry lifted up the hand on Louis’ chest until it reached his cheek. His tongue gently pushed into his mouth while his thumb gently ran across the skin of Louis’ cheek.

Pulling away from the kiss, Harry slowly opened his eyes to see Louis blinking back at him with a shocked but pleasant look on his face. Harry kept his gaze locked with Louis’ for a little longer before clearing his throat and quickly dropping his hand.

"Was that good enough for you?" Harry sarcastically asked, moving back on the sofa to rest against the cushion again. His eyes moved to focus on the tv screen again, although his interest in the show had disappeared by now.

Louis blinked again with his eyes still staring at Harry. His hand slowly lifted up and his fingers pressed against his lips as if he could still feel Harry’s on them. His eyes dropped down to his lap and he bit on his lip again.

"Oh. Um" Louis said, his hand dropping to his leg.

Harry looked back over at Louis with another look of confusion. “What now?”

Louis looked back up at Harry, “I may have liked that a bit too much”

Harry crossed his eyebrows in confusion and was about to ask exactly what Louis meant when his gaze dropped to Louis’ crotch and a forming bulge was showing at the front of his jeans.

His eyes moved back up to see Louis smirking at him now. “I need another favour”

Harry sighed, “Am I just a human wank bank for you?”

Louis laughed with a grin then lifted his body up, shuffling over to sit in Harry’s lap with his legs straddling him. “You should be flattered that I’m choosing you as my guinea pig”

Harry raised an eyebrow but didn’t speak as Louis grabbed his hands again and placed them on his hips. Their eyes met again as Louis slowly started grinding down into Harry’s lap, slowly pushing their crotches together.

Louis grinned at the sound of a gasp leaving Harry’s lips. His hands gripped onto Harry’s shoulders as he moved his hips, pressing his bulge against him. His eyes fell down to see Harry’s crotch mirroring his own with his erection showing against his jeans.

"Looks like I’m not the only one enjoying this" Louis teased, smirking down at Harry.

Harry looked back up at Louis with a sudden rush of lust in his eyes. His hands moved down from Louis’ hips to sit on the cheeks of his bum, squeezing it between his fingers. He quickly licked his lips then moved his head closer to Louis again. Their lips joined once more as Louis’ grinds got a little harder and faster, causing Harry to pull away from the kiss to let out a loud moan.

"That feels so good, Lou!" Harry moaned out, his breathing becoming heavier and his heart raced beneath his chest. His hands gripped tighter to Louis’ bum as the grinds sped up even more, Louis practically bouncing his crotch against Harry’s.

Louis bit his lip then leant forward to kiss along Harry’s neck. His tongue trailed a wet line up towards Harry’s ear, stopping to let his teeth gently nibble on his ear lobe.

"You’re so hard for me, aren’t you?" Louis growled into Harry’s ear. "You want me to make you cum."

"Yes! God, yes Louis make me cum" Harry breathlessly moaned, his cheeks flushing at the sound of his desperate pleas.

Louis pulled his head back and smirked at the flushed look on Harry’s face. His hips rotated in the opposite way to change the rhythm, both of their erections pressing together. Louis lifted his hand and placed it on Harry’s neck before moving it to sit in his hair. His fingers tugged on soft curls as he worked his hips, grinding faster and harder than before.

"Louis. I’m so close, please" Harry begged, his voice wavering slightly.

Louis smiled then leant forward again to press his lips against Harry’s, kissing him until he pulled back to let Harry breathe. His eyes locked with Harry’s and his smirk returned.

"Cum for me, baby."

Harry moaned loud as Louis dropped his hips down hard a couple more times before his stomach tightened and his body shook, quickly spilling his hot cum out into his jeans.

Louis bit his lip and moaned at the sight of Harry coming undone beneath him and it wasn’t long before his own orgasm took over him, leaving him to moan Harry’s name breathlessly.

Their heavy breaths mixed with each others as Louis slumped down against Harry’s chest and closed his eyes, not wanting to move at all.

"Lou, you’re all wet and sweaty" Harry moaned, trying to push Louis off him.

Louis groaned in protest then hugged himself tighter stopping any chance of him moving. Harry sighed then rolled his eyes, giving up as he wrapped his arms around Louis’ body to hold him in place.

"We should shower though" Harry said, letting out a small yawn.

"Whatever you say, my sexy guinea pig" Louis replied, his head nuzzling at the crease of Harry’s neck with a satisfied smile on his face.

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