title: feels so right (but feels so wrong)
rating: nc-17
summary: Harry is 16 years old and has been trying to seduce his new stepdad Louis, who is 36, for as long as he can remember. One weekend when Harry’s mum is away on a business trip, Harry finally decides to do something about his fixation with Louis.
warnings: underage, incest, sexual content, swearing, dirty talk
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: Okay, so could you maybe make some incest or underage, or even teacher/student? Cuz I basically read almost all of them. But could you make it really smutty, oh and could it be larry?

The first time Harry met his step dad he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. His mum had sat him down one day, just like she did the day she told him his real dad had left her and filed for divorce, and cautiously told him she had met someone else. He remembers the nervous look in her eyes as she waited for him to speak, to tell her if he was okay with her dating again. 

He shrugged his shoulders, “It’s cool, I’m happy for you”. Harry gave her a smile just to make sure she knew he was being genuine. And he was. He wanted nothing more than for her to be happy, especially after going through the stressful divorce his dad threw upon her. He hated seeing her so upset and down all the time, and even though she had him around he knew deep down she was lonely.

Relief washed over her face as she broke into a smile, leaning forward to give Harry a hug. She thanked him for being so understanding then moved on to talk about the man she was seeing.

“I think you’ll like him, he’s great with kids! And he’s very funny, and charming.”

Harry had nodded and smiled, wanting to judge him for himself rather than from his mum’s interpretation.

It was a few weeks after that day that a meet up was arranged for Harry to meet the guy his mum had been seeing. It was decided that he would come over for dinner one Saturday so that it gave Harry the chance to get to know him better. Harry had agreed to it for his mum’s sake but really he wasn’t bothered with the big fuss. He’d much rather be out with his friends or upstairs in his room than have dinner with his mum and her new boyfriend. 

Still, Saturday came around and he found himself stood in their hallway dressed in his black trousers and a white buttoned shirt. His mum stood in front of him, her fingers fastening a black bow tie around his collar while she nervously bit her lip.

“Do I really need to wear a tie? He’s hardly royalty” Harry asked, becoming impatient with his mum’s fumbling as she fixed the tie into place.

“I just want you to look smart.” She said, slowly dropping her hands and giving Harry an apologetic look. “This is really important to me.”

Harry instantly felt guilty and smiled before turning to look in the big mirror on the wall. He lifted a hand to poke the bow, turning his smile into a grin as he caught the worried look on his mum’s face through the mirror.

“It looks good, Mum. I hope I look alright” Harry mused, tilting his head as he acted up checking over himself in the mirror, only for the benefit of his mum.

Harry spun around so that he faced her again, this time seeing her look back at him with a pleasant smile. Her hands reached out to his shoulders to smooth over the white shirt before moving them to his arms.

“You do. My handsome little boy”

Harry was about to protest that he wasn’t a ‘little boy’ when the sound of a knock stopped him. He noticed the nervous look return on his mum’s face, nervously biting her lip again. He smiled then squeezed her hand for comfort.

He stayed in the hallway as she walked over to the door. His hands stuffed themselves into the pockets of his trousers as he waited, the mental image he had made of this guy clear in his mind. He heard the sound of a male voice beaming through the house, unfamiliar but somehow friendly. It was soft and gentle, almost sickly to listen to.

Harry straightened himself up and removed his hands from his pockets when he saw his mum returning to the hall, now with a stranger behind her.

“Harry, darling, this is Louis.”

Harry’s eyes darted from his mum to the man now beside her. The previous image that he had made of him quickly faded from his mind, in comparison he was far better looking in real life. Harry gave his best charming smile then stepped forward to extend his hand, not taking his eyes away from Louis’.

“It’s nice to finally meet you!” Louis spoke, his eyes sparkling as he shook Harry’s hand.

Harry grinned then nodded, “Likewise.”

It was most likely in that moment that Harry’s fixation with his step dad began. Whenever he came over, either for dinner or to stay the night, Harry made sure he was as charming as he possibly could be. And if he batted his eyelashes or always laughed at Louis’ childish jokes then it was just him being friendly. He would dress smartly, give big smiles and approach his new step dad as a sweet and innocent teenage boy. Then he would excuse himself as the nights would draw in and his mum and Louis would settle down on the sofa with a film and a bottle of wine. His smile would form into a smirk once he was wrapped up in his duvet and his hand was jerking his cock to thoughts of his step dad.

Harry pulled out a chair then sat down at the dining table. He hid a smirk when he saw Louis glance up from where he was reading something in the newspaper, his eyes moving from Harry’s bare chest up to his face. Harry smiled at him as their eyes met, his teeth showing a little.

"Morning, Louis"

Louis slowly smiled back a little baffled, “Good morning, Harry. Nice to see you up so early”

Harry nodded then slowly ran his tongue along the corner of his top lip, being sure to keep the eye contact with Louis.

"Well you know what they say, early bird catches the worm"

Louis blinked back at Harry then smiled again, a little confused but chose not to admit it. His eyes moved back down to the newspaper that he had opened up on the table, sitting right next to his plate of toast.

Harry smirked again then reached forward to grab the open box of cereal that was set out on the table with a mug full of milk next to it. He poured the cereal out into the bowl that was already in front of him then added some milk before looking back over at Louis. Harry bit his lip then reached out his hand, getting Louis’ attention as he again looked up at Harry.

"Could you pass the sugar please?" Harry asked, pointing to the bowl of sugar that was closer to Louis but still easy for him to reach himself.

Louis furrowed his eyebrows as he slid the bowl closer towards Harry, who smiled wide in return. Louis watched as Harry sprinkled two spoonfuls of sugar onto his cereal.

Their eyes met again as Harry looked up. His fingers grasping at the spoon as he scooped up his cereal and lifted it to his mouth. He ate the contents on the spoon then slowly licked his lips, not moving his eyes away from Louis’. He grinned as Louis blinked then shifted in his seat, dropping his gaze to look down at the newspaper before clearing his throat.

"Your mum had to leave for her business trip earlier than she thought this morning but she said to tell you she’ll see you on Monday." Louis announced, glancing back up at Harry to see him licking a drop of milk clean off his spoon. "And to behave."

Harry swallowed another mouthful of cereal then looked back at Louis with his most convincing innocent face. “I always behave.”

Louis raised an eyebrow then reached out his hand to wrap his fingers around the handle of his mug. He lifted up the mug and took a sip of his tea before placing it back down on the table.

"Of course you do." Louis replied, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Harry smirked then bit his lip again, his eyes sparkling as they looked back at Louis. “Okay maybe not always. But I do try to behave”

Louis gave a short “Hm” in reply as he looked back down at the newspaper, his focus slipping a little.

"Maybe I just need a bit of discipline" Harry suggested, smirking again as Louis slowly looked back up at him. "I don’t know, maybe punishment will teach me how to behave."

Louis stared back at Harry with a blank expression on his face. He shifted in his chair again as he felt the top half of his body flush with a sudden heat.

"Erm yeah, maybe." Louis answered, not really sure how he should respond. "Though in all honesty you’re not that bad, you’re a good kid at heart."

"Well thank you, Louis. That’s very kind of you" Harry said, a big smile on his face. He placed his spoon back into his now empty bowl and pushed his chair away from the table.

Louis’ eyes swerved down to Harry’s naked torso as he watched him stand up, the only bit of clothing he currently had on was a tight pare of black boxer shorts. Louis coughed then quickly looked away until his eyes were staring down at his toast.

Harry bit his lip through a smirk, knowing Louis had been looking at his body. “I should go get dressed. It’s a bit cold down here.”

Louis cleared his throat again then nodded without looking up. He moved his eyes back to the newspaper and re-read the same article, scanning the words but not taking them in. He let out a deep breath as he heard the sound of footsteps going out of the room and he looked up to see Harry walking back up the stairs.

His hand reached out to take another drink of his tea while his other hand ran through his hair. He sighed and shook his head, mentally telling himself to stop over thinking Harry’s words. He put his mug back down and lifted up his plate then stood up from the table to walk into the kitchen.

Once Harry had reached his bedroom he smirked, thinking over his planned out idea. He walked over to his bed and pulled the covers back to then lie on top of them. A small pleasant sigh left his mouth as he slowly ran his hand up and down his stomach. He grinned as he heard the sound of Louis in the kitchen, knowing he was about to come upstairs.

Harry glanced over at his door and he grinned to see it was left open. His eyes moved to his boxers where he saw a bulge starting to form. He slowly slid his hand further down to lightly run his fingers along the material of his boxers, his erection pressing against his touch.

His eyes closed and his thoughts turned to Louis. He had done this so many times before that it didn’t even feel weird to be thinking of his step dad while he was this turned on. In fact, it had never been weird. Harry was attracted to Louis and any thoughts of the whole thing being wrong was always replaced with ones of a more explicit nature.

Harry’s hand gripped at his bulge letting a shaky gasp leave his mouth. He but his lip as he imagined he was being bent over Louis’ knee with his bare bum on show. 

"Yeah, spank me, Louis" Harry moaned out, a little too loud. His fantasy continued to a hand repeatedly smacking at his cheeks and a voice telling him how bad he was and how hard he was about to be fucked.

A low moan left Harry’s throat as the fantasy changed to him being pressed against his bedroom wall with Louis’ hands holding his hips. Without opening his eyes, Harry slid his hand underneath the material of his boxers and he pushed them down his legs, chucking them to the floor. His hand trailed back down his stomach and reached his crotch, his long fingers aching to grasp himself.

The images in his head played on, imagining Louis slammed his cock inside his tight hole with his hands still gripped to Harry’s hips. Harry moaned low again as he wrapped his hand around his achingly hard cock. He slowly tug his hand up then back down as Louis’ voice growled into his ear, telling Harry how tight he is and how much he’s always wanted to fuck him.

Harry’s hand was moving faster now, his fingers spreading his pre-cum all along his length. His other hand lifted up towards his mouth where he placed two of his fingers between his lips. He sucked on the digits and removed them from his mouth when they were slick with his saliva.

Opening his eyes, Harry looked down to where his hand was still stroking his cock. He groaned at the sight then looked at his other hand, widening his legs and lifting his knees up slightly. He moved his hand down towards his spread out legs and gently pressed one of his wet fingers against his hole. He gasped out loud then bit his lip again, feeling his muscles tighten as he slowly pushed his finger all the way in.

His eyes slipped shut once again and he groaned at the feeling of having his finger inside of him, moving in and out. His other hand gripped at the base of his cock then continued to stroke his length. His mind suddenly filled with images of him riding Louis, causing him to moan and add a second finger inside of him. He worked his fingers, thrusting them deep inside his hole as his other hand gave quick strokes to his cock.

More moans left his mouth and his hips lifted up from the bed. He felt his head spin as his fingers thrust in deeper and his hand stroked faster, feeling the arousal build up in his stomach. His muscles tightened up in his legs and his stomach, telling him he was getting close. He gasped then moaned low in his throat, his hand gripping to his cock with every stroke.

"Harry, did you-"

Harry’s eyes flew open and he looked over to the doorway. He hid back a grin as Louis stared at him, his eyes wide and his pupils blown. Harry didn’t stop the movements of either of his hands, instead he picked up his pace keeping his eyes fixed onto Louis.

It wasn’t long before Harry was panting desperately and his breath was caught in his throat. His eyes stared back at Louis’ blank expression as loud moans slipped from his mouth. His hips bucked up again and his head spun even more.

"Fuck, Louis!" Harry daringly moaned, his voice rough and low. His eyes met with Louis’ just as his stomach tightened and he came across his bare chest.

The silence of the room was thick and slightly awkward as Harry breathlessly lay, both of his hands now resting on the bed sheet. His breathing slowly returned to normal, his heartbeat the same as his body started to relax into the mattress.

Harry looked back over at Louis then cleared his throat. “Sorry, Louis, did you want something?”

Louis blinked then opened his mouth to speak before closing it again. He stared back at Harry with a shocked and confused look clear on his face. He swallowed nervously then turned around slightly, his back now to Harry. He stopped as if to think this over then his hand reached out for the door.

Harry watched in disappointment as Louis’ hand grabbed the door handle. He was about to quickly apologise when he realised Louis wasn’t leaving, instead he closed the door behind him then turned back around to face Harry again.

"What you said downstairs" Louis started, his voice low and different to normal. "About needing to be punished" He stopped again, taking in how Harry’s eyes widened in excitement. He stepped closer to the bed and stared down at Harry. "You were right."

Harry raised an eyebrow back at Louis and fought to keep his smirk off his face, “I was?”

Louis didn’t speak. His eyes dropped down to Harry’s stomach where streaks of his cum stained his skin, then he looked further down to see Harry’s cock already semi hard. He slowly travelled his eyes back up Harry’s body until he reached his face, this time noticing his smug smirk.

"You are a bad boy, Harry." Louis answered, his eyes seeming darker than usual. "And I think you do need punishment."

Harry bit his lip trying not to break out into a big grin. His eyes glistened up at Louis when a hand was reached out towards him. Harry glanced at Louis’ outstretched hand, slightly confused. He looked back up at Louis to see his dark expression hasn’t changed. Shifting on the bed, Harry kneeled up on the mattress and took Louis’ hand in his own. Louis gently stroked Harry’s knuckle with his thumb then, in one swift move, pulled him up from the bed so that he was now stood in front of Louis.

Louis’ hand moved to grip at Harry’s wrist as he stared back into confused eyes. “Get on all fours with your arse facing me.” Louis growled out his order, slightly hardening the grip he had on Harry’s wrist.

Once Louis had let his wrist go, Harry stared back at him for a few seconds before turning to face the bed. He quickly climbed back onto it and crawled into the middle of the mattress, afraid Louis would change his mind if he was too slow. He bit his lip again as he waited with his back arched and his body resting up on his stretched out hands.

Louis’ eyes took in the view before him. Seeing Harry bent over and waiting for him was enough to make a guilty sense of arousal shoot through his body. His eyes flickered down to see a forming bulge pressing against his trousers. He slowly looked back up at the bed, noticing that Harry hadn’t moved at all. Louis inwardly sighed then walked closer to the bed, kneeling up onto the mattress right behind where Harry was bent over.

Cautiously, Louis lifted his arms to grip his hands to Harry’s hips. His eyes fell to the soft curve of each of Harry’s cheeks, both looking as though they’re begging to be hit. Louis could feel himself getting harder just thinking about what he was about to do. His fingers brushed against Harry’s skin as they slid down his cheeks, landing on his thighs where they stretched out and squeezed harshly.

Harry gasped out at the sudden contact. His eyes stared at the headboard of the bed as he waited for what he had fantasised about since the first time he had met Louis. His heart beat was increasing as the seconds passed and Louis’ hands were jolted to his thighs, almost afraid to move. Harry bit his lip and tried pushing back into Louis, hoping to get an arise out of him. His mind went into overdrive as his desperation took over and his words spilled out of his mouth before he could stop them.

"Spank me, Daddy." Harry moaned out, almost sure he heard the sound of a small gasp from behind him. "I’ve been a bad boy and I need you to punish me. Please, Daddy. I need it so bad."

As if out of nowhere, Harry jumped forwards as he felt a sharp, stinging pain rush through his body, the palm of Louis’ hand pressing against his cheek. Another smack quickly followed on the same cheek, leaving Harry to moan uncontrollably loud. As Louis spanked him a third time, Harry felt tears sting the corners of his eyes. The pain was much more agonising than he had thought it would be, his cheek burning as though it was alight. At the same time it was exactly the amount of intense pleasure Harry had imagined.

Dropping his hand away, Louis looked down at Harry’s inflamed right cheek. His breath caught in his throat as he noticed his hand print was evident on Harry’s skin. Louis was confused. His heart thumped in his chest at what he had just done and he knew he should apologise and comfort Harry. But he was also more turned on than he possibly had ever been. He knew it was wrong, the sick feeling at the pit of his stomach bubbled up like a harsh reminder. He also knew that even if he chose to walk away too much had already happened. He’d gone too far.

Harry dropped his head down to the mattress trying to regain his normal breathing. Unable to stop himself, he reached his hand behind his back and gently pressed his fingers against his abused cheek. Another moan left his mouth as his touch on the red mark sent shivers down his entire body. He slowly turned his head to look back at Louis, his eyes full of lust and desperation.

"I want you to fuck me. Please, Louis."

Louis couldn’t help the groan that left his mouth. His eyes stared back at Harry until the gaze was dropped and Harry looked forwards again. Louis quickly removed his shirt and unbuttoned his trousers before pushing them and his boxers down below his knees. He reached behind to pull them off the rest of the way then carelessly chucked them to the floor. His hand wrapped around his fully hard cock and he began to stroke it. He decided to think more about the pleasure and arousal rather than how wrong the situation was.

Scooping up beads of pre-cum, Louis spread it across his length to use as lube. He looked up to see Harry’s fingers back inside his hole, thrusting inside to ready himself for Louis.

"Gonna be so tight around your cock, Louis." Harry moaned out, his eyes shutting briefly as he fingered himself faster and deeper now. "Gonna feel so good."

Louis moaned in approval then shuffled closer towards Harry. He watched as Harry removed his fingers, leaving his hole stretched and ready for Louis. Louis’ hand guided the head of his cock towards Harry’s hole, slowly easing himself inside.

Harry’s head dropped down again and his eyes slipped shut, moans spilling from his mouth as he felt the head of Louis’ cock nudge the inside of him. Hands were gripped back onto his hips as Louis thrust forwards, sliding his hard cock further into Harry.

"Fuck that feels amazing!" Harry moaned, lifting his head up. His hands gripped at the bed sheet and his eyes widened at the feeling.

Louis moaned again then pulled his cock out halfway before thrusting it back in deeper. His fingers dug into Harry’s skin as his hips slammed against his bum. He wasted no time and began to thrust into Harry faster now.

"You’re so fucking tight!" Louis groaned, realising that was the first time he had cussed in front of Harry.

"Fuck me harder, Daddy, please!" Harry begged, this time definitely hearing the gasp, and moan, that left Louis’ mouth.

Louis slammed his cock in harder, making Harry pant breathlessly. The sounds in the room were a mixture of filthy moans, heavy breathing and the explicit slap of skin on skin.

"You’re such a bad boy, aren’t you?" Louis growled out. "Practically begging for my cock."

Harry’s desperate pleas continued to stream out of his mouth. With each of Louis’ hard and deep thrusts he knew he was getting closer and closer. His hands gripped the sheets harder now as he felt his stomach tense up and his head spun. His breath caught in his throat and small beads of sweat ran down his temples.

"Louis, please, I’m gonna cum!" Harry moaned loud, his voice wavering slightly.

Louis quickly reached forward and wrapped his hand around Harry’s cock to stroke fast. More moans left Harry’s lips and he squeezed his eyes shut as his orgasm hit and he came hard for the second time.

Louis moaned a final time before his hand moved back to gently pull out his cock. He mirrored his own actions and stroked his cock quickly before shooting his cum all along Harry’s back.

Seconds passed before Louis dropped his hand from Harry’s hip and reached over to grab the tissues from the bedside table. He quickly wiped up the mess he had made then chucked them into the bin. As he moved back he stared at Harry’s limp form, reluctant of his next move. His hands quickly jumped to action as Harry attempted to straighten up but almost fell back down again if it hadn’t have been for Louis’ hands holding him up.

Harry turned his head to look back at Louis. He warily bit his lip, not sure how Louis would react to what they had just done. Once Harry had usually got himself off his fantasies would fade from his mind without showing him the ending, so now he was left feeling awkward and nervous.

Louis looked back at Harry and cleared his throat, knowing he should take on the role of the adult here. “We should, um- clean ourselves up.” He stopped then looked down at Harry’s flamed cheek, his heart sinking as he saw the red hand print was still clear. “I’m sorry- about this. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Harry smiled at the soft, worried look on Louis’ face. Louis carefully and gently swiped his thumb all around Harry’s sensitive skin, being sure to be light on his touch on the most red parts. Harry leant forward and pressed a soft kiss to Louis’ lips, catching him by surprise.

Louis’ hand moved to sit on Harry’s hip as he deepened the kiss, finding himself relax into the embrace. As he pulled away he almost cried with relief at the wide smile on Harry’s face, half expecting him to be upset by this.

"Thank you, Louis." Harry spoke softly, gently turning his body around to face Louis. His head dropped down to Louis shoulder as he was pulled into a tight hug. "You’re the best step dad ever."

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