title: body and soul, I’m giving it all
rating: nc-17
summary: [set in the x factor stages] Harry and Louis are dating, but they are yet to have sex mainly because Louis is nervous and new to it all. When he finally decides he’s ready he finds he had absolutely nothing to be nervous about.
warnings: underage (harry is 16), sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on these prompts: Can you write louis and Harrys first time? Quite fluffy sex, and louis is a virgin? and Can you do one where Harry takes Louis’ virginity? Like fluffy smut kinda :))

Louis’ eyes blinked open after his slumber was disrupted by a noise. The darkness of the shared room made it hard for him to see exactly what had woken him up. His eyes moved up to look at the top bunk of his bed, wondering if Harry was still sleeping. His thoughts were quickly answered when he heard the sound of a soft voice whispering out into the room.


Louis smiled, turning his head to the side to see Harry now leaning over the metal frame of the bunk bed. Louis took his arm out of the duvet to reach up to Harry, gently hitting against the metal ladder as he waved his hand. He smiled again at the sound of Harry’s quiet laugh before dropping his hand back down again.

"Can I come down there?" Harry whispered, not wanting to wake the others.

"You know you don’t need to ask." Louis answered, his voice low and slightly groggy from just waking up.

Louis shifted in his bed until he was pressed against the cold wall. His eyes flickered to the side as Harry climbed down the ladder then got in beside Louis.

Their bodies entwined together with Louis’ arm draped across Harry’s chest and his head pressed to his shoulder. Harry pulled the duvet up to cover them both then dropped his hand to Louis’ back, his fingers softly running up and down on his skin. Louis turned his head to look up at Harry, giving him a smile before softly kissing his shoulder.

"Could you not sleep, love?" Louis asked, keeping his voice low.

Harry shook his head, “Nope. Not when I knew my gorgeous boyfriend was below me”

Harry’s eyes widened at his choice of words as he turned to look at Louis, an anxious look on his face. “I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant, you’re here and not with me in my bed.” His eyes widened again, “I don’t mean that we’d- you know, I just mean, we’d-“

Louis couldn’t help the grin that took over his mouth as Harry stopped talking, defeated with trying to get the right words out. A laugh left Louis’ mouth as Harry bit his lip in worry.

"You’re so strange." Louis amused, his eyes sparkling from his laughter. He shook his head and pulled Harry closer to him, kissing his shoulder again.

As Louis looked back up he noticed how flushed Harry’s cheeks had become. He moved his head closer and slowly pressed his lips to Harry’s, his hand lightly stroking his stomach.

"There’s time for that, right?" Louis asked, after moving his lips away again. He felt his heart suddenly race and nerves bubbled up in the pit of his stomach.

Harry swallowed then quickly nodded his head, “Yeah of course. We don’t have to do anything like that just yet. I don’t want you to think that’s all I want, because it’s not.”

Louis smiled gratefully, the nerves he felt before slowly starting to fade away. He kissed Harry again then reached around for his hand to grasp.

"Thank you." Louis replied. "I just- it’s all new for me and I’ve never- with a boy before."

Harry nodded and squeezed Louis’ hand, “Whenever you feel you’re ready we will talk about it. I’m not gonna push you into this.”

Louis’ smile beamed across his face. “You’re amazing.”

Craning his neck upwards, Louis softly pressed his lips against Harry’s again, this time making the kiss longer and more passionate. He smiled against Harry’s mouth just before pulling away, his eyes full of adoration.

"I thought I was strange?" Harry reminded, raising his eyebrow back at Louis.

"You are strange." Louis replied, settling his head down onto Harry’s chest. "But you’re amazing, too."

Harry chuckled softly then buried his head into Louis’ pillow, his smile stitched to his lips as he closed his eyes.

"Goodnight, Lou."

Louis smiled against the skin of Harry’s chest, their hands still entwined together. “Goodnight, Hazza.”

The sound of a mattress creaking caused Louis’ eyes to dart across the room, lifting his head up a little. Assuming one of the boys, he guessed Niall, was just turning over in their sleep, Louis dropped his head back down to Harry’s chest.

His mind was replaying the conversation they had just had. He felt his heart begin to race again, just like it always did whenever he thought about this. He knew that Harry had past experience of being with a guy, but for Louis it was something he’d never done before.

Louis sighed quietly, hearing the soft rhythm of Harry’s breathing as he drifted to sleep. Thinking about this always made Louis feel nervous and sick, his stomach would churn and his heart race beneath his chest. It was a big thing for him. But no matter how long it took before he was ready he knew Harry would wait for him. Whenever it was that he lost his virginity, he knew it would be to Harry.


After the live shows had ended and plans of the X Factor tour had been discussed, each act had been rewarded with having 2 weeks off over the Christmas period. Each of the boys went back home to stay with their families, all agreeing that they would text, ring, and skype one another whenever they could.

Being at home with their family was something they all treasured. They all knew that for the next couple of months they would be away to different places all over the country, meaning the only contact they would have with their families was mostly made through their phones.

Louis was grateful for the time off and the chance to spend time with his mum and his sisters, but deep down he missed Harry and he couldn’t wait to see him when they all met up again.

Louis smiled at the thought as he turned over in bed, not being able to find sleep yet. It was strange being back in his old bed and his old bedroom. It was almost like the last few months hadn’t happened, or had been one hell of a good dream.

A buzzing noise from beside the bed disrupted Louis’ thoughts. He turned to look at his phone that rested on his bedside table, right next to his framed photo of the first picture they had had together as One Direction. He reached out his hand and picked up his phone, bringing it closer to him. He smiled again as he read Harry’s name before quickly opening the new message.

Miss you xx

Louis’ smile widened as he read the two words over and over, being sure he felt his heart skip a beat. He bit his lip as his eyes fell out of focus from the screen of his phone and his thoughts changed to their relationship. He was happy with what they had, and he hoped that Harry was happy too.

The familiar nervous feeling bubbled up in his stomach. They still hadn’t had sex yet, and only occasionally shared the odd blowjob or jerked each other off whenever they could without getting caught. But Louis knew that eventually it would happen. And he couldn’t think of anyone else he’d rather share the experience with.

An idea entered Louis’ mind as he glanced at the time on his phone. It wasn’t too late, and he obviously knew Harry was awake right now. He pulled the covers back then sat up in his bed, his mind still deciding if this was a good idea or not. He looked back down at the text that was still open then nodded to himself before standing up and rushing to put his clothes on.

Louis quietly left his room and crept down the stairs, not wanting to wake anyone up. As he reached the kitchen his eyes fell on the notepad and pen on the side and he walked closer to it, thinking it was a good idea to leave his mum a note to stop her worrying. He quickly scribbled down where he was going and that he would be back in a couple of days before grabbing his car keys and leaving the house.

Harry blinked his eyes open as he shuffled around in his bed. He glanced down at his hand to see his phone still clutched in his grasp, realising he must have fallen asleep without knowing. He sighed sleepily then unlocked his phone to bring the screen up. His heart sank after seeing no reply from Louis to the text he had sent just over two hours ago.

Putting his phone down on his desk, Harry yawned then turned over. He wrapped the duvet around him as his eyes drifted to a close, knowing it probably wouldn’t be long until he was falling asleep again.

A sudden noise startled him awake. He warily sat up on the mattress and listened out for the noise again. His head turned to his bedroom window when he heard it a second time. Confusion and curiosity led him out his bed and across his carpet to stand at the window. He slowly opened his curtains and looked out into the garden.

His eyes squinted as he saw a dark figure bent over picking up stones. His first reaction was to step away from the window and call for help, but then his worries faded as he made out the features of the person. With his heart hammering and a surprised smile on his face, Harry reached out to open the big window. He grinned as Louis turned back to face the window with his hand lifted about to throw another stone before he caught Harry’s eye and dropped them all to the floor.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked, trying but failing to keep his grin off his face.

"I was trying to get your attention! It took me a while though because I wasn’t quick enough to realise that that’s the bathroom." Louis replied, nodding over at the window next to Harry’s. He looked back at Harry with a worried look on his face, "Sorry if anyone’s in there, could have scared them."

Harry couldn’t help the laugh that left his mouth. He shook his head and rolled his eyes, “Why didn’t you just text me?”

Louis’ smile slowly dropped from his face, realisation filling his mind a little too late. He glanced back up at Harry and acted looking hurt, “Well excuse me for trying to be romantic! Are you gonna let me in or what?”

Harry grinned then moved back to shut his window again. His smile remained on his face as he raced down the stairs, meaning to be more quiet. He quickly grabbed the keys then unlocked the front door, his eyes catching Louis’ as he stood grinning back at him.

Harry’s hand reached out to grasp at Louis’ before pulling him into the house and locking the door behind him. Their hands remained together as Louis moved closer and pressed a soft kiss to Harry’s lips. Both of them grinned as they moved out of the hallway and walked up the staircase.

Once upstairs and in Harry’s bedroom, their lips were on each others once again, this time for longer. Harry’s other hand reached out for Louis’ so that they stood in the middle of his room with both of their hands joined. Harry smiled as he pulled away from the kiss, feeling the butterflies in his stomach.

"I can’t believe you drove all this way, and at this time!" Harry shook his head in disbelief. His smile beamed on his face as Louis squeezed his hand gently.

"I wanted to see you." Louis answered, smiling in return but then it faded a little.

Harry saw the change in Louis’ smile and he felt his heart sink with worry. “Is everything okay?”

Louis quickly nodded then opened his mouth to speak, but instead closed it again and bit his lip. His eyes caught with Harry’s and he saw the worried look he was giving. Louis took a deep breath and tried again.

"I think- I think I’m ready."

Harry blinked in confusion but then realised what Louis meant. “Are you sure? You’re not just saying that for my sake, right? Because if you want to we’ll wait until-“

"Harry" Louis interrupted, his smile back on his face. His hand squeezed against Harry’s again, "I don’t want to wait any longer. I’m ready."

Another smile reached Harry’s lips as he relaxed again before he moved closer to softly kiss Louis. He ran his thumb along the back of Louis’ hand then turned around to guide them both over to his double bed. He pulled back the duvet and sat back down on the mattress, watching intently as Louis quickly stripped down to his boxers.

Their eyes caught again as Louis climbed in next to Harry. They shifted to get closer, both laying side by side with Harry’s arm draped over Louis. He smiled as he slowly stroked his hand up and down Louis’ skin, feeling his side fill with goosebumps from his soft touch. Harry moved his head closer to kiss Louis again, their lips brushing together.

Deepening the kiss, Harry slowly and carefully pushed Louis onto his back then lifted up to climb on top of him. Louis’ hands lifted to sit on Harry hips, moving them all over his bare body. As Harry pulled his mouth away his eyes stared down at Louis. He slowly began to roll his hips, grinding his crotch against Louis’.

A small gasp left Louis’ mouth at the friction of their hips grinding together. He bit his lip as he felt Harry start to harden against his crotch, making his own cock twitch in his boxers.

Harry dipped his head to leave soft kisses in a line along Louis’ shoulder. He skilfully rolled his hips slightly quicker as he heard a tiny moan leave Louis’ mouth, giving Harry enough recognition that what he was doing was being enjoyed.

Lifting his head back up, Harry smiled before pressing a single kiss to Louis’ lips. “If you want me to stop at any time just tell me, yeah?”

Louis nodded his head, keeping his eyes locked with Harry’s. “I’ll be okay. Just- be gentle.” Louis felt his cheeks flush with how cringing and embarrassing that sounded.

"Of course." Harry gave a serious look before pressing another kiss to Louis’ lips. "I’m gonna make you feel good, I promise"

Louis smiled in return, his heart brimming with love and trust. He was undeniably nervous and whenever he thought too much about what was about to happen he had the sickness feeling bubble in his stomach. But he wanted this and he knew Harry would be patient with him. And that was enough reassurance for him to let Harry carry on.

Harry smiled back then carefully lifted himself back off Louis to reach into the top drawer of his desk. Louis watched as he pulled out a small bottle of lube and a condom then turned to face him again. Harry stopped as he saw the worried look clear on Louis’ face.

"We don’t have to do this. We can wait until you’re absolutely sure" Harry reasoned, looking back at Louis with loving eyes. He couldn’t shake the feeling of Louis only agreeing to this so that Harry wouldn’t get bored or annoyed and go after somebody else. Because that was far from the truth. Harry wanted nothing more than to be with Louis, and even if it was a whole year before they decided to have sex it wouldn’t bother him; just as long as he was with Louis.

Harry bit his lip then moved to put the objects back into the drawer when Louis’ hand on his arm stopped him.

"No, I-I am sure. Sorry I just, I panicked a little." Louis explained, his eyes a little wide as he stared back at Harry. "I want this, I really do."

Harry slowly nodded and moved closer to Louis again. He smiled before leaning down to kiss Louis’ lips, his hand resting on his stomach. Louis’ eyelashes fluttered as he looked back into Harry’s eyes. He smiled then placed his hand on top of Harry’s, hooking his thumb in the slit between Harry’s finger and thumb.

"I trust you." Louis whispered, his eyes sparkling as they stared back into Harry’s.

Harry’s smile beamed, more convinced now that Louis did want this to happen. He carefully shifted his position so that he was laying on his side right next to Louis. His hand slowly moved down Louis’ stomach to reach his boxers, his fingers gliding across the bulge formed under the material. His eyes glanced up towards Louis’ face and he watched his reaction as he let his hand squeeze the bulge, hearing Louis let out another moan.

Biting his lip, Harry looked back down at Louis’ crotch. His hand pulled at the material of his boxers to let his cock spring free. He reached over to pull the boxers all the way off before chucking them down onto the floor. Harry looked back up again while his hand grasped around Louis’ hard cock.

Louis briefly closed his eyes as the sudden arousal shot through his body. He bit his lip to stifle his moan, constraining the noises he was making in an attempt to not wake any of Harry’s family. His eyes blinked open as he felt Harry’s hand stroke up and down on his cock a couple of times, making him even harder now.

A disappointed moan fell from Louis’ mouth when Harry took his hand away. He gave Louis an apologetic smile then kissed his nose, gently sliding his fingers across Louis’ thigh.

"Do you wanna turn over onto your front?" Harry asked, his voice low and soothing.

Louis mulled it over in his head, “Could I stay on my back? I want to see you when you- you know. Would that work?”

Harry smiled and nodded his head, “That would work perfect, babe.”

Reaching over towards Louis’ legs, Harry carefully widened them then lifted up his left knee so that his foot was pressed to the mattress, giving Harry an easier access. His hand left Louis’ knee to pick up the bottle of lube that was on the bed with the condom. He quickly slicked two of his fingers then rubbed at the liquid before moving his hand down between Louis’ spread legs.

Louis nervously bit his lip as he watched. He let out a shaky breath, feeling his heartbeat begin to quicken. His eyes found Harry’s just before their lips joined again, more soft kisses that he quickly found himself melting into.

"Just try to relax, okay?" Harry whispered against Louis’ lips, smiling when he nodded in reply. "And if you want me to stop just tell me."

Again, Louis nodded. He took a deep breath then let it all out, his racing heart slowing down back to normal. He looked down as he felt the tip of Harry’s finger nudge against his hole.

Harry was slow with his movements. The soft pad of his finger circled all around the tight hole, letting Louis familiarise himself with the new kinds of feelings. His finger, very slowly and gently, pushed itself all the way inside causing Louis to gasp out loud.

Harry stopped and looked up at Louis in alarm, afraid he had hurt him. He noticed Louis was breathing heavily and his eyes seemed wider.

"I’m okay, it just feels.." Louis stopped to think of a word, "Uncomfortable"

Harry instantly felt bad and went to take it back out when he was stopped again.

"No don’t take it out. I’m starting to get used to it now." Louis assured, smiling back at Harry to let him know he wasn’t in pain and he was okay to carry on.

Harry nodded then lowered his head to press another kiss to Louis’ mouth before leaning back up, keeping his finger still. Louis let out another deep breath as he turned to look at Harry.

"You never realise how long someone’s fingers are until they’re inside of you." Louis remarked, causing Harry to laugh. He grinned back as he felt his body relaxing around Harry’s finger, no longer making it feel tight and uncomfortable.

"Sorry about that." Harry replied, smiling down at Louis. "Okay for me to move it?"

Louis blushed and nodded his head, feeling stupid that this was taking so long because of him. He swallowed nervously as he felt Harry’s finger slowly pull out almost all the way only to be pushed back in. He did this a couple of times before increasing his speed, thrusting his finger in and out at a quicker pace.

"Is that okay?" Harry asked, his eyes still full of concern as he looked down at Louis’ gasping form.

Louis nodded, “It actually feels good.” The surprise was clear in his voice as he started to enjoy the feeling of Harry’s finger working inside of him. He blushed again as he turned his head towards Harry. “Can- will you add another?”

Harry smiled wide then nodded his head, “Of course I can. Just let me know if it’s too much, alright?”

Harry waited until Louis nodded before he eased his finger half of the way out. He brought two of his fingers together then gently pushed them both back inside, slower than before. More gasps fell from Louis’ mouth and his eyes closed again as Harry slowly started to thrust both of his fingers in and out of him.

It was a completely new feeling for Louis. It stung with every thrust and it made him feel so full. His eyes opened again and he looked down, moaning at the view before him. With every thrust he felt even more arousal shoot all around his body. Aside from the slight sting he felt, he was surprised at how much it didn’t hurt. It did feel really good, having Harry’s fingers thrust into him, so good that more moans started to spill from his mouth.

A sudden change in the angle of Harry’s thrusts made Louis moan a little too loud, making Harry’s fingers halt quickly. Their wide eyes met each others as they silently prayed that it hadn’t woke anyone up. Louis bit his lip in worry, apologetically looking at Harry as they let the seconds slide without hearing anything from any of the other bedrooms.

Harry sighed in relief then smirked down at Louis, “Maybe I should hit that spot again”

Louis gasped as Harry unexpectedly pushed his fingers against the exact same spot as before, making Louis moan loud again but this time not loud enough for anyone else to hear.

"Just once more." Harry teased, repeating his action and making Louis moan loud again. His smirk turned into a grin as Louis glared back at him, playfully hitting his arm.

Louis’ glare quickly faded and his smile returned when they kissed again, longer and slower this time. As they pulled apart, Harry smiled then gently pulled both of his fingers out, making Louis groan from the sudden loss of contact.

"I think you’re ready now, babe" Harry decided, smiling down at Louis as he lifted up from the bed and knelt in front of Louis’ spread legs. His hand lifted his other leg to bring his knee up just like he did before, now having both of his feet pressed against the mattress.

Louis watched Harry take off his own boxers then chuck them out of the way before picking up the condom and the lube. His nerves mixed up at the pit of his stomach while he waited. He knew Harry would go as slow as he needed him to though, which calmed him quite a lot.

Harry placed each of his hands onto Louis’ knees then shuffled closer to him. His eyes caught with Louis’ as he waited for his consent. Louis smiled and nodded, another long breath leaving his lungs.

Harry dropped one of his hands to grip at his cock, prepared and ready in the condom with a generous amount of lube covering it, before he leant over Louis and gently pressed the tip to his now stretched hole. His other hand dropped to rest on the bed to support him up.

It was a couple of minutes of teasing his hole before Harry carefully eased himself inside. He stole glances up at Louis to check for any signs of him to stop, but the only sounds he was making was whimpers of tiny gasps.

Once the head of Harry’s cock was gently pushed inside he stopped his movements. He looked back up at Louis then dropped his hand to the opposite side of his other, leaning over his body. He arched his back to kiss Louis, hoping it worked as a distraction to the tight and uncomfortable feeling.

As the kiss broke, Harry stared down at Louis with concern back in his eyes. “Are you okay?”

Louis smiled then nodded, “Yeah, it feels a little tight and it stings quite a lot though. But I like how full it feels, does that sound weird?” He knew he was blushing again.

"No, not weird at all." Harry replied, smiling down with his eyes staring into Louis’. "And the stinging will stop, then it will start to feel good, I promise."

Their smiles mirrored each others, both set of eyes shining through their stares. Louis lifted up his hands and placed them on Harry’s arms, clinging onto his skin.

"I’m ready for you to move." Louis whispered, his nerves subsiding as he felt himself relax more now.

Harry softly kissed Louis’ nose again then smiled down at him. His hips sprang into action as he gently and slowly pushed his cock further into Louis.

Louis’ breath caught up in his throat as he felt his hole being stretched even more. The stinging feeling seemed to get stronger at first but then faded as soon as Harry gently began to thrust in and out. They started slow, not wanting to startle Louis. Each time he thrust his cock more gasps and moans left Louis’ mouth, the feeling starting to pleasure him more than make him feel uncomfortable.

Harry’s eyes were intent on closely watching Louis’ features for any sign of discomfort or needing him to stop. He didn’t see either of them, instead he saw his lip pulled between his teeth and his eyes full of lust. Harry lowered to kiss his lips then dropped his head to press against Louis’ shoulder.

Louis’ hands gripped to Harry’s back, his fingers digging into his skin probably leaving marks. The arousal in his body increased with each thrust and he soon started to love the feeling more than he thought he would. It was having Harry’s teeth biting on his neck that sent his body into overdrive, suddenly needing more.

"Faster." Louis gasped as Harry lifted his head back up to face him, unsure and still wary of hurting him. "Oh please, Harry. Just- I need it faster."

Harry moaned in response, loving this new side of Louis that he hadn’t yet seen. He lifted his body and pressed one hand to Louis’ hip while the other entwined their fingers together. He kept their gaze locked as he lunged his hips forward, his cock thrusting in and out faster now.

Louis moaned again and tipped his head back onto the pillow. He couldn’t believe he had been worried about how painful this would feel. All he felt right now was the most intense pleasure he had ever been given. His head spun as he lifted it back up, his eyes fixing with Harry’s again.

"Does that feel good, Lou?" Harry breathlessly asked, his hips slamming against Louis’ skin.

"It feels so, so good!" Louis moaned, his eyes wide and his pupils blown.

Harry bit his lip as he moaned, “You look so good like this. So hot and desperate, coming undone beneath me.”

Louis moaned in response, feeling his stomach muscles tighten suddenly as Harry repeatedly hit against the same spot that had him moaning before. His hand reached down to wrap around his cock, stroking himself with a fast pace knowing he was getting closer now.

"Fuck that’s so hot! Watching you stroke your cock while I’m fucking you." Harry moaned out, his own orgasm fast approaching.

Louis gasped out more moans as his wrist jerked and splurges of his cum streaked his stomach. His chest heaved rhythmically with every one of his heavy breaths. He looked up to see Harry gasp with his mouth fallen open, staring back at Louis as he moaned over and over and filled up the condom. 

A couple of seconds passed before Harry leaned forwards to softly kiss Louis before he carefully pulled out and tied up the condom. He reached over to his desk and picked up a tissue to wrap the condom up in then chucked it into the bin.

As he moved back he smiled down at Louis with tired eyes, “I love you.”

Louis smiled and felt his stomach flutter hearing Harry say that to him for the first time.

"I love you, too." Louis replied, because he did, more than anything.

Harry grinned back then yawned softly, gently falling down on top of Louis.

Smiling to himself, Louis lifted his hand up to Harry’s curls, his fingers massaging his scalp. A sudden groan fell from Harry’s mouth, slightly muffled against Louis’ shoulder.

"I’m lying on your spunk, aren’t I?" Harry asked as he realised.

"Yep." Louis answered, not stopping his chuckle. His hand continued to massage at Harry’s scalp as neither of them attempted to move. A pleasant smile took over his mouth as he kissed the side of Harry’s head.

Harry turned his head so he was now looking up at Louis, sharing a smile. “You alright?”

Louis thought about how he felt. He had a numb feeling all around his hole and his legs ached from being propped up for so long. But other than that he felt great. Amazing, in fact.

He grinned then kissed Harry’s lips slowly, before pulling away to wrap an arm around his body. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m alright. Thank you, you know for being so patient with me. I’m probably the worst boyfriend in the world.”

Harry crossed his eyes in confusion then determinedly shook his head. “Nope, not true! You’re the best boyfriend in the world.” He let another yawn leave his mouth as his eyes started to close, his head becoming heavy on Louis’ chest. “Apart from me, of course.”

Louis chuckled then watched as Harry began to fall asleep. He sighed as he knew they should probably clean themselves up and get more comfy into bed, but that required energy that neither of them had. So instead Louis pulled Harry closer to him, settled his head back into the pillow then closed his eyes with a beaming smile on his face.

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