title: a lesson learnt
rating: nc-17
summary: Harry is 14 and has a bit of a bad boy reputation. It was just who he was. He usually ended up in situations that found himself getting into trouble, clearly needing someone to teach him a lesson. And really, who knew seducing your mate’s dad could be so rewarding?
warnings: underage, incest, sexual content, swearing, dirty talk
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: Love all your writings but could you do a super smutty one shot were Harry is zayns bestfriend (there 14) so Harry goes over to his house and he finds Louis who is Zayns dad so attractive, so he slowly seduces him then latter when Zayns sleeping Louis teaches him a lesson ;)

”I can’t believe that stupid cow gave me detention!” Harry moaned, kicking a stone with the top of his school shoe. It scuffed away a small bit of black leather and if he wasn’t so angry he’d probably care, knowing his mum wouldn’t be happy.

Zayn scoffed from the side of him, shaking his head back at Harry. “Well you did knock that lad to the floor. Did you see the blood coming out of his nose? It was like a fountain!”

Harry smirked as a certain sense of pride washed over him. He hadn’t actually realised he could punch that good, it was definitely something to be proud of.

"It was his own fault, though!" Harry protested, "He was going on about Dad and how he left and it pissed me off so I smacked him."

Zayn studied Harry differently now with a look of sympathy on his face. He knew it bothered him more than he let on, and whenever someone mentioned his dad leaving he would either change the subject or get really angry. Zayn knew that deep down Harry was hurting but he would never show it, never admit to it. That’s why he always made sure he was there for Harry whenever he needed a friend.

"Too bad Miss Boobface saw it all, though." Harry mused, crinkling his nose just from the thought of his teacher.

Zayn laughed out loud then grinned over at Harry, glad that he could see a smile forming on his face.

"Yeah you probably shouldn’t have done it right outside the staff room, mate." Zayn teased, laughing again at the annoyed look Harry was giving him.

Harry playfully shoved at Zayn’s arm but then laughed along with him. His hands stuffed into his trouser pockets as they turned a corner to walk up the street of Zayn’s house.

"Your mum knows you’re staying over, yeah?" Zayn asked, turning his head to Harry.

Harry nodded, his thoughts suddenly changing to Zayn’s dad. He had seen him only a couple of times whenever he had been over in the past, but they usually just stayed up in Zayn’s room until it was time for him to leave. If he was being honest he’d admit he had a bit of a crush on Louis. And it wasn’t like a typical school boy crush, it was more of a ‘pin me against the wall and fuck me’ crush.

He tried to keep the smile off his face as they was now approaching the house. He knew it was wrong and a little bit weird but he got off on it pretty much every night. It was becoming a bit of an obsession that he knew he should stop but he enjoyed it too much.

As they reached the house they both walked up to the front door. Harry’s eyes swerved away and he smirked when they fell on Louis’ car that was parked up in the driveway. He felt a familiar feeling of arousal start up in the pit of his stomach as he turned back to see Zayn holding the door open for him. He smiled then walked into the house then closed the door behind him, already smelling Louis’ masculine scent.

"Dad?" Zayn shouted through the house. He kicked off his shoes then dumped his school bag, not really caring where it landed.

Harry grinned as he stepped over the bag then walked behind Zayn into the kitchen. The sound of a radio playing became clearer to them when Zayn pushed open the door to the kitchen, his face turning up in sudden embarrassment.

Harry laughed from where he was stood in the doorway, his eyes watching how Louis was dancing along to the music whilst cooking something in a steaming pan. He was oblivious to the young pairs of eyes that stared back at him as he stirred whatever he was cooking.

Harry’s eyes fell to Louis’ bum and he smirked, enjoying the sight of him shimmying to the music. He heard Zayn groan from beside him as he looked back at Louis with a look of disgust.

"Dad." Zayn called, his voice taut and flat.

Louis looked up from the pan and smiled over at Zayn and Harry. “Hey boys! Sorry I didn’t hear you come in.”

Zayn rolled his eyes then moved forward to turn the radio down. “Well you wouldn’t with this noise playing.” He muttered then turned around to see Louis grinning back at him.

"I’m making your favourite for tea!" Louis announced proudly, still grinning at Zayn while the food bubbled in the pan.

"Don’t you mean burning it." Zayn quipped, dodging out of the way as Louis tried to ruffle his hair with a laugh.

Louis stopped then quickly moved back to his pan to stir again, smugly looking back at Zayn. His eyes moved over to Harry who was stood leaning against the doorframe with a wide grin on his face.

"He’s never satisfied." Louis told, nodding his head over at Zayn causing Harry to laugh. Louis grinned as Zayn tutted then sighed. "So how was school?"

Zayn shrugged his shoulders then folded his arms, “It was alright. Harry punched someone.”

Louis’ eyes widened in surprise as he looked back over at Harry. “Really?”

Harry nodded his head, trying not to think about how hot Louis would look if he was angry. And naked. And above him holding him down on a mattress while he was pounding his cock into him. Harry blinked then cleared his throat, feeling his cock twitch in excitement.

"He got a detention for it." Zayn explained, looking between Louis then over at Harry. "He did it right outside the staff room, the idiot!" Zayn repeated, his laugh loud again.

Harry rolled his eyes at Zayn’s teasing, “I didn’t care at the time, he was pissing me off so I just punched him right there. I wasn’t gonna wait to drag him outside before I decked him.”

Louis chuckled in his throat as he looked down at the pan, stirring the contents. His eyes suddenly shot up and looked at Harry again. “Is your hand alright? You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”

Harry flushed at Louis’ concern then shook his head and took his hand from his pocket to observe. “Nah he got most of the pain.”

Louis nodded and laughed again, his eyes shifting to look behind Harry. “Zayn what have I told you about that school bag of yours?” His eyes moved over to Zayn where he received a lazy shrug. “Shift it.”

Zayn sighed then brushed past a laughing Harry to walk back into the hallway. Harry turned to face Louis again and he slowly walked closer to him, being sure to stand right next to him at the cooker.

"Need any help with that?" Harry asked, nodding down at the pan. His eyes took in the mixture of colours as he worked out it was some kind of broth.

Louis raised an eyebrow, “So you’re a chef as well as a boxer?”

Harry grinned up at Louis then shrugged his shoulders, “I have many talents.”

Louis watched as Harry’s tongue left his mouth and ran along the corner of his top lip. He stared back with a small smile on his lips then dropped his eyes to move along Harry’s body. He was quite tall for his age and his shoulders stood broad. Louis flickered his eyes back up to see Harry smirking at him. “I’m sure you do.”

"You coming, Rocky?" Zayn called from where he was stood on the stairs now with his school bag in his hand.

Harry grinned and kept his eyes staring back at Louis, “Yeah I’m coming.”

Louis bit back a smirk as he watched Harry turn and walk out of the room. His head turned back to the pan as a small chuckle left his mouth and he thought back to Harry’s words, the shameless flirting he skilfully did. Louis wouldn’t lie and say he wasn’t flattered because he was, it had been a while since he last dated so flirting was something he never got. And there was no denying that Harry was good looking. With his wide eyes and his big smile, and those plump, red lips. Louis felt something surge inside of him as he thought about what Harry could do with his lips, how good he would look with Louis’ cock between them.

He always thought Harry was an innocent and good boy who wouldn’t even dream about hitting other people. But Louis clearly had him all wrong.

Louis bit his lip as he slowly stirred the broth. If Harry wanted to play the bad boy then he would definitely need to be shown discipline.


Harry blinked his eyes open then turned over in his makeshift bed until he was laying on his back. He let out a long yawn as he looked up at the ceiling of Zayn’s bedroom. The house was still and quiet now, the time being just after 12.

Harry sighed and pulled down the spare duvet Zayn had given him, leaving it to cover the bottom half of his body. He lifted his hand and rubbed at his eye, letting out another yawn. As he dropped his hand he let it slide all the way down his bare stomach, reaching the top of his boxers. His fingers teased along the material purposely not moving any lower.

Biting his lip, Harry tipped his head back on his pillow and let a smirk take over his mouth. His thoughts turned to Louis, just like they usually did when he was in bed, and he thought back to their conversation earlier in the kitchen. He licked his lip, so sure he saw something in Louis’ eyes that silently told him he enjoyed Harry’s flirting.

Harry grinned at the thought then suddenly sat up. His head turned to look over at Zayn’s bed where Zayn was fast asleep. Harry smirked, knowing nothing could ever wake Zayn up. He turned his head forward again then quietly stood up, letting the duvet fall to the floor in a messy heap.

He stepped closer to the door and carefully opened it, still not wanting to disturb Zayn. He closed the door behind him as he walked out onto the landing. His eyes darted over to Louis’ bedroom and he bit his lip before slowly walking over to it.

He stopped outside of the closed door, wondering if he should just turn around again and go back to Zayn’s room. He bit his lip as he thought, knowing himself that he wasn’t going to do that. Instead, his hand reached out to gently pull on the handle, pushing the door open a little.

He breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw that Louis was in bed with his eyes closed. Harry slowly walked into the room and carefully closed the door behind him.

Now that he was in Louis’ room he wasn’t exactly sure what his next move should be. He could feel his heart hammering against his chest with a mixture of nerves, excitement and a hell of a lot of arousal.

His eyes fixed to the double bed that was in the middle of the far wall of the room. His breath caught up in his throat as he lowered his eyes down to Louis’ bare stomach, exposed from where his duvet wasn’t covering him. Harry bit his lip again, feeling his cheeks flush and his cock harden, both from being in Louis’ room and seeing him in his bed.

Harry swallowed then shook his head, his confidence slipping as he over thought what he was doing. He turned around a little too quickly and accidentally kicked the side of his foot against a set of drawers that was close to the door. The sudden pain and throbbing of his foot made him briefly forget where he was as he swore loud, looking down to see a red mark forming on his skin.

"That’s karma for sneaking into my room just to stare at me in bed."

Harry froze, feeling his heart beat double up in panic. He slowly turned around to see Louis now sat up and staring at him with his eyebrow raised. He felt his cheeks flush again as he realised Louis hadn’t been sleeping like he thought.

Harry quickly cleared his throat and shrugged. “Couldn’t help it, the view was too good for me to look away.”

Louis smirked in return then slowly let his eyes wander along Harry’s body. He held back a grin when he noticed the bulge that Harry had forming in his boxers. His eyes moved back up to see Harry was still staring at him as though waiting for Louis to make the next move.

Standing up from the bed, Louis smiled as he walked over towards Harry. “You know you’re really ruining the good boy image I have of you.”

Harry tried not to breathe too heavily as Louis stood much closer to him, pressing their bodies together with his mouth right next to Harry’s ear, “I’m starting to think you want me to believe you’re actually a bad boy.”

Harry bit back a groan, feeling his cock growing harder as Louis’ hot breath filled his ear, prickling his skin with goosebumps. His eyes caught with Louis’ and he swallowed again, his eyes falling down to his lips then back up again. “I am a bad boy.”

Louis’ smile widened a little as he raised his eyebrow again, “Oh really? Well you know that bad boys get punished, right?”

Harry could feel his heart beating faster now. His cock strained in his boxers, harder than he’s ever been before.

"I think you definitely need to be punished, Harry." Louis spoke, his voice low and thick. He held back a smirk as Harry let out a small gasp. His fingers glided across Harry’s hand then up his arm before circling around to his chest. He teasingly brushed a finger quickly across his left nipple, earning another gasp from Harry.

Their eyes met again as Harry stared back at him, his pupils blown and his mouth open slightly. Louis moaned then lifted his hand back up, this time towards Harry’s mouth. He traced his finger all the way across Harry’s bottom lip, collecting a small drop of his saliva onto the pad of his fingertip. He made sure he looked right into Harry’s eyes as he lifted his finger away and placed it into his own mouth, licking it clean.

Louis wickedly grinned as he pulled his finger out of his mouth with a wet pop, noticing how wider Harry’s eyes had become. Louis stepped in closer and pressed his mouth against Harry’s, running his tongue across his lip just like he had done with his finger. Harry moaned against Louis’ mouth as he pulled away, his hand fixed to Harry’s neck.

"You wanna show me what you can do with that mouth of yours?" Louis asked, his fingers twisting up in Harry’s curls where he tugged on them lightly.

Harry breathlessly nodded then moved down to rest up on his knees, half by himself and half being shoved down by Louis. He still had Louis’ hand pressed to his neck slightly pushing him closer to his crotch. His hands slowly lifted up to grip at Louis’ hips then he looked up with his eyes still wide. He opened his mouth again and ran his tongue all around,licking his lips with his eyes fixed with Louis’.

Hearing Louis moan down at him was enough for Harry to spring into action. He quickly pulled down Louis’ boxers and waited for him to step out of them before he moved his hand and wrapped his long fingers around Louis’ hard cock. He tug on it a few times to make it harder in his hand and to make Louis moan even more.

Without being told, Harry moved his head closer and swiped his tongue all around the head of Louis’ cock. He lapped up the beads of pre-cum that formed out of the tip then continued to lick around the head, lifting his hand to grip at the base holding it in place.

He briefly took his mouth away to quickly swallow then moved back, this time wrapping his lips around the head to then push further down. His hand still gripped at the base to hold the bit of Louis’ cock that he couldn’t take into his mouth.

As Harry’s head started to bob as he sucked, Louis breathlessly moaned while he watched. His hand lifted slightly so that his fingers scratched at Harry’s scalp, pushing his head down onto his cock a little more.

"Fuck, you look so good with my cock in your mouth." Louis noted, more moans spilling from his lips. "You like that, don’t you?"

Harry nodded his head the best he could then looked up to catch Louis’ eye. The hand that he had gripped at the base of Louis’ cock moved underneath to cup his balls. He squeezed them enough to make Louis moan out again.

"I knew you’d be good at this." Louis continued, his chest heaving up and down as he breathlessly moaned. He bit his lip through a smile as he watched Harry happily suck, taking most of Louis’ cock into his mouth. "I bet you want more, though."

Harry groaned at that, feeling his cock throb in his tight boxers. He definitely wanted more, he wanted everything Louis would give him.

"You want me to fuck you, baby?" Louis asked, his voice sounding different with a softer edge to it. His hand moved down to Harry’s cheek as he pulled his cock out of his mouth.

"Yes please, Daddy." Harry answered, his voice sounding harsh and gravelly. He stared back up at Louis with wide, pleading eyes that caused Louis to moan low in his throat.

Louis gently swiped his thumb along Harry’s cheek before dropping his hand. He smiled down at him then leant down to hook his hand between Harry’s arm and shoulder to pull him up to his feet.

Louis’ eyes travelled down Harry’s body then stopped at his boxers. He leant down again and quickly pulled at the material until they were off Harry’s legs.

"Get on the bed for me." Louis instructed, his voice switching back to being low.

Harry quickly nodded his head then walked closer to the bed, lifting his body to climb onto the mattress. He knelt in the middle then turned his body to look back at Louis, not sure how he was meant to be positioned.

Louis walked over to his bedside table and pulled out a condom from the drawer. He held it in his hand as he moved to join Harry on the bed, kneeling right behind him. Two of his fingers folded in his hand to keep the condom in place as his hands sat at Harry’s hips, manoeuvring him until he was bent over with his back arched and his bum in the air.

Dropping his hands, Louis leant forward and pressed soft kisses in random spots on Harry’s skin. His lips brushed against each of his cheeks then he moved his head lower. He lifted his hand to spread Harry’s cheeks then swiped his tongue down across his hole.

Harry gasped and jumped forwards a little, the wetness of Louis’ tongue catching him off guard. His eyes widened as he felt Louis’ tongue give short kitten-like licks before slowly prodding at his hole, pushing through the tight space to prise him open. This was something Harry had never experienced, not having anyone do this to him before. His moans tumbled from his lips as he felt a surge of electric rush through his body.

Louis picked up his pace with his tongue, pushing it in and out then licking all around Harry’s hole. His fingers tightly gripped at his hips in a bid to stop Harry’s frequent jerks. Dropping one of his hands down, Louis added a finger along side his tongue and straight away began to thrust it in and out.

"Oh god. Oh fuck. That’s so good. That’s- oh fuck!" Harry moaned, unable to stop them from slipping out. He felt his head spin as Louis removed his tongue and added a second finger, pounding them both in and out of Harry’s hole to stretch him open.

"You enjoying that, baby?" Louis asked, his fingers working a little bit faster now.

"Yes, fuck yes! Need- need you. Louis, please I need you."

Louis inwardly chuckled, “So desperate for Daddy’s cock. Such a bad boy.”

Louis smirked as he saw Harry’s head nod in agreement and more desperate gasps sounded out of his mouth. Louis bit his lip as he slowed his movements then removed both of his fingers. He lifted his hand from Harry’s cheek to see red finger marks imprinted on his skin. He worked to quickly tear open the condom then he rolled it down onto his cock, carelessly letting the foil wrapper fall out of his hand.

Moving closer, Louis placed both of his hands back onto Harry’s bum where he stretched his cheeks open again, showing him a perfect view of Harry’s hole. He dipped his head and let a thick drop of his spit fall from his mouth and into Harry’s hole, using the tip of his cock to scoop up what didn’t land in the right place. His hand gripped to the base as he guided his cock towards Harry’s hole, leaving it to press against it without pushing in.

"I don’t think you’ve told me enough how much you want it." Louis remarked, knowing he was teasing. "Tell me, Harry."

"I want it really bad. More than anything. I just- I need it, Louis. Please." Harry rushed out, not even slightly bothered about how desperate he sounded.

Louis hummed in response, teasingly rubbing the tip of his cock back and forth against Harry’s hole. His hand gripped at Harry’s hip as he slowly pushed his cock inside just so that the head escaped into the tight heat.

"Fuck, yeah!" Harry moaned loud, turning his neck in attempt to see how it looked having Louis’ cock pushing into him.

Louis made sure his movements were slow. He kept this up until he had most of his cock inside Harry, filling him up. He stopped then moved both of his hands up Harry’s sides to lift his body up straight against his own. His hands gripped to Harry’s stomach as he began to thrust in and out of him, moving his mouth closer to Harry’s ear.

"You’re taking my cock like such a bad boy. Moaning like a slut for me, too. I bet you’ve wanted this for ages, fantasised about me fucking you while you wank that hard cock of yours." Louis’ voice was low as he spoke right into Harry’s ear, causing him to moan even more. "I bet you scream my name as you cum all over your stomach, imagining you had my cock inside you."

Harry desperately moaned as Louis fucked into him harder now, slapping their skin together with every thrust. His hand moved between his legs and gripped around his cock before it was pulled away just as quickly.

"You’re not allowed to touch yourself. You’re gonna cum just from me fucking you, is that clear?" Louis growled out his warning, his fingers pinching at Harry’s right nipple.

Harry moaned loud again then nodded his head. He swallowed as he was thrown back down onto the mattress. He breathlessly gasped as Louis pulled out of him then flipped him over so that he was now laying on his back.

Louis reached forward and spread Harry’s legs before repositioning himself, pushing his cock back into him like it had never left. He earned another loud moan from Harry as he plunged hard and fast into him.

"You’re gonna feel this for days. Whenever you sit down you’re gonna feel a sharp burn reminding you of how hard I fucked that tight hole of yours." Louis moaned, leaning over Harry with his hands placed either side of him on the bed.

Their eyes caught as Louis changed his angle and hit against Harry’s prostate, making him moan loud with his head tipped back and his eyes closed. Louis hit it again and again then built up a fast rhythm, repeatedly hitting that same spot that drove Harry wild.

Harry suddenly sat up so that his elbows dug into the soft cushion of the mattress. His eyes were open again and wide with lust as he gasped, his breathing coming out in thick and heavy puffs. His hands gripped the bed sheet as he stared back at Louis.

"Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum, Louis." Harry warned, his mouth open agape letting out his heavy pants. His head spun and his mind turned black as his stomach tightened and white streaks of his cum suddenly covered his stomach.

Louis groaned at the sight and continued to pound into Harry. He lifted his body up then gripped his hands to Harry’s hips to give him a better hold, tipping his head back as he moaned. He looked back down to see Harry staring up at him intently. He moaned again as he felt the muscles in his stomach tighten and he quickly pulled out of Harry.

Peeling off the condom, Louis crawled up the bed to kneel beside Harry’s head. One hand was gripped to his cock as he rapidly stroked, and his other pressed to Harry’s cheek, his thumb on his lips to open them up.

"Gonna cum in your mouth, baby. You want to taste Daddy?" Louis asked, looking down at Harry as he felt himself getting closer and closer. Harry quickly nodded and stared back up at Louis, leaving his mouth open.

Louis moaned loud then moved his cock much closer to Harry’s open and waiting mouth, jerking himself until his cum spurted out onto Harry’s tongue. His hand slowed his movements down then he moved it away, his other hand gently caressing Harry’s cheek.

Harry carefully sat up on the bed and swallowed what was in his mouth. His eyes looked back at Louis and he slowly broke out into a wide smile.

"I knew you’d be an amazing fuck." Harry complimented, matter of factly.

Louis grinned through a laugh and winked back at Harry. He shifted on the bed to sit against the pillows, lifting his hand to run through his hair. “Wow, that was amazing!”

Harry smiled then crawled on his knees until he was closer to Louis. His hands buried into the mattress as he lowered his head and softly brushed their lips together.

"I should probably go." Harry said, stealing another kiss before lifting up from the bed. He walked across the carpet and picked up his boxers to put them back on. He grinned over at Louis then made his way over to the door.

"Harry." Louis called, waiting for Harry to turn back around before he continued. "Sweet dreams."

Harry grinned wider as Louis winked again then he pulled open the door and left the room. His grin broke into a quiet laugh as he walked back over to Zayn’s bedroom. As he made his way into the room he looked over at his bed to see Zayn still fast asleep.

Now back in his bed on the floor, Harry smiled up at the ceiling. He ran his tongue across his top gum and swallowed, still tasting Louis’ cum. He shook his head in disbelief as another quiet laugh left his mouth. He turned over and wrapped the duvet back around his body, letting out a small groan as he felt a slight burning sensation sting his bum.

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