title: wake up call
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis wakes Harry up by fingering him.
warnings: sexual content, swearing, slight dirty talk
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: Can you do a one shot where Louis wakes Harry up by fingering him?

Louis blinked his eyes open as he let out a tired yawn. The early morning sun was letting a harsh light shine in through the curtains and reflect off the far wall of the bedroom. It was enough to wake Louis up from his sleep and disturb the dream he was having.

He turned over in the shared bed until he was laying on his side. The left side of his mouth lifted into a smile as his eyes took in Harry’s sleeping form, laying flat on his stomach with his head facing away from Louis’ side of the bed.

Louis’ eyes swept down Harry’s back as he peacefully slept next to him. His bottom half was covered up by the duvet that was draped across his body, keeping his legs warm in contrast to the slight chill in the air.

Moving his eyes back up, Louis slowly ran his tongue across his top lip. His mind was suddenly filled with the previous night’s events. He remembered blowjobs being shared followed by him pounding Harry right into the mattress before both of them fell asleep in a sweaty and exhausted haze.

Louis bit his lip as he felt his cock beginning to stir beneath the duvet. His eyes remained on Harry’s back as he shuffled closer to him, needing some kind of attention to help him out. His hand lifted up to softly run his fingers along the skin of Harry’s back while he dipped his head closer to his ear.

"Harry." Louis cooed, his voice soft and gentle, not wanting to startle Harry. His hand stopped at the lower part of his back as he let a couple of seconds pass by, expecting Harry to begin to awaken.

After there was no movement on Harry’s part, Louis tried again. His hand ran along Harry’s back again, his fingers softly grazing along his skin.

"Harry, wake up."

A noise of a dismissive groan came from Harry as he continued to sleep, shifting in the bed slightly to get more comfy. His sudden movement caused the duvet to slip down and reveal his lower back and bare bum.

"Now that’s just being a tease." Louis muttered to himself, his eyes falling to rest on the newly exposed part of Harry’s body.

Biting his lip again, Louis slowly moved his hand further down. His fingers brushed against Harry’s skin as he continued to sleep under Louis’ touch.

Louis slowly glided a finger down the curve of Harry’s left cheek. He drifted it along to reach his right cheek then moved it back up until it reached the top. He blissfully sighed as he repeated the same action, sweeping his finger along both of Harry’s cheeks.

As his finger reached the top again he placed his hand flat out onto the left cheek. His fingers gently massaged at the soft skin a couple of times before he moved it away completely. His eyes flickered over to the bedside table where he saw the bottle of lube that had been left there from the night before.

A smirk reached Louis’ lips as he leant over Harry’s body to pick up the bottle. As he moved back he popped open the cap then squeezed the liquid out onto two of his fingers, generously coating them with the lube. He clicked the cap back into place then chucked the bottle onto the mattress behind him.

Louis used his clean hand to separate Harry’s legs while his other hand moved down to sit between his thighs. He pressed the pad of one of his wetly covered fingers against Harry’s hole then slowly moved it around in circular motions. He kept his eyes locked to the back of Harry’s head, hearing his breath faltering as he was slowly being pulled out of his daze.

Louis bit his lip as he gently eased his finger inside, pushing it in passed his knuckle. He stopped any further movement and waited a couple of seconds. After that he began to bring his finger out almost all the way only to push it back in again. He repeated this action again and again, developing a rapid pace as his finger was pounded in and out.

Harry opened his eyes and felt a brief sense of confusion at the sudden feeling of being filled. He turned his head on the pillow so that he was now facing Louis and their eyes caught as Louis sheepishly gave him a grin.

"Finally, you’re awake." Louis announced, his eyes not moving away from Harry’s while his finger continued to plunge in and out.

Harry raised an eyebrow as he swallowed back a moan, opening his mouth in an attempt to speak. He was quickly cut off when Louis added a second finger and thrust both of them together inside of him.

This time Harry let out his moan. His eyes stared back at Louis as he bit down onto his bottom lip, arching his back so that his bum pushed out against Louis’ fingers.

Louis chuckled as he broke their stare to look down at Harry’s bum, “You want more, don’t you?”

Harry moaned in response then pushed his bum out again. His eyelids began to close as the arousal started to shoot through his body. He moaned again as Louis’ fingers were pounded into him a little bit harder now. His eyes opened to see Louis looking back up at him with a smirk on his face.

Without giving any kind of warning, Louis carefully pulled his fingers completely out. He ignored Harry’s moan of protest as his hands flipped him over so that he was now on his back. Louis lifted himself up and kneeled between Harry’s legs. He smiled down at him then couldn’t resist leaning forward to kiss Harry’s lips. It started off being small, soft kisses pressed to his mouth but then it became longer and their lips caressed one another’s passionately.

Louis pulled back then reached over on the bed to pick the bottle of lube back up. He quickly coated a third finger then chucked the bottle back down. His body shifted further down so that his back dipped and his head was brought closer to Harry’s crotch. Harry moaned as he guessed what was about to happen, his hand moving to automatically sit at the back of Louis’ head.

Moving his hand back between Harry’s legs, Louis gave a quick glance up before two of his fingers pushed into him again. He wasted no time in thrusting them in and out and straight away started to build up a fast rhythm. His tongue flicked out to swipe along both of his lips as he looked down at Harry’s cock, semi-hard against his stomach.

His head moved closer and he stuck his tongue out again, this time to lick all around the head of Harry’s cock. His free hand lifted up to wrap around the base so that it was easier for him to guide it to his mouth. He opened his lips and enclosed them fully around the head before he pushed them down and began to suck Harry’s cock.

The moans slipped out of Harry’s mouth as he watched Louis work to please him. The fingers inside of him continued to thrust at a quick pace, exploring him to find that certain spot. Harry bit his lip as he felt more arousal build up and spread all around him.

"Add another finger, baby." Harry moaned, needing to feel more. His eyes slipped shut again as Louis did as he was told and added a third finger. "Yeah, that feels so good."

Louis moaned in gratitude around Harry’s cock as he bobbed his head up and down. His hand unwrapped itself from the base, giving him more to take in as he pushed his mouth further down. His fingers moved in and out of Harry with a strong, heavy rhythm. He skilfully curved them a little and hit against the spot that made Harry moan out loud.

The fingers that were placed in Louis’ hair suddenly gripped at a handful as Harry felt a jolt of electricity shoot through him. He continued to moan with every thrust of Louis’ fingers, feeling him hitting that same spot each time.

"Fuck, yeah. That’s so good, baby." Harry praised, more moans leaving his mouth. He watched with his mouth slightly open as Louis took in most of his cock.

Harry tipped his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes again. He felt his head spin, more moans left his mouth and his heart raced beneath his chest. His spare hand grabbed hold of the bed sheet as he bucked his hips, feeling his orgasm fast approaching.

His head lifted up again to look back down where he was met with Louis’ eyes, wide and blown as they looked back up at him. Harry moaned loud again then gave another little tug to Louis’ hair. He bit his lip as he felt his stomach begin to tighten.

"Gonna cum! Oh, fuck." Harry quickly warned. His body tingled as he moaned over and over, watching Louis suck faster to help him reach his climax.

Harry let out one final, loud moan as his body tensed and he quickly filled Louis’ mouth with his load. His moans subsided and was replaced by heavy breathing, his body now returning to his normal state as he relaxed into the mattress.

"That was amazing." Harry praised, his eyes shining down at Louis as he regained his normal heartbeat.

Louis swallowed what was in his mouth then pulled his lips away, letting Harry’s cock fall to rest on his stomach. He smiled up at Harry then lowered his head to softly kiss his hip while he carefully pulled his fingers out.

Trailing a line of kisses up along Harry’s stomach, Louis hovered his body above him resting up on his hands. He grinned down at Harry then dipped his head to kiss him again.

"Good morning, by the way." Harry stated, his voice soft and light.

Louis grinned as Harry wrapped both of his arms around his body to pull him closer to him. He brushed his lips against the middle of Harry’s forehead, feeling the gentle touch of soft fingers running down his back.

"Good morning, love."

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