title: like you wanna be loved
rating: nc-17
summary: When Louis is walking home one evening he finds a big metal cage at the side of the street. Curiosity becomes too much for him and he moves closer to see a frightened kitten inside. All he wants is to be loved, just like Louis.
warnings: kitty!fic, slight talk of past abuse, sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: could you do a prompt where harry is a hybrid kitty and louis finds him on the streets and takes him home and smut ensues (preferably barebacking, rimming, and fingering?) :)

Louis zipped up his jacket then wrapped his arms around his stomach. He let out a tired sigh as he turned a corner at the end of the street then crossed the road, the lights guiding him as the darkness of the night loomed. His eyes darted from his left side to his right, settling his mind to check that nobody was following him.

It sounded silly and most likely not to happen but Louis had never been around this part of town before. He barely even left his apartment lately, never having the money or reason to go out. After leaving school with hardly anything to support him, he vowed to himself and his mum that he would try his best to find himself a job that would help him financially and also one he could actually make a career out of.

He tipped his head as he walked, feeling an all too familiar sense of self-pity washing over him. The jobs he had applied for obviously didn’t want someone who had very little grades and hardly any ambition. Which was enough to lower his self-esteem, leaving him with only hope to cling on to.

He lived alone in his apartment, which he loved because it meant he didn’t have to constantly live around someone else’s toes. He could do whatever he wanted and eat whatever he wanted, he even walked around naked sometimes just to get that liberating buzz.

Being completely honest, he couldn’t share with anyone even if he wanted to. The main room of the apartment was a conjoined kitchen and bedroom. A row of a fridge, oven, worktops, a washer and sink stood opposite to a double bed and a couple of bedside tables. There was a door near the bed which closed off the small bathroom, containing a toilet, a sink and a combined bath and shower.

The only other room was a small walk in storing cupboard, filled with old keepsakes, possessions from home and most probably junk that hasn’t seen daylight since the day he moved in.

Louis’ favourite thing about his apartment was the big window that took up most of one of the walls. Two cushions were placed on the floor beneath the window which was Louis’ favourite spot to sit and drink a cup of tea while looking out to the world below. He always made up stories in his head of the people he saw, wondering what was going on their lives and if they were feeling happy or sad on that particular day. To him it was like an escape from the life he was living. He could forget about his worries and his problems just for a few hours while he put himself into someone else’s life.

Louis sighed heavily as he walked down the start of another street, knowing he wasn’t far from home now. His mind filled with thoughts of where he’d just been. He had seen an advert in the newspaper about a bar wanting to employ a new staff member. His heart hammered as he took the train to the other side of town, a glimmer of hope spreading through his stomach as he reached the posh looking bar only to be told that he wasn’t experienced enough.

Another sigh left Louis’ lungs as a sudden burst of anger rippled inside of him. 'How do I get the experience to work in a bar when snotty old cows don't give me a job to get that experience!' Louis angrily thought, his foot kicking the nearest stone he saw with such a force that it hit off the wall to the opposite side of him then bounced along the pavement, hitting a biggish looking metal cage.

Louis stopped walking and turned his head towards the direction of the cage. He blinked and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, so sure that he saw something move. His feet seemed to have frozen to the ground as he thought about if he should get closer to inspect or ignore it and walk away.

His legs decided for him and he slowly and cautiously walked closer to the cage. He swallowed nervously then crouched down, noticing how whatever was in the cage backed away from him. He cleared his throat and tried to look closer, still unsure about what it was.

"I didn’t mean to startle you." Louis apologised, his eyes staring back at the hunched over figure that sat in the far corner of the cage. He swallowed again then slowly lifted his hand up to the metal. "I’m not here to hurt you, I promise."

Louis bit his lip hoping his voice didn’t sound threatening or unpleasant. He hooked two of his fingers around a thin metal bar as he wondered what he should do next. His heart suddenly started to beat faster in a panic and he felt a rush of heat prickle his skin underneath his clothes.

The hunched up figure slowly started to straighten itself out. It’s head lifted and turned to look back at Louis, quickly checking his appearance before moving closer towards him.

Louis’ mouth parted as he came face to face with the boy that was inside the cage. He stared back at big, frightened eyes on a small and pale face. He dropped his gaze lower as he saw something move and he quietly gasped when he saw a long, black tail swishing to and fro. He looked back up still slightly confused.

The boy was dressed in tattered blue shorts and a stained red hoodie, wearing the hood up so that it covered most of his head. His shaking hand lifted to slowly pull the hood down, revealing a mess of brown curls.

Louis felt his heart flutter as he took in his appearance. His eyes looked closely at the head full of curls, widening them when he saw two small kitten ears poking out. Louis’ eyes dropped down to look at his face again. Now that the hood had been pulled down Louis was able to see small red cuts along their cheek and a medium sized bruise on their neck.

"Let me help you?" Louis suddenly asked, surprising himself a little. He wasn’t sure why but he felt himself reaching out to him. His heart ached to make him feel loved and wanted, mainly because he looked too beautiful to be treated any differently.

"I live close to here, I can take you there and clean you up." Louis offered, realising how weird that sounded. He suddenly became nervous, not wanting to come across as creepy, especially as those frightened eyes were still staring back at him. "I want to help you."

Louis felt relief wash over him as the figure moved even closer to him and brushed his cheek softly against Louis’ fingers. He smiled down at him then quickly looked around inside the cage, not seeing any food.

"Are you hungry?" Louis asked, trying to think if he had any tuna left in his food cupboard at his apartment. He was answered with a definite nod, making him smile again then nod himself. "I can help with that, too."

Louis straightened his body then went to grip his hand at the top of the cage before stopping to crouch back down again. “I’m Louis, by the way.”

A soft purr was given as a reply, surprising Louis. A wide smile spread out across his face as he stood up again, this time hooking his fingers to the top of the cage then he picked it up and carried on walking down the street.

Louis was right about him living close. As they reached the end of the street he crossed over and turned another corner and they was there. Louis walked closer to the big block of apartments and looked back down at the boy in the cage.

"I live on the very top floor." Louis informed, watching how the boy’s eyes were fixed to the top of the tall building with his neck craned upwards.

Opening the main door, Louis walked them both inside the building and over to the elevator where he pressed the ‘up’ button. He warily looked around but couldn’t see any of the other residents about. There was a strict rule that no pets were allowed in the building at any time, which Louis ignored as the doors of the elevator opened and he stepped inside being careful not to bash the cage about.

Louis looked down again, hearing a quiet jingle sound of a collar as the boy moved back against the metal of the cage. He sat with his body hunched up again as the lift began to move, sounding out a loud whirring noise. Those wide eyes frantically looked around the confined room unsure of what to make of the big silver walls.

As the doors pinged open, Louis stepped out of the lift and walked to the end of the hall. His eyes fell back down to the cage to see the boy looking all around to take in his surroundings. His tail was swishing from side to side and hitting against the metal bars repeatedly, making a quiet rattle sound.

Louis hurriedly unlocked the door and walked into his apartment. He felt his heart sink at the small space and the basic furniture, once again feeling sorry for himself. He turned to close the door behind him then walked further forward until he was stood at the foot of the bed. He carefully placed the cage onto the middle of the mattress then gave his best friendly smile. Seconds passed before he realised he was staring, still a little baffled about finding what could best be described as a part-human/part-cat teenage boy.

"Shall we get you out of there, eh?" Louis asked, smiling again as he moved closer to the bed. He leant forward and set about opening he cage, misjudging the strength of the locks attached to the metal as he struggled with them.

Wide eyes watched Louis’ fingers pick at the locks as he finally prised them open. Louis formed a triumphant smile as he lifted up the side of the cage, giving enough space for the boy to crawl out of it.

Watching him closely, Louis felt his heart sink as he stared back at him with no intentions of moving. He was still hunched up and pressed against the back of the cage with his eyes big and scared as they looked up at Louis.

Dropping his eyes, Louis noticed a name tag was attached to the colour the boy was wearing. He carefully leant forward again to look closer at the tag, reading the name that was engraved on the silver circle.

"Harry." Louis read, his eyes moving up from the tag. "That’s a pretty name."

Louis earned a tiny purr as the boy, Harry, tilted his head to the side. His eyes seemed to be less frightened now and more softer. Loud smiled again then crouched down on the floor in front of the bed, wanting Harry to leave the cage whenever the felt he was ready.

"I’m sorry there’s not much to look at." Louis said, his eyes moving around the apartment. He sighed at the dull walls he had tried to brighten up with concert posters and a few family photos. His eyes stopped at one photo that was blu-tacked up on the wall near his bed. It was taken on the day of his 18th birthday at the restaurant his mum had planned a surprise meal for him and the rest of his family. In this picture he was sat with his mum and two of his sisters, all of them with big smiles on their faces.

He wasn’t sure why but he suddenly felt really homesick. He did enjoy having his own place and the freedom that goes with it, but more than anything he’d much prefer to be back at home living with his family, just like old times. He bit his gum as he looked back at Harry with his eyes suddenly filled with tears.

Louis cleared his throat and smiled as he noticed Harry wasn’t hunched up anymore. He watched as Harry slowly and tentatively moved himself out of the big cage and onto the softness of Louis’ bed. His tail was still swishing as he nervously knelt up on the mattress, his eyes gazing back at Louis.

All in a sudden movement, Harry lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Louis’ neck. Louis felt his heart surge at the unexpected affection he was being given, his hand carefully lifted to rub at Harry’s back. He smiled when he felt Harry nuzzle his nose against his neck while making tiny purring sounds.

Louis felt more tears sting his eyes as he let himself melt into the embrace. He mentally laughed at himself and how he was behaving. He never cried. Whenever he got stressed and so angry that sitting down to have a good cry probably would help, he’d usually either sit at his window or have some sleep to calm him down.

Living in his own meant that he had nobody around for when times got a little bit hard. So now he found himself taking advantage of having Harry with him, hugging him so tight almost like he was taking away Louis’ sadness with his fixed grip. Louis let out a deep breath then smiled again, breathing in Harry’s scent. It was sweet and fruity, but he also smelt of cold and his clothes felt damp from being outside for god knows how long.

As Louis pulled himself out of the hug his eyes suddenly filled with worry, realising he had no idea about what had happened to Harry. Why was he in a cage and left out on the street? Louis didn’t understand how anyone could abandon Harry. He seemed so lost and fragile, like all he wanted was to be loved and looked after.

Louis lifted his hand up and very gently placed it to Harry’s face. He smiled then stroked his thumb along his cheek, hearing Harry purr again.

"Can you talk?" Louis suddenly asked, not entirely sure if this was a weird question to ask or not. He was answered with another purr and a cheek brushed against his hand. He smiled again, "Well that’s good enough for me."

The rest of the night panned out more relaxing than Louis had thought. He was careful not to do anything to startle Harry too much, apart from when he accidentally dropped the kettle and Harry had let out a loud yelp in surprise.

Harry was fed with the last tin of tuna that Louis had found in the cupboard above the fridge, feeling guilt bubble in his stomach knowing there wasn’t much else he could offer him. He was also given a cereal bowl full of tap water which he lapped up happily while Louis filled up the bathtub with warm water. Once the bath was ready, Louis gently stripped Harry of his torn clothes then lifted him into the water.

It took a short while for Harry to relax in the bath. His claws unwillingly scratched Louis’ arms as he tried to jump out on more than one occasion. He started to settle when Louis remembered an old rubber duck he had stored in the bathroom cupboard, something he had used when he was little and didn’t enjoy taking baths. The duck worked as a perfect distraction as Harry watched it float about in the water while he let Louis wash his body and his hair, paying special attention to Harry’s little ears.

Once Harry was clean and had been gently dried with a big fluffy towel, Louis carried him back to the bed, now empty after Louis had quickly stored the metal cage into the small cupboard to avoid any upsetting reminders for Harry, then he carefully sat him down on the mattress. His eyes fell on the small pile of Harry’s clothes and he stood in thought then moved over to his bedside table, pulling out a pair of black boxers. He passed them to Harry for him to put on then offered for more clothing but was turned down after Harry had happily smiled at him, sat in the black boxers and nothing else.

Louis let out a tired yawn as he stripped out of his own clothes, leaving on his boxers, before turning off the light. As he made his way back over to the bed he pulled back the duvet and got himself comfy on the mattress. He smiled as he heard a soft rhythm of purrs beside him, turning his head to see Harry shifting around on the bed to find the most comfortable spot. He stopped moving suddenly then purred up at Louis, leaving him with no option but to move closer and let Harry sprawl out mostly on top of his body with his arm wrapped safely around Harry’s back. Louis smiled as Harry purred gently, not minding one bit.


A couple of days had passed by and Louis was still taking care of Harry. The hours spent together had been as comforting as the first night, both of them enjoying the sudden company they both had. And, as Louis had before worried about Harry not taking to him or being too scared to stay with him, he was quick to learn that the situation was very much the opposite.

Harry was clingy and loved being close to Louis. They’d spend hours in the day sat at the window, Louis on the cushions and Harry cuddled up to Louis’ chest, looking outside while Louis spoke about his thoughts or just little things that didn’t mean anything. Their nights were spent eating together and then Louis would bathe Harry along with the company of Mr Duck, named by Louis, then they’d snuggle up in Louis’ bed and drift off to sleep together.

It was still crazy to think about, how Louis had just taken him home after finding him in the street. But to him that didn’t matter. They had something building between them and, without wanting to sound cliché and cheesy, Louis felt like they was meant to have each other.

Louis smiled at that thought as he walked into the local shop just down the street from his apartment. He knew he desperately needed to buy more food just by looking at the almost empty fridge and bare cupboard. So he had woken up fairly early, grabbed the last £20 note from his money tin then left out the door, hoping to be back before Harry woke up.

He hummed to himself as he walked around the shop with a half full basket in his hand. He had picked out the things he badly needed in attempt to make the last bit of money stretch out as much as possible. His eyes looked up to the signs that hung from the ceiling, directing shoppers of which foods were stored where and he followed one that read ‘Pet Food’, walking over to the aisle.

His eyes scanned the different brands of cat food that was displayed on the shelves. Not really sure what he should be getting, he took his phone from his pocket and opened up the Internet. He quickly typed in ‘caring for a kitten’ then pressed search, looking around him with a little flush tinting his cheeks. It wasn’t long before he had chosen the right kind of food, following the recommended brand that he read on the website he was scrolling through. He added the food to his basket then walked over to the tills.

Leaving the shop, Louis was still scrolling through the website to take in more about the right kind of care meant for kittens. His legs walked a little slower as his eyes started to read about when kittens go into heat. As he approached the apartment block he bit his lip in worry, wondering if Harry going into heat would be a problem for them. He finished the end of the page then closed the site, putting his phone back into his pocket as he walked into the elevator.

Louis took out his keys as he walked over to his door. He unlocked it then closed it behind him, walking through to the bed area. He stopped, sort of frozen to the spot as he stared back at Harry, watching him thrashing about on the mattress with his hand jerking at his hard cock. Louis dropped his mouth slightly from shock, not expecting this to happen so suddenly. He slowly walked over to the worktops of the kitchen and put the bags down before kicking off his shoes and walking over to the bed.

He bit his lip as he looked down at Harry, who’s eyes kept slipping shut as his back arched and his hips bucked, clearly desperate for release. Louis looked at Harry’s stomach and noticed there was already streaks of white cum inking his skin, quickly being joined by even more as Harry tipped his head back and jerked his cock faster to let his cum shoot out of him, all kinds of noises slipping from his mouth.

Louis swallowed hard and looked down at the bulge in his jeans, uncontrollably becoming turned on. He cleared his throat, getting Harry’s attention as he breathlessly stared up at him. He heard Harry whine in desperation, still needing more.

Louis carefully sat down on the bed, “It’s okay, love. What you’re feeling is normal.” Louis frowned as he felt like he was reciting what he had read on his phone.

Harry lifted himself up from the mattress and grabbed Louis’ arm, hastily pulling him down to lay on top of his writhing body. He purred hotly into Louis’ ear then bucked his hips up to rub their crotches together, making both of them harder. Louis gasped and looked down at Harry, not knowing if he should get off him or give him what he wants.

It was another low purr from Harry that made Louis decide that, yeah, he wanted this just as much as Harry did. He lifted himself up a little and pulled his shirt off. His hands unbuckled his belt then he quickly unzipped his jeans before kneeling back to take them off too. As he moved back down his lips found Harry’s, kissing him with a mixture of lust and passion.

Louis pulled back and stared down at Harry’s breathless and desperate form. His hand lifted up to stroke through his curls, his fingers brushing against his ears making Harry purr and moan at the same time. Harry bucked his hips up again as a way of telling Louis that he needed more, he needed him.

Louis groaned then lifted himself up off the bed. His hands quickly pulled down his boxers then he took out a bottle of lube from the drawer of his bedside table. He gave his cock a few strokes to make himself harder before he returned to the bed and positioned himself between Harry’s legs.

Coating two of his fingers in lube, Louis dropped the bottle then leant forward over Harry. His fingers moved closer to his hole where he teasingly pressed one against it, hearing Harry’s breath catch in his throat as he waited to feel it inside. Louis groaned then dipped his head to kiss Harry again while his finger pushed inside of him, thrusting itself in and out of the tight heat. Harry gripped hold of the bed sheet, his claws probably ripping at the cotton, and he moaned loud feeling his body tingle in pleasure.

Louis bit his lip as he watched Harry helplessly come apart from having his finger pounded into him. He kissed Harry’s forehead then slowed his fingers down to carefully add the second, pushing them both back inside. He thrusted them quickly in and out, feeling his cock throb just from the sight of Harry panting beneath him.

"Such a good little kitty." Louis praised, staring down at Harry while biting his lip. "Do you want more, baby?"

Harry moaned and nodded his head, wanting so much more. Louis gently pulled his fingers out then kissed Harry again, slower this time, before flipping his body over to lay on his front. Louis’ eyes stared at how Harry’s tail was up high in the air explicitly showing off his hole without caring.

Louis pressed his hands to Harry’s legs then lifted him up so that he was on his knees with his bum lifted towards Louis. Moving forward, Louis placed his hands on each of Harry’s cheeks to part them slightly before he stuck his tongue out and very slowly licked a line going down Harry’s hole, causing him to moan and arch his back. Louis did this again then began to lick in circles around Harry’s hole, hearing more of Harry’s heavy breathing.

Pushing his tongue inside, Louis licked in and out. His fingers gripped to Harry’s cheeks leaving marks there as he continued to swipe his tongue in, and all around Harry’s hole. He received so many moans from Harry, mixed in with the occasional purr when Louis’ tongue prodded against his special spot.

Taking his tongue out, Louis replaced it with both of his fingers and carried on thrusting them inside of Harry.

"I’m gonna make you feel really good, baby. You’re such a good kitty" Louis moaned out, his fingers pounding in an out in a fast rhythm.

Harry purred loud with his head turned to look back at Louis, watching how his fingers escaped inside of him. Their eyes locked as Harry looked up, letting more purrs slip from his mouth.

"Does my beautiful little kitty want to be fucked?" Louis asked, looking right back into Harry’s eyes. Harry nodded his head frantically and moaned as Louis took his fingers back out again.

Louis picked the lube back up and generously covered his cock in the liquid, making sure he had plenty on before he chucked the bottle down again. His hand reached out to grip at Harry’s left hip while his other hand wrapped around the base of his cock. He moved himself closer and gently nudged the tip against Harry’s hole, letting the feeling wash over him before he carefully pushed himself in further.

Harry arched his back again and pushed his bum out more, needing to have all of Louis inside of him. Louis gripped at both of his hips now as he eased his cock halfway in, moaning loud at the tight heat he felt around himself. His fingers dug into Harry’s skin as he started to push his cock in and out, building up a fast pace so that his hips slammed against Harry’s bum.

"Fuck, you feel so good, baby." Louis moaned, breathing heavily as he pounded in and out of Harry. His fingers were sure to leave a mark as he gripped tighter on Harry’s hips now.

He heard Harry moan loud over and over then he pushed his bum out again, signaling for Louis to either fuck him faster or harder, or both.

Louis groaned and picked up the pace of his thrusts. His head spun, never feeling so turned on like this before. Moans fell from his lips, feeling the muscles in his stomach begin to tighten. He bit his lip and groaned loud, feeling himself getting closer now.

He thrust forward one, two, three more times then quickly pulled himself out. His hands reached out to flip Harry over onto his back like before and he looked down at him as his hand jerked his cock with fast and vigorous strokes. Harry’s eyes were big and wide as he stared up at Louis, his own hand wrapped around his cock to match Louis’ actions.

It wasn’t long before Louis was letting out his final moans and letting his cum shoot out of his cock, landing on Harry’s stomach. His hand gradually slowed down as he watched Harry buck his hips one more time and let out a silent moan as he came hard on his chest with his head tipped back and his eyes closed.

Louis moved his hand away and tried to regain his breath. He leant forward to press a soft kiss to Harry’s forehead, lifting his hand to his hair to let his fingers play with a few of his curls. He kissed him again then stood up from the bed making his way over to the sink. He picked up a cloth to soak with warm water then he ringed it out before walking back over to the bed.

Harry’s eyes slowly opened again and he watched Louis gently wipe up the mess each of them made, leaving Harry’s stomach clean. Louis looked up and their eyes met again, making Louis smile wide. He kissed Harry’s lips then ran his hand through his hair again, this time gently rubbing his fingers against Harry’s ears. Harry purred against the soft touch as he looked up at Louis.

"Are you hungry?" Louis asked, receiving a nod from Harry. He smiled again then stole another kiss from Harry’s lips. "I can help with that."

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