title: an officer’s arrest
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis is a police officer and one night when on duty he meets a drunk and flirty Harry.
warnings: au, sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: Can you do a Larry AU where one of them is a cop and the other gets “caught” doing whatever (its up to you) and then end up having nice kinky sex

Louis sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. His eyes drew to a close, feeling a sharp aching pain stab at the back of his neck. He winced then dropped his hand to rub his fingers against his neck in an attempt to soothe the pain.

"These night shifts getting too much for you, mate?"

Louis slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at Zayn who was stood beside him with a grin on his face. “No I’m just really tired, you know? And right now the last thing I wanna be doing is standing out in the cold waiting to arrest cocky little shits.”

Zayn laughed, earning a glare from Louis. “Perks of the job though, right?”

Louis frowned back at Zayn, feeling the pain in his neck spread out to his shoulders. “Oh yeah, there’s nothing I love more than spending my Friday night picking people up from the floor, too pissed to remember their own name!”

Louis rolled his eyes to add with his sarcasm then looked away from Zayn, hearing him laugh again. All he wanted to do was go home and get into bed. He was tired and aching all over, having spent most of their shift out roaming the streets.

"Sounds like you could do with one of these, mate."

Louis turned his head back to Zayn to see him holding out a half empty packet of cigarettes. One of the cigarettes was sticking out of the top on offer for Louis to take.

"My mum would kill me, you know that. Besides you’re not meant to be smoking on duty." Louis reminded, watching as Zayn took the cigarette out of the packet and lifted it to his lips.

Zayn shrugged his shoulders and fished his lighter from his trouser pocket. “It’s not as if they’re gonna sack me for having the odd fag, is it?”

Louis continued to watch as Zayn shielded the cigarette with his hand while he flicked the lighter for the flame to appear. Once the end was lit he pocketed his lighter then took a long drag, his eyes shifting back to Louis after he exhaled a cloud of smoke.

"And you really shouldn’t be such a Mummy’s boy. Doesn’t go with the uniform." Zayn teased, his grin beaming on his face as Louis rolled his eyes for a second time.

"I’m not a Mummy’s boy! She just doesn’t like the idea of me smoking, that’s all." Louis replied, defensively.

Zayn was about to give out another smart remark when a loud crash, coming from the alley that was near to them, stopped him. Both of their heads turned to look over at the alleyway, neither of them being able to see much because of the darkness of the night.

"That’s all yours, mate." Zayn announced, taking another drag of his cigarette as Louis quickly turned his head back to him with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Fuck off. I just told you I’m tired and I don’t wanna be here anymore. You go and do it." Louis stubbornly replied, folding his arms across his chest.

"I can’t I have this." Zayn answered, holding up his burning cigarette. "Just go and see what it was then we’ll head back to the station, I promise."

Louis let out another sigh then slowly unfolded his arms. He scowled back at Zayn’s offer of a smile then he turned around to start walking away.

"You’re an arse."  Louis muttered, hearing the sound of Zayn’s laugh again.

"I’ll wait for you over here, babes." Zayn called out in reply, turning to lean against a wall while he flicked the ash away from his cigarette.

Louis stuffed his hands into his pockets as he made his way down the rest of the street. He sighed again once he had reached the opening of the alleyway and he started to walk forward.

He winced again as he felt another pain travel down his back. They had been stood about for the last hour and now all he wanted was to sit down somewhere comfy.

'I hope whoever's here will be reasonable to make my job easy just for one night at least.' Louis thought, 'or be a squirrel or something, they'd be no trouble.'

He sighed as he walked over to where he heard a rustling sound coming from a small pile of black bin bags of rubbish. He frowned but shook his head with a sigh, wondering for the hundredth time why he decided to become a police officer.

"You alright down there?" Louis asked, looking down at the figure of a man drunkenly sprawled out on top of the rubbish bags.

The guy groaned then shifted his body, bringing his face into view. He looked back up at Louis with confusion on his face obviously not expecting to have company.

"I’m guessing you fell. Do you need a hand up?" Louis offered, being much more polite than how he wanted to be.

The guy on the rubbish let out a loud snort of laughter then grinned back at Louis, “A hand up where?”

Louis rolled his eyes then sarcastically smiled. He held out his hand to let the guy grab onto, once he’d realised Louis wasn’t going for a handshake, then he carefully pulled him up. He was quick to grab the guy’s arm as he stumbled and nearly fell down again. Louis gently guided him away from the pile of rubbish then moved them both back until the guy was leaning against the brick wall of the alley, with Louis’ arm still holding him up.

Louis quickly skimmed his eyes over the guy’s face and body to check for any cuts or bruises that he may have had inflicted upon him by himself or by someone else.

"You like what you see, officer?"

Louis’ eyes flickered back up and he stared at the guy with a blank expression. He ignored the big grin on his face, not in the mood for anyone’s cheek.

"Can you tell me your name please?" Louis asked, refraining from rolling his eyes again.

"Is that so you know what to scream out later?" The guy asked, his grin still wide on his face. His eyes sparkled brightly as he stared back at Louis, seeing his eyebrows raised in annoyance. "Harry."

Louis nodded his head, glad that they was getting somewhere. The sooner he could send him on his way the sooner he could go back to the station and go home.

"Okay, and can you tell me why you’re out here at this time of night?"

Harry’s grin dropped a little as he looked around where they was stood, almost like he was only just realising he was stood outside in an alleyway. He turned to look back at Louis then squinted his eyes as he tried to remember how he got there.

"We was at the pub having a few drinks." Harry slurred out, his face suddenly relaxing with a smile as he remembered. "And I came out to get some air!"

Louis slowly nodded, frowning at the proud look on Harry’s face as though he was overly satisfied with his answer. “Right, and can you-“

"My mate Niall got engaged!" Harry interrupted, his grin returning. "We was out celebrating. So happy for him, he’s a great friend!"

Louis blinked back at Harry, not sure why he was being given this information. His eyes dropped down to Harry’s grin and he saw a small dimple piercing his cheek. He cleared his throat as he looked back up again. “And is that the same great friend that let you come out here on your own while he’s still celebrating in a pub?”

Harry’s grin slowly faded as he took in Louis’ words, realisation taking over his face. He gave out a shocked gasp then turned his features into a more serious look. “He’s getting the shittiest wedding present I can find!”

Louis briefly closed his eyes as he let out an impatient sigh. He was contemplating chucking this guy back down on the rubbish and walking away, but as tired as he was he needed his job and that would definitely get him sitting in his boss’s office Monday morning. He opened his eyes again to see Harry grinning back at him, standing away from the wall now so that he was a little bit closer to Louis.

"Do you live near here?" Louis quickly asked, trying to ignore Harry’s stare. "I can arrange for a taxi to take you home."

Harry dropped his gaze and turned his head to look out of the alleyway. He pursed his lips as he tried to think, making a quiet humming noise. He shrugged his shoulders as he turned back to face Louis, “I don’t remember.”

Louis felt himself becoming more agitated as the sound of Harry’s laughter filled the space of the alleyway. “Okay well how about you tell me which pub your friends are at then we’ll go and see if at least one of them is sober enough to remember.”

"That would be Liam" Harry announced, smiling again. "He doesn’t drink much, never has." His words slurred into the next and his voice was slow and flat. He looked back at Louis and misread his blank expression as a reason for him to explain. "Something about his kidneys. He only had one, but now he has two!"

He grinned in excitement, missing how Louis sighed quietly. He laughed again as Louis attempted to walk out of the alley with his hand still on Harry’s arm. They stopped abruptly when Harry forcefully took Louis’ hand and moved them back to where they was stood before.

"Let’s not go yet." Harry spoke with his voice calmer but still slightly slurred. He stepped closer to Louis again and placed both of his hands on his hips. His head lifted and he smiled as he moved his mouth closer to Louis’ ear. "You haven’t even shown me your truncheon yet."

Louis’ eyes widened as he stared back at Harry’s wide grin. He opened his mouth knowing he should say something professional to make Harry back off from him. He was a police officer, for goodness sake. He had to show that his authorities stood ground over anyone else, especially good looking guys who was coming onto him after having a lot to drink.

Harry bit his lip through his grin as he pulled his head back to face Louis again. He tightened his grip that he had on Louis’ hips then he stepped even closer to him, slowly beginning to grind their crotches together. “You thinking about how big my cock is, officer?” Harry asked, noticing the distant look on Louis’ face. “I can show you if you’d like.”

Louis blinked himself back to Harry’s attention then swallowed hard, desperately trying not to become aroused at the way Harry’s hips continued to roll their crotches together. His hands slowly lifted up to grip at Harry’s hands in an attempt to move them away.

"I am a police officer" Louis began, trying to keep his voice calm and steady. "This is inappropriate behaviour and you need to stop."

Harry smirked and kept his hands gripped to Louis’ hips, locking their eyes together as he very slowly swiped his tongue across his top lip. He smirked again as he saw Louis’ eyes flicker down to his lips then quickly move back up again.

"I don’t think you want me to stop." Harry answered, still rocking his hips forward. He could feel the tight press of Louis’ trousers against his thigh, telling him everything that Louis wasn’t. "I think you like it too much."

Louis stared back at Harry feeling his stomach fill with a warming sense of arousal. His hands dropped from where they was resting on Harry’s, ignoring the niggling voice in his head as he made no other attempt to move. He suddenly let out a quiet moan as Harry stopped his grinds and moved even closer so that his erection pressed against Louis’ leg. His head turned again and he moved his mouth closer to Louis’ ear.

"I think you want to fuck me right against this wall." Harry whispered, slowly licking at the lobe of Louis’ ear before he gently caught it between his teeth, grazing it a little. He let it go then breathed hotly into Louis’ ear, "I can feel how hard you’re getting for me. I know you want this, officer. I know how much you want to pound that hard cock right into me."

Louis bit down hard on his lip to stop himself from moaning again. He could feel exactly how hard he was getting, the arousing feeling building up in his stomach. He knew he should make more of an effort to stop what was happening but his body failed against him. He wanted this just as much as Harry had said.

"You’re thinking of it now, aren’t you?" Harry teased, moving his head back so that he was facing Louis again. "You’re thinking about how good it would feel having your cock inside my tight hole."

"Are you always this cheeky?" Louis asked, suddenly finding his voice. His heart was beating fast beneath his chest as he stared back at Harry, wanting to take control now. "Do you make a habit of offering your arse to complete strangers?"

Harry smirked with a shrug of his shoulders, feeling a euphoric thrill just from getting a reaction from Louis. “It’s a good arse to offer.”

Louis stared back at Harry with a straight face, the insides of his stomach practically exploding from the build up of arousal. His eyes had become darker with lust as they fixed with Harry’s, “Turn around and face the wall.”

Harry gave another quick smirk before turning himself around, now facing the brick wall of the alley. His hands lifted up to the wall as he pressed himself against it slightly. He heard the sound of footsteps guessing that Louis was stepping closer to him. He was proven to be correct when he felt a pair of hands sit at his hips.

Louis quickly looked around where they was stood, making sure that nobody was close enough to see them. As he turned his head back, he moved much closer to press the front of his body against Harry’s back.

"I should arrest you for making sexual advances towards a police officer." Louis stated, resisting the urge to move his hips against where they were pressed to Harry’s bum.

Harry let out a small laugh then turned his head to look behind at Louis. “You could do that, but it wouldn’t really help me learn my lesson. You’ll take me in, question me then eventually let me go and I’d be back out here sexually advancing other hot policemen.” He shrugged his shoulders, “Or you could do something much more effective.”

He finished with pushing his bum back so that it hit against Louis’ crotch, feeling his growing bulge. His smirk returned when he heard Louis let out a small gasp at the sudden friction between them both.

Without speaking, Louis stepped back from Harry. His hands dropped from his hips, one of them moving to his crotch to feel the big bulge that was pressing against the cotton of his trousers.

"Face the wall." Louis repeated, watching as Harry turned his head back around. Louis bit his lip as his eyes travelled down Harry’s back to land on the curve of his bum. The hand that was on his bulge slowly began to move up and down, his fingers stroking along the shape of his erection.

Louis moved closer again then dropped his hand from his crotch. He placed them both around Harry’s waist to bring him away from the wall slightly, giving him enough room to allow his fingers to work at pulling down his zip and popping open the button of his trousers.

He watched as Harry’s trousers slowly fell down his legs, stopping up at his knees. Louis leant down to push them the rest of the way to his ankles. He did the same with Harry’s boxers and left them to sit above his trousers.

Straightening back up, Louis stepped closer to Harry again. “So you want to learn your lesson?”

Harry slowly nodded his head and bit his lip, “I think I need to. I need punishing for my bad behaviour.”

Louis quietly moaned in his throat then pressed his hands to each of Harry’s cheeks. His fingers massaged the skin before he knelt down to the floor, dropping his hands down to Harry’s thighs.

"Spread your legs." Louis instructed, waiting for Harry to make more of a gap between his legs before he lunged his head forward. His hands moved up again, this time opening Harry’s cheeks to allow him to see his hole.

He heard Harry’s intake of a breath at the feeling of his hole being exposed to the coolness of the night making him shiver slightly. Louis moved forward and stuck his tongue out, licking all around Harry’s tight hole. He heard a rush of gasps as he teased the tip of his tongue against it, purposely going at a slow pace.

His hands tightly gripped to Harry’s cheeks, spreading them open. He pulled his tongue away to swallow quickly then he moved forward again. This time he pushed his tongue inside of Harry, hearing more gasps as he began to move it in and out.

"Fuck! That feels so good." Harry moaned, turning his head again to try and see what Louis was doing. Their eyes met as Louis looked up, bringing his mouth away briefly.

Louis lifted up his hand towards Harry with two fingers pointing to him, “Suck.”

Harry moaned as he bent his head a little to take two of Louis’ fingers into his mouth. He began to suck on them, letting his tongue glide over them to make them completely wet, then he let out another moan when he felt Louis push his tongue back inside of him.

"Oh fuck, that feels amazing!" Harry moaned again, letting Louis’ fingers drop from his mouth now that they were wet. His head turned to face the wall again where his hands remained flat.

Louis moved his mouth away after a couple more seconds then he lifted up his hand. He circled Harry’s hole with one of his fingers then, without any warning, pushed both of them inside. He bit his lip at the sound of Harry’s moan louder this time, his fingers thrusting in and out, moving slow at first but then gradually getting faster.

"Yeah, that’s so good. Feels so good!" Harry moaned, his voice low in his throat.

Louis continued to push his two fingers in and out while his other hand stayed on Harry’s cheek. He looked down towards his crotch and saw his bulge tightly pressing against his trousers, begging for release. He groaned then lifted his eyes back up, feeling Harry start to stretch around his fingers.

"You ready for your punishment now?" Louis asked, his fingers thrusting much faster now.

"Yes, fuck yes. I’m ready, give it to me." Harry desperately moaned, one of his hands dropping to wrap around his achingly hard cock. He started to give it long, quick strokes as Louis slowly pulled both of his fingers out.

Standing up from where he was knelt on the ground, Louis moved so that he was stood close behind Harry again. One of his hands rested on Harry’s hip while his other moved to his trousers, his fingers pulling down the zip. He fumbled around inside the hole he had made from his now open zip and he pulled out his fully hard cock, letting it stick out of his trousers obscenely.

His hand tug on his cock a few times before he gripped it by the base and guided it closer to Harry’s hole. The hand that was on Harry’s hip moved around to hold against his stomach to push his bum out a bit more, enough for Louis to see more of his hole.

"This will teach you for being so bad, throwing yourself at a police officer." Louis growled out, easing the head of his cock inside of Harry’s hole.

Harry moaned loud as he felt his hole being stretched a little more. His mouth had fallen open and his head spun, the feeling of being filled shooting pleasure throughout his body. His hand was still stroking at his cock while Louis began to pound himself into him.

"Fuck yeah, that cock feels so good inside of me. Such a big dick, officer." Harry moaned out his compliment, turning his head to see how Louis’ fully clothed body thrusted into his own. He bit his lip through another loud moan then tipped his head back, "Faster!"

Louis gripped both of his hands to each of Harry’s hips then picked up the pace of his thrusts. He looked down and watched at how his cock moved in and out of Harry, causing him to moan at the view.

"You’re so tight." Louis moaned with his voice quiet and breathless. His body felt as though it was on fire from the arousal spreading inside of him.

Harry dropped his forehead to rest on the hand that was on the wall as his other hand quickened the strokes of his cock. His fingers scooped up the small spots of pre-cum that left the tip and he used it to help his hand move easier on his cock.

More moans spilled from his lips as Louis continued to thrust into him with a fast pace. His hand stroked his cock faster, feeling the muscles of his stomach tighten and his body quiver rapidly. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Louis kept up his fast rhythm as he watched the cum shoot out of Harry’s cock, hitting against the wall and then dropping down towards the floor. He moaned at the sight then tightened his grip on Harry’s hips, tipping his head back as he slammed his cock in and out of him.

It wasn’t long before Louis felt the pleasure in his stomach increasing, his leg muscles tightening and his head spinning, warning him that he was close. He moaned then pulled himself out before stepping back a little, wrapping his fingers around his cock to quickly pump up and down.

"Down on your knees." Louis ordered, his hand bringing himself closer and closer.

Harry turned around from the wall and quickly knelt down on his knees in front of Louis, immediately feeling the hard stones on the ground digging into his skin.

"Open your mouth."

Harry followed this instruction and opened his mouth, looking up at Louis while he waited. Louis stepped closer and moved his hand to rest at Harry’s cheek while his other hand guided his cock to his open mouth.

"Oh, fuck!" Louis moaned out, spilling his load into Harry’s mouth. His hand slowly came to a halt on his cock as he pumped out the last of his cum, covering Harry’s tongue with the white liquid.

Louis dropped his hand from Harry’s cheek then worked to place his cock back inside of his boxers before zipping up his trousers. He glanced back at Harry as he swallowed what was in his mouth then stood up on trembling legs.

Lifting up his boxers and trousers, Harry gave Louis a sheepish grin while his fingers dealt with his button and zip to fasten them. He bit his lip as he looked back at Louis, noticing the slight awkward look on his face.

"You, um." Louis started, clearing his throat before carrying on. "You should get in touch with those friends of yours to find out where it is you live."

Harry chuckled then ran his tongue across the corner of his top lip then he turned his head to look out of the alleyway. “I’m sure it will come to me.”

Louis gave a sudden baffled look as Harry grinned then made to leave, quickly turning his head back to Louis. “See you around, officer.”

Louis watched as Harry walked away without stumbling at all. He raised his eyebrow then shook his head, realising that he was being played, guessing that Harry could remember where it was he lived.

Letting out an amused sigh, Louis turned and made his way back out of the alley. He walked along the street again and over to where Zayn was stood against the small wall with his arms folded across his chest. He looked up from the ground as Louis walked closer to him.

"You took your time!" Zayn complained, standing up from the wall.

Louis shrugged and held back a smile, “I take my job very seriously.”

Zayn frowned but didn’t say anything, instead he walked beside Louis as they left the street and made their way back to the station.

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