title: I want you to rock me
rating: nc-17
summary: During one night of the arena tour while they’re singing Rock Me, Louis bites his lips and hip thrusts just to make Harry horny. When they’re back at their hotel, Harry uses the song as a way of getting what he wants.
warnings: sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: can you do a one shot where one direction is performing a concert and they’re singing rock me and Louis is hip thrusting while making eye contact with Harry & he bites his lip looking at him and the crowd is going nuts & at the hotel Harry starts singing rock me so louis does & they get rough .. Make it long please :)

Louis lifted up his hand to fix his fringe, moving the strands of his hair that had fallen down into his eyes. He smiled as the sound of loud screams filled the arena once the ending of One Thing had played out. The stage was suddenly in darkness, the only light coming from the different coloured strobe lights that were lit to add effect to the show.

A spotlight shined down and moved over to where Liam was moving to the centre of the stage with a wide smile on his face. He waved at a girl down at the front then lifted his microphone to his lips, still smiling as the screams grew louder.

"You guys are absolutely incredible, you really are. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming down to see us tonight." Liam paused, grinning as more screams filled the arena. "We will do our best to put on a good show for you all, and we’ll be singing a few songs from the album that you guys made number one, so thank you for that."

The screams increased again making Louis smile wide, nodding his head out to the audience. He turned his head to the side as Liam carried on with his small speech to the crowd. Louis’ smile changed to a smirk when he saw Harry quickly getting a drink from his water bottle before the next song would play.

Their eyes met as Harry turned to look at Louis. He took another drink of his water but this time kept his lips around the top of the bottle for a few seconds longer than before. He kept his eye contact with Louis as he pulled the bottle away and slowly licked his wet lips.

Louis smirked again then raised an eyebrow back at Harry. He teared his eyes away to look back at the crowd, trying not to focus on the way Harry’s mouth wrapped around the top of the bottle, or how his tongue teasingly ran across each of his lips. He stole a quick glance down as he felt his trousers suddenly becoming tighter and he lifted his head back up after seeing his bulge wasn’t as noticeable as he thought.

"The next song we’re gonna do for you is one you should all know. It’s from the new album and if you do know the words please sing along. This is Rock Me." Liam finished, smiling again at the loud ripple of screams as the lights came back on and he moved back to stand between Niall and Zayn.

As the song started playing, Louis looked back over at Harry then gave him another smirk. Harry quickly glanced back at Louis then averted his eyes as he lifted his microphone and began to sing his verse. Louis smiled as he faced towards the audience again, his eyes sparkling against the lights.

While Harry moved on to his second little verse, Louis began to hit his hand against his thigh in time to the beat of the song. He turned his head slightly so that he was still looking out to the crowd but also so he could see Harry out of the corner of his eye.

Louis smirked again as he noticed Harry was looking directly in one place, as though he was trying to focus on what he was singing. Hearing the last line of Harry’s verse, Louis lifted his microphone to his mouth and sang his own small verse, earning another round of screams.

It wasn’t long before the chorus kicked in and they all sang together, each of them alternatively moving forward on the stage so that they could sing closer to the crowd.

The beat changed as Liam stepped forward to sing, waving down at the front row with a big smile on his face. As he carried on with his verse, Louis turned to look back at Harry and found him already looking at him. He raised his eyebrow again then gave a little smile, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth as he stared back at Harry.

He lifted his microphone up again and sang the same verse as before, this time having Harry sing the backing vocals of the end of his lines. His kept his head turned to his side to look back at Harry as they sang, nearing the end of the verse. He noticed Harry swallow hard then slowly blink his eyes away.

The chorus played again where all of them joined in to sing. Louis hit at his thigh to the beat just like before, turning to look back at the crowd. He kept his eyes to the side so that he could still watch Harry without it seeming too obvious, not that he cared that much if anyone thought it was strange how he kept returning his gaze back to Harry.

The song carried on with them spelling out the word ‘rock’ then singing the rest of the words, each of them keeping up their forward movements and interacting with the audience.

It was when the beat slowed down that Louis looked back over at Harry, hearing the bass of the drum mix in time with their claps. Louis tried to hold back his smirk when he noticed Harry was trying not to look at him but failing as he turned his head and looked at Louis again. A grin reached Louis’ lips as he sung the words still looking directly at Harry. His hips started to sway from side to side with each beat of the drum, not moving his gaze away from Harry’s eyes.

He smirked again as he lifted up his free hand and held it out towards the audience with his hand gripped into a fist. He saw how Harry’s eyes moved to his stretched out arm then back up at Louis just as he bent his knees and thrusted his hips in time to the beat returning, all the while keeping his eyes locked with Harry’s.

More screams beamed over the sound of the song playing as Louis dropped his hand and grinned before biting his lip. He watched as Harry swallowed again then turned his head away to carry on singing with a flustered look on his face.

Louis grinned at the crowd, clearly proud of his actions and the knowledge of the fact that he had most definitely made Harry hard. He sang along to the last bit of the chorus, approaching the end of the song.

Once the song had finished, the lights went out again to remake the stage fall back to darkness. The screams in the arena continued as each of the boys raced off the stage to go through the first costume change of the night. It was there that Louis stood beside Harry, both of them ripping off their velcro shirts to change into different ones in the short time that they had. His eyes swerved down Harry’s body and be smirked again when he saw the bulge pressing against his crotch.

Harry looked up and caught his eye as Louis shifted his gaze away, after getting a good look at the view. Louis stepped closer to Harry’s side and moved his head to hover above his neck, brushing his lips to Harry’s ear.

"Later, love."

Walking through the hotel lobby, Harry felt the adrenaline from the show pumping around his body. He always had this after performing and even though at times it could be tiring when he really needed sleep, other times he loved it. He craved the high that it gave him, making him feel happier than ever before.

It wasn’t just adrenaline that was surging through his body right then. Ever since they had sang Rock Me he had an intense feeling of arousal. Louis’ fault, of course. Louis knew how much Harry loved when he thrusted his hips or swayed them from side to side, and Louis loved to make Harry horny while they was in an arena full of screaming fans.

Feeling a hand rest on his lower back, Harry turned his head to see Louis standing close to his side. He grinned back at Harry then lifted up the key-card to their shared room, using his hand to guide Harry over to the lifts.

"You two not coming out for a couple of drinks?" Niall asked, turning slightlyfrom where he was stood with Zayn to look over at Harry and Louis.

Louis glanced from Harry to Niall then shook his head, “Nah mate, we’re gonna have an early night I think. You guys have fun though.”

Niall gave a knowing nod and a quick smile then watched as Louis grinned before gently pushing Harry into the now open elevator.

Once the doors had closed, Harry hurriedly stepped closer to Louis in an attempt to kiss him as hard as he could but he was stopped when Louis moved away and grabbed his hand to keep him still.

"I said we’re having an early night. Don’t want you getting all worked up for nothing now, do we?" Louis teased, trying to keep the smirk off his face.

Harry gave a puzzled look, clearly baffled. “But you said..”

He was cut off when the doors opened again, the lift now up on their floor. He was dragged out of the elevator as Louis kept his grip on his hand, walking them both over to their room. Harry watched with an annoying and impatient look as Louis took out the key-card and swiped it to unlock the door.

Louis kept his hand on Harry’s as he walked them both inside the fairly big room, being sure to turn around and close the door behind them both. He chucked the key-card on the drawers then dropped his hand away, receiving an unexpected look from Harry.

He smiled as he walked away and headed into the en-suite bathroom, leaving Harry to stand in the middle of the room. Harry gave out a frustrated squeak, feeling his heart begin to pound in his chest. He needed to do something rather than just ‘have an early night’ as Louis had said. The adrenaline and arousal was still pumping away at him, needing to use this build up of energy he had inside of him.

He sighed as he heard the sound of water running in the bathroom, guessing that Louis was washing his hands. He hated when Louis did this, left him hanging when he knew Harry was desperate for release. It wasn’t fair on him, he felt as though he was about to scream or cry, or both.

Thoughts of Louis hip thrusting on stage filled his mind and he let out a small groan. He bit his lip as the image played over and over, feeling himself become just as hard as he did on stage. The song suddenly played along with the images and he quickly looked back over at the bathroom door, hearing the tap being turned off.

Harry slowly let a smirk take over his mouth as he cleared his throat, his eyes watching as Louis walked back into the room. He quietly hummed along to the song as Louis kicked off his shoes and began to strip from his clothes to get ready for bed. Harry bit his lip to stop himself from grinning as he moved closer to where Louis was stood.

'I want you to rock me.' Harry sung, keeping his voice low and raspy. He moved again until he was standing right behind Louis, his hand lifting up as he carried on singing. 'Rock me, rock me, yeah'

He stopped then ran his fingers up and down Louis’ bare back, seeing him tilt his head to look back at Harry. Harry’s other hand lifted up to rest on Louis’ hip as he stepped much closer now, his fingers still moving up and down the skin of Louis’ back.

'I want you to hit the pedal.' Harry continued, singing quiet as his head dipped to have his mouth near Louis' ear. 'Heavy metal.'

He left another pause as his fingers dropped down to sit at his other hip. He licked at the lobe of Louis’ ear before he gently nibbled on it, slowly grinding into the curve of Louis’ bum.

'Show me you care.' Harry finished, his voice barely a whisper as he sang the last line right into Louis' ear.

Louis bit his lip as he looked back at Harry with his head still turned. His hand lifted to grip Harry’s that was pressed to his left hip, then he turned around and stepped closer to Harry.

"Getting a little impatient, aren’t you?" Louis teased, wrapping his hands around Harry’s waist to pull him in closer to his body. "I wondered how long you’d last before you pretty much begged for me to fuck you."

Harry bit his lip as he stared back at Louis, seeing his eyes dark and glazed over. He felt his cock twitch beneath his trousers as Louis started to grind his crotch into it, making Harry moan low in his throat.

"Why don’t you ask me nicely what you want me to do." Louis carried on, his voice slightly thicker than usual. He moved his lips closer to Harry’s ear and spoke again, this time being sure to breathe out hotly. "Then I’ll think about if I want to give it you."

"Please." Harry gasped out, feeling his cock stiffen even more from the hotness of Louis’ breath inside his ear. "Please will you fuck me, Louis?"

Louis hummed as though in deep thought then he pulled his head back to face Harry again. He stared back for a few seconds without saying anything, his hips still grinding into Harry’s crotch. His tongue left his mouth to lick along his top lip then he moved his head closer to fill the gap between them both.

Just as their lips were about to touch, Louis stopped but kept them there just centimetres apart. “But I don’t know how bad you want it.” Louis quipped, shrugging his shoulders with a blank look on his face.

Harry released a breath he had been holding, feeling himself becoming irritated as his body still ached to find release. His heart was beating so loud in his chest it was starting to give him a headache. “I want it so bad, Louis. Please?”

Louis held back his smirk as he moved his lips closer to Harry’s again, this time pressing them together. He moved them away just as quickly, taking Harry’s bottom lip between his teeth. He let it fall from his grasp then his eyes flickered up to see a pleading look on Harry’s face, desperate for anything Louis would give him.

Stepping backwards, Louis skimmed his eyes up and down Harry’s body. “Get these off.” He instructed, his hand lifting up to point at Harry’s clothes. “Then I want you on the bed.”

Harry quickly moved into action, ripping his clothes off carelessly to then chuck to the floor without caring in the slightest if they got crumpled. His hands pulled down his boxers then he kicked them away and moved closer to the double bed, climbing on top of it then turning around to face Louis.

Watching from the bed, Harry’s eyes fixed to Louis’ movements. He knelt down to the floor and opened up his suitcase, searching for his smaller toiletries bag. Once he had found it he opened it up and took out a small bottle of lube. His fingers went to reach for a condom but then he stopped and smirked as he closed the bag again.

Straightening back up, Louis pulled down his own boxers then moved them out of the way. His eyes reached the bed where he saw Harry, now naked, sat waiting for him. Louis slowly walked over to the bed but he stopped when his knees hit against the mattress. His hand dropped down to wrap around his cock where he gave it a few long strokes, feeling it get much harder under his touch.

"Over here." Louis called out, not stopping his hand movements as Harry shifted on the bed until he was knelt up right in front of Louis. Their eyes met again as Louis slowed his hand down, keeping it gripped at the base.

"Get on all fours for me, baby." Louis lightly ordered, his voice calmer now and almost soothing.

Harry changed his position so he was resting up on his hands and knees with his back dipped at the middle. He looked back up at Louis with big eyes as he waited for him to speak again.

Lifting his free hand, Louis lightly stroked Harry’s cheek then used his thumb to open his mouth. His other hand guided his cock to sit inside Harry’s open mouth, resting on his tongue. Louis dropped both of his hands then slowly eased his cock further inside, seeing Harry enclose his mouth around it to keep it in place.

Harry straight away began to suck on Louis’ cock. His head moved backwards and forwards as he took in as much of Louis as he could, feeling it nudge at the back of his throat a couple of times. His hands stayed on the mattress as he just used his mouth, using his wet lips to slide it in and out.

"That feels so good." Louis moaned out, resisting the urge to fuck Harry’s mouth.

One of his hands was placed to his stomach while the other gripped at the base again, keeping it there as Harry continued to suck. Louis moaned low in his throat as he felt his arousal building up in his stomach.

"Look up at me, baby. Let me see those eyes." Louis instructed, watching as Harry blinked then looked up at him with his eyes big and wide.

Louis moaned again, the sight of Harry’s eyes on him while he sucked on his cock made his arousal increase and his cock began to throb. The hand that was gripped to the base carefully pulled himself out, going slow so that he wouldn’t startle Harry.

"Stay like that for me." Louis spoke, quickly leaning down to kiss Harry’s lips before he straightened up and walked around to the side of the bed.

Louis lifted himself onto the mattress then knelt behind where Harry was still bent over. His hand reached out to cover Harry’s right cheek, making him gasp at the sudden contact. Louis massaged his fingers into the soft skin of Harry’s cheek before he moved his hand away.

He bit his lip as he popped open the cap of the bottle of lube that was in his hand then he generously covered two of his fingers. He dropped the bottle down onto the bed then shifted himself closer to Harry.

Louis used his clean hand to separate Harry’s legs a little more then without any warning he pressed the tip of one of his lubed up fingers against the tight opening of Harry’s hole. He gently circled his hole with the pad of his finger hearing Harry gasp out loud.

Pushing his finger inside, Louis earned more gasps from Harry, followed by the sounds of his breathless moans. Louis used his other hand to grip at Harry’s left cheek, holding it open a little as his finger moved in and out.

"Does that feel good?" Louis asked, making his finger go all the way inside up to his knuckle.

"Yeah, yeah feels so good. Need more, Louis, please."

Louis groaned out before pushing his second finger inside of Harry. More moans spilled out of Harry’s mouth as Louis began to thrust both of his fingers in and out of him, picking up his pace as he moved them faster. His fingers worked to stretch Harry open, getting him prepared and ready for what was to come.

"Louis, please. I need it, I’m ready." Harry desperately moaned, his voice sounding deep and rugged.

Louis bit his lip as he thrusted his fingers in and out a few more times then slowly eased them out, leaving Harry to desperately pant in front of him. Shuffling back slightly, Louis quickly poured some of the lube onto his cock then put the bottle back down again.

He leant forward and fixed his hands to each of Harry’s hips, pulling his body back with him until Louis was sat with his back against the pillows. He lifted Harry’s body so that he was hovering over Louis’ legs facing forwards.

"You’re gonna ride my cock, okay baby?" Louis informed, moving his hand back to give his cock a few more pumps. He bit his lip as Harry quickly nodded, too desperate to speak.

Louis let out a groan then guided his hard cock up to Harry’s hole. His other hand was left on Harry’s hip to hold him up, easing him down on his length. Harry moaned out straight away as he was filled up with Louis’ cock, feeling it disappear into him inch by inch.

Once he was inside, both of Louis’ hands moved to sit at Harry’s sides. A couple of seconds passed before Harry began to lift himself up and down with the help of Louis’ hands. He felt his head spin at the sudden intense feeling of being filled, having Louis’ cock inside of him just like he so badly needed.

"Fuck, that’s so good! Feels so good, oh fuck". Harry breathlessly moaned out, not caring that he didn’t make much sense. He lifted up his knees to give him a better angle, not feeling his back ache as much now.

Dropping one of his hands down, Louis wrapped his fingers around Harry’s cock, starting to stroke him as he continued to bounce up and down on Louis’ cock. Harry’s moans were louder now as he felt the pleasure increasing and his stomach fluttered over and over.

Louis let go of Harry’s cock to let him lean forward a little, resting both of his hands on Louis’ legs to steady him as he bounced. Louis moaned at the sight, watching Harry’s bum move up and down as he took in his cock. His hands reached down to Harry’s hips where he held him in place while he suddenly began to thrust his cock up, moving at a fast pace.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah, Louis, fuck me. That’s so good, don’t stop fucking me." Harry moaned, his head tipping back as the arousal rippled through his body. All he could think about was how good this felt, and how badly he needed to cum.

Louis slowed down his thrusts until he was back to his normal pace. His hands lifted up Harry’s back as he saw Harry straighten up again and try to turn his head to look behind him at Louis.

"Turn around for me. I wanna see your face as you cum." Louis instructed, helping Harry to lift off him carefully.

Harry did as he was told and turned himself around, straddling Louis’ legs again but was now facing him. His hand reached for Louis’ cock and he guided it back to his hole, easing himself back down onto it.

Wasting no time, Harry copied his previous actions and bounced up and down, letting Louis’ cock push in deeper inside him. He leant forward so that one hand was holding Louis’ shoulder while his other was quickly stroking at his cock, making his head spin as the arousal was forever building up.

"You like that? You like riding my dick?" Louis growled out, earning a moan of a reply from Harry. Louis kept his hands at Harry’s hips as he watched them quickly move up and down. "Such a tight hole."

Harry flickered his eyes upwards to meet with Louis’ and he dropped his head to kiss his lips. Louis moaned into the kiss then suddenly thrusted himself up again, catching Harry by surprise as he broke the kiss gasping for air.

"Fuck that’s- oh, fuck. Louis, don’t stop!" Harry pleaded, squeezing his eyes shut at the pleasurable feeling rushing through his entire body. His hand pumped at his cock much faster now, fast approaching his orgasm.

"Are you gonna cum, Harry?" Louis asked, his own breath caught up in his throat. "Do you like having my cock inside you so much that you wanna cum hard for me?"

"Yes. Oh, yes. Louis, I’m gonna cum." Harry breathlessly let out his warning as he opened his eyes just as streaks of his cum plastered onto Louis’ chest. His hand slowed down until there was nothing left then he dropped it to Louis’ stomach, trying to regain his breath.

Louis bit down on his lip as he continued to thrust up into Harry. His eyes closed and his head tipped back, feeling his stomach starting to tighten telling him he was close. He moaned over and over as he bucked his hips up, bringing himself closer now.

Harry dropped down to lay on top of Louis, moving his head close to his ear. “Fill me up, Lou. I want you to cum inside me.”

Louis bit hard on his lip as he let out another moan before spilling up into Harry. He moaned again at the feeling then reached down to slowly pull himself back out, causing Harry to let out a groan at the sudden emptiness.

They both stayed sprawled out together as the minutes went by, neither of them willing to move just yet. Harry was still laying down on top of Louis, now with Louis’ arm wrapped around his body to hold him close. Their breathing had returned to its normal speed, making the silence of the room much louder than before.

Turning his head carefully, Louis smiled when he saw Harry’s eyes were slowly shutting. He leant forward to press a soft kiss to Harry’s forehead, making his eyelids flutter.

"Sorry, can’t keep them open. Too tired." Harry mumbled, not even bothering to open his eyes again. He heard Louis chuckle softly then he felt another kiss being pressed to his lips this time, making him smile as he drifted off to sleep.

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