title: and they could never tear us apart
rating: nc-17
summary: After spending the day away from each other under management’s rules, Harry and Louis finally get to be together.
warnings: sexual content
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt

A/N: So I’m not really happy with how this one turned out :/ the ending is a little abrupt and I’m annoyed at myself because I’ve spent quite a lot of time on this and I wanted to make it as beautiful as the prompt is but it’s just not and I’m sorry.

Louis kicked the door shut behind him, closing them off from everybody else. His hands were gripped to Harry’s hips, almost like he was keeping him close to him afraid to let him go. Their lips were against each others as they shared a passionate and long kiss, something they’d each thought about on more than one occasion that day.

Louis gently pushed Harry backwards, making him stumble slightly over his own feet. The kiss continued as Louis guided them closer to the double bed of their hotel room and stopped once the back of Harry’s legs came in contact with the foot of the mattress.

Slowly pulling his head away and breaking the kiss, Louis blinked his eyes open. He stared back at Harry with a small smile on his face while his hands began to gently move up and down Harry’s sides. The smile that was etched to Louis’ lips began to fade when he saw the sadness in Harry’s eyes.

"I missed you today." Harry whispered, his voice wavering as he spoke.

Louis felt a sudden pang of sad emotion hit against his chest, feeling his heart sink low in his stomach. He watched as Harry lowered his head to let out a deep sigh. He blinked again, feeling tears sting the corners of his eyes, as he swallowed the sudden lump that had appeared in his throat.

"I’m with you now." Louis answered, his own voice soft and gentle. He knew it wasn’t enough, not for the amount of time they’d much prefer to have together.

Harry slowly lifted his head back up and stared at Louis again. He bit the inside of his gum as he slowly nodded his head, agreeing but silently wishing it was different. He sniffed and lifted his hands up, resting one on Louis’ side while the other lifted up to his cheek.

Louis smiled again under the soft brush of Harry’s thumb stroking against his cheek. He found himself relaxing into Harry’s touch, letting his eyes close as his heart soared back up in his chest just from the intimate contact.

His eyes slowly fluttered open again to find Harry still staring at him. He lifted up his left hand to place it over the one Harry had resting on his cheek and he gently entwined their fingers. He carefully dropped their now joint hands as he moved his head closer to steal another kiss from Harry’s lips.

The kiss was just as slow and passionate as before. Both of them had their eyes closed as they became locked in the embrace, firmly holding on to each others hand.

Harry broke the kiss this time, staring back at Louis once he opened his eyes. He watched as Louis lifted up his spare hand to gently tug on the bottom of Harry’s shirt. Louis’ fingers escaped underneath the material and brushed against Harry’s stomach, lifting his hand upwards so that the shirt bunched up against Harry’s skin.

Giving Harry’s hand a small squeeze, Louis untangled their fingers and lifted his hand up to grip at the other side of Harry’s shirt. His eyes flickered back to look up at Harry before he slowly began to lift the shirt, carefully bringing it over Harry’s head while he helped by lifting up his arms.

Louis chucked the shirt down to the floor then moved his hands down Harry’s bare stomach, letting them sit at his hips just like before. He slowly licked his lips before dipping his head to press a soft kiss to Harry’s shoulder. His lips then dropped lower to kiss his collarbone, then moved along to kiss his other shoulder where he let them linger for a few seconds more.

Lifting his head, Louis blinked back up at Harry to meet his gaze. He could still see the sadness clear in Harry’s eyes and he bit his lip feeling his own eyes welling up again.

"I’m sorry." Louis croaked out, lowering his head a little so that his eyes focused on the two birds inked to Harry’s chest. He swallowed away another lump and let out a shaky sigh. "It’s my fault that things are how they are."

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed as he shook his head determinedly. “How can you even think that?” His voice remained quiet as he spoke, urging for Louis to see it from his side. “None of this is your fault, Lou. It’s just- how it has to be.”

Louis slowly lifted his head back up at Harry’s words, feeling a sudden ripple of anger shoot through his body. As much as he hated it, Harry was right. They couldn’t be together no matter how much of a fight they gave, it was just how it was and they couldn’t change that.

"I wish I was stronger for us- for you." Louis quietly confessed, keeping his eyes locked with Harry’s this time. He let out another sigh, feeling drained all over. "But I just- I can’t do it."

"Please don’t blame yourself." Harry urged, feeling his heart break from seeing Louis like this. His eyes flickered down to Louis’ cheek just as a single tear began to fall. He quickly lifted up his hand and gently wiped away the tear with the pad of his thumb. "I would never make you do something you don’t want to do, and I understand that it’s scary for you. You don’t need to come out just because of how things are. You need to do that when you’re ready."

Louis swallowed again then nodded his head, still feeling like there was a black cloud hanging over him. It was like he was at war with himself, knowing that there was a chance they could be together if he’d just stand up for himself and tell everyone the truth. But he couldn’t do it. Just thinking of it terrified him, and he hated that.

Harry dropped his hand down to rest his palm against Louis’ cheek. He gave a weak smile when Louis’ eyes stared back at him. “It won’t always be like this.” He stopped and swallowed, letting his thumb lightly run along Louis’ cheekbone. “It will get easier and we’ll be together just like we want, we just have to wait.”

Louis felt his eyes fill with lines of tears, his heart beginning to pound heavily against his chest. It seemed untrue, but he believed every single one of Harry’s words. They both had hope that in time it won’t be so hard and they wouldn’t have to hide anymore. That hope was something they both tightly held on to.

"What we have," Harry continued, his eyes glistening with his own tears. "It’s something that’s definitely worth waiting for."

Louis gave a small smile as he nodded his head. His eyes briefly dropped down where he stared at Harry’s chest again, taking in his words. He bit on his lip as he looked back up and smiled again. “I love you, so much.”

Harry’s lips curved into the shape of a smile as he dropped his hand to place it on Louis’ chest covering where his heart was beating fast. “I love you, too. And nothing, or nobody, is gonna change that.”

Louis’ smile widened slightly as Harry moved his head closer and recaptured their lips. His heart skipped a beat while he felt a swarm of butterflies tingle in his stomach.

Once the kiss broke their eyes fluttered open, both of them staring at each other again. Louis smiled like before then let his eyes slowly travel downwards to take in the sight of the top half of Harry’s bare body. His smile remained on his lips as he reached a hand up and delicately traced a finger along the line of the first ab that was bulging through Harry’s tanned stomach.

"These were never here before." Louis pointed out, leaving his finger there as Harry looked down at it. "And you didn’t look as painted back then as you do now."

Harry smiled again and let out a quiet chuckle. His eyes swerved back up to meet with Louis’ again. “I’m still me though.”

Louis stared back at Harry with a beaming smile and his eyes sparkling. “Still my Harry.”

Harry kept his smile as his eyes filled with tears again. He moved his head in closer like before, stopping when he was only a short gap away from their lips touching. “Always.”

Their lips met again as they kissed, both of them melting into the embrace. Both of their eyes were shut while they passionately kissed, standing much closer to each other now. Harry’s hands roamed Louis’ stomach before they fell to the bottom of his shirt. His fingers swept underneath where he attempted to pull it up.

Louis pulled back from the kiss to help Harry lift his shirt over his head before it was chucked to the floor right next to Harry’s. He moved back to bring their lips together again, settling into the kiss just as before.

Moving his hands further down, Harry skilfully unbuckled Louis’ belt while keeping their lips pressed together. His fingers worked to unfasten the button and then pull down the small zip leaving the denim jeans to fall down from the lack of support holding them up.

Louis shuffled his legs out of his jeans and then kicked them out of the way with the side of his foot. He opened his eyes again as they each pulled away from the kiss, both of them desperate for air.

Smiling again, Harry bit the corner of his bottom lip then dropped his gaze. His eyes moved all the way down Louis’ stomach, taking in the view that was right in front of him. He smiled again as he slowly let his eyes travel back up to look at Louis’ face. He frowned when he saw that Louis had his head lowered with a light tint of red flushing both of his cheeks.

Harry felt a stab at his heart, hearing a niggling voice at the back of his head reminding him that Louis was slightly insecure and hated how his stomach looked, compared to Harry’s at least. He slowly brought up his hand to gently lift Louis’ head with a finger hooked under his chin.

"You’re beautiful." Harry whispered, staring right into Louis’ eyes now. He moved closer to press a soft kiss to his lips then dropped his hand again, allowing his fingers to brush against Louis’ stomach.

Louis gave another small smile, feeling more butterflies flutter inside of his stomach underneath Harry’s soft touch. His smile started to fade as he let out a deep sigh. “I still don’t understand why you chose me.” He sorrowfully mused, his voice cracking as he spoke. “Even back then you could have had anyone you wanted.”

"I did, I wanted you." Harry answered, feeling his heart sink low in his stomach. He hated seeing Louis like this, and hearing him say things like that about himself. "I still think you’re as beautiful now as I did the first time we met."

Louis blinked back at Harry and gave another smile. “I really love you.”

Harry grinned for the first time all day as dropped his hand to meet with Louis’. He entwined their fingers again then moved his head forward to press another soft kiss to Louis’ lips. “I know.” He whispered, “And I really love you, too.”

Louis’ smile became bigger when Harry’s lips moved forward again, bringing them together for a much longer kiss this time. His hands swept down Harry’s sides until he reached his hips, letting his fingers travel lower.

Moving away from the kiss, Louis dropped his gaze to look down at where his fingers were fiddling with Harry’s belt. He watched as he unfastened the buckle, and the small button, then he pulled down the zip. His eyes moved back up to see Harry still staring at him with a big smile beaming on his face.

Louis bit his lip as he pushed the material of Harry’s jeans down his legs. He quickly helped Harry to step out of them then he moved them away before lifting his hands back to rest on Harry’s hips. He stepped in closer and slowly began to grind his crotch against Harry’s, feeling their erections press into each other’s.

A small moan left Harry’s mouth, making Louis smile wider. He stopped his movements then carefully dropped down to his knees, sliding both of his hands down to the sides of Harry’s thighs. His fingers tug on his boxers then he slowly pulled them down all the way, biting his lip again as Harry’s semi-hard cock was now in view.

He moaned quietly then moved closer to softly kiss the head, earning a gasp from Harry. He smiled as he moved back to stand up again then held onto Harry’s arms while he stepped out of his boxers. His hands moved to Harry’s hips while he kissed him slowly, letting their lips clash against each others.

The kiss broke as Louis moved his right hand up from Harry’s hip to press it flat against his back, working as support while he gently pushed Harry back onto the bed. He lifted himself up to lay on top of Harry’s body, straddling his legs. His hands roamed up and down Harry’s stomach as he brought their lips together again to share soft kisses.

"I’m gonna make you feel so good." Louis whispered, brushing his lips against Harry’s again.

Harry stared up at Louis as he watched him pull back and sit himself up. He ran a hand down Harry’s stomach until it reached his crotch where he wrapped his fingers around Harry’s cock. He earned another gasp and he smiled at the feeling of Harry becoming harder from his touch.

Their eyes met again when Louis began to stroke his hand up and down, his thumb pressed against his fingers as if he was trapping his hand around Harry’s cock. He watched as Harry dropped his mouth open and let quiet moans slip out.

Louis bit his lip as he leant forward again. His spare hand moved up to sit in Harry’s hair, his fingers lightly massaging at his scalp. He pressed their lips together while his other hand continued to stroke Harry’s cock.

Harry moaned into the kiss while he lifted his hand up to Louis’ cheek. He then dropped it down to Louis’ shoulder where he gently scratched against his skin, pulling away from the kiss while gasping for breath.

Louis shifted on the bed so that he was above Harry again. He moved his hand away from Harry’s cock then carefully separated Harry’s legs before he lifted them up to bend at the knees, leaving his feet to press flatly on the mattress. He brought his hands up to rest on Harry’s knees while he bent his head forward to let a drop of his saliva fall from his mouth and land close to Harry’s hole.

He moved one of his hands closer and used his finger to scoop up the liquid before spreading it all around Harry’s entrance. He moved his finger around in a small circle then gently swiped it right across, making Harry gasp from the sudden touch.

Louis smiled down at Harry before he moved his hand away then carefully stood up from the bed. He quickly pulled off his boxers and moved them aside then he walked over to the small desk beside the head of the bed. On top of the desk was a small black bag that contained Harry’s toiletries. He fumbled with the zip then felt around inside until he found what he was looking for and pulled out a small bottle of lube and a single condom.

Climbing back up onto the bed, Louis smiled down at Harry again before he placed the condom on the mattress. He opened up the bottle of lube and poured some of the liquid onto two of his fingers, then closed the lid and put it down next to the condom.

His eyes moved down to look between Harry’s open legs, guiding his fingers closer to his glistening hole. He gently ran one of his fingers in a circle just as he did before then he slowly eased it inside.

Harry gasped again and jerked his hips up in surprise. He moaned as Louis pushed his finger in further then began to bring it back out again. His eyes were glued to Louis’ dipped head, watching the way his finger moved in and out repeatedly.

Louis lifted his head up to look at Harry, giving him another smile. He lowered his head to press soft kisses to Harry’s stomach while his finger glided in and out of him. He felt himself becoming harder with every sound of Harry’s moans, travelling into his ears.

"Add another, Lou." Harry moaned out, his eyes silently pleading as he stared back at Louis. "It feels so good."

Louis kept his eyes locked with Harry’s as he gently added a second finger. He started off slow, letting Harry’s tight hole stretch to the wider size of two fingers sliding in against each other. He began to pick up his pace and moved both of his fingers in and out of Harry much quicker now.

Lowering his head, Louis pressed another kiss to Harry’s lips. His fingers worked together to stretch Harry open further with every thrust.

More moans left Harry’s mouth as the pounding of Louis’ fingers sent bursts of arousal all around his body. He stared back up at Louis with his breath catching in his throat and his body flushed with heat. 

"Please, Louis." Harry pleaded, his voice quiet and low. "I’m ready, I need you inside me."

Louis stole another quick kiss from Harry’s lips before he lifted himself back up and gently pulled his fingers out of Harry. He knelt between Harry’s legs while his hand reached out to grab the condom. His gaze fell back down to Harry, seeing his flushed and breathless form staring back at him with lust in his eyes.

"I need you so bad, Louis." Harry spoke softly, repeating his pleads. His eyes were fixed up at Louis and he watched as he quickly teared open the foil packet and rolled the condom onto his erect cock.

"I’ve got you, Harry. I’ll take care of you, I promise." Louis replied, his own voice gentle and tender. His eyes sparkled as he looked down at Harry while his fingers picked up the bottle of lube. He was quick to slick himself up, making sure he was generously covered, before he positioned himself so that he was closer between Harry’s legs.

Louis gripped his hand to the base of his cock as he guided himself towards Harry’s entrance. He gently nudged the head against his hole, hearing Harry moan again before he slowly pushed himself inside. He leant forward so that he was hovering above Harry with his hands pressed to the bed either side of Harry’s shoulders.

As Louis continued to gently ease himself further inside, Harry tipped his head back and moaned blissfully. His eyes slipped shut as the feeling of pleasure swept over his body and formed goosebumps on his skin. He felt a hand move back to sit in his hair and he blinked his eyes open again to see Louis looking down at him, now leaning on his left arm to hold himself up.

Once Louis was most of the way inside he stopped his movements to give Harry time to adjust and familiarise himself with the size of Louis’ cock. He captured Harry’s lips again, falling into another embrace as they kissed slowly.

Harry lifted his hand to glide up Louis’ arm before he left it to rest on his side, his fingers gently stroking his skin. He pulled his head away to break the kiss as he blinked back at Louis. “Please, Louis.”

Louis slowly nodded and brought his hand down to hold onto Harry’s hip while he began to move, starting off by pulling himself out almost all of the way before pushing back inside. He let a moan leave his mouth as he thrust his hips down into Harry’s, pushing his cock in and out of him.

"You feel so good." Louis whispered, feeling his body react to the arousal of being inside of Harry. His hand moved up and down Harry’s side, letting his fingers lightly glide against his skin.

He continued to thrust himself in and out, moving slow in comparison so their usually quick and rushed time together. Now they could go as slow as they wanted, it was just them with nobody else around. This was the kind of intimacy they both longed for at those times when they were apart, like they were over the course of that day.

Louis moved both of his arms down then let his hands escape underneath Harry’s shoulders, almost like he was scooping him up in his arms. His head lolled to the side and dipped to Harry’s neck, his mouth close to Harry’s ear. He left soft kisses to Harry’s shoulder then up along his neck before reaching the lobe of his ear.

"You’re mine, and I’m yours." Louis whispered, right into Harry’s ear so that only he could hear. He kissed Harry’s neck again as he heard him gasp through his moans. "I love you so much."

Harry felt his head spin and his heart hammered against his chest. His body tingled all over, the pleasurable sensation of Louis thrusting into him mixed with the emotions he had spilling out from his heart. Both of his hands clung onto Louis’ back and he held him closer to his chest, like he was too afraid to let Louis go.

"You’re everything I’ve ever wanted." Louis continued, his voice soft and sweet in Harry’s ear. "Everything I’ll ever need."

Harry whimpered in his throat, feeling his eyes well up with tears just like before. He bit his lip to stop himself from crying though he knew it wouldn’t help. His head spun from the intense feelings that rippled through his body, making him tingle all over.

"It’s always been you, Harry. You’re the one I love." Louis choked out, swallowing the lump he had in his throat. He dropped his head to press another kiss to Harry’s shoulder as he kept up the slow rhythm of thrusting into him. He lifted his head back up again, moving his mouth back to Harry’s ear. "You’re the one I’ve always loved."

Louis left another kiss to Harry’s neck before lifting his head back up. His eyes stared back at Harry and he felt his heart sink as he saw the two tears that were strolling down each of Harry’s cheeks. He dipped his head to kiss his lips, feeling Harry tighten the grip he had on Louis’ body.

Harry slowly broke the kiss then dipped his head forward to hide his face into the crease of Louis’ neck. His fingers dug into the skin of Louis’ back, leaving marks under his tight grasp. His tears spilled from his eyes he felt his body being rocked on the bed.

"It’s okay, I promise, it’s all okay." Louis soothed, keeping his voice to a hushed whisper. His hands ran along the back of Harry’s neck as he held onto him, slightly lifting him up from the bed.

Moving back slowly, Harry blinked a few times before his eyes focused on Louis. A hand was lifted up to wipe away the tears that were staining his cheeks before another kiss was pressed to his lips.

"I love you, Louis." Harry whispered, his voice breaking in the middle of his words.

Louis felt his heart swell in his chest as he stared back at Harry, feeling nothing but love and adoration for him. “I love you, too. Forever.”

Their lips met each others for a longer and more passionate kiss. Harry lifted up one of his hands to rest it at the back of Louis’ head, burying his fingers in his hair. They held each other close as Louis continued to thrust his hips forward, creating bursts of pleasure for the both of them with each one.

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