title: giving in to temptation
rating: nc-17
summary: After being asked about his relationship with Louis in an interview, Harry fights hard to resist the temptation of finding out what could happen between them. He gives in, of course.
warnings: sexual content, light spanking, hair pulling, swearing, dirty talk
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: Could you do one where harry and lou arnt together yet, but its obvious to everyone else but them that they have feelings for the other, and like they get asked if theyve kissed before and theyre like “NO” but then one of them(I think I want it to be harry) decides he wants to find out what its like so he like slams him up against the wall and then smut. Also bonus points for hair pulling, LOTS of grinding and mild spanking

”So boys, you’ve just recently had your second album go straight to number one! How does that feel?”

A smile reached Harry’s lips at the question they had been asked. He sat and listened as Liam chose to answer it, telling the interviewer how extremely happy and so thankful each of them were.

It was nice being able to take a step back in the interview and let someone else speak. The interview had only been going on for at least ten minutes and already Harry had been asked the questions, most of them based on the many girlfriend rumours that newspapers never failed to write about.

He tried not to let the stories bother him. Even if none of them were true, there could be worse things printed about him. As long as the people that matter knew that he wasn’t the womaniser he was made out to be, then it was bearable for him to deal with.

Looking down at the three filled stools in front of him, Harry smiled again as Zayn added how grateful they were to every single one of their fans. Harry casually turned his head to the side of him, his gaze falling to Louis.

Sensing that he was being stared at, Louis blinked away from the woman in front of them and turned to look back at Harry. He gave a friendly smile then separated his hands from where they was joined in his lap. He slowly moved his left hand over onto Harry’s knee and he gave it a soft squeeze before moving it away just as quickly.

Harry smiled at the comforting gesture then turned his attention back to the interviewer, who he noticed was eyeing himself and Louis with a sly grin on her face. Harry gave her a charming smile then shifted on his stool, feeling a little bit uncomfortable under her gaze.

"Now, I need to ask, what’s the deal with you two?" The woman asked, lifting her hand to point at Harry and then Louis. "Is there something going on?"

Harry bit his lip as he heard Louis let out a small chuckle. He turned his head to the side again, seeing Louis now sat with a wide smile on his face as he looked at the interviewer.

"Ah, the fans do this thing where they ship me and Harry together, like as a couple. It’s gone on for a while now, and we sort of just smile and laugh it off." Louis explained, keeping his eyes fixed on the woman.

The woman raised her eyebrows as she looked from Louis to Harry, still with her sly grin etched to her lips. “And you live together, right?”

Harry swallowed and nodded his head, “Yeah, we live together.” He cleared his throat then looked back at Louis, seeing his gaze still fixed forwards.

"Right." The woman replied, looking as though she wasn’t convinced with the basic answers. "But you’ve kissed before, haven’t you?"

Straight away Louis shook his head, “No, we haven’t.”

Harry let a couple of seconds pass, biting onto his lip again, before he stole a quick glance to the side of him then back to the woman. “No.”

The woman dropped her smile and let out a defeated “Oh.” then looked down at her clipboard that was resting on her lap. She quickly scanned the page of questions then looked back up, this time directing her eyes back over at Liam before asking a different question.

As the interview went on, Harry couldn’t help but think about the question she had asked about him and Louis. They had been asked before in interviews to explain what the fans think of their bromance, but never anything about the two of them kissing. And their answer was correct, they hadn’t kissed before, but now Harry found himself wanting to know what kissing Louis would be like. He couldn’t shake the feeling of possibly liking it, and he wondered if Louis would too.

Once the interview was over, much to Harry’s delight, they each made their way out of the small building and outside into their designated car. They had the rest of the day off, after having sat through two meetings and three interviews, which pleased all of them as they sat in the back of the people carrier.

"I really don’t like interviews!" Zayn moaned, tilting his head back against the headrest of his seat. "I’m so tired now."

Niall chuckled at the yawn that left Zayn’s mouth. He smiled when his shoulder was used as a pillow, leaving him with not much choice but to let Zayn fall asleep on him.

"When are you not tired?" Louis mocked, looking over at Zayn from where he was sat in the seat across from him. He rolled his eyes as Zayn mumbled a reply, not bothering to open his eyes. Louis moved his eyes to look over at Liam, who was sat right next to Niall with his phone in his hand. "That boy has absolutely no stamina."

Liam let out a light laugh then dropped his gaze when his phone lit up with a new message. Louis watched Liam type out a reply to the text, zoning out as his own tiredness began to tingle through his body. He blinked quickly and lifted his head, looking around the car for something to distract him from ending up falling asleep.

His eyes swerved to the side of him where he saw Harry looking out of the car window. He purposely hit his knee against Harry’s to get his attention, and it worked as Harry teared his eyes away from the window to look back at Louis.

"You alright?" Louis asked, keeping his voice low so that just Harry could hear. Not that it mattered considering Liam had his head in his phone and Niall was smiling intently at Zayn who was fast asleep.

Harry nodded his head, still thinking about that same question. He knew that they were nothing more than just friends but now he couldn’t help but want to find out what it would be like. He dropped his gaze from Louis when he felt a sudden burst of arousal build up in his stomach. He bit his lip as he stared back out of the window, silently praying that he wouldn’t get hard in front of the other boys.

As the car journey went on, Harry tried his best to be rid of the thoughts he was having. The arousal feeling in his stomach tingled throughout his body and he shifted about in his seat, needing to hurry up and get home so he could relieve himself. As much as he hated to admit it, he was imagining how Louis’ lips would taste, how they would feel pressed against his own.

He inwardly groaned, suddenly feeling his crotch begin to tighten. He swallowed as he thought of what would happen after they kissed. His mind filled with images of holding Louis close and kissing his neck, repeatedly grinding his crotch into him. It was enough to make Harry flush with heat, and his arousal to increase a lot more now.

His vision became blurry as he looked out of the window. The view of passing houses and different streets mixing together giving him a headache. He tried to focus on the outside surroundings and forget about his thoughts, but to no avail. If anything the thoughts he was having became increasingly more explicit, his mind playing out what it would be like to have his hand around Louis’ cock, giving it long and fast strokes until he came with a breathless moan.

His thoughts switched to him being on his knees with Louis’ cock inside of his mouth. He quickly sat up in his seat and blinked rapidly, pleaded for his thoughts to fade away. He cleared his throat and turned to look at Liam, purposely keeping his eyes away from Louis.

"Are we nearly there?" Harry asked, hoping the answer was yes so that he could run inside, lock himself in the bathroom and guiltily wank off to the dirty thoughts he was having over his best mate.

Liam looked up from his phone to gaze out of the window, checking over their destination. He nodded his head before turning back to Harry, “Yeah we’re about five minutes away.” He stopped and looked at Harry’s appearance, noticing the flushed look on his face. “Are you okay?.”

Harry blushed as he saw Louis’ eyes turn to look him with concern. He nodded and sat back in his seat, trying to look like his usual self. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just feeling a bit car sick, that’s all.”

He dropped his gaze, missing the way Liam and Louis shared a confused look. His fingers tapped at his legs as he tried to think of something different, something that didn’t involve Louis.

It wasn’t long after that moment that the car was stopping and turning into the stone driveway of their house. Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he unfastened his seatbelt, almost too eager to leave the car. He held back and waited as calmly as he could manage, watching Louis swing back the big sliding door to let them out.

As soon as Harry had stepped out of the car he walked straight for the house, rushing to get inside. He felt annoyance against himself for leaving in a hurry, not even saying goodbye to the other boys, but he needed to do something with his bulge that was growing with every second that went by.

The thoughts returned to his head as he unlocked the door, being sure to leave it open for Louis. He bit his lip as he imagined he was throwing Louis down onto his bed and hovering over him, pounding himself in and out. He gasped at that thought and he felt his cheeks flush again, feeling as though he had no control over what he was suddenly thinking of.

"Are you sure you’re okay?"

Harry spun around to see Louis worriedly looking back at him. The door was shut now, leaving just the two of them in their shared flat. Harry swallowed and slowly nodded his head, not trusting himself enough to speak.

"You look -" Louis stopped as he moved closer, peering at Harry’s face as if he was working out what word to say next. He tilted his head to the side, never remembering seeing Harry like this before.

Harry felt his cheeks flush again just from Louis’ stare. He quickly cleared his throat, wanting to say something before Louis worked out that Harry was in fact incredibly horny and desperate for release. “I’m fine, honest. Better now that we’re home.”

Louis slowly nodded his head then offered a warm smile, seemingly glad that Harry wasn’t still feeling sick. Without being able to stop himself, he let out a big yawn, feeling his body ache from the busy day they had worked through. “Well, I think I’m gonna get a shower.”

Harry smiled in response, silently planning to relieve himself in his bedroom while Louis was showering. His cock suddenly twitched in his trousers as the image of Louis wet and naked in the shower filled his head. He coughed and blinked his thoughts away, biting his lip hard from fear of moaning out loud.

He stared back in front of him and he watched as Louis lifted up his tshirt and pulled it over his head. Harry’s eyes widened slightly, looking up and down Louis’ bare stomach. He swallowed again and mentally told himself to move his eyes away. The thought of running his hands up and down the tanned skin of Louis’ torso entered Harry’s mind, making him harder in his boxers.

He knew he couldn’t take this anymore. He needed to do something, anything to get himself off but he also knew that doing it alone wouldn’t be enough to help him out. His heart began to pound heavily against his chest as he walked a step closer to Louis.

"I’m feeling tired so if I fall asleep in there just-" Louis was cut off when he was suddenly pushed back against the nearest wall. He let out a surprised yelp and was about to question Harry’s movement when he was stopped by having Harry’s lips pressing against his own.

The kiss was short and gentle, almost tentative through nervousness. As Harry pulled back he moved his eyes up to stare back at Louis, not sure what to expect of his reaction. He swallowed nervously, seeing the blank look on Louis’ face. His hands were gripping onto Louis’ arms as he held him in place, pinning him against the wall.

Harry bit his lip, feeling his arousal increase in his stomach. He sighed and pushed his hips forward, mostly without thinking. He let out a quiet whimper as his bulge was grinding against Louis’ thigh, making him shiver from the sudden contact.

"Harry, what are you.." Louis attempted to ask, his voice fading before he could finish his question. His mouth fell open when he felt his cock twitch, suddenly growing bigger. He frowned in confusion at his sudden arousal as Harry continued to grind against him.

"I want you so bad, Louis." Harry whispered hotly into Louis’ ear. "Need you right now. It’s driving me insane!"

Louis swallowed, feeling his bulge only growing bigger at Harry’s words. His hot breath had tickled through Louis’ ear, leaving him with goosebumps along his arms and a shiver going down his back. He told himself he didn’t want this, he needed to push Harry away and let him know that he was stepping out of line here.

Louis lifted his hands ready to pull Harry off of him but he stopped, leaving them in mid air. He gasped when he felt kisses being pressed to his neck, then a hand lightly ran down his stomach until it reached the top of his trousers. His eyes widened in alarm, guessing what Harry’s hand was reaching for.

"H-Harry." Louis stuttered, his voice quiet and not at all sounding like the intended warning behind it. He went to say more but his words caught up in his throat and his mouth stayed shut. His head began to spin as he continuously told himself to stop this.

Pulling away slowly, Harry glanced up at Louis. He left his hand sitting at the fastening of Louis’ trousers, briefly ignoring his haste to get them off. He licked his lips as he kept his eyes on Louis. “Tell me you don’t want this.” He whispered, keeping his voice low and raspy. “Tell me and I’ll move away.”

Louis stared back at Harry as though he was frozen to the spot. A voice inside of his head screamed out that he didn’t want it, but he couldn’t say the words. As much as he knew it was wrong, Harry was his best friend, and he had a girlfriend, he still couldn’t help the tingling arousal he felt just from Harry’s actions.

Without saying anything, Louis suddenly moved closer and brought his lips back to Harry’s, kissing him with such force and passion. His hand lifted up to Harry’s cheek as he deepened the kiss, needing to have so much more of him now.

Harry moaned into the kiss then skilfully worked to pop open the button of Louis’ trousers. He kept his lips focused on the kiss while his hand escaped beneath the material of Louis’ trousers, using his wrist to pull down the zip. His fingers wrapped around the shape of the bulge that was pressed against Louis’ boxers and he began to move his hand up and down.

Louis broke the kiss, feeling his breathing becoming heavier. He was pushed back against the wall again but this time not as forceful. His eyes flickered up to meet with Harry’s and he felt his cock twitch again, watching as Harry grinned before getting to his knees.

Lifting up his hands, Harry gripped onto Louis’ trousers then pulled them down his legs. He did the same with Louis’ boxers, leaving them to bunch up at his ankles. His hands slowly ran up along Louis’ legs before they reached his crotch where his cock was now erect and fully hard.

One of Harry’s hands gripped to the base of Louis’ cock while the other remained on his hip, pressing his fingers into his skin. He moved his mouth closer and flicked his tongue across the tip, tasting the pre-cum that was oozing out. He repeated the same action then ran his tongue all around the head, finishing off with another lick across the tip.

He took the moans that was spilling from Louis’ mouth as enough consent for him to carry on. His lips wrapped around the head then he slowly pushed his mouth up and down, purposely taking in just half of Louis’ cock.

"Oh. Oh, that feels so good." Louis moaned out, his voice thicker than usual. His head was dipped as he closely watched Harry’s mouth envelope around his cock.

Harry moaned at Louis’ approval of his work. He looked up through his lashes, making sure his eyes were big and wide as he bobbed his head. The hand that was holding the base of Louis’ cock started to stroke it up and down, joining up with his lips as he continued to suck on the head.

Louis tipped his head back as he moaned louder. He bit his lip, feeling his stomach flutter from the pleasure he was receiving. He looked down again to see Harry move his hand away so that he now had enough room to take more of Louis into his mouth.

Another loud moan left Louis’ lips as he reached his hand down and pressed it to the back of Harry’s head. He watched more of his cock disappear into Harry’s mouth while his fingers grabbed a handful of his hair, giving it a light tug. A moan left Harry’s mouth and vibrated around Louis’ cock, making it twitch from the sensitive feeling.

"You like having your hair pulled?" Louis asked, more curious than anything. He didn’t expect Harry to enjoy having his curls pulled on, but clearly it was a turn on for both of them.

Harry nodded as best as he could, flickering his eyes back to up look at Louis. He moaned a second time as his hair was pulled again, this time a little more roughly. His mouth suddenly began to move faster and he took in even more of Louis’ cock, feeling it hit the back of his throat.

Carefully pulling himself out, Louis gave himself a couple of strokes letting Harry regain his breath. He moved his cock back to Harry’s lips, leaning against them as he moved his hand away again. He watched as Harry kissed at the head, then up along his length before lifting his hand to take his cock back into his grasp.

Harry quickly started to stroke Louis again while his mouth moved lower down to take his balls into his mouth. He earned another moan as he lapped his tongue over each one, making them wet with his saliva. He pulled his mouth away again then moved it back to Louis’ cock, straight away sucking down onto his length.

"Fuck, that feels amazing. You sure know how to use that mouth of yours." Louis praised, staring down at Harry in awe. His hand was still holding onto a handful of his hair and he gave it another tug, hearing another moan sound out from Harry’s mouth.

Dropping his hand from Louis’ hip, Harry pressed it to his own crotch, palming himself and shamelessly bucking up to get more friction. His mouth moved faster on Louis’ cock, gliding his lips up and down to take more of him. His jaw began to ache but he kept up the pace, too caught up in the sound of Louis’ moans to even think about stopping.

Louis bit down on his lip as he felt his stomach starting to tighten and his body flushed all over with heat. His head began to spin again as he marvelled at the sensations that Harry was giving him. He gripped his hand tighter on Harry’s hair and moaned louder than before.

"Oh, fuck. Harry I’m so close!" Louis moaned out his warning, thrusting his hips forward as he suddenly filled Harry’s mouth. His moans turned into desperate pants as he stared down at Harry, watching him carefully pull his mouth away then stand up from the floor.

Harry swallowed what was in his mouth while his hands quickly worked to pull down his jeans. He pulled himself out of his boxers and began to stroke his cock, knowing it wouldn’t be long before he was cumming. His eyes looked up at Louis while he jerked his hand up and down, bringing him closer and closer.

Reaching forward, Louis pulled Harry into him again so that they was pressed against each other. He felt Harry’s hot breath on his shoulder tickling his skin while he lifted a hand to softly brush to the back of Harry’s neck. He pressed a light kiss to Harry’s cheek then dropped both of his hands to grab hold of Harry’s bum.

"I want you to cum for me, Harry." Louis whispered, slowly kneading each of Harry’s cheeks with his fingers. He lifted his right hand then hit at the sensitive skin, causing him to moan out at the sudden contact. "I know you want to cum for me."

It was another light spank from Louis that made Harry buck into his hand, shooting his cum out against Louis’ leg. He blinked back at Louis as he tried to calm his heartbeat, his breathing short and wavered. He dropped his hand then took a step back from Louis, settling a pleasant smile onto his face.

"I think we should both go get a shower now." Louis mused, mirroring Harry’s smile.

Harry chuckled blissfully, feeling much more relaxed now. He nodded his head then stepped closer to press a gentle kiss to Louis’ lips. He pulled his head away then moved his mouth nearer to his ear. “We should, but I doubt there’d be much washing going on.”

Louis grinned as Harry pulled back to give him a wink. He bit his lip and grabbed his hand, moving them both over to the shower room.

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