title: caught in the act
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis is masturbating when Harry walks in on him, which would be embarrassing enough without having been moaning his name for Harry to hear.
warnings: sexual content, swearing, dirty talk
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: Could you do a one shot where Louis gets caught wanking by Harry and harry realises its over him (or vide versa) and it gets smutty or something?

Louis walked into the living room with a fresh mug of tea clutched in his hand. He glanced over at the TV to see the programme he was watching was coming back on from its advert break, the time that Louis had used to make himself a drink. He walked towards the sofa and sat down in the middle, getting himself comfy as he looked up at the screen of the TV.

Taking a sip from his mug, Louis felt himself relax into the sofa. It had been a long day of interviews for them and now all Louis wanted to do was unwind and not have to worry about anything. He took another drink then wrapped his hands around his mug to keep himself warm, being too lazy to move again to switch on the heating.

He focused on the programme he was watching while he heard the sound of footsteps getting closer to the living room. He turned his head towards the doorway just as he saw Harry walking into the room with a confused and annoyed look on his face. He watched as Harry walked over to the coffee table, obviously looking for something.

Louis smiled to himself knowing that Harry was probably looking for his car keys. They had this near enough every time Harry went out. He’d never remember where he last put his keys, or where he last carelessly chucked them after coming home, as it more than likely were.

"They’re on the side in the kitchen." Louis informed, taking another drink of his tea as Harry looked up from the coffee table.

"Oh." Harry answered, straightening himself up then walked back out of the room.

Louis shook his head then carried on watching the TV. He breathed out a heavy sigh, feeling his muscles begin to ache from the tiring day they’d had. He looked over at the clock on the wall, seeing that it wasn’t too late for him to have a long, relaxing soak in the bath. He’d usually just have showers to save all the hassle but right now a relaxing bath was just what he needed.

He had another drink from his mug then frowned when he heard banging noises coming from the kitchen. He took the sounds as things being picked up then put back down again, guessing that Harry was looking for something else now. His guess was right as Harry walked back into the living room with another look of confusion clear on his face.

"Have you seen my wallet?" Harry asked, quickly looking around the room to check if it was anywhere around him. He gave up then looked back at Louis, hoping he would help.

"Dining table." Louis answered, not taking his eyes away from the TV. 

Harry swerved his eyes away from Louis to look over at the big table at the far end of the room. He grinned when he saw his black wallet right next to the set of candles placed in the middle of the table.

"Ah! You’re a shining star, Lou." Harry praised, walking over to the table to get his wallet.

Louis smiled then turned his head, seeing Harry pocket his wallet as he walked over to the doorway.

"I’ll be back later on, not sure what time." Harry informed, picking up his house keys from the corner table next to the door. He put them in his other pocket then held onto his car keys, ready to use once he was outside.

"Do I not even get a goodbye kiss?" Louis joked, pouting back at Harry.

Harry laughed as he turned to look back over at Louis. He shrugged his shoulders then quickly walked closer to the sofa, reaching out both of his hands to hold Louis’ cheeks. He grinned before pressing a kiss right onto Louis’ lips.

"See you later, Lou." Harry grinned, dropping his hands away from Louis’ face.

"Have fun with Nick." Louis called, turning his head back to the TV as Harry chuckled then walked out of the house.

Louis let out another long sigh. His eyes stared at the screen of the TV though now he was unfocused on the programme, musing at how his lips were tingling from the touch of Harry’s that had pressed against them. It should probably be weird for best friends to kiss each other now and again, but to them it wasn’t. For them it was more of a comfort thing, having someone they can be intimate with, without having it mean anything.

Biting his lip, Louis swallowed as he guiltily felt a rush of arousal travel around in his stomach. This wasn’t the first time that he had felt aroused over kissing Harry. Whenever it happened he felt the same burst of electricity shoot through his stomach, then he’d get incredibly hard and have to shut himself in the bathroom and relieve himself, mostly thinking of Harry.

It wasn’t that Louis felt ashamed for getting worked up with arousal because of Harry, it was more that he felt bad for it. Sometimes he felt like he was betraying their friendship by having sexual thoughts of Harry and becoming amazingly horny whenever he kissed him, or sometimes even when they sat cuddled into each other as they watched a film together.

Louis sighed again then leant forward to put his mug down on a coaster on the coffee table. He sat back on the sofa then lifted his hand to slowly run it down his stomach, feeling the softness of his tshirt brush against his fingers. His hand moved underneath his tshirt where he let it move up towards his left nipple.

His fingers brushed against the sensitive skin then he flicked at his nipple, making him gasp at the contact. He repeated the same action, this time grasping his nipple between his finger and thumb before rolling it slowly. He moaned low in his throat as he felt more bursts of arousal building up in his stomach.

Biting his lip again, he looked down at his crotch to see a forming bulge pressed against his sweat pants. He slowly dropped his hand from his stomach and moved it lower to sit in his lap. His fingers teased his bulge by outlining the shape, feeling how hard he was getting now.

Using his left hand, he lifted up the top of his sweat pants to give enough room for his other hand to move inside. His breathing slowly became heavier as he slid his hand into his boxers and wrapped his fingers around his erection. He moaned at the touch then gave himself three slow strokes before stopping to lift it out of his boxers, leaving it to sit out of his sweat pants.

His fingers wrapped around his cock again, this time giving it a gentle squeeze making it even harder than it was already. He moaned low then tipped his head back against the sofa with his eyes now shut. His hand began to slowly stroke up and down while images of Harry filled his mind.

The fantasies he had of Harry always started with him being on his knees looking up at Louis with wide, pleading eyes begging for Louis to let him suck his cock. It was something that always made Louis hard and he’d moan at the thought, imagining Harry was in the room with him whenever he’d jerk himself off.

Right now was no exception. Louis stroked his hand up and down the length of his hard cock as he imagined Harry’s mouth open and waiting, and his eyes wide and innocent. He moaned and bucked his hips up from the sofa, feeling another burst of arousal.

"Yeah, suck my cock, Harry." Louis moaned aloud, his voice deep and raspy from his arousal.

His hand moved faster as he imagined he was guiding his cock to Harry’s lips, letting him take it into his mouth. He moaned again, picturing Harry bob his head as he took Louis’ cock with eagerness. More moans slipped from his mouth as he stroked faster, thoughts of him fucking into Harry’s mouth appearing in his mind.

Louis slowed down the movement of his hand so that he could swipe his thumb along the tip of his cock. His fantasy changed to Harry straddling his legs ready to ride Louis’ cock. He moaned at the thought then began to stroke himself again, feeling his body flush all over with heat.

He imagined Harry was riding him fast, bouncing up and down trying to get more of Louis deep inside of him. He moaned louder this time as his hand gripped around his cock, stroking fast as it moved up and down. His head lolled against the sofa as he moved it slightly to the side, still with his eyes closed.

His moans got louder and the fantasy continued to play out in his mind, leaving him oblivious to the sound of the front door opening. His hand pumped his cock as he moaned, feeling his body tingle all over from the pleasure of his hand and the fantasy he was having.

"Ride my dick, Harry." Louis moaned out loud. He bit his lip as his hand gripped tighter, making him imagine it was Harry’s tight hole he was thrusting up into.

The sudden sound of somebody coughing made Louis quickly open his eyes. His hand halted where it was gripped to his cock as he turned his head to look over at the doorway of the living room. He felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment as his eyes met with Harry’s, seeing him stood with a shocked expression.

"I, um-" Harry began, darting his eyes to Louis’ exposed cock then quickly back up. "I forgot my phone."

Louis swallowed then slowly nodded his head, too embarrassed to speak. His head began to spin fast and his heart pounded heavily against his chest. He didn’t know how long Harry had been stood there, or if he had heard the things he had moaned out.

Louis felt his cheeks flush again when he saw that Harry had dropped his gaze back down to his cock. He cleared his throat then looked away, quickly trying to pull his sweat pants back up so that he was covered up again.

"I think I saw it in the kitchen." Louis answered, turning his head back to look at the TV, only just remembering that it was still on. He swallowed again, hoping Harry would go and get his phone then leave without mentioning what he had just walked in on.

Louis felt his heart sink in his stomach when he saw Harry walk into the room and over to the TV. He watched as Harry switched it off then turned around, looking back over at Louis for a couple of seconds before he slowly walked closer to the sofa.

"Do you always think of me, when you do that?" Harry asked, keeping his voice calm and low. He stopped walking once he was right in front of where Louis was sat.

Louis glanced up at Harry and he blinked twice, not knowing how he should answer the question. He didn’t always have fantasies about Harry when he masturbated, but he would be lying if he said he didn’t think of Harry just as he was about to cum, or breathlessly moan his name as he writhed in his bed. Admitting this to Harry was something he didn’t really want to do. Still, he opened his mouth to reply but was cut off when Harry interrupted.

"Is that what you want, for me to ride you?" Harry asked, his voice sounding deeper than before.

Louis blushed again but slowly nodded his head, his heart was beating faster now as he stared back at Harry. He swallowed nervously, wanting to just leave the room so he could be alone. “I just- I was just thinking it and- I’m sorry, I know it’s-” He stopped and sighed, feeling more embarrassed than ever before.

Harry held back his smile as he leant forward with his hand holding on to the back of the sofa as he moved his mouth nearer to Louis’ ear. “It’s okay that you think about me. I actually think it’s quite hot that you do.”

He moved his head up slightly then smiled at the flushed look on Louis’ face. He softly kissed Louis’ neck in three different places then moved back to his ear again. “But if you wanted the real thing all you had to do was ask.”

Louis let out a quiet gasp as Harry gently bit his earlobe then moved his head away. He stared back at Harry with his mouth open slightly, his heart still heavily pounding against his chest. He watched as Harry smiled down at him then stood up straight again.

Harry lifted both of his hands up to his jeans where his fingers worked to unfasten them, along with his belt. He stared back at Louis as he pulled down the denim then stepped out of his jeans before kicking them aside. His fingers hooked underneath the fabric of his boxers then he pulled them down too.

He moved closer to Louis again then dipped his head to softly kiss his lips, catching Louis by surprise. His hand moved up to Louis’ cheek then slowly dropped to his neck then to his chest. He pulled away from the kiss then smiled again before looking down towards the bulge in Louis’ sweat pants.

Straightening up again, Harry reached out his hands and carefully pulled down Louis’ sweat pants, along with his boxers, until they were down at his feet. He then got onto his knees and pulled the clothing off the rest of the way then chucked them towards his own.

He glanced back up at Louis as he ran his hands along his legs, moving his head closer to Louis’ crotch. He stopped then licked his lips, “Do you ever think about me sucking your cock?”

Louis slowly nodded in reply, remembering the first part to his interrupted fantasy. He watched as Harry smirked then dropped his eyes down, moving his head much closer to Louis’ cock. His eyes widened in pleasure, feeling Harry’s lips wrap around the head of his cock.

Harry smiled as he heard gasps leave Louis’ mouth. He worked his tongue to skilfully lick at the head as he started to suck up and down, taking half of Louis’ cock into his mouth. His hand lifted up to grip at the base to hold it steady while he bobbed his head, moaning himself at the feeling of having Louis filling his mouth.

"That feels so good." Louis moaned, watching intently as Harry worked his mouth on his cock.

Harry moaned again then started to move his hand up and down, stroking Louis’ cock up into his mouth. He stopped then moved his hand away before lifting his mouth off. He glanced back up at Louis then smirked, “Better than you imagined?”

"Fuck, so much better!" Louis quickly answered, his breathing becoming heavy again.

Harry grinned then dropped his gaze again, dipping his head to kiss at the tip of Louis’ cock. He licked his lips at the taste then moved back to it, wrapping his mouth around the head. His lips moved up and down while he reached his hand up, moving it up Louis’ stomach until it reached his mouth. He briefly lifted his mouth off again to look up at Louis, holding out two of his fingers.

"Suck them for me, babe." Harry instructed, watching as Louis took his two fingers into his mouth and straight away began to suck. He smiled as he watched, bringing his other hand up to grip at the base of Louis’ cock.

Once his fingers were completely wet from saliva, Harry moved them out of Louis’ mouth. He grinned before moving back to take him in his mouth again as he widened his legs and dropped his hand between them. He kept his mouth sucking up and down Louis’ length while he teased the outside of his hole with one of his slicked fingers.

He gently eased his finger inside of himself then moaned around Louis’ cock, feeling the pleasure hit him straight away. He slowly began to thrust his finger in and out while he pulled his mouth away and gave long licks to Louis’ cock.

His tongue lapped at the tip, making Louis moan loud. He gripped it again then took it back into his mouth to begin sucking, hearing more moans slip from Louis’ mouth. He slowed down the thrusting of his finger to add the second, feeling it ease inside him along with the other.

More moans left Louis’ lips as he watched Harry sucking his cock, taking most of him in his mouth. He glanced to the side to where Harry had his arm draped down between his legs and he moaned again, knowing he was about to have his fantasy played out.

Harry pushed his mouth further down so that he was taking Louis’ cock deeper, feeling it press against the back of his throat. He kept it there for as long as he could manage, getting off on the way Louis moaned loud and bucked his hips. His fingers continued to thrust inside him to make him open and ready to take Louis’ cock as he slowly lifted his mouth all the way off.

He looked up at Louis and bit on his lip, gently pulling his fingers out of his now stretched hole. He grinned then stood up from his knees, moving his hand up to grip onto his own cock. His fingers stroked himself a few times before he moved closer to straddle Louis’ legs.

"You’re gonna feel so good inside my tight hole." Harry moaned out, reaching out his left hand to grip on to the back of the sofa. His other hand dropped from his cock to take hold of Louis’ where he guided it closer to his hole. "Is that what you want, Louis?"

Louis moaned then nodded his head, feeling his cock twitch in excitement of what was about to happen. He bit his lip as he stared up at Harry awaiting him to carry on.

"Tell me." Harry urged, keeping his hand around Louis’ cock as it was left almost touching at his hole now.

"I- I want that so bad. I want you to ride my cock."

Harry smirked then moved his head forward to brush his lips against Louis’. He moved his head back again then seductively bit on his bottom lip, staring back at Louis. His hand gripped to Louis’ cock as he slowly pushed himself back on to it, gently letting it ease inside of his hole. He groaned at the feeling then pushed down further until half of Louis was inside, enveloped in Harry’s tight heat.

Moving his hand up to grip Louis’ shoulder, Harry lifted his body up only to drop it back down. He repeated the same action over and over until he had a quick rhythm of moving up and down, taking more of Louis’ cock into him each time.

"Fuck! That’s so- Oh, fuck, yes!" Louis breathlessly moaned, bringing his hands up to grip on to each of Harry’s hips. His fingers dug into his skin as Harry bounced himself up and down, feeling his hole stretch even more.

"I’ve thought about this before." Harry shamelessly confessed, his breathing rapid and heavy as it left his open mouth. "How good your cock would feel inside me. How hard you’d be. Fuck-"

He breathlessly cut himself off when he moaned loud, feeling Louis’ cock suddenly hit at his prostate. His hand gripped harder to Louis’ shoulder as he bounced faster up and down, repeatedly moaning over and over.

Louis moaned louder then suddenly thrusted up into Harry meeting his bounces. They breathlessly moaned together as Louis continued to thrust up, still hitting Harry’s prostate each time.

"Such a tight hole. Feels so good." Louis growled out, thrusting up faster now.

Harry dropped the hand that was gripped to the sofa and he wrapped it around his cock to stroke it fast. “Don’t stop fucking me, Louis. It feels amazing! Don’t stop, please!”

Louis felt his entire body flush with heat and his head started to spin from the intense feeling of pleasure spreading all around him. His thrusts only got faster as he gripped on to Harry’s hips, bringing them both closer now.

Harry moaned loud as he stroked himself faster, feeling his stomach muscles tighten and his body tingled with arousal. He bit his lip, trying not to scream out as his mind went blank and he came hard, shooting his cum on to Louis’ tshirt. He moaned Louis’ name until his voice faded in his throat, leaving him to pant heavily as he moved his hand away.

"I’m so close." Louis warned, not slowing his thrusts. He moaned breathlessly as he pounded up into Harry, bringing himself closer.

"Cum inside me, Lou. Fill me up." Harry instructed, looking right into Louis’ eyes.

Louis moaned in response and stared back up at Harry, feeling his body explode from pleasure. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

He gripped tighter to Harry’s hips as he bucked up, filling him up with every last drop of his cum. His hands loosened while he slowed down his movements, trying to regain his breath. He stopped completely and moved his hands up along Harry’s sides, helping him carefully lift up off his cock.

Harry sat in Louis’ lap while his head dipped to the crook of Louis’ neck, his hot breath tickling his skin. He lifted his head then brought his lips back to Louis’ to kiss him slowly and passionately.

The sound of a distant vibrating noise coming from the kitchen made them pull away from the kiss. Harry turned his head up over to the doorway, too tired to get his phone and answer the call.

"I told you it was in the kitchen." Louis smugly stated, not hiding his grin as Harry looked back at him.

Harry laughed then softly kissed Louis’ lips. “You did, my shining star.”

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