title: Merry Christmas, Lou
rating: nc-17
summary: It’s Louis’ birthday, and it’s also Christmas, so Harry decides to give him a special lap dance. But, in the end Louis gets a little bit more than just that.
warnings: sexual content, swearing, spanking, bondage, dirty talk
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: could you do a oneshot where its louis’s birthday and harry ties him up in a chair and gives him a lapdance? Its just so dirty and naughty and harry is talking dirty to him and keeps on dancing for him in only these really tight shorts and holy crud and it ends in really naughty smut where harry whispers “merry christmas, lou” and proceeds to spank him into oblivion (really really hard spanking) and ends in harry riding him on their bed while louis is still tied up

"What do you want for your birthday, Lou?"

"You in a pair of tight, red shorts."


Louis dropped his car keys down onto the sideboard of the kitchen then let out a tired yawn. He had spent most of the day with his family, opening his birthday presents and having fun with his sisters just like he used to when he lived there at home with them.

It was a lovely way to celebrate his birthday and he was grateful that they had gone to so much effort, but now all he wanted was to relax on the sofa with Harry, maybe sharing a bottle of wine until he fell asleep safely in his arms.

He smiled at the thought as he lifted up the big gift bag that he was holding. He placed it on the worktop then walked into the hallway to kick off his shoes, tucking them in to the side so that Harry wouldn’t complain at him for leaving them about. He slid his jacket from his shoulders then placed it onto one of the hooks of the coat rack.

Turning to face the staircase, Louis stopped when a red piece of card, that had been placed on the bottom step, caught his eye. He frowned as he bent down to pick it up, seeing Harry’s handwriting on the front.

Now that you’re home, you will get your birthday wish,

It’s exactly what you asked for. And I look quite a dish!

Louis laughed as he read the words, shaking his head at the cheekiness of the inviting poem. He bit back the smile that was creeping onto his lips as he placed the card onto the side unit then walked up the tall staircase.

Once he had reached the top, he smiled again when he found another card, this time it was stuck to the door of his bedroom. He walked closer to the door and pulled the card away from it, bringing it to his view.

I hope that you’re ready to receive your special treat,

I’ve got it all prepared, so come in and take a seat..

Louis furrowed his eyes in confusion at the last line, not entirely sure what was waiting for him on the other side of the door. He slowly licked his lip then lifted his hand to pull on the handle, not knowing what he should be expecting to see.

As he stepped inside, he quickly closed the door behind him. His eyes shifted up until he was looking back at Harry, seeing him stood next to one of their dining room chairs. He dropped his eyes further down Harry’s body and his mouth fell open as he took in the view of him dressed in tight, red shorts.

He slowly moved his eyes back up, letting out a quiet groan low in his throat. Once his eyes met with Harry’s he saw the smirk that was on his face. He smiled at the red Santa hat that was on top of his head, leaving locks of his fringe to stick out underneath.

"Wow." Louis breathed, moving his eyes back down Harry’s body as if he was trying to memorise how he looked in the small shorts. He looked up again to see Harry grinning now, clearly pleased that Louis liked what he saw.

Louis watched as Harry walked closer to him with a smirk on his face. He swallowed in anticipation when Harry moved to stand behind him, pressing his body right against Louis’ back and placing his hand to Louis’ hip.

"I didn’t think I’d actually get you in shorts." Louis confessed, sounding slightly baffled. He turned his head to the side to try and look over his shoulder to look at Harry but his chin was gently knocked to make him look forwards again.

Harry dropped his hand from Louis’ chin to slowly glide down his stomach, not stopping until it moved back to his hip. He pressed a soft kiss to Louis’ shoulder then to his neck before his lips reached his ear. “It’s your birthday, Lou, you get what you asked for.”

Louis swallowed again, feeling a tingle of arousal shoot down to the pit of his stomach. He bit his lip as he was moved forward, having Harry’s hand gripped to his hip to guide him as they walked. His eyes fell back to the chair and he wondered what Harry had planned for him, curious about what was going to happen.

Harry lifted his hand up to Louis’ arm and he turned him around so that he was now facing him. Their eyes met and he smirked again, seeing the excited look that now beamed on Louis’ face. “Tonight I’m in control. And I’m gonna make you feel so good.”

Louis bit his lip, swallowing the moan that almost left his mouth. All of his control was stolen away as Harry pushed him back, leaving him with no option but to sit down on the chair. His eyes moved up to look at Harry, seeing him reach forward to lift Louis’ shirt up off his body.

Chucking the shirt to the floor, Harry grinned then walked over to the desk at the side of the bed, leaving Louis to sit in the chair. He quickly picked up one of the long, red ribbons that he had set out on the bedside table, ready for him to use.

He moved back to stand behind the chair then leaned forward to take hold of both of Louis’ hands to bring his wrists together. His free hand used the red ribbon to tie Louis’ wrists together, being sure to double knot the ribbon so that his hands couldn’t be set free.

He smiled at his work then moved back to Louis’ ear where he teasingly licked at the lobe. “You’re not gonna move your hands until I let you.” He warned, making his voice low and raspy.

He stood up from where he was bent forwards then walked back around to face Louis. He smirked down at the view of Louis sat tied to the chair, left with just his jeans and boxers on. Harry bit his lip and tilted his head to the side, making the bobble of the santa hat swing against his shoulder. “You look so hot just sat waiting for me to do whatever I want to you.”

Louis swallowed, staring back at Harry with big eyes. He could feel a small pool of heat at the bottom of his stomach building up as his arousal increased. He watched as Harry moved away from him again, this time to walk over to the CD player that was set up on the set of drawers. He pressed the play button then moved back over to Louis.

A grin found itself onto Louis’ face, unable to resist himself at the sound of a slow RNB song that was playing out into the room. He relaxed his face after seeing Harry staring back at him with a blank expression. He bit his lip as the song played and Harry slowly began to sway from side to side, moving his hips to the slow beat of the music.

Harry licked his lips, keeping his eyes on Louis. He held back another smirk when he noticed Louis dropping his gaze to look back down his body, staring at the tight shorts he had on. His growing bulge pressed against the material of the shorts, only getting harder under Louis’ stare.

Louis flickered his eyes back up just as Harry walked closer to him. He swallowed away another moan, watching Harry turn around so that his back was to Louis. His eyes swerved down again, this time being met with the view of Harry’s bum. He let out a quiet moan as his eyes followed the shape of the curve of his cheeks that were covered by the red shorts.

Harry swayed his hips again before moving further back until he was sat on Louis’ legs. He slowly began to grind backwards, feeling Louis’ erection pressing against his bum. His hands dropped to grip at his legs to keep himself steady as he leant forward, sticking his bum out to give Louis a better view.

He turned his head to the side to look behind him, being sure to bite his lip in a seductive way. He continued to grind his bum against the bulge in Louis’ jeans, moving in time to the song that was playing. He moaned when he felt Louis getting harder beneath his clothes, “So hard for me aren’t you, Louis?”

Louis swallowed then nodded his head before breathing out gasped “Yeah”. He dropped his eyes to watch how Harry worked himself back on his crotch, making whimpering noises with each of his grinds.

Harry suddenly stopped grinding and stood up from Louis’ legs. He turned around to face him then looked down towards his crotch, tilting his head to the side like before. “I think I can get you harder than that, don’t you?”

He didn’t wait for Louis to reply, instead he moved forward and lifted one of his legs over him to straddle Louis’ lap. He sat down then put both of his hands onto each of Louis’ shoulders, looking right at him. “I want to make you harder than you’ve ever been before.”

Louis groaned as Harry lifted himself up then began to grind down again, moving his hips in circles. His breath caught up in his throat and his body flushed with heat, feeling himself getting harder from Harry’s movements.

Harry leaned his head forward to kiss along Louis’ shoulder, still grinding their crotches together. He moved his lips up and gently nibbled on Louis’ ear, “Do you like that?”

Louis groaned again, feeling his cock twitch from the way Harry’s voice tickled inside his ear. His eyes briefly closed as he felt himself sinking into the pleasure of having Harry grinding his hips against him. The scent of Harry’s aftershave drifted up his nostrils, enticing him to want more.

"I can feel you’re getting harder for me." Harry stated, breathing hotly into Louis’ ear. He moved his hand up to rest at the side of Louis’ neck, holding him close. "I need your cock nice and hard for me to ride."

Harry smirked when he heard a moan leave Louis’ mouth. He slowly rocked his crotch back and forth, hitting against Louis’ repeatedly. “Do you like the sound of that?” He whispered, “Do you want me to ride your hard cock, Louis?”

"Yeah, yeah I want that." Louis moaned out, his voice sounding thick and heavy from arousal.

Harry grinned then bit at Louis’ ear again. He slowly lifted his head then brought their lips together, kissing him with lust and passion. His hand dropped from Louis’ neck to fall to his chest where his fingers found his left nipple. He teasingly rubbed at it between his finger and thumb, causing Louis to moan into the kiss.

Pulling away from the kiss, Harry bit his lip as his eyes trailed down Louis’ stomach. His head tilted again as though in thought, still rubbing his crotch against Louis’. “I still think you can get harder.” He stated, staring down at the bigger bulge that was now pressed against the material of Louis’ jeans.

"Please." Louis gasped desperately, catching Harry’s eye as he looked back up at him with an eyebrow raised. "Please, I need it, Harry."

Harry stopped his grinds and stared back at Louis for a few seconds as he took in his exasperated form. He let his tongue peek out from his mouth to slowly lick at the corner of his lip, still staring back at Louis. He ignored the pleading moan that left Louis’ lips as he slowly shook his head. “No.”

Louis stared back at Harry with his eyes wide and his pupils blown. He felt so flushed with heat that he had little beads of sweat forming at the back of his neck. His heart was beating faster now and his stomach bubbled with his arousal, making him need some kind of release.

"But I- Please." Louis tried again, needing Harry to see how desperate he was now. He moved his wrists in attempt to free himself from the tied ribbon but it didn’t work, instead all it did was make Harry look back at him with a sudden angry expression.

"Did I say you could move your hands?" Harry coldly asked, not shifting the angered look. He watched as Louis blushed then shook his head. "Who did I say was in control tonight?"

"You are." Louis answered, his voice sounding small and dainty.

"Right. So I get to decide when I ride your cock, don’t I?"

Louis swallowed then nodded his head, feeling his cock twitch again from the mention of Harry riding him. He knew Harry was deliberately teasing him but he was so desperate, he needed whatever Harry would give him.

Harry stared back at Louis for a few seconds before suddenly lifting up off his lap to stand at the side of him again. He moved behind where Louis was sitting to briefly untie the knot, just enough so that Louis could move his arms away from the chair. Harry grabbed one of his arms to pull him out of his seat before turning him around to tie his hands again.

The song had now ended and had been forgotten about as Harry kept his hands to Louis’ hips. “You couldn’t even wait for me to finish my little dance could you, Louis? You’re such a greedy slut that you want everything don’t you?”

Louis moaned at Harry’s words, too turned on to let it bother him. He nodded his head and bit his lip, feeling like he was about to burst out of his jeans from the tightness of his crotch.

"Tell me you’re a slut, Louis." Harry ordered, purposely standing a short gap away from Louis’ back.

"I’m a slut." Louis replied, feeling the arousal spread across his entire body.

Harry groaned quietly then reached his hands around to Louis’ front. His fingers skilfully opened the button of his jeans then he pulled at the zip, hearing Louis gasp at the sudden freeness. Harry moved his hands back to Louis’ hips where he gripped at the denim and pulled the jeans down, letting them bunch up at his ankles. He reached up to grasp at the material of Louis’ boxers then he pulled them down too, leaving Louis to stand fully naked. 

"You’re a bad slut, Louis." Harry continued, keeping his voice low. His hands moved to Louis’ bum where they slowly rubbed against his skin. "And you know that bad sluts get punished right?"

Louis swallowed then nodded again, biting his lip in excited anticipation. He was moved forward again with Harry’s hands gripped to his hips, directing them both closer to the bed. His hands helplessly remained tied behind his back as he was roughly bent over the bed with his bum up in the air.

Harry stroked his hand across Louis’ right cheek then in one sudden movement he hit against it, making a loud noise from the force behind it. He gripped his other hand to Louis’ hip to hold him in place, stopping him from jolting forward. He repeated the same action but made it harder this time, earning a string of breathless moans from Louis’ mouth.

"You like that don’t you?" Harry growled out, hitting Louis’ cheek a third time. "You like being bent over and spanked hard. Tell me, Louis. Tell me how much you like it."

Louis opened his mouth to reply but his breath faded out before his words even reached his tongue as he felt another sharp smack to the same cheek. He bit the inside of his mouth as tears began to fill his eyes, feeling his body tingle from the intense pleasure he was getting.

"I said tell me, Louis." Harry repeated, lifting his hand to smack Louis’ cheek again.

"I love it so much- when you bend me over and- and you spank me." Louis gasped out, feeling the sting on his cheek.

Harry groaned then gently traced the outline of the red mark he had made on Louis’ cheek with the tip of his finger. “Do you think you’ve been punished enough for being such an impatient slut?”

"N-no" Louis stammered, feeling his body flush all over. He needed to have Harry ride him more than anything now, but he knew that if he said yes then Harry would only start again to make him wait longer. "I need more."

Harry lifted his hand again then dropped it to hit back against Louis’ cheek harder than before, causing Louis to jump forward a little. His hand spread out on the red mark then he gripped his fingers into Louis’ skin, roughly massaging his cheek.

"You’re so desperate for anything I give you." Harry growled again, lifting his hand away from Louis’ cheek. His hand hit hard against it once more, making sure that his hand fell on the same spot as before so that his fingers imprinted onto Louis’ skin. "I think you’re ready now, Lou."

Louis felt a flutter of excitement at the pit of his stomach as he was lifted up again. He patiently waited for Harry to untie the ribbon before he was turned around, his eyes going straight to Harry’s.

"Keep your hands by your side." Harry ordered, giving Louis a warning look. "If you move them I’ll bend you over again and spank you harder than I just did. Understood?"

Louis quickly nodded his head, keeping his hands down against his legs to prove to Harry that he can obey him. He felt his fingers start to tingle with the ache of needing to wrap around his throbbing cock, but he ignored it the best he could.

Harry stepped in closer to him then kissed him slowly, lifting his hand up to Louis’ chest. As he pulled away he caught Louis’ lip between his teeth then gently scraped them across his gum until it fell from his grasp. “I’m gonna ride your cock now, is that what you want?”

"Yes. That’s what I want, please." Louis gasped out, not stopping the plead that left his lips.

Harry licked around his lip then pushed Louis back onto the bed with his hand still on his chest. He stared down at Louis’ spread out form lying on his back on the bed, then he moved his hands towards his tight shorts. He glanced down and bit his lip, noticing how hard he was. 

He looked back up at Louis as his fingers gripped to the top of his shorts and he slowly pulled them down his legs. His cock sprang free from the tight material, giving it room to stand erect. Harry stepped out of the shorts then lifted his hand to wrap his fingers around his cock.

Looking back at Louis, Harry stroked his hand up and down himself a few times. He let out a string of moans as he thought about how good it would feel to be riding Louis’ cock just because of how hard he was. His eyes quickly darted down to Louis’ hand when he saw it twitch against the bed. “Don’t touch yourself.” He ordered, looking back up to see an even more desperate look on Louis’ face.

Moving to the side of the bed, Harry picked up the bottle of lube that was purposely left out on top of the bedside table. He walked back to the front of the bed, grabbed the red ribbon then climbed up onto the mattress.

"I think I’m gonna have to tie you up again, seeing as though you can’t keep your hands still." Harry teased, lifting up onto his knees to shuffle over to the pillows where Louis’ head was resting.

He dropped the bottle of lube down on the bed then lifted up Louis’ arm. He wrapped the ribbon around his wrist then moved it towards the headboard where he tied it around one of the metal bars. Once it was in place, he stretched over to the bedside table and picked up another long ribbon, identical to the other.

Harry quickly did the same with Louis’ other wrist, making it so that he had both of his arms up and spread out against the headboard of the bed. He smiled down at Louis then dipped his head to softly kiss his lips. “Much better!”

Harry moved back down the bed then lifted up to straddle Louis’ stomach. His hands roamed the soft skin of Louis’ chest before he moved one of them back to his cock. He moaned as he stroked it just as before, keeping his eyes focused on Louis.

"You look so good like this." Harry complimented, deliberately slowing down the strokes of his hands. "You’re gonna lay there while I ride your cock aren’t you, Louis?"

"Yeah." Louis nodded, "I want that so bad."

Harry smirked then pressed another soft kiss to Louis’ lips before reaching to grab the bottle of lube. He flicked the cap open then squeezed some of the liquid onto two of his fingers, making sure they were covered well.

Moving back a little, Harry dropped his hand to reach down behind him. He leant forward, keeping his other hand flat on the bed to hold him up. He bit his lip as he eased both of his fingers inside of his hole, having already been pleasuring himself in the wait for Louis to arrive home.

His body quickly reacted to the stretch of his fingers and without wasting any time he began to move them both in and out. He moaned low in his throat as the arousal spread around his body, making him tingle with pleasure. “Fuck, that feels so good, Lou.”

Louis moaned in response, feeling his cock throb even more from the view before him. His eyes moved up to look at Harry’s face and he moaned again when he saw the blissful expression he was giving.

"Need you, Harry." Louis spoke quietly, almost as though he was afraid to say it again. He bit his lip and gave his best innocent look knowing that it always worked to help him get what he wanted.

Harry moaned in his throat then lifted himself back up, slowly pulling his fingers back out of himself. “You’re so sexy.” Harry growled out, leaning forward to kiss Louis with a hungry passion.

As the kiss broke, Harry reached for the lube again. He poured some more of it onto his fingers then dropped his hand down to Louis’ cock, spreading the liquid by moving his hand up and down.

Louis moaned louder and bucked his hips up, feeling more bursts of arousal inside of his stomach from finally being touched. “Oh, fuck. Keep stroking me, Harry.”

Harry looked back down at Louis and chuckled in his throat, “Greedy slut.” He grinned as Louis stared up at him with a smile creeping onto his lips. Harry slowed down the movements of his strokes then moved back until he was hovering above Louis’ cock. “This will feel much better than my hand, baby.”

Louis moaned again then bit onto his lip, not noticing that he was holding his breath as he waited for the tight heat of Harry’s hole to envelope his hard cock. He gasped out suddenly as Harry guided his cock to his hole then slowly pushed himself down on it, taking Louis inch by inch.

"Fuck! Oh, that feels so good." Louis moaned, feeling his cock pulsing inside of Harry. His head tipped back against the pillows as more moans slipped from his mouth, leaving him breathless.

"You’re so hard!" Harry moaned, pushing himself down further so that most of Louis was inside of him now. He brought both of his hands in front of him to rest on Louis’ shoulders acting as support as he lifted himself up and slammed back down again.

Louis’ moans got louder as Harry started to bounce up and down on his cock, taking in as much of him as he could manage. His wrists jerked at the ribbons and he moaned out again, feeling the need to touch Harry all over. His hands unwillingly remained tied to the bed posts as he continued to watch Harry lifting himself up and down.

"Feels so good inside, Louis. Such a big dick." Harry moaned breathlessly, working his hips to move up and down on Louis’ cock. His hands gripped to Louis’ shoulders as he bounced, feeling his own cock repeatedly hit against Louis’ stomach with every one of his bounces.

"Yeah, ride me faster, Harry." Louis gasped, feeling his arousal build up even more in his stomach. He moaned loud when Harry picked up his pace and started to ride him faster now, creating slapping sounds as his skin hit down against Louis’.

"You like that? You like having me fuck myself on your cock?" Harry asked, making his voice sound low as he stared down at Louis. He groaned as Louis moaned in response, feeling his cock twitch inside of Harry.

Harry lifted one of his hands from Louis’ shoulder to drop back to his cock. His fingers wrapped around it again as he began to give himself fast strokes, at the same time that he bounced up and down. His moans got slightly louder at the feeling of having Louis inside of him and having his hand stroking at his cock.

"Fuck, you look so hot." Harry moaned out, lifting up from where he he was leant over so that he could ride Louis faster now. "You want me to make you cum, Louis?"

"Yes, fuck!" Louis answered, not taking his eyes away from Harry.

Harry grinned then leant back this time, holding onto Louis’ leg with one hand while his other remained on his cock. The change of angle meant that Louis could now have a clearer view of his cock escaping into Harry. It also made the pleasure more intense, hitting against Harry’s prostate and letting Louis go deeper into him.

"Oh yes, fuck, that’s so- fuck, Louis it feels so good!" Harry breathlessly moaned out, tipping his head back as he bounced harder while his hand stroked faster.

He moaned loud when he felt his body tingling from the sensation of having Louis’ cock repeatedly pound at his prostate. His hand worked faster as his stomach muscles clenched, “I’m gonna cum! Fuck, Louis!”

Louis moaned as he watched Harry cum hard, shooting the white liquid out on to Louis’ stomach. The feeling of Harry’s hole closing around his cock as he hit his orgasm made him moan louder and his body began to shake. His heart was beating fast beneath his chest as he bucked his hips up, knowing he was so close now.

"Harry, fuck. I’m gonna cum, don’t stop!"

Harry bit his lip as he dropped his hand from his cock to grip at the bed sheets. He leant forward again then started to ride Louis faster than before, causing him to moan loud underneath him.

Louis let out a final moan as he lifted his body up, filling Harry with his cum. His breathing wavered as he collapsed back down onto the bed, feeling Harry lift up off his cock.

Harry dropped forward to press soft kisses to Louis’ lips as they both fought to regain their breaths. He smiled down at Louis as he pulled away then reached up to quickly untie the ribbons, allowing Louis’ arms to fall down by his side.

As soon as they were released, Louis wrapped his arms around Harry’s back to pull him closer to him. Harry chuckled softly but relaxed against Louis’ body, his smile still on his face.

Their eyes met as Harry looked back up at him, moving closer to softly kiss Louis’ nose. “Merry Christmas, Lou.”

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