title: coming home for Christmas
rating: nc-15
summary: Harry and Louis are married and have a three year old son called Ben. With Christmas just around the corner, they plan to make it the best one ever now that Ben is old enough to understand what is happening. Their plans appear to be ruined though when Harry has to go away, and comes back later than he originally thought.
warnings: fluffy au, very little sexual content.
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: maybe do one where louis and harry are married with a 3yr old and harrys going away with a famous singer to be his opening act and its bittersweet for louis because harry has to be away but hell be back for christmas/louis b-day right?but then something comes up and they want harry there on Christmas so he calls louis and tells him and hes really sorry but louis flips bc his missing his b-day and their kids first Christmas where he actually understands what its about. but make the ending fluffy

Louis blinked open his eyes and let out a small yawn. His head nestled into his pillow as he fought the urge to fall back to sleep, knowing that if he did he wouldn’t be awake again for at least another couple of hours. His eyes wandered over to his bedside table and he smiled happily at the photo frame on top of it. It was a picture of himself with Harry and their three year old son, Ben.

He felt his heart soar beneath his chest as he stared at the photo. It was only less than a week until Christmas day but Louis wished it would come round sooner than that, knowing that this year Ben would understand what was going on a lot more now that he was older. In fact, Louis wasn’t sure who was more excited; himself or Ben.

Moving his eyes away from the photo, Louis turned himself over in the double bed. He smiled again as his eyes fell onto a sleeping Harry who was facing him but oblivious to Louis’ gaze. Louis reached out his hand and lifted it up to Harry’s face, gently stroking his finger against his cheek.

He smiled again when he heard soft whimpers leave Harry’s lips, falling out of his mouth from his blissful slumber. His finger stroked Harry’s cheek again then he shuffled closer so that he was right beside Harry’s sleeping form.

"Harry." Louis softly called, leaving his hand in mid-air. He heard more quiet noises leave Harry’s mouth, making him smile again. "Harry, wake up, baby."

Seeing Harry flutter his eyelids open was enough to make Louis drop his hand back down to the mattress. His smile remained on his face as he watched Harry blink in confusion for a couple of seconds, adjusting himself to the light of the room.

"Morning, beautiful." Louis gently cooed, moving his hand closer so that he could take hold of Harry’s.

Harry smiled wide then gently squeezed Louis’ hand. “Morning, Lou.”

Louis smiled again before moving his head closer to bring their lips together. He felt his heart skip a beat, just like it always would whenever they kissed, leaving him to feel dizzy with love.

Breaking away from the kiss, Louis moved his head back slightly and gazed his eyes onto Harry’s face. “You look really cute when you’re asleep.” He quietly complimented, still smiling as he saw Harry’s cheeks blush.

"Only when I’m asleep?" Harry joked, giving Louis a big grin.

Louis chuckled low in his throat, “No you look just as cute when you’re awake.”

Harry’s grin appeared to grow bigger as he moved his head closer to Louis again. They kissed for longer this time, making it slower and more passionate. Their hands fell from each others grasp as Louis slowly began to move his down Harry’s stomach, gently brushing his fingers along Harry’s bare skin.

His fingers continued to move lower until they slowly escaped underneath the material of Harry’s boxers, causing Harry to squeak into the kiss. Louis smirked but didn’t stop the movement of his hand, instead he moved it lower and wrapped his fingers around Harry’s cock, feeling he was semi-hard.

Pulling away from the kiss, Harry looked back at Louis with wide eyes. “Lou, stop! Ben will be awake soon.” He breathed out hurriedly, not being able to stop the way he was slowly getting harder under Louis’ touch.

"But you’re getting hard for me, I think that means you want me to carry on." Louis argued, smirking back at Harry. His hand gave short strokes to Harry’s cock as he lifted his body up to hover over Harry, gently pushing him back against the mattress.

He pressed small kisses along Harry’s neck then finished with a longer one to his lips, with his hand still gripped around Harry’s cock. He pulled away from the kiss to stare down at Harry with a grin on his face, knowing that Harry was getting worked up now.

The door to their bedroom suddenly opened, causing them both to pull apart quickly. Harry glanced over at Ben who was stood in the doorway then he glared back at Louis, “I told you!” He whispered, looking flushed as he tried to be angry with Louis but even he knew it was failing.

"Morning!" Ben happily shouted, running into the bedroom with a grin on his face.

"Morning, pumpkin!" Louis answered, trying to hide his smirk as he could see the flushed look that was clear on Harry’s face. "Have you come to have bed snuggles?"

Ben nodded his head then rushed closer to the foot of the bed, dressed in his light blue pyjamas and a darker blue dressing gown. He was helped up onto the bed as Louis reached forward then moved back to sit against the headboard with Ben sat in his lap.

"It’s Christmas soon!" Ben exclaimed, still grinning as he looked between Harry and Louis.

"It is!" Louis played along, noticing how Harry’s hand sneakily moved underneath the duvet in attempt to fix the hard on that Louis had worked up. His eyes moved back to Ben and he smiled then lifted his hand to gently ruffle his brown hair. "That means Santa will be bringing lots and lots of presents!"

Ben’s eyes widened in excitement as he grinned back at Louis then lifted his hands to clap. His burst of joy meant that he missed the way Harry sat up against the headboard and turned his head to quietly speak near Louis’ ear, “Not for naughty boys like you.”

Louis turned to meet Harry’s eyes and he winked with a smirk, earning another grin from Harry. Both of their heads turned forwards again when they heard a gasp leave Ben’s mouth.

"I can open another chocolate on my calendar!" Ben excitedly announced, grinning back at Harry and Louis.

"Not until you’ve had your breakfast, you know the rules." Harry informed, feeling guilty as he saw Ben’s grin start to fade.

"He can have one little chocolate!" Louis urged on Ben’s behalf, turning his head to give Harry a pout. "Come on, it’s Christmas soon!"

Harry looked back at Louis and determinedly shook his head. “Nope, no chocolate before breakfast.” He stared back at Louis’ pout and couldn’t resist the smile that was reaching his lips, hearing Ben giggle as he watched them.

The sound of a phone ringing interrupted their small debate. Harry glanced over at his bedside table to see his mobile was lit up with an incoming call. He quickly leaned over to pick it up then answered the call before putting it to his ear.

As Harry spoke on the phone, Louis turned back to Ben then pulled a funny face to make him giggle again. His arms wrapped around his body to hold him safe as he stood up from the bed, “Let’s go make breakfast while Daddy talks on the phone.”

Louis walked over to the door then pulled it further open before he turned his mouth closer to Ben’s ear. “And get you some chocolate.” He whispered, then kissed his cheek and grinned as he heared Ben gasp again, becoming excited like before.

Once they were both downstairs, Louis walked them into the kitchen. He carefully placed Ben on top of the worktops while he moved over to the pantry cupboard in the corner of the room. He picked up the cartoon advent calendar then walked back over to where Ben was patiently sat waiting.

"Do you remember which number you open today?" Louis asked, passing the advent calendar to Ben.

"Um.." Ben moved his eyes all around the different squares, most of them already open now, until he stopped and pointed at the square that had the number 20 on it. "That one!"

Louis grinned with pride, “Yay well done, little man!” His eyes sparkled as Ben lifted his head to smile wide at him. He watched as Ben dropped his head again then pushed open the small square, desperate to get to the chocolate inside.

As Ben opened the square, Louis took out three bowls from the cupboard then set them out on the worktop. He moved over to where the boxes of cereal were kept then he picked out two of them, one that was Ben’s favourite and another that was his and Harry’s favourite.

He moved back to the bowls then began to fill them up with the cereals. His eyes moved back up to Ben and he saw him closely inspecting the little chocolate that was now in his hand.

"What is it, soldier?" Louis asked, putting down the cereal box to stand closer to Ben.

"It’s a bird!" Ben eventually announced, holding his hand out so Louis could look at the chocolate.

Louis peered at the small chocolate then smiled up at Ben. “It is a bird! That’s called a robin.”

"Are they the ones with a red belly?" Ben asked with his head tilted to the side as he looked back at Louis.

Louis grinned and nodded his head, “Those are the ones!” He leant forward and pressed a kiss to Ben’s head before moving back to smile wide at him. “My clever boy.”

Ben smiled back at Louis then lifted the chocolate to his lips before putting it into his mouth. He chewed happily as he swung his legs and watched Louis finish off the bowls of cereal.

Adding milk and a spoon to each of the bowls, Louis smiled then turned back to Ben. He glanced down at the advent calendar then reached out towards it. “Let’s put this back so Daddy won’t know!”

Ben giggled then gave the calendar back to Louis, the little chocolate long gone now. He watched Louis place it back into the pantry then he turned to look over at the doorway when he heard footsteps. “Just in time, Daddy! Breakfast is done”.

Harry gave Ben a smile, “Oh, lovely!” He walked closer and lifted his hand to ruffle Ben’s hair before he kissed his forehead. His smile stayed on his lips but it didn’t quite meet his ears, showing that something was bothering him.

Louis looked back at Harry and frowned at his sudden change of mood. He caught his eye but Harry quickly looked away, leaving Louis to feel more confused. His gaze dropped to Ben and he walked closer to him then gently lifted him from the worktop to stand on the floor. “Why don’t you go into the living room and switch the telly on? I’ll bring your breakfast to you, okay, sweetheart?”

Ben nodded up at Louis then smiled before walking out of the kitchen and towards the living room. As soon as he had left the room, Harry turned to lean back against the cupboards. He lifted his hands up to his face then sighed heavily.

"What’s wrong?" Louis asked in a quiet voice. "Has something happened?"

Harry dropped his hands and looked back over at Louis with a sad look in his eyes. “No, nothing’s happened.” He stopped then bit his lip, not knowing how to get his words out.

"Then what is it? You can tell me anything, you know that." Louis comforted, moving to stand closer to Harry.

Sighing again, Harry let a few seconds pass before he swallowed and opened his mouth. “That was Liam on the phone. He said he has a few gigs over in Birmingham and he needs an opening act, so he asked if I would want to do it for him.”

Relief and happiness washed over Louis’ face as he broke into a smile, “Really? That’s great!” He stopped when he saw Harry’s sad look still in his eyes, making his smile fade. “Isn’t it?”

Harry slowly nodded and blinked back at Louis. “No, it is. I’m really happy that he asked me. It’s just,” He stopped again and dropped his gaze down to the floor. “He wants me to go over tomorrow, and I wouldn’t be back until the twenty third.”

Louis stared back at Harry as he took in this information. He bit the inside of his mouth as he thought it through. He knew that singing was Harry’s passion, and it was all he had ever wanted to do, but his career was put on hold when Ben was born because he didn’t want Louis having to look after him on his own.

It was something that Louis had always felt guilty about. Both of them loved Ben so much, and having him in their lives had made them stronger as a couple, but Louis couldn’t shake the feeling of knowing that Harry would be living his dream if it hadn’t been for Louis wanting to have kids.

More than anything, Louis wanted Harry to be happy and to achieve all that he wanted. And if that meant that he had to be away for a couple of days before christmas then that would have to be fine by him.

"You should go." Louis decided, breaking the silence that had filled the air.

Harry lifted his head to glance back up at Louis, not sure if he had heard right. “What?”

"You should go." Louis repeated, this time with a smile on his face. He dropped his gaze to look at Harry’s hand then he took it with his own, looking back up at Harry again. "This could be your chance, you know, show people how amazing you are at singing!"

Harry let out a small laugh as his cheeks blushed again. He stared back at Louis and slowly shook his head, “No, I can’t go. What about Ben? We had plans! We were gonna take him to see Santa and we were gonna bake cookies with him.” He stopped when he felt his eyes fill with tears. “This is the first Christmas that he actually knows what’s going on, and I want to be around to see that.”

Louis lifted his free hand to rest on Harry’s cheek. He smiled then kissed his lips softly before moving his head back again. “You will be. Our Christmas can begin as soon as you’re back, okay? We can go and see Santa and bake cookies on my birthday! I’d love that.”

Harry smiled, swallowing away the lump that was forming in his throat. He lifted his hand to rest on top of Louis’ where he squeezed it lightly. “I love you, Louis.”

"I love you, too." Louis replied, matching Harry’s smile. "You’re gonna be amazing, and everyone will love you. Hey, you might even get a few groupies while you’re over there!

Harry laughed and shook his head, “Nah, you’re all I need. My number one fan.” He smiled, feeling his heart race beneath his chest.

Louis smiled back at Harry then nodded his head. “I’m proud of you, Harry. I know I don’t say that much but I really am. And this will be so good for you!”

Harry gratefully smiled then nodded his head before moving his head closer to slowly kiss Louis, making it full of passion. His hand pulled Louis’ away from his cheek then he entwined their fingers to match their other hands, holding them tight like he never wanted to let go.

"Daddy!" Ben called from the living room, obviously becoming hungry now.

Louis pulled away from the kiss and looked over at the doorway of the kitchen. “It’s coming now, baby.” He turned his head back to Harry then softly kissed his lips again, “I love you, my soon to be world famous popstar!”

Harry laughed then kissed Louis again, feeling much happier now.


As the days went on, Louis got by knowing that Harry would be back at home with him and Ben in no time at all. It helped him to think about him coming home whenever he felt upset, mostly at night time when he was alone and couldn’t sleep because the bed felt so empty without Harry.

Louis hoped that he didn’t sound selfish for wanting to have Harry back at home with them. He knew what singing meant to Harry and deep down he was unbelievably happy that he had been given a chance to perform in front of people, but above all of that he wanted Harry to be with him instead like he should have been, like they had planned.

It was hard for Louis to get through the couple of days, but it was even harder for Ben. He had started to cry as soon as Harry had waved goodbye to them both then got into his car to begin his long journey. Louis had held Ben close and kissed his forehead while they both watch Harry drive off into the distance, leaving them stood at the doorway with sad faces.

Just one look at the tears streaming down Ben’s face was enough for Louis to realise he had to be strong for him. They’d look after each other until Harry got back, and they’d both carry on as best as they could as they waited for the 23rd to come round.

This was the most amount of time that they had spent apart, Louis thought as he washed the plate that was half in his hand and half in the bowl of soapy water. He looked down at his hand and he stopped when he saw his wedding ring, feeling tears suddenly sting his eyes.

He looked away quickly then sniffed hard, not wanting to start crying with Ben just in the other room. He finished the last of the dishes then wiped his hands clean on the checkered tea towel that was draped on a hook. He cleared his throat then walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, seeing Ben sat on the sofa with his eyes fixed on the TV as his favourite cartoon played out.

"Did you enjoy your dinner, Benny-boo?" Louis asked, sitting on the arm of the sofa and reaching his hand over to place at the back of Ben’s head. His fingers gently played with his hair as Ben nodded his head.

"It was yummy." Ben replied, turning his head to give Louis a big smile.

Louis smiled back, “I’m glad it was! You finished all of it, didn’t you?”

Again Ben nodded then kept his eyes on Louis. “I’m a growing boy, that’s what Daddy always says to me.”

Louis grinned then watched as Ben turned his head back to the TV. Louis’ hand continued to gently play with Ben’s hair until a knock on the door sounded into the house. He dropped his hand then stood up from the sofa, pressing a quick kiss to the top of Ben’s head before leaving the room to answer the door.

Pulling the door open, Louis smiled as he saw Zayn stood holding a big gift bag. “Hey, mate! Come on in.” Louis announced invitingly then stepped aside so that Zayn could walk into the house.

"Cheers, Lou. I’m not staying long I just came to drop these off." Zayn explained, holding the gift bag that was full of wrapped presents out to Louis. "They’re for all of you."

Louis closed the door then turned to Zayn, dropping his eyes to look at the bag. “Oh, thanks! You didn’t have to go to so much effort.”

"Well, it’s Christmas! You have to spoil the people you care about." Zayn grinned back at Louis, watching him take the gift bag from his hand.

"Careful, mate, I’m a married man!" Louis joked, grinning as Zayn laughed.

"Speaking of Harry, is he not back yet?" Zayn asked, seeing Louis’ grin fade into a normal smile.

Louis shook his head, “Not yet. He’ll be back tonight though, I can’t wait! It feels like forever since I saw him last.”

"It’s only been a couple of days, Lou!" Zayn teased, laughing again but this time along with Louis. "Christ, if that’s what marriage does to you then remind me never to get married!"

Louis laughed again, feeling his stomach flutter just from the mention of Harry coming home. To him it really had felt like a lifetime since they were together, and he wanted nothing more than for him to be home.

"Uncle Zayn!"

Both Zayn and Louis turned their heads to see Ben stood in the doorway of the living room, peering over at the front door with a big grin on his face.

"There’s my little bumblebee!" Zayn grinned back then crouched down and held out both of his arms. He stayed like that until Ben ran towards him, where he wrapped his arms around his body then lifted him up to sit on his hip. "Are you ready for Santa coming?"

Ben smiled then nodded his head, “Daddy said he’s bringing me lots and lots of presents! Didn’t you?” He asked, turning his head to look at Louis.

"That’s right, I did!" Louis replied, giving Ben a wide smile. He turned his head towards the kitchen when he heard the sound of his phone ringing. "Oh, that’s mine. Won’t be a second"

Zayn nodded as he watched Louis walk through to the kitchen. He glanced back at Ben then gave him another smile, “How about you show me that card you made with the snowman on?”

Ben nodded his head then smiled as Zayn walked them into the living room, being sure to close the door to give Louis some privacy.

In the kitchen, Louis placed the bag to the floor then picked up his phone. He grinned when he saw it was Harry and he quickly answered the call. “Hey, superstar!”

The sound of snuffling on the other end made Louis’ grin drop and his heart beat faster with worry. “Harry, is- is everything okay?”

"Lou, I’m really sorry."

Louis blinked and swallowed, “Sorry for what? Tell me what’s wrong, baby?”

Louis heard the sound of Harry letting out a deep breath, “I’m- I’m sorry. There’s another gig on tomorrow and I’ve been asked to stay a bit longer, which means I won’t be home until tomorrow night or- or maybe even Christmas day.”

Louis felt his heart break in two then sink to the bottom of his stomach. He suddenly felt sick and overcome with emotions. This was meant to be the best Christmas they’ve ever had, but now they won’t even be together.

All of the plans they had made wouldn’t be happening, instead they would be apart from each other at the most special time of year. It didn’t seem fair at all, it felt like someone was deliberately doing this to stop them having what they had always wanted; a family Christmas spent together as the three of them where they could relax and have fun.

"Lou, please say something."

Louis swallowed, feeling his eyes fill up with tears. “But you said you’d be back.” He helplessly cried out, sounding just as upset as he was feeling. “Tomorrow is Christmas eve, Harry.” He stopped again then shook his head in disbelief. “It’s my birthday!”

"I know, and I’m really sorry! You know I wanted to be there more than anything, and if I knew this would have happened I wouldn’t have agreed to come."

"What am I supposed to tell Ben?" Louis angrily asked, trying not to raise his voice though inside he was screaming. "He’s expecting you to come home tonight so that he can go to sleep knowing that you’re here instead of over there." He paused, feeling a tear roll down his cheek. "What about our plans? The trip to see Santa, and baking cookies, you know he won’t want to do them without you!"

There was silence on the line as Louis stopped again, carelessly letting two more tears fall from his eyes. “What about me?” His voice wavered as he spoke, “I want you here, on my birthday and on Christmas day!”

"Please don’t be mad at me."

Louis closed his eyes, hearing the sounds of Harry’s sobs from the other end of the call. He slowly opened his eyes and let out the long breath he was holding, then he lifted his hand to wipe away the tears that were on his cheeks.

"I’m not mad at you, Harry." Louis assured, his voice much softer now. He sighed heavily then leaned back against the cupboards in the kitchen, feeling his head pounding as a headache began to form. "I just miss you so much." He choked out, uncontrollably having more tears leave his eyes.

"I miss you too! And I miss Ben."

The line went quiet for a few more seconds before Harry sniffed, “I really am sorry, Lou.”

Louis nodded his head, “I know.” He sighed then wiped his tears away like before. “I’m sorry, too. I shouldn’t have snapped like that. I know it’s not your fault, I just really want you to come home.”

Louis turned his head over to the doorway when he saw Zayn approaching the kitchen with a worried look on his face. He sniffed again then dropped his head down to the floor, “Just get home when you can.” He lifted his head then bit his lip, “I love you, too.”

Dropping his hand from his ear, Louis ended the call then put his phone back onto the worktop. He blinked away the tears that threatened to fall as Zayn moved closer to pull him into a hug, comfortingly rubbing his hand up and down Louis’ back while he gave in and sobbed on Zayn’s shoulder.

"I wanted him to come home so badly." Louis choked out, his voice sounding as quiet as a whisper.

"I know, I know. It’s gonna be okay, Lou." Zayn soothed, holding Louis tighter against him. "He’ll be back with you before you know it, then you can start your Christmas again when he’s with you."

Louis sighed then pulled away from Zayn and looked down at the floor. “It wouldn’t be the same.”

"No, but it would still be just as special. I can even dress up as Santa if you want me to." Zayn offered, giving Louis a friendly smile as he lifted his head up again.

Louis smiled then laughed, “You’d make a rubbish Santa.”

Zayn pretended to look hurt but then he laughed and rubbed his hand along Louis’ arm. “It will be okay, Lou. I promise.”

Louis looked back at Zayn for a couple of seconds before slowly nodding his head, giving him a small smile. Zayn smiled back then dropped his hand back down to his side.

"I really need to be getting off, will you be alright?"

Louis nodded again, “Yeah, yeah I’ll be fine. Thank you.”

Zayn smiled then walked back over to the front door then he stopped and turned to see Louis stood close behind him. “You’re welcome to come to mine tomorrow, you and Ben.”

Louis smiled gratefully, “Thanks, I think we’ll go up to my mum’s or something though.”

"Alright, well the offer is there." Zayn smiled, turning again to open the door. He gave a quick wave before walking over to his car.

Louis waved at the doorway then closed it behind him. He turned and walked through the hall then stopped when he saw Ben stood just outside of the living room with a sad look on his face.

"Daddy, I heard you crying."

Louis blinked away his tears again then forced a smile onto his face. “I’m alright now, sweetie. I just got a bit emotional that’s all.” He walked closer to Ben then picked him up, holding him with his arm under his bum and a hand gripped to his side.

Ben smiled at Louis then leant forward to press a kiss to his cheek. “It will be okay, Daddy.”

Louis felt himself smiling out of adoration, feeling his heart swell with love. He sniffed then nodded his head, being sure to keep his smile on his face.

Walking them both into the living room, Louis glanced over at the TV then back to Ben. “Do you know who will make it okay?” He smiled when he saw Ben shake his head. “Dory, of course!”

Ben suddenly grinned and laughed loud, quickly becoming excited. He was still grinning when Louis sat him down on the sofa then walked over to the TV to switch on the DVD player and put the disc for Finding Nemo into the slide out drawer

Once the DVD started playing, Louis turned around and walked back over to the sofa. He smiled down at Ben then scooped him up into his arms so that he could sit down with Ben sat cradled in his lap.

Louis dropped his gaze from the TV to look at Ben and he smiled as he heard him mouthing along to lines from the film. His hand lifted up and gently caressed Ben’s hair, making him turn his head to smile back at Louis.

As Ben glanced back over at the TV, Louis moved his eyes over to the clock on the wall where he read that the time was just after 6pm. His eyes dropped down slightly to look at the big canvas picture that was proudly placed above the mantelpiece, showing Harry and Louis on the day of their wedding.

Louis smiled weakly and felt his eyes fill up again, wishing for the hundredth time that day that Harry was at home with them, watching their son’s all time favourite film. He teared his eyes away and blinked quickly, not wanting Ben to know he was still upset.

Relaxing into the sofa, Louis tipped his head back against the soft cushion of the headrest. He quietly sighed and wrapped his arms safely around Ben’s body so that he was sure he wouldn’t slip. His eyes suddenly began to shut as he felt a tiredness sweep over him, leaving him to feel drained of energy. He didn’t bother to fight it and he let his eyes close completely, quickly beginning to fall into an exhausted sleep


When Louis awoke it was to somebody tugging on his arm. He quietly groaned and kept his eyes closed, not wanting to be disturbed just yet. His arm was tugged again, leaving him with no choice but to unwillingly open his eyes.

"Daddy, wake up!"

Louis blinked a couple of times so that he was fully awake, already starting to panic at the hushed but scared tone of Ben’s voice. He looked down to see Ben was still in his lap but he was looking back at him with wide eyes now.

"What’s wrong, buttercup?" Louis asked, his voice thick from sleep.

"I heard a noise outside!" Ben replied, looking back at Louis with a frightened expression. He gasped when he heard another noise then he stared at Louis with his mouth open. "Is it Santa?"

Louis frowned then looked up at the clock on the wall, suddenly worried that he had slept through to Christmas morning. He breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was just after midnight of Christmas eve, making it his birthday. He turned back to Ben still seeing him look shocked but slightly excited now.

"No, baby, he comes tomorrow." Louis told, giving Ben a sorry smile. He was about to suggest they go up to bed when the sound of a key turning in the front door made him look over at the doorway of the room.

They both sat in silence as the door was slowly pushed opened then carefully closed again, as if not to make too much noise. Louis gulped then bit his lip, starting to panic at the thought of an intruder being in their house. He carefully placed Ben onto the sofa beside him then he stood up.

"You stay here, baby."

"Daddy, I’m scared." Ben spoke in a quiet voice, looking as though he would burst into tears at any moment.

"It’s okay! It’s just me."

Both Louis and Ben turned to look over at the doorway of the living room to see Harry, stood with his overnight bag on his shoulder and his car keys in his hand.

Louis stared back at Harry as if not believing that he was actually stood there. He blinked when he heard Ben gasp then jump down from the sofa.

"Daddy!" Ben exclaimed, running over to Harry to be picked up into his arms and pulled into a tight hug.

"I’ve missed you so much!" Harry cried out into Ben’ shoulder, still holding him tight.

"I missed you too. So has Daddy!" Ben said, pulling back to look over at Louis, who was still stood over near the sofa staring back at Harry.

Harry glanced over at Louis and gave him a small smile, suddenly feeling really nervous. He bit his lip again, “I’m home, Lou.”

Louis blinked then swallowed before slowly walking closer to where Harry was stood, still holding Ben at his hip. He stopped when he was right in front of Harry then he felt his eyes fill with tears.

"Am I dreaming?" Louis whispered, feeling a sense of dread that he would wake up any minute with Harry gone again.

Harry smiled then shook his head, “No you’re awake, babe.” He answered, his voice soft and gentle.

Louis suddenly smiled then rushed forward to hug Harry, being sure to bring one arm around Ben too. “I missed you so, so much.” Louis sobbed, feeling his tears start to fall. “Please don’t ever leave again”

Harry pulled back from the hug then shook his head, lifting his hand to wipe away Louis’ tears. “Never, I promise.”

Ben looked between Harry and Louis with a smile on his face, then a thought popped into his head making him gasp out loud. “Daddy, it’s your birthday!”

Louis looked at Ben and suddenly smiled wide before nodding his head. “It is, baby!”

Harry grinned then looked at Louis, “Happy Birthday, Louis.”

Letting a wide smile take over his mouth, Louis filled the gap between himself and Harry to press their lips together, kissing him as passionately as he could.

Now it really would be the best Christmas ever.

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