title: Yours sincerely
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis and Harry meet through a letter that was accidently delivered to Louis’ house. This starts up an unexpected friendship between them as they write to each other almost every day. They arrange to meet each other on Christmas Eve, making it a very special birthday for Louis.
warnings: fluffy au, first time, sexual content, little swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: could you write something where harry and louis meet by accident through a mismailed letter and they end up writing back and forth and finally end up meeting on chritmas and then sexy time.

and also this prompt: Can you do one where one of them is a virgin and they have sex for the first time on Christmas eve? fluff sex?

A/N: So I decided to combine these two prompts because I thought they go quite well together :) I’m sorry that it’s so long! I really didn’t intend for there to be so much of this, but I hope that doesn’t ruin it.

Louis couldn’t help the excited smile that took over his lips. He sat down on the edge of his sofa,  briefly disturbing the sleeping form of his dog that was sprawled out on the seat next to him. His attention wasn’t on his dog, instead it was focused on the pile of letters that were clutched in his  hands. He quickly looked through the small pile, tossing away the ones that didn’t interest him as  he eagerly searched for the one he had been waiting for all morning.

Only feeling his smile get bigger, Louis stopped as he stared down at the envelope in his hands.  He felt his heart skip a beat just from looking at the handwriting that had grown to be familiar to  him over the last couple of weeks. His finger ran along the top line of the writing, seeing his name  written neatly in black ink. He bit his lip, feeling his stomach flutter with excitement.

The first of these letters that Louis had received through his letter box two weeks ago was something that he was definitely not expecting to get. His day had started out like any other, where he was fresh out of the shower with a white fluffy towel wrapped around his waist. He had switched on the kettle and waited for it to boil as he glanced over at where his dog, Baubles, was lying in her basket.

He smiled whenever he thought of the childhood memory behind her name, something that always took him back to when he was younger and lived at home. He turned away from her then set about making himself a cup of tea, his second of that day.

Once his tea was made he was only able to take a small sip before he was interrupted by the sound of letters being pushed through his door, landing on the mat with a thud. He turned his head as he saw Baubles jumping up from her basket to run to the door, observing where the  noise had come from.

Louis sighed, not needing the sound of a barking dog to give him another headache. With other things on his mind, like his lack of money and how he had a rubbish job, having a pounding head just made him feel lousy and annoyed.

Sighing again, Louis put his mug back down on the kitchen worktop then walked over to where Baubles was stood barking at the door. He rubbed his eyes then bent down to pick up the letters, giving Baubles a gentle rub on her back.

"Calm down, Baubles!" Louis spoke loud to get his voice over the sound of her barks. His hand moved round to stroke the side of her face, making her turn her head to look back at him, quiet now. "There’s a good girl."

Louis smiled, grateful that the noise had stopped. He straightened himself back up then walked back over to the kitchen, clicking his fingers so that Baubles would follow. The light sound of her paws against the floor filled the room as they walked to the kitchen, both of them standing next to the cupboards.

Louis put the pile of letters onto the worktop then took another drink from his mug. He put his mug back down again then looked down at Baubles, seeing her staring up at him with an expectant gaze. He chuckled down at her, shaking his head.

"You’re not getting anything." Louis informed, earning a small whimper from Baubles. He rolled his eyes then leant over to grab two dog biscuits from the clear jar that was sat against the tiled wall of the kitchen. He gave the biscuits to Baubles one by one, making her jump up for them. "You’re spoilt rotten, aren’t you?"

He was ignored as Baubles happily chomped on each of the biscuits, dipping her head as she ate. Louis smiled at her then stroked the fur at the back of the head. He moved back and picked his mug up again, his eyes falling to the pile of letters. He sighed again, guessing that they were all bills or reminders of things he didn’t remotely care about.

His eyes lingered on the letters for a while longer before he reached out to pick them up, curiosity getting the better of him. He took another sip of his tea then walked over to the sofa that was in the living room. He placed his mug down on a coaster then switched on the TV from the remote, before moving back to sit on the sofa.

He looked at the TV for a few minutes before losing interest, turning his attention to the letters sat in his lap. It didn’t take him long to read through the first two letters, skimming through them to partly read something about his water rates and another about his latest bank statement.

The next letter he opened had a yellow piece of card with it, filled with lines of writing. He ignored the attached letter and went straight for the card, starting to get interested in hopes that it was a cheque or something he’d won. But, his interest quickly faded when he read the words ‘dentist’ and ‘appointment card’. 

"No, thank you." Louis muttered, shoving the card back into the envelope in a huff.

He dropped the last letter to rest in his lap as he leant forward to pick up his mug, bringing it to his lips to take another sip. He put his mug down again the sat back on the sofa, glancing up at  the TV like before. His eyes took in the showing of the daytime cooking show, feeling a sudden  hunger ripple through his stomach.

Groaning quietly, Louis moved his eyes away from the TV just as the camera zoomed in on a treacle pudding that was generously covered in homemade custard. He felt his stomach rumble as he thought of food and how much he wanted to eat everything that was in his cupboards.

Not being able to stop thinking of food, he made to stand up from the sofa but then stopped when he remembered the last letter that was sat on his lap waiting to be opened. He picked it up and looked at the name on the front, frowning as he read the name of a complete stranger.

He blinked down at the white envelope, not knowing if he should open it or not. He knew that if he just left it the urge to open it and read what was inside would get too much for him, leaving him to  think about nothing else until it was opened.

Biting his lip, he slowly turned the envelope over and ripped at the seal. His fingers gripped at the folded piece of paper before he carefully pulled it out, not wanting to rip it in his haste to see what it was.

As he opened up the piece of paper, his eyes fell to the corner of the page, seeing that the sender had written their address. Louis stared at the writing, seeing that the letter had come from Cheshire, and was sent by a Mr Harry Styles.

He swallowed nervously, feeling his heart beat faster beneath his chest from what he was doing. He knew it was wrong to read through somebody else’s mail, but it had been delivered to his house. ‘Its like they wanted me to read it!’ Louis thought, in defence to himself. His eyes moved down to the start of the letter, choosing to read it anyway.

It was an informal letter. Louis guessed by the way it was written in a casual and unofficial way that it was for a friend of the person who had written it. He didn’t know why, but he felt his heart sink in disappointment as he read through the first paragraph. He was excepting to find something more fun and interesting to read rather than finding out that this Mr Harry Styles had arranged for Liam, whoever he was, to have the best stag night ever.

Louis quickly scanned the rest of the page, missing out words of sentences that didn’t interest him. He carried on reading until he reached the last paragraph, feeling his bare chest suddenly heat up from the words that were written.

Oh, and will you invite Josh for me? I know it’s meant to be Liam’s night and everything but he won’t mind if I have some fun too. Besides, Li knows how desperate I am to fuck Josh! Make sure he comes! (Pun definitely intended.)

Louis shifted in his seat, swallowing harshly. He looked up from the letter and blinked twice, catching the screen of the TV making him remember it was still on. He felt something spark up inside of him, something unfamiliar that was mixed up with a feeling of arousal.

His eyes fell back down and he re-read the same paragraph. Having his mouth fallen open as he started to breathe heavily now, he realised that the feeling that was building up inside of him was lust. He was lusting over something he had read, something written by a stranger.

Lifting his head up again, Louis swallowed then looked around the room, trying to find a  distraction from the new feelings he was having. He wasn’t sure why but he found himself wanting to know more about the person that had written the letter. It gave off a good impression of this Harry Styles, Louis thought as he bit his lip, staring at the coffee table in front of him.

Louis wondered what he looked liked, how he sounded, and how old he was. It was weird, having only knowing the person by accident of having been delivered the wrong mail, but Louis couldn’t help but feel attracted to the stranger.

Looking at the letter again, Louis found himself admiring how open the guy was about his sexuality. For Louis it had been completely different. Even now he was too shy to confidently speak out about he fact that he was gay, mostly through fear of being unaccepted. His mum  knew about his sexuality, and a couple of his closest friends but that was it. He just didn’t feel ready to come out to everyone, at least not yet.

Louis shook his thoughts away as he stared down at the piece of paper in his hands. The thought of throwing it away without contacting the sender filled Louis’ mind, knowing that he’d be too embarrassed to admit that he actually read somebody else’s mail. But at the same time he didn’t want to throw it away, he wanted to find out who this Harry was, and he wanted to speak to him more.

Standing up from the sofa, Louis walked towards the big cabinet by the TV wall. He pulled down the drawer then reached out to pick up the notepad that was inside, something he had bought for doodling in when he was on the phone. He grabbed a pen with the same hand then used his other to close the drawer.

When Louis had walked back to the sofa, he smiled when Baubles left her basket to sit at his feet. The warmness of her stomach covered his bare feet as he opened the pad and flicked on the pen. His hand rested on the clean sheet of paper while he thought of how he should start his  reply. He didn’t want to come across as somebody who made a habit of opening letters that wasn’t addressed to him.

Biting his lip, Louis quickly wrote his address in the corner of the paper then moved his pen to the opposite side. He wrote ‘Dear Mr Harry Styles’ in his neatest writing then moved his pen to start on another line. His hand stopped again as he thought of how he should start, getting different  opening sentences in his head.

Deciding on something that didn’t make him sound completely weird, he began to write out the letter. His first paragraph was made up of him introducing himself, giving his first and last time like Harry had done, and also explaining about the misdirected mail situation.

Once he had started to write his second paragraph, Louis had found that it was much easier to write the letter than what he had thought. He wanted to give back a good impression of himself, and not one that made him sound like a creepy stalker who was planning to capture Harry.

Louis stopped writing once he had finished the paragraph, not sure if he should bring up what Harry had written about the guy named Josh. He swallowed then bit his lip while he stared down at the paper, slowly rolling the pen against his finger with his thumb as he thought.

After deciding how to word his thoughts, he quickly glanced back at the envelope to read the name that the letter was meant for, then he put the pen to the paper ready to write again.

You’d have to talk to Niall about Josh going but I hope for your benefit that he does get invited, it sounds as though you’ve been after him for a while! And I agree, you should get to have some fun too.

Louis moved his pen away then read what he had put, hoping that it sounded alright. He nodded to himself then finished off the letter, telling Harry to enjoy the stag night, and his time with Josh, and to take care of himself. He dropped his pen to the bottom line then signed it with ‘Yours sincerely, Mr Louis Tomlinson’.

Louis genuinely wasn’t expecting to hear from Harry, or at least not as quickly as he did. It was two days after sending his reply that he had found another letter, the envelope similar to before only this time it had his name and correct address on the front, waiting for him on his mat.

The second letter he had received from Harry made Louis smile as if he had known him all his life. It was a friendly reply, considering that Harry should have been angry at Louis for reading the private letter he had intentionally sent to a friend. Instead of him being annoyed at Louis, Harry had apologised for the mix up, and introduced himself properly this time. He had also mentioned  how the stag night would go ahead without Josh being there, due to him being away on the same  weekend.

After that, they talked through their letters almost every day. Louis had since found out that Harry was an 18 year old student at university, and he still lived at home with his Mum, stepdad and cat. Harry also told Louis what he looked like, after Louis had finally found the courage to ask him.

Whenever Louis would receive a letter from Harry he would get the same flutter inside of his stomach. He would feel ridiculously excited, like how he used to get whenever he saw the girl he was crushing on when he was 10. Though, admitting to himself that he was slowly falling for Harry was something that Louis hadn’t yet done.

It was probably weird to be getting these kinds of feelings for someone you only knew very little about, but that didn’t stop Louis from thinking about Harry while he was curled up on the sofa with  Baubles asleep by his side. Or just as he was dropping to sleep at night, and then again when he woke up and made breakfast anxiously waiting for the postman to come.

Now that it had been two weeks, Louis was beginning to wonder how much longer they would continue to write letters to each other. He loved the excitement of finding an envelope on the mat, and the happiness of reading about what Harry was up to and how he was feeling. It was something he had become used to and he hoped that it wouldn’t stop any time soon.

Turning the sealed envelope over, Louis carefully opened it and pulled out the folded piece of paper. He felt another flutter in his stomach as he read how his name had been written as ‘Mr  Louis Tomlinson’ something they had both kept up since the first letter sent.

A smile remained on his lips all the while he looked at the letter, reading about how Harry had been babysitting his cousin and ended up with his face covered in make up. Louis laughed out loud as he read that his cousin had also tried to dress him up in her pink tutu and fairy wings, 'Maybe she's trying to say something about my masculine qualities?'

As he reached the last paragraph, his smile slowly faded and a nervous feeling appeared in his stomach, leaving him to feel slightly sick.

By the way, I’ll be in Doncaster over Christmas visiting a few friends. I thought we could meet up? I mean, only if you’d want to! I’m not saying we have to, I just thought it would be nice. Maybe you could give me a ring or something and tell me what you think?

Louis swallowed, feeling his cheeks flush and his heart pounded heavily against his chest. He wanted to meet up with Harry, he really did, but he knew how nervous he can be around new people. And with only speaking to Harry for just over two weeks he didn’t know if it was such a good idea or not.

He bit his lip as his eyes read the phone number that Harry had given, in hope that Louis would call. His head lifted from the letter and he stared at his phone that was left on top of the coffee table.

'I guess if I spoke to him first it wouldn't be as bad to meet him.' Louis thought, still staring at his phone. He sat still for a further two minutes before reaching forward to grab his phone, sitting back on the sofa once it was in his hand. He glanced back down at the paper then read the last bit of the letter.

I hope to speak to you soon.

Mr Harry Styles

P.s Hopefully I can finally get to hear your voice!

P.p.s I didn’t mean that to sound as creepy as it did.

Louis couldn’t help the grin that reached his lips, feeling the flutters return to his stomach. He looked back up at the number then quickly typed it out on his phone, hoping he didn’t mess up and say something stupid. He let out a long breath, making it steady as the sound of the dialling tone filled his ear.


Louis swallowed and opened his mouth, not sure what he wanted to say, or what he was meant to say.

"Anybody there?"

Feeling his cheeks blush, Louis blinked then swallowed again, wishing that his heart wasn’t beating so fast.

"Yeah, Hi. Sorry." He swallowed again, "I um- I just read your letter". He let a couple of seconds pass before he realised he hadn’t even said who he was. "Sorry! It’s Louis."

"Oh! Well, hey. I’m glad you called."

Louis felt his cheeks blush again, wondering if Harry had been checking his phone as he waited for Louis to ring him. He mentally shook himself for putting that thought into his head then he  remembered he hadn’t replied. He opened his mouth to talk but was cut off when Harry spoke again.

"You have a really nice voice. Not what I was expecting."

"Thanks, but now I’m curious to know exactly what you were expecting?"

"Well, I imagined it would be more rougher I guess. And with you being a Yorkshire man I thought you’d at least call me lad, or love"

Louis couldn’t help the chuckle that left his mouth, finding himself grinning into the phone. All of the nervous feelings from before had been replaced with a bundle of butterflies, tickling his stomach.

"I like it though." He heard Harry continue, "It’s soft and has a kind of rhythm to it."

Louis’ grin remained plastered on his face, “I’m glad you like it. Yours is quite boring, though. You drone on a bit don’t you?”

Louis smiled wide when he heard the sound of Harry’s laugh, feeling his heart skip a beat from knowing that he had made him do that.

"It pains me to say you’re not the first to mention my boring voice. I hope it’s not a problem for you, Louis."

The butterflies in Louis’ stomach fluttered around inside of him, feeling himself smiling again from the mention of his name. He relaxed into the sofa then dropped his gaze to where Baubles was still sitting right next to him. He wrapped his arm around her then returned his focus back to the call, feeling much more comfortable to talk to Harry than he thought he would.

"Definitely not." He smiled again then bit his lip, "So, you’re coming over here for Christmas?"

"Yep, I have a few friends from school that live there." There was a slight pause before Harry spoke again, "And I thought it would be the perfect chance for us to meet."

Louis swallowed and raised a small smile, realising how different it was to hear that Harry wanted to meet him, rather than reading it on paper.

"I think it’s a good idea, we should definitely meet up." Louis agreed, feeling overly pleased with his decision.

"Really? I mean, you wasn’t freaked out that I asked?"

Louis lightly chuckled, imagining Harry had spent a short while contemplating whether or not he should have asked the question.

"Not at all. I think we’re at that stage of friendship now where we get to meet."

The sound of Harry letting out a small laugh filled the call, “I agree with that! I think I’ll be coming  over the day before Christmas Eve.”

Louis dropped his gaze down to Baubles again then gently began to pet her head, slowly running his fingers up and down her fur. “Okay, you can come to mine whenever you’re not busy. With the assurance that I won’t murder you or keep you hostage.”

Harry laughed again, “I should hope not! I actually want to enjoy my Christmas this year, rather than be killed or kidnapped by an over friendly Yorkshire man.”

Louis grinned then laughed, easily taking the insult as banter. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.”


Smoothing over his newly ironed shirt, Louis walked over to look in the mirror on his bedroom wall for the tenth time in the last half hour. He rechecked his hair, making sure none of it was out of place. His eyes dropped to look at his chosen outfit, going for jeans and a blue button shirt so  that he was smart but casual.

Letting out a deep sigh, Louis nodded at himself then walked over to his set of drawers at the opposite wall to his bed. He picked up a bottle of aftershave then sprayed each sides of his neck and then around his shirt, wanting to make sure he was smelling nice. He put the bottle back down then walked out of his bedroom, leaving the door open just a little bit.

Once he was downstairs, he walked over to the CD player in the corner of the kitchen then pressed play. He smiled as the sound of an old Christmas song played out into the room on a  low volume. He moved away then looked around the room making sure it looked as tidy as he could get it, not wanting Harry to know that he’d usually live in a much messier condition.

They had arranged for Harry to go to Louis’ house on Christmas Eve, giving him time to see his friends the day before. It was fair to say that Louis had been nervous ever since their meeting had been organised, and now that it was here and he was waiting for Harry’s arrival his nerves were definitely worsening.

Staring down at what he was wearing, Louis’ stomach filled with dread as the thought of Harry not liking the way he looked filled his mind. He had never called himself good looking, and he knew there were plenty of other guys that were far more attractive than he was. He sighed as he looked back up, starting to think that this was a bad idea.

The sound of a knock on the door made him freeze to the spot. His heart was beating loud beneath his chest, almost as loud as the sound of Bauble’s barks as she ran over to the door with her tail wagging rapidly. Louis took a deep breath then walked over to the door, reaching down to rub at Bauble’s head to calm her excitement.

Once she was quiet, Louis straightened up then lifted his hand to open the door. His heart seemed to have leaped into his throat as he stared back at the boy who was stood on his doorstep with a bottle of wine in one hand and a small gift bag in the other.


Louis blinked, realising he was staring. He quickly smiled then stepped to the side. “Hi. Come on in.”

He smiled again as Harry grinned then walked inside. His hand quickly closed the door then he turned to face Harry, seeing him stood with his grin still on his face.

"It’s nice to finally meet you!" Harry exclaimed, moving the bottle of wine to his other hand. He lifted up his free one then slowly moved closer to Louis, leaving his eyes on him until the last second before he pulled him into a hug.

"Yeah, yeah it is. It’s really nice." Louis nervously rambled, surprised at the unexpected hug. His arms wrapped around Harry’s body, making the embrace tighter.

As the seconds went by Louis felt himself becoming relaxed into the hug, so much that he almost let out a disapproving groan when Harry pulled away, smiling back at Louis. His eyes dropped from Louis then down to Baubles who was stood at Louis’ side but with her gaze fixed to the new person in the room.

"And you must be Baubles." Harry greeted, crouching down to gently pet the top of her head. He grinned as she moved closer to him, showing clear signs of enjoyment from the attention. He looked away from Baubles then back up to Louis before he stood up to be face level with him again. "You never told me why she’s called Baubles."

"I didn’t?" Louis asked, trying to remember what he had written in the letter where he was describing her. "Well she was born on Christmas Day. I was only about 5, and I got to name her, so I thought it was fitting."

Harry laughed then looked down at Baubles again, before moving his eyes back up to Louis. “I like it.”

Louis smiled in return, feeling the butterflies fill his stomach again. His eyes remained on Harry as he took in his features, genuinely shocked at how someone could be so beautiful. He blushed when he realised what he had thought then he cleared his throat and looked away.

"Come through to the living room." Louis ushered, holding out his hand to point at the living room area that was conjoined with the big kitchen.

Harry followed Louis then looked around the room. “You have a really nice place, Louis.”

"Thank you." Louis answered with a smile. He looked over towards the kitchen then back to Harry. "Would you like a drink?"

Harry dropped his gaze back to Louis then held out the bottle of wine. “I actually bought this, I thought we could share it.”

Louis nodded gratefully then took the bottle from Harry’s grasp. He smiled back at him, “I’ll go get us some glasses. Put your coat wherever you like.”

Harry grinned then unbuttoned his thick winter coat, turning around to look for somewhere to put it. He decided on the sofa then walked closer to it, carefully draping his coat across the back. He turned again to see Louis walking closer to him with two glasses of the wine in his hand, holding one of them out for Harry.

"Thanks." Harry smiled, taking the glass from Louis’ hand. He lifted it and pressed the rim to his lips before taking a sip, feeling the sharpness of the wine pour down his throat. He licked his lips then glanced down at the bag in his hand. "Oh, this is for you. Happy Birthday."

Louis stared back at Harry in surprise, not having expected him to remember let alone buy him a present. He smiled as he reached out for the gift bag, “Wow, thank you. You didn’t have to get me anything!”

"I wanted to." Harry replied, shrugging his shoulders as he watched Louis open the bag and pull out a small black box. He kept his eyes on Louis, apprehensively waiting as he opened up the box, then let out a quiet gasp, making Harry smile. "I remember you said yours was broken."

Louis stared down at the silver watch in the box, guessing that it must have cost quite a lot. He slowly looked back up at Harry with his eyes wide, “I don’t- I don’t know what to say!” He shook his head in disbelief then stepped closer to Harry to hug him again. “Thank you, Harry. I love it,  thank you!”

Harry grinned, moving his glass out of the way as Louis pulled back. “I’m glad you like it.” He smiled then moved his head to the side while Louis looked back down at the watch. His eyes fell upon the half decorated tree that was next to the TV and he let out a small laugh. “Did you run out of tinsel?”

Louis frowned at Harry’s joke then lifted his head to follow his gaze. “Oh, no I gave up in the end. It seemed pointless if I’d just be taking it down soon.”

Harry laughed again, “But you might as well make it look nice! The poor thing looks naked.” His eyes dropped to a cardboard box that was on the floor close to the tree and he smiled when he read ‘Xmas Decs’ on the front. “Come on, mister. We’re finishing the tree!”

Louis looked back at Harry, not sure if he was serious or not. He was quickly answered when Harry laughed again then put the two glasses and the watch onto the coffee table before taking Louis’ hand to move them over to the tree.

Looking down at where their hands joined, Louis felt his stomach flutter again. He smiled at how normal it felt to be holding Harry’s hand, almost like it was meant to fit his own. His head looked back up to see Harry was staring at him now with a smile of his own on his face.

Harry grinned then gently dropped his hand so that he could crouch down and open the box of decorations. His eyes took in the red and silver tinsel and he grabbed as much of it as he could before standing up again.

The next 20 minutes was spent with both of them covering the tree in tinsel. It was funny how comfortable Louis felt around Harry, after expecting there to be awkward silences and nervous glances. Instead of that, there was laughter and smiles as they wrapped the tinsel around the branches of the tree, singing along to the Christmas songs that played from the CD  player.

"Much better!" Harry exclaimed, standing back to observe the tree. He turned and grinned at Louis, who stared back at him with his own smile beaming. "Oh, no wait! We forgot the star!"

Harry dropped his gaze back down to the box then smiled when he saw a gold star that was covered in glitter. He reached down and picked it up, then offered it out for Louis to take.

Louis looked at the star then back up at Harry. “We’ll do it together.” He told, lifting his hand to take the half of the star that Harry wasn’t holding. He smiled again as they both moved it up and attached it to the top of the tree, finishing it off perfectly.


"It is." Louis nodded his head in agreement as he looked up at the star. It was only when he dropped his gaze that he realised Harry was staring at him with his eyes glistening.

"I meant you." Harry whispered, keeping his eyes locked onto Louis. He swallowed then slowly moved closer to him, reaching out his hand to lift to Louis’ chest. His eyes closed as his head was closer to Louis’ now and their lips met each others.

Louis briefly froze, feeling his heart begin to beat faster as soon as Harry’s lips fell onto his. He found himself melting into the kiss as it became more passionate, his hands now roaming up Harry’s sides until one of them reached his cheek.

As the kiss broke, they both stared into each others eyes, feeling butterflies in their stomachs. Harry swallowed and lifted his hand to cover the one that Louis had on his cheek then held onto it as he brought it down. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” Harry whispered, still staring at Louis.

Louis felt his heart leap right out of his mouth from the happiness he was feeling. He blinked back at Harry, not quite believing this was happening to him. “You should do it again.” Louis said, his voice as quiet as Harry’s.

Harry smiled wide before moving in closer like before, bringing their lips back together again. This time the kiss was more intimate, their hands moving all over each other as they shared the embrace.

Louis felt something burst inside of him, just like he did when he had read the first letter from Harry. His head began to spin from the sudden mix of emotions, feeling happy but so nervous. He wanted everything from Harry, whatever he would give him he would take. But he was scared just thinking about it. It was something he had been waiting for, wanting the moment to be special and as perfect as it could be.

Feeling Harry’s hand move further down from where it was resting on his stomach, Louis pulled away from the kiss and used his hand to lightly push Harry from him. “Wait, Harry. I-“

"Did I go too far?" Harry asked with concern in his voice. "I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean- I just thought-"

Louis shook his head quickly, not wanting Harry to think he had done something wrong. “No, no it’s not that! I just- I need to say..” He trailed off in embarrassment, dropping his head to look down at the floor. He bit his lip when he felt his hand being taken then gently squeezed, making him let out a shaky breath and look back up at Harry. “I’m still- I haven’t been with a guy before.”

Harry felt his heart swell with love as he saw Louis’ eyes fill with tears and his gaze dropped down again. He gave Louis’ hand another squeeze before letting it go, only to use it to gently lift Louis’ chin so that he was looking back up at him. “That makes no difference to how I feel about you.”

Louis stared back at Harry then blinked, trying to be rid of his tears. He swallowed, feeling so overcome with emotion. His hand was squeezed again as Harry took it with his own then entwined their fingers.

"I really like you, Louis." Harry confessed, keeping his voice quiet and soft. "I’ve liked you from the  moment I got the first letter you wrote. I knew I was falling for you, and it’s crazy because we barely know each other." He stopped and gave Louis a smile, keeping their eyes locked. "But I-"  He swallowed then bit his lip before continuing. "I’m in love with you. And being here with you right now has made that so clear for me."

Louis smiled as he felt his eyes refilling, this time not bothering to blink away his tears. He stepped closer to Harry then softly brushed his lips against Harry’s, before moving back to blink up at him. “I want you to be my first.”

Harry’s eyes widened slightly as he stared back at Louis, “Are- are you serious?”

Louis nodded his head with a smile, feeling a slight rush of nerves bubble up in his stomach. He reached out to take Harry’s hand again before pulling him down so that they were both on the floor right next to the tree.

Harry laughed then lifted himself up onto his elbow as he stared down at Louis. “I’m guessing you want to do it here?” He grinned when he saw Louis nod, then he moved closer to kiss his lips, moving to lift himself up on top of Louis’ body.

It wasn’t long before their heated embrace meant that they had shed each others clothes, desperate to get them off and out of the way. The kissing went on as Harry hovered above Louis, with their discarded clothes on the floor around them. His hands slowly moved down Louis’ bare stomach as he pulled away from the kiss then lifted up to sit back on his ankles.

He glanced back at Louis’ face and he saw the red blush on his cheeks. He moved down again then pressed soft kisses in a line down his chest, not stopping until he reached Louis’ crotch. His hand lifted up to rest on Louis’ hip while he slowly licked along the length of Louis’ hard cock, hearing a small gasp from underneath him.

Harry flickered his eyes up to Louis, seeing him staring down at him to watch his every move. He slowly licked his lips then moved his head back to take Louis into his mouth, starting with just the head but then took in more. His head bobbed up and down as he created a rhythm with his  mouth, earning more gasps and a couple of moans from Louis.

He pulled his mouth off then softly kissed around Louis’ thigh, letting his lips tickle his skin. His mouth moved back to his cock where he instantly let his lips take hold of it again, being quick to start up his rhythm of moving his mouth up and down as he sucked.

"That feels so good!" Louis moaned, biting down on his lip as he watched Harry’s mouth cover almost all of his cock.

Harry purposely moaned around Louis’ cock, making the vibrations tingle all over his body. His hand lifted to take hold of the base as he pulled his mouth away again. He looked up at Louis as he began to stroke his cock, feeling his own throb from the lack of attention.

"Tell me if you want me to stop, okay?" Harry said, seeing Louis nod his head. He smiled then dropped his hand, bringing it up to his lips where he pushed two fingers inside of his mouth. His other hand separated Louis’ legs while he sucked his fingers making sure they were completely wet.

Bringing them out of his mouth, Harry dropped his hand in between Louis’ open legs. His eyes moved back up to look at Louis, making sure he could see his reaction in case he needed him to stop. He ran the tip of one finger around the opening of Louis’ hole before he slowly pushed it inside, stopping as he heard Louis gasp loud.

Louis swallowed then nodded his head, too caught up to speak. He held his breath as he felt  Harry’s finger being pushed further inside of him, being so gentle and careful for him. His gasps soon turned into moans once he was used to the intrusion, feeling pleasure beginning to sweep through his body.

He nodded again, signalling for Harry to move his finger now. Another moan left his mouth as Harry pushed it in and out, easing Louis open a little more each time. His head tipped back against the carpet as he moaned again, feeling like he needed more.

"Harry, please." Louis moaned out, his voice sounding strangled. He lifted his head so that he was looking down at Harry again. "I need more, just move faster or- or add another, just please."

Harry moaned low in his throat, feeling his cock twitch from Louis’ desperate pleas. He started to move his finger faster now, then added the second slicked up finger so that he was thrusting two into Louis. He stared down at Louis’ panting form as he continued to pound his fingers in faster, feeling his hole getting stretched each time.

"Do you think you’re ready?" Harry asked, wanting this to only happen when Louis was sure.

Louis quickly nodded his head, “Yeah, yeah I’m ready.”

Harry carefully pulled his fingers out of Louis then took his cock into his hand, giving himself a couple of strokes as he looked down at him. He dipped his head then spat down onto his cock before using his hand to spread it all around himself, using it as a kind of lube.

Once he was ready he moved forward, lifting both of Louis’ legs up to fold at his knees. He lined the head of his cock to Louis’ entrance then looked down at him again, slowly easing himself inside. His eyes remained on Louis to watch for any signs that he wanted him to stop.

"Does that feel alright?" Harry softly asked, hoping he wasn’t hurting Louis.

"It stings." Louis answered, creasing his face from the slight pain. He bit his lip as he looked up at Harry. "It’s okay, you can keep going, I’m fine."

Harry nodded once he was sure, then he gently pushed himself in further. The tightness of Louis’ hole wrapped around his cock making him moan at how good it felt. He leant forward so that his hands were flat on the carpet each side of Louis’ stomach then he dipped his head to press a soft kiss to Louis’ lips.

Harry let a couple of seconds pass before he moved, allowing Louis to familiarise himself with the new feeling of being filled. He kissed Louis again then began to gently thrust himself in and out, going as slow as Louis needed him to.

It wasn’t long after that, that Louis desperately moaned for Harry to move faster, feeling the pleasure building up inside of him making him need more. His moans only got louder with each of Harry’s thrusts and he panted heavily, never feeling so much pleasure before.

Harry continued to leave kisses all over Louis while he thrust into him. He stared down and watched how Louis was quickly coming undone, then he lifted himself up and took Louis’ cock  back into his hand to start stroking him again.

"Don’t stop, Harry. Please." Louis moaned, tipping his head back again.

"Do you like that, Louis?" Harry growled out, keeping up the mixed rhythm of his thrusts while he stroked Louis’ cock, moving his hand faster now. "Tell me how it feels, baby?"

"It feels so good!" Louis breathlessly moaned, biting down on his lip to stop him from moaning loud. He suddenly bucked up his hips as he felt his stomach tighten and his body shook. "I’m so close, Harry!"

"I want you to cum for me, Louis." Harry softly ordered, stroking faster to bring Louis over the edge. "Let me see how sexy you look when you cum."

Louis moaned loud for a final time, repeatedly panting out Harry’s name, as his body contracted and he spilled out onto his stomach. He breathlessly watched as Harry carefully pulled out then quickly stroked himself, bringing him closer to his own orgasm.

It wasn’t long before Harry moaned loud then came hard and fast, gasping and breathing heavily. He moved his hand away then looked down at Louis, noticing how he was staring up at him. He smiled sleepily then dropped down to lay next to him on the carpet.

Louis turned his head to the side then smiled, seeing Harry’s chest rise and fall rapidly. He reached out his hand in the small gap between them to take hold of Harry’s before he entwined their fingers, making Harry look over at him.

"I love you, Mr Harry Styles." Louis whispered, cuddling into Harry’s side, dropping his head to his shoulder.

Harry happily smiled then kissed the top of Louis’ head. “I love you, too, Mr Louis Tomlinson.”

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