Anonymous asked: "Don't care what the plot is/how long it is but can you just quickly do some smut. I need something to read. P-p-please."

"So, did you have fun?" Louis asked, purposely adding sarcasm to his voice. Harry looked over at where Louis was sat on the bed and gave him a sheepish smile.

"I guess." Harry replied with a shrug, walking over to his set of drawers dressed only in a towel from taking a shower, needing to relax after his long journey home from New York.

Louis glared at Harry’s back feeling a sense of jealousy rush over him, not that he’d admit to it. He kept his eyes on Harry while he watched him spray himself with aftershave. "Did you kiss her?"

Harry swallowed then slowly put his aftershave bottle back down, turning around to meet Louis’ dark gaze. He stared back for a couple of seconds then shrugged his shoulders again. “It was midnight on New Year’s Eve, Lou, it’s what everybody does.”

"So you did?" Louis asked, his voice thick and heavy. His eyes stared back at Harry with a dark glare, telling Harry that he definitely wasn’t happy.

Harry opened his mouth but then stopped and nodded his head as his reply. He felt his cheeks flush and he swallowed again, not sure what Louis’ reaction would be.

"We agreed, Harry." Louis stated, his voice lower but still thick with anger. "You said you wouldn’t kiss her."

Harry suddenly felt anger ripple through him as he lowered his eyebrows, “So? I bet you fucking kissed Eleanor!”

As soon as his words left his mouth Harry had regretted saying them. He watched Louis’ expression darken as he stared, his face showing nothing but anger.

"Get on your knees." Louis ordered, with his voice still low but just as rough. He continued to stare as Harry blinked twice then moved to bend down to his knees, waiting for Louis to speak again.

Louis stood up from the bed then walked closer to Harry, stopping once he was right in front of him. “Open your mouth.”

Harry did as he was told and opened his mouth. His eyes were fixed in front of him while he watched Louis pull down his sweat pants and boxers then he took hold of his cock, letting Harry see how hard he was. He moved his eyes upwards to meet with Louis’ as he waited with his mouth left open.

Louis guided the head of his cock to Harry’s lips then pushed himself inside, not bothering to be gentle. His hand stayed at the base of his cock while his other gripped to Harry’s cheek, ignoring the sounds of the gagging noises he was making.

"This will teach you for being a cocky little shit." Louis spat out, gripping his fingers to the hair at the back of Harry’s head. He groaned angrily as he saw Harry was trying to suck on Louis’ cock, "Stay still. I’m in control."

Louis dropped his hand from his cock once Harry had stopped moving his mouth. He gripped his hand to his other cheek then thrust forward, not giving Harry any time to adjust as he began to pound his cock into his mouth.

"You need to start obeying me, Harry." Louis growled out, slowing down to bring his cock all the way out. His hands remained on Harry’s cheeks as he directed his cock back to his parted lips, "When I say you don’t do something, that means you don’t do it."

Louis slowly pushed his cock deep into Harry’s mouth, hitting the back of his throat. He pulled it back out again then tightly grabbed hold of his hair, making Harry cry out in pain. “Is that understood?”

Harry quickly nodded his head, silently pleading for Louis to let go. He felt tears sting his eyes, and his throat ached from the abuse it had been given.

"I said, is that understood?" Louis asked again, unsatisfied with Harry’s answer.

"Yes, Louis." Harry replied, his voice sounding harsh and cracked.

Louis grinned then let go of his grip on Harry’s hair. “Good boy.” He praised, sliding his cock back in Harry’s mouth to continue pounding fast.

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