Anonymous asked: "Can you write me a quick dom!Louis who is jealous about something and just really gives it to Harry because of it? I need a quick release and I love how you write doll really gets a girl off xx"

I hope this is okay! :) thank you, sweetie! xx


"You know I don’t like how you act around other guys." Louis growled out, his voice thick in his throat. His hand gripped tight around the leather belt he was holding, and his eyes were staring down at Harry’s bent over form. "With Nick. Sometimes Zayn. Always flirting with them and trying to get their attention."

"I- I don’t flirt." Harry defended himself, turning back to try and look at Louis with tears staining his cheeks.

Without giving any warning, Louis whipped the belt across Harry’s bare cheek making him cry out in pain. “You’re mine, Harry. You belong to me, don’t you?”

"Yes, Louis." Harry choked out, letting more tears spill from his eyes. He could feel his wrists beginning to chafe from the tie that Louis had tightly tied them together with, refraining him from using them.

"Tell me what you are." Louis demanded, hitting the belt against Harry’s cheek again. His other hand gripped to Harry’s hip to stop him jerking from the harsh blows.

"I-" Harry’s voice faltered, having no strength to speak as he felt a painful sting circle his right cheek. Another hit was given to the same spot by the belt, making Harry’s skin become red and sore looking. 

"Tell me what you are!"

"I-I’m your filthy whore." Harry shamefully admitted, his voice sounding strangled as he cried more.

"Yes you fucking are!" Louis growled, suddenly dropping the belt to the floor where it made a loud thud. His hands gripped to Harry’s hips then he roughly turned him over onto his back, "I want to look at you as I fuck that hole of yours." He moved his hands to grip at Harry’s legs then he dragged his body closer to him, nearing the edge of the bed where Louis was stood.

Louis kept one hand on Harry’s leg to hold him up slightly while his other gripped to his throbbing hard cock. He wasted no time in thrusting inside of Harry, and with only been given a little amount of preparation beforehand, the rough slamming of Louis’ cock created a sharp stinging sensation for Harry, making him cry out in pain with more tears leaving his eyes.

"Take it like a fucking slut!" Louis groaned, both hands now holding Harry’s legs while he roughly pounded his cock in and out of him. "I wanna hear you fucking scream."

Harry cried out again as Louis pulled himself out only to slam back inside, just as harshly as before. His hands remained tied and still on his stomach as he lay there, having no choice but to let Louis use him.

Louis roughly dropped Harry’s legs then leant forward, lifting his hand to grab hold of Harry’s hair. “I’m in control of you, Harry. You do as I say, and you obey all of my rules.”

Harry screamed out in agony, sure that each thrust only got harder and faster. His head was spinning and every part of his body started to ache.

"You’re my filthy whore." Louis continued, lifting his other hand down to slap Harry’s face twice. "Take it, slut."

Harry squeezed his eyes shut as he powerlessly let Louis take over his body. His throat became dry from his screams and it hurt whenever he swallowed, making it hard for him to speak even if he tried.

Louis gave a few more rough thrusts then pulled himself out of Harry, “Open your eyes, slut.”

Harry did as he was told then watched as Louis knelt on the bed at the side of him, furiously stroking his cock above where Harry was trying to regain his breath.

"Gonna cover you in my cum, you dirty whore." Louis growled, moving his hand faster as he reached his orgasm and spilled out across Harry’s face.

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