title: under the mistletoe
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis decides to use mistletoe as a way of getting what he wants.
warnings: sexual content, swearing
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: one day over Christmas holidays Louis decides to hang mistletoe as an excuse to kiss Harry without the curly haired boy complaining people are around. But then Louis gets an idea and one night he wraps it around his waist so than Harry can give him a blowjob. Lots of teasing and lots of dirty talk.

Carrying the step ladder over to the doorway of the living room, Louis happily sang along to the Christmas song that was playing from the CD player. He set the step ladder into position, giving him enough room to climb up it.

He grabbed hold of the top of the ladder with one hand and clutched the mistletoe in his other, before he began to walk up two of the three steps. He let go of the ladder then reached up to the frame of the door, reaching into his pocket to pull out the hammer he had stuffed in by the handle.

Putting the hammer into his other hand he reached into his pocket again, this time pulling out a small box of drawing pins that he had found in a drawer in the kitchen. He carefully took one of the pins out then closed the box and placed it back into his pocket, reminding himself to take them out once he was done.

He continued to sing along to the song as he fumbled with the objects in his hand. His hand gripped to the black handle of the hammer while his other had the pin between his finger and thumb, and the ribbon on the mistletoe hooked at the end of another finger.

Lifting up his hand he placed the ribbon against the door frame, being careful to hold it still while he positioned the pin at the top then began to hammer it down. He moved the hammer away so that he could look at the pin and he smiled to himself, proud of his DIY skills.

His hand lightly pushed at the mistletoe so that it could swing back and forth, proving that it wouldn’t be falling down on its own accord. Another smile crept onto Louis’ face as he gazed at the hanging plant, zoning out while he thought of the reason he had put it there.

The idea had come to him a few days before when they had been doing an interview for a magazine and they were sat in a small room waiting for their interviewer to greet them. It was when Louis had turned his head and smiled at Harry then leaned in for a kiss, only to be rejected at the worry of somebody catching them, that he had decided he would hang up mistletoe, meaning Harry definitely had to kiss him whether they were alone or not.

Blinking himself away from the plant, Louis stepped down from the ladders then moved them out of the way. He stored the hammer back in the cupboard then fished the box of pins back out of his pocket, carelessly chucking them into the nearest drawer he could find.

He turned around then looked back up at the mistletoe with an excited grin. His hands tingled with anticipation, and his smile remained on his face as he heard he sound of a car pulling into the driveway. He stayed standing in the living room close to the doorway, waiting to greet Harry.

It wasn’t long before the front door opened and Harry walked into the house, calling out to Louis that he was home. Louis grinned then folded his arms across his chest, “I’m in the living room.”

Louis waited as he heard the sound of footsteps getting closer to the room. He was quickly met with a tired looking Harry, over loaded with different bags full of Christmas presents. Louis gave him a pleasant smile which was returned with a less happy one from Harry.

"Well, that’s most of the gift buying sorted." Harry informed, staring back at Louis as he waited for him to move to allow him to walk into the living room. He gave up on waiting and decided to drop the bags to the floor of the hall, feeling the heaviness of them ache in his fingers. "Did you get done whatever was too important to not come shopping with me?"

Louis nodded his head, still grinning. “Yep, I did. All sorted.”

Harry blinked back at him with an eyebrow raised, not entirely sure what Louis was up to. He let a couple of seconds pass before he blinked again, expecting Louis to share with him exactly what it was he had been doing. “So what was it?”

Louis bit his lip through his grin then dropped his arms from his chest. He looked away from Harry to glance up at the mistletoe he had hung up, knowing that Harry’s eyes would follow. He was proven right when he looked back down to see Harry with his head tilted up to stare at the plant.

"Now you have no excuse not to kiss me!" Louis stated, catching Harry’s eye as he looked down again.

Harry stared back at him with his face blank, “You let me spend all day strolling round shops to buy presents- on my own! While you was here hanging up a bit of mistletoe?”

Louis rolled his eyes, “You’re better at shopping than I am. Besides, you’re missing the point.”

"Which is?" Harry asked, feeling a small smile creep onto his face even though he was exhausted and annoyed.

"That you get to kiss me." Louis answered, his voice soft and quieter. He grinned again as he saw Harry smile wide back at him before moving closer, filling the short distance between them.

They stood exactly underneath the mistletoe as their lips met each others. Louis lifted his hand up to Harry’s cheek as he deepened the kiss, making it as passionate as he could. He smiled when he felt Harry’s hands sit at his hips to bring him in closer to him, causing him to let out a small gasp into Harry’s mouth.

Pulling back from the kiss, Louis blinked his vision into focus then smiled wide at Harry. His thumb gently caressed his cheek while he stared back into his eyes. “It was a good idea, don’t you think?” He asked quietly, his eyes sparkling.

Harry let out a small chuckle through his smile, “Yeah, a good idea for you to get what you want!”

Louis tilted his head to the side as Harry’s words played around in his mind. His smile started to grow bigger as he suddenly thought of another idea, something much better than getting a kiss because of the green plant.

The next time Louis used the mistletoe was on the first night off of their Christmas break. He was sat cuddled into Harry’s side on their big leather sofa, watching a Christmas film that Harry has picked out. The thought of what he had planned filled his mind and he smiled at the TV, not playing attention to the film now.

He could feel himself getting hard beneath his jeans as he thought of his idea, and what would happen if he got what he wanted. He carefully lifted away from Harry’s side, knowing that if he sat there much longer he’d become a desperate form and ruin his plan.

His head turned to face Harry and he gave him a quick kiss to his lips before standing up from the sofa. He could tell that Harry was confused, just by the puzzled look that he was being given at his sudden haste to stand up.

"Where are you going?" Harry quizzed, looking up at Louis as he made to leave the room.

"You’ll see, Hazza."

Louis bit his lip as he grinned, almost running out of the living room in excitement of knowing his idea was about to happen. He quickly made his way up the staircase then over to his bedroom before walking in, leaving his door open just a little.

Walking over to his bedside table, Louis pulled the first drawer open and smiled when he saw the same stick of mistletoe that he had hung up in the living room a couple of days before. He had left it up for another day then took it down when Harry wasn’t around to see, not wanting him to ask why he was taking it down.

He reached out for the mistletoe and picked it out of the drawer. His finger laced around the long piece of string that he had attached though the hoop of the ribbon. He grinned then placed it onto the bed while he quickly stripped off his clothes, moving his hand down to his already hard cock.

His hand slowly began to move up and down as he imagined he had Harry’s lips around it, sucking him fast to make him moan. He dropped his hand away then picked the mistletoe back up, being delicate with the green plant.

Wrapping the string around his waist, Louis tightly tied it in the middle making sure it wouldn’t fall down or come apart. Once he was satisfied with the knot he had made, he turned the string around until the mistletoe was dangling down just above his erect cock.

His hand ached to move back to give himself more slow strokes but he resisted, and instead walked back over to the door. “Harry, babe. Come here, I need you.” He called, hearing the sound of the TV being turned off as he assumed Harry was leaving the living room.

Moving back to the bed he turned around so that he was facing away from the door, giving off the view of his bum naked and on show. He heard the sound of Harry’s footsteps walking up the stairs, moving agonisingly slow for Louis’ liking. He bit his lip as he patiently waited, telling himself not to take hold of his throbbing hard cock.

"What’s up- Oh."

Louis grinned before slowly turning around, seeing the shocked look on Harry’s face as he stared at his body. He watched as Harry’s eyes dropped down to the mistletoe that was just above Louis’ cock, slightly covering the base.

"You know the rules." Louis began, looking over at Harry through his eyelashes. "You have to kiss under the mistletoe."

Harry slowly let a grin take over his mouth, unmistakably becoming aroused at the view before him. He stared back at Louis then teasingly licked his lips, staying where he was stood. “And if I don’t, Louis?” He teased, keeping his voice low. “What happens then?”

Louis stared back for a couple of seconds, then casually shrugged his shoulders. “Then you end up on the naughty list and won’t get what you asked Santa for.”

Harry raised his eyebrow, trying to work out if Louis was being serious or not. He stared back as he recalled the conversation they’d had a few days before about what they each wanted for Christmas; his answer being "I want you to bend me over and fuck me hard until I’m screaming. And then I want you to push me to my knees and force me to open my mouth so that you can cum inside of it. Oh, and maybe that new aftershave I was telling you about."

"Is that so?" Harry asked, not moving from where he was stood. "Well, that’s a shame. I really like that aftershave."

Louis ignored Harry’s joke as he felt himself becoming irritated from his build up of arousal. He needed to have Harry’s lips around his cock, sucking him hard and fast. What he didn’t need was Harry teasing him and not giving him what he wanted.

"Come over here." Louis gently ordered, his voice low and thick with his arousal. He swallowed as he watched Harry slowly walk closer to him with a cheeky grin plastered on his face. "Down on your knees for me."

Harry lowered himself to his knees then stared back up at Louis with a smile. His hands overlapped on his legs while he waited for Louis’ next instruction.

"Open your mouth." Louis told, watching as Harry parted his lips and opened his mouth. He inwardly moaned then lifted his hand to Harry’s cheek, "You know what to do, baby."

Harry moved his head closer until his lips were wrapped around the head of Louis’ cock, causing Louis to moan at the much needed contact. He moved slowly to begin with, letting his lips slide up and down as he covered Louis’ cock with his saliva.

"Oh, that feels good." Louis moaned, his eyes fixed to Harry’s mouth as he watched it take in more of his hard cock. His hand moved around to the back of Harry’s head where he let his fingers gently massage his scalp and caress his hair. "So good."

Harry blinked up at Louis, making him moan again at the view. His mouth moved a little faster now as he bobbed his head up and down, taking Louis’ cock deeper between his lips. He lifted up one of his hands to hold the base, being careful not to accidentally pull at the mistletoe.

Once his hand was gripped to the base, Harry pulled his mouth away to allow him chance to get his breath. He swallowed as he looked up at Louis with his lips looking redder than usual.

"Stroke it for me, Harry." Louis moaned, his eyes pleading down at Harry, desperate for more.

Harry teasingly bit his lip then started to stroke his hand up and down Louis’ length. His fingers gripped to the thickness of his cock as he glided it up and down, moving faster now. He moaned as he saw a small drop of pre-cum ooze out of the tip and he moved closer to scoop it up with his tongue.

"You taste so good, Louis." Harry seductively moaned, keeping his voice low in his throat. His hand slowed down enough to allow him to bring his mouth back on the head of Louis’ cock, still stroking at the base.

"Fuck, yeah. That’s so good, Harry. Don’t stop." Louis pleaded, watching intently as Harry sucked and stroked at the same time.

Harry picked up the pace of his mouth while his hand dropped down to cup Louis’ balls. His fingers massaged at them, gently rolling them around in his palm while Louis moaned loud.

"I’m not gonna last much longer." Louis warned, feeling his stomach tingle with the arousal that was building up inside of him. His legs were starting to clench as his muscles tightened, "Feels so good!"

Harry moved his hand back up to the base then started to stroke again, keeping up the movements of his lips. He moaned purposely, allowing Louis to feel the sensations of it vibrating around his cock.

"Harry, I’m gonna cum!" Louis gasped out, staring down at Harry with his eyes wide and his mouth fallen open. His head began to spin and the tingles he had felt travelled all over his body, making his legs shake as he spilled into Harry’s mouth, moaning his name over and over.

Harry swallowed around Louis’ cock then let it fall from his mouth. He grinned up at the satisfied smile on Louis’ face, noticing he looked blissful now. His hand reached up to grab Louis’ and he used it to help him up, standing in front of Louis now.

"I hope this means I’m back on the nice list." Harry stated, giving Louis another grin when he heard him chuckle.

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