Anonymous asked: "please I need some quick rough dom louis right now i'll do anything to get it"

Louis looked down at his hands as he tied the rope around Harry’s wrists, keeping them together behind his back. He double knotted the rope then slowly brushed his hands up Harry’s arms towards his shoulders. “Perfect.”.

Harry turned his head sideways in an attempt to look behind him. He flickered his eyes up to meet with Louis’, then he watched him walk away to the other side of the bedroom. Harry sighed then tried to move his wrists, failing to move them from the rope Louis had tied. “I still don’t understand why I’m being punished.”

"Did I say you could speak?" Louis asked, looking back over at Harry with his face stern. He raised an eyebrow as Harry shook his head in response, then he turned around again to face the bag that was on the floor.

Once Louis had found what he was looking for from the bag he moved back over to Harry. His free hand grabbed hold of Harry’s hip and he pushed him closer to the bed. His hand moved to the bottom of Harry’s back to bend him over the mattress, leaving his bare bum to stick up in the air.

"Such a cute arse" Louis growled out, dropping his fingers down to grip at Harry’s left cheek. "For such a bad boy."

A hard smack was given to Harry’s right cheek from the black whip that was clutched in Louis’ other hand. He gripped at the end of it then smacked the same spot again, making Harry cry out from the sting.

"You’re being punished, Harry," Louis began, answering Harry’s remark. "for being a flirt." His hand lifted to smack the whip across Harry’s cheek again. "For not doing as I say." Another hit. "And for being such a slut."

The whip was beaten against Harry’s cheek a further four times before Louis stopped and tilted his head, staring down at the deep red mark that had painted Harry’s skin. He could hear the sound of Harry’s breath leaving his mouth in short, raspy puffs as if he was trying to control it.

"Please, Louis." Harry cried out quietly, not entirely sure what he was pleading for.

Instead of giving a reply, Louis lifted his hand to Harry’s shoulder then pulled him up. He leant down on his shoulder so that he dropped to his knees, “Shut up.”

Louis stared down at Harry while he unzipped his jeans and let his hand move beneath the material. He wrapped his fingers around his hard cock then brought it out so that it was now on show. He stroked it up and down before moving it closer to Harry’s closed lips. “Open.”

Harry blinked up at Louis as he slowly parted his lips, feeling them being stretched as Louis thrusted his cock inside. He spluttered and gagged around it, feeling his throat burn from the plunges of Louis’ cock going deep into his mouth.

"Yeah, take it all, Harry. I know you can, you fucking slut." Louis growled, rocking his hips forward. He slowly lifted the whip and pressed it to Harry’s cheek, lightly stroking it up and down his soft skin.

"Tell me you’re a slut." Louis ordered, gripping at the base of his cock to pull it out of Harry’s mouth.

"I’m a slut, Louis." Harry croaked out, feeling like his throat was on fire.

Louis groaned in agreement then pushed his cock back into Harry’s mouth, ignoring how he gagged again. “Yes you are.” He answered, lifting the whip away only to hit it back against Harry’s cheek with a sharp force.

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