title: help me if you can
rating: nc-17
summary: Harry and Louis are step brothers. With Harry being the eldest of them both, he always makes sure he helps Louis with anything he needs, even if it’s something that Harry knows he shouldn’t do.
warnings: underage, incest, sexual content
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: Can you do a one shot where Louis and Harry are step brothers. Harry like 15ish and Louis 10ish and Louis got hard from boys at school but he doesnt understand why he got hard. Harry shows him how to make him feel better

A/N: I’m not really fond of how this ends, but I hope that doesn’t ruin the whole thing :/ also, I thought this could use a side of Zarry :) x

Harry’s eyes were fixed intently at the screen of his TV with his game controller in his hands, his thumbs repeatedly clicking on the different buttons to move the football player around on the pitch. He licked his lip in concentration as he moved the player closer to the net then clicked two buttons, making his footballer kick the ball hard to score for his team.

Proudly smiling to himself, Harry relaxed back into his mattress while he watched the replay of the goal. He was lying flat out on his bed, with his head propped up against his pillow that he had pressed against the headboard. He was still dressed in his school uniform, having not bothered to get changed when he had got home and instead decided to play FIFA.

As he clicked through the screens to get back to the game his phone buzzed in his pocket. He quickly pressed the pause button on his controller then reached his hand down to the pocket of his black school trousers, lifting his phone out to open the new message.

thinking of u ;)

Harry grinned at the message, then he opened up the attached image and bit his lip, feeling something stir inside of his stomach. The message had been sent by Zayn, the boy who lived across the street from Harry. He was three years older than Harry, but that didn’t stop the sexual activities they engaged in whenever Harry was over at his house.

It had started between them when Zayn was asked to babysit Harry while Harry’s mum took his little step brother, Louis, to the hospital after he had fallen out of a small tree and landed on his arm. Harry had been upset about what had happened to Louis, and although they technically wasn’t related, Harry saw Louis as his real brother, so if anything was to happen to Louis he knew how upset he would be.

As soon as he had started crying, Zayn wrapped an arm around him and calmed him down with comforting words, reassuring Harry that Louis would be fine. It was in that moment, when they looked at each other as Zayn wiped away Harry’s tears, that a fiery spark lit up inside of them both. Their actions were lustful and showing nothing but sexual desire as they kissed with Harry sat in Zayn’s lap, grinding their hard erections together.

Since then they had met up whenever they could, and went a lot further than just kissing and grinding each other to an orgasm. Zayn had been Harry’s first, with Harry’s full consent. The thought of Harry being underage and Zayn being older just made them want it even more, it was a turn on for Harry knowing that what they were doing was wrong. He loved the thrill he got from it.

Staring back at the image on his phone, the one that Zayn had sent showing his erect cock lying hard against his stomach, Harry could feel a sense of arousal tingle throughout his body. He bit his lip through his smile as he dropped the controller to his bed then moved his free hand down towards his crotch.

His fingers gently teased around his bulge, making him harder as he lightly shaped his erection through his trousers. He licked his lips again as he stared at the picture and thought of the weekend just gone where he had been at Zayn’s. He had told his mum that Zayn was helping him study for his maths test, when really Zayn was bending him over his bed and pounding his cock into him.

A quiet moan left Harry’s lips as he thought of how amazing it felt to have Zayn thrusting inside of him. He loved it more than he thought he would, the feeling of being stretched and filled then roughly pounded into. His hand spread out across his bulge and he squeezed it gently to make him even harder, wishing that Zayn was there with him.

Stilling his hand, Harry moved his concentration to his phone as he opened up a reply to the message he had received.

you’ve made me hard and I’m still wearing my uniform, naughty!

He pressed the send button then closed his phone before putting it down on the bed next to the controller. His eyes stared at the controller, not bothered about playing now that he was fired up and horny. He shifted his eyes away then looked back down at his crotch, seeing his hard bulge pressed against his trousers.

Another buzz from his phone alerted him as he picked it back up from the bed. He grinned when he saw the same name flash up on the screen along with another new message.

u should come over. leave ur uniform on ;)

Harry’s grin only got wider while he read the message on his phone. He felt a surge of excitement flow through his body as he considered taking Zayn up on his offer, more than happy to have some help with shifting the bulge in his trousers. His head turned to look up at the clock on his bedroom wall, seeing that it was just after 6pm.

Biting his lip, Harry wondered if he’d be able to go. He was told by his mum to look after Louis until she returned home from work at 7pm, and although Louis was happily playing with his toys in his bedroom, Harry was still doing as his mum had said. He knew she had put trust in him to look after Louis, and he also knew that if he decided to go to Zayn’s and took Louis to their neighbours house then his mum wouldn’t be very happy with him.

Harry sighed as he looked back down at his phone, seeing the message still open on the screen. He clicked on the reply button again then typed out a message, feeling his heart sink in disappointment.

maybe later, I’m looking after Lou x

Putting his phone onto his bedside table, Harry sighed again. He could feel his bulge tightly pressed against his trousers and he knew he needed to have release. He relaxed himself against his upright pillow then moved his hand back to his erection, only allowing his fingers to rub slowly to tease himself.

His eyes began to close as he let out a relaxed and blissful sigh, feeling the tingles of his arousal tickle inside of his body. Images of Zayn filled his head while he rubbed his fingers against his bulge, causing him to let out a quiet and gasped moan.

There was a sudden light tap on his door before it opened slowly, making Harry’s eyes fly open and his heart beat wild, feeling panic rush over him. He looked over towards his door then quickly moved his hand away from his bulge, trying to steady his heart. His eyes looked at the small figure that was stood in his doorway and he felt his heart sink when he saw the tears falling down Louis’ cheeks.

"Lou? What’s wrong?" Harry asked, fearing the worst. As much as he sometimes got annoyed by his little brother, Harry always hated to see him upset or hurt.

"I need your help, Harry." Louis quietly spoke, sniffing hard. His lip quivered through his tears and he stared back at Harry with his eyes big and wide.

Harry frowned but nodded his head. He stood up from his bed then slowly walked over to Louis, noticing how he backed away slightly when Harry held out his hand. “Lou, has something happened?” Harry asked, feeling nervous now if it was something serious. “You can tell me.”

Louis sniffed again then looked down, his hands together and covering his crotch. “I-I don’t know- what happened.”

"Take a deep breath, then tell me what’s made you so upset." Harry softly instructed, slowly kneeling down in front of Louis. His eyes were full of concern as he looked back at his brother, wanting to take away Louis’ sadness.

Louis inhaled a big breath of air then he slowly let it out. His head lifted back up so that he was now looking back at Harry, feeling a little more comfortable to talk about his problem. “It-it was when I was at school today.” He started, leaving a long gap before he continued. “I was with Liam and his new friend Niall, and they were talking about when they had seen their mummy and daddy kissing. And they said- they said they wanted to know what it was like. So they kissed each other, and then-“

Harry patiently waited as Louis stopped again, this time looking as though he was too ashamed to carry on. “It’s okay, Louis. I won’t get mad at you, I promise.” He gave a big smile, hoping it would convince Louis. “And then what?”

Louis bit his lip, staring back at Harry with more tears forming in his eyes. He choked back a sob then tentatively moved his hands away from his crotch, “Then this happened!”

Harry slowly moved his eyes down until he was met by a fairly big bulge at the front of Louis’ trousers. His eyes widened and he swallowed, feeling his cheeks flush as he quickly looked back up at Louis.

"I don’t know why it happened, Harry!" Louis cried, having more tears stroll down each of his cheeks. "I-I pressed down hard on it in the toilets but it hurt so much! And now it’s back again and I don’t know what to do. Please help me, Harry."

Harry swallowed again then lifted his hand up to Louis’ cheek, using his thumb to gently wipe away his tears. “It’s okay, Boo. I promise, it’s okay.” His thumb moved to wipe at his other cheek then he stared back into Louis’ pleading eyes.

He suddenly felt confused and unsure of what he should do. He wanted to help Louis, he wanted to make him happy rather than being so sad, but he knew to do that he would have to do something that he definitely shouldn’t do. Something that was wrong, and could get him into so much trouble.

Harry sighed then dropped his hand to take hold of Louis’ little one. “I will help you, Lou. But we can’t tell anyone, okay? You have to promise me because I could get into a lot of trouble.”

Louis’ eyes seemed to widen more as he shook his head in a promise not to tell. He bit his lip as Harry stared back at him for a couple of seconds then stood up from the floor.

"How about you get on the bed for me, Lou?" Harry asked, keeping his voice low and gentle so that it was comforting for Louis. He smiled as Louis nodded then followed him as they walked over to Harry’s bed.

Harry quickly picked his controller up from the bed then placed it on top of his console, flicking the switch to turn it off. He glanced back over at his bed to see Louis climbing on top of it then he sat with his legs stretched out, looking back at Harry with a sad look in his eyes.

Moving closer to the bed, Harry smiled then lifted his hand to softly brush Louis’ hair, gently moving it away from his eyes. “Don’t look so sad, Lou. I promise it’s okay, it happens to everyone.”

"But why?" Louis asked, his voice sounding confused.

Harry opened his mouth then he stopped, trying to think up a suitable way to explain. “Well,” He started, dropping his hand then moving to sit on the edge of the bed beside Louis’ leg. 

"Sometimes, when we see something that we like we become excited." He stopped again then swallowed, staring back into Louis’ eyes. "Sexually."

"Does it happen to you, Harry?" Louis asked, sniffing again.

Harry blushed and shifted on the bed, feeling his bulge from before press against his trousers. He nodded his head, thankful that his erection had partly gone due to him being interrupted. ”Yeah, yeah sometimes. It happens to lots of people.”

Louis blinked then looked down at his crotch, feeling his panic beginning to return. He quickly looked back up at Harry with his eyes filling with more tears, “How do I make it go, Harry? I need you to help me, please!”

"Hey, it’s okay!" Harry assured, reaching out his hand to grab hold of Louis’ to give it a comforting squeeze. "I’ll help you, if that’s what you want?"

Harry swallowed again as Louis frantically nodded his head. His eyes dropped down to Louis’ bulge again and he let out a shaky breath before he averted his eyes back up. “Lay down for me.”

Louis nodded again before moving on the mattress until he was on his back with his hands by his side. “Like this, Harry?”

"Yeah, that- that’s perfect." Harry stammered out, feeling nervous of what he was about to do. He moved to sit closer to Louis then took his hand again. "Just bring your hand down to it."

Harry kept his hand on top of Louis’ as he moved it to sit on top of the bulge in Louis’ trousers. He gently pressed down, making Louis gasp at the sudden feeling. “Did that feel good, Lou?”

"Can you do that again? That made me tingle." Louis answered, looking back up at Harry with a guilty expression.

Harry smiled and nodded then pressed down a little harder this time, causing Louis to gasp again. He looked at how much bigger his hand was compared to Louis’, seeing the way it almost entirely covered his brother’s from where it was placed on top of it. His eyes glanced back up at Louis while he began to slowly move their hands against the bulge.

"Oh! Oh, Harry, that feels really good." Louis exclaimed, moaning loud as their hands moved together on his erection.

"You like that, Louis?" Harry quietly asked, flickering his eyes upwards after hearing Louis moan again. He bit his lip when he felt his arousal increasing again, just from the pleasured look on Louis’ face.

His hand kept up the slow movement on Louis’ bulge while his arousal built up in his stomach. He knew it was wrong to be pleasuring his brother, and to be getting aroused by it, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop. He wanted to help Louis just like Louis had asked him to.

"Please, Harry." Louis desperately pleaded. "Please make me feel good."

Their eyes met as Harry looked back up at Louis, feeling his own bulge grow hard again. He shamefully nodded, not even wanting to stop now. “Of course I will.”

Dropping his eyes back down to Louis’ crotch, Harry thought about his next move for a couple of seconds. His own desire was quickly taking over and he knew that the more he got aroused the less chance there was of him stopping to think about how bad and wrong it was.

He bit his lip then dropped his hand, gently moving Louis’ away too. His eyes lingered on Louis’ bulge before he moved them up again, “I need to take your trousers off, okay?” He asked, not wanting to startle Louis by taking them off without asking.

He smiled when Louis nodded, looking more desperate now. Harry moved his fingers back to Louis’ trousers then he carefully pulled them down his legs, bringing them over Louis’ feet before he chucked them aside. His hand softly brushed along the inside of Louis’ leg as he heard a small whimper leave Louis’ mouth.

"It’s okay, Lou." Harry soothed. "I’m gonna make you feel better."

Moving both of his hands up again, Harry tugged on Louis’ small pair of underwear until they were off his legs. He chucked them close to Louis’ trousers then carefully lifted himself up onto the bed so that he was on his knees in front of Louis. “Just relax, okay?”

Louis nodded his head and gave Harry a small smile, trusting his brother to make him feel better. 

He watched as Harry slowly leant forward and placed his hands either side of Louis’ hips, dipping his head closer to his crotch. Louis stared in awe, curiously wondering what Harry was about to do, and how it would feel.

He let out a loud gasp and dropped his mouth open as he watched Harry’s mouth enclose around his throbbing hard cock. The tingling sensation he had felt before had doubled, leaving his body to cover up in goosebumps. “Oh, Harry!” He moaned, surprised by the unfamiliar feeling.

Harry slowly moved his mouth up and down, his lips sliding from his saliva. He found himself comparing Louis’ size to Zayn’s then he flushed at the thought, telling himself he shouldn’t be thinking of that. The thought only made him harder, leaving his erection to strain against his trousers.

"More, Harry, please!" Louis moaned again, feeling overwhelmed with arousal. His body bucked up from the mattress when he felt Harry’s mouth moving faster, making him gasp again then he let out a string of breathless moans. "Harry, that feels really good!"

Harry continued to move his mouth faster, feeling himself becoming overly turned on by the sound of Louis’ moans. His hands moved to hold Louis’ hips to gently grip them while he sucked faster, wanting to bring Louis closer to his orgasm.

"Harry! It- I feel all funny." Louis told, feeling his body start to shake and his head beginning to spin. His moans got louder as he bucked his hips and dropped a hand to gently grab hold of Harry’s hair, tilting his head back against the mattress. "Oh, Harry!"

Harry held back a moan as his mouth was suddenly being filled, leaving Louis to squirm his body against the sheets. He quickly swallowed around Louis’ cock then gently pulled his mouth away, licking his lips. He stared down at Louis’ breathless form, appearing blissfully satisfied with Harry’s actions.

"Are you okay?" Harry quietly asked, suddenly worried that Louis would hate him for what he had done. He lifted himself back up so that he was kneeling again, waiting for Louis to respond.

Louis slowly lifted up on to his elbows and stared back at Harry with his eyes shining. He quickly nodded his head then gave Harry a smile, “That felt amazing!”

Harry breathed out in relief then smiled back at Louis. His hand reached out to softly ruffle Louis’ hair, “I’m glad it did, Lou.”

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